The John Holmes Model


My wife and I have been married for quite a few years and our sex life was kind of slowing down. It became predictable and kind of boring. So I started to buy some sex toys to maybe heat up the bedroom. I figured I would go slow and buy just a small vibrator. Six inches long and fleshy cream colored. It is the same size as me an average Joe 6 inch cock. The average every day hard plastic job with the speed dial at the end. The sex life perked up quite a bit and after a few months I figured it would be a good time to try something a bit larger.

I have read all about how size matters and bigger really is better, and I thought it was a bunch of bull. Little did I realize?

We went for a weekend away and I figured I would surprise her with a new dildo, The John Holmes Model.

I had my wife take a nice hot bath and soak before I gave her an erotic massage, before we had sex that night. I had heated up some KY and set it on the night stand. I had her lie on her stomach and I started to rub the muscles in her neck and shoulders and slowly worked my way down her back, and to her legs. A good rub down always preceded some great sex. As she started to relax from my rubbing her the right way, she was feeling more comfortable and horny. I could tell by the way she was moving her hips up and down.

I began working two fingers slowly in and out of wifes moistening pussy. I wanted to kiss her down there at her womanhood, and tease her. I grabbed the small vibrator from the under the pillow, as I rolled her over onto her back. She had a very lustful look I her eyes.

I started to hold it to just above her clit, and turned it to the lowest speed. A small moan escaped her mouth. I turned the vibrator onto full speed and pushed it inside of her a little bit.

My wife’s moans grew much louder when I turned up the speed. Excitedly, I pushed the vibrator a bit Ankara bayan escort deeper into her now wet pussy and turned up the power some more. “Oh fuck,” she whispered faintly. “Oh shit, oh fuck…”

I told her I had a surprise for her and asked her if she was ready. A bit nervously, she said yes, and I reached beside the bed and grabbed the John Holmes Model. Holding it up I asked her what she thought.

“It’s fucking huge,” she gasped at the size of it. All 12 and ½ inches with a suction cup and a set of balls too. I kissed her pussy and asked her if she wanted to try it. . “Just go slow.” She said,” I don’t think it’ll fit though.”

I was thrilled, to try it on her.

For the next few minutes I licked and teased her pussy. After a few more minutes of stroking and probing I could tell it was time to go to work. I poured a liberal amount of the hot KY onto the new dildo and stroked the shaft of it to make sure it was completely covered. I must say I was really amazed how big it felt in my hands. I could only imagine what it would be like to have a cock that size. I was a bit concerned it would be too big for her and I would not get to bury it inside of her pussy.

I began to push the wide tip into her tight hole tenderly…

I slowly rubbed the head of the dildo against her clit. She moaned a little more as I teasingly slid the head into her. She gasped, “Oh” and was quiet for a second as I let her pussy stretch to accommodate the fake John Holmes cock. I spent several minutes working the dildo between her legs, gently pressing it slightly into her, and then pulling it out and across her clit to moisten both the thick dong and the skin of her pussy. Every second or third stroke I pushed just a bit farther on the dildo. Two, three, four inches, and she was aching for more.

Slowly I started to fuck her with that big fake cock, sliding Escort bayan Ankara it in and out of her stretching pussy. I loved seeing her body squirm. It was really turning me on knowing she was in ecstasy. She was getting more and more worked up and had begun to moan more and more loudly. “Ohhhhh shit, its sooooooo thick”. Her pussy was stretched almost to the limit, trying to take in the huge cock, and I kept pushing, spreading her legs wider. Five, six, seven inches, went into her and it seemed she was stuffed to the limit. Rita’s eyes were glued on the cock as I slid it in and out of her pussy a few more times. She was transfixed as I slid its entire length in and out of her swollen pussy. I could tell by the glazed look in her eyes that she really liked it. I began to move it, slowly working it in and out, fucking her with this monster cock. I saw Rita’s mouth utter the words “Oh fuck” as she had taken in at least nine inches of the rubber giant and it didn’t look like she could take much more. She began slowly pushing it in and out, coating the huge toy with her womanly wetness.

I continued fucking her with the dildo, sliding its entire length all the way in and out. Burying it deep inside of her became easier and easier the more I fucked her with it. I loved watching her pussy lips stretch around the shaft, squeezing it. She said I could tell she was very close to coming. Again I slowly started rubbing her clit and at the same time slid the dildo about half of the way in and out. “Ohhhhh shit, its sooooooo thick” “Ohhh that feels so good” she moaned “I am so full”. Her moans grew increasingly louder. “Fuck me harder” she said aloud … Finally, she came with a loud cry.

I’m so turned on I couldn’t think about anything but thrusting that thick dildo into her hot pussy. I was stunned as her pussy has swallowed the huge fake cock.

“Does it feel Bayan escort Ankara nice to be so full of hot cock?” I asked.

“Ohhh yessss… Ohhh god yes… OH GOD” she moaned.

Her head kept rising off the pillow and her stomach muscles tightened with each inward thrust. She was starting to jerk her hips to meet the thrusts of that big thick dick. I really did wonder if I had made a mistake and her eager beaver had been ruined for my 6 inch cock after stretching so wide for the dildo. Grabbing the dong from my hands.
She suddenly got up on her knees. She placed the base of the toy on the mattress and her hands on her knees, lowering herself even further onto the giant fake cock. She rocked back and forth, her big boobs bobbing up and down. She rubbed her clit furiously and narrowed the distance between her pussy folds and the rubber ball sack. Rita had almost run out of room on the toy when another orgasm overtook her, clearly much stronger than the first. After a few seconds she started to convulse moaning “ohhhhh god… ohhhhh god”. . I love that huge cock… fuck me…oh good! FUCK ME! I’M CUMMING … YYEESSSSSSSS!!!!” Her hot wet pussy was exploding with a tremendously strong orgasm.
The dildo had reached previously untapped sensual places and was driving her wild. She was so into what she was doing that she pushed the full 10 inches of fat rubber dick into her pussy, again and again. I loved the look of that giant toy stretching her pussy to its absolute limit. Rita’s body convulsed in pleasure and as she quivered the dildo began to gradually slide out of her and onto the blanket beneath her. Her pussy was temporarily gaping from the dildo’s girth.

Then she fell over in an exhausted heap. I found myself staring at her ass and exposed pussy, which continued to spasm, slowly pushing the toy of out of her and onto the sheets

I murmured. “I take it you liked your present!”

“Oh Yesssssss” she purred “but lets wait awhile for a repeat performance. I have to let my pussy shrink up or I won’t be able to feel your cock again.”

I was wondering if I turned myself into an accidental cuckold?

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