This is No Toy


This is no Toy!

Sam was standing in the front door waiting for me when I pulled into the driveway. He almost ran to the car. “It came! It got here about an hour ago!”

“What are you talking about?” I laughed as he helped me out f the car.

“That thing I told you about from the radio show. A virtual reality suit!” he pulled me by the hand almost dragging me to the house. “Wait till you see it!”

I pulled up short stopping at the door. “Hay I thought you told me that thing cost a lot of money.”

“It did but if it works it will be worth every penny. Now come on!”

It was laying on the coffee table in a little flat box. I sat my bag down as I walked over and looked at it. “Ok, what is it?”

“It’s a bodysuit that molds to your body shape after it’s on.” Sam was very excited as he watched me as I picked it up.

It made my fingers tingle as I held it out looking at what was nothing but a small peace of cloth that looked like it was made of hundreds of spider webs. It sparkled in the light as I turned it so I could see it. It was shaped like a swimsuit and the only thing that was solid about it was the crotch panel and that seamed to be made of a soft gel that felt warm to the touch as I let it slip between my fingers.

“It can be worn under your cloths and is heat sensitive. According to this it will only work if it feels you’re excited.” Sam looked at it and then back to the paper. “How the hell that is going to happen I don’t know.” He looked at me. “Will you try it?”

I unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor watching his eyes run over my pantyhose covered legs as I stepped out of it. I never wear panties with my hose and Sam licked his lips as he looked at my ass through the thin material as I bent picking up my skirt. I Stood in front of Ankara escort him with my legs open to shoulder width as I folded the skirt and I could see the bulge growing in his pants as he took in my almost hairless pubic mound.

Sam and I have been married for fifteen years and I have tried to keep my 5’ 6” frame in shape and even though my 36B breasts don’t stand quite as high as they once did I know I can still make a head or two turn as I walk by.

I opened the top three buttons of my white blouse smiling at him. “I will if you want me to, but I don’t see how it can do anything.” I stepped to him kissing him. “Do I have to do it now or can I freshen up first?”

“Go freshen up and put it on. We can go out to eat if you want to.”

I picked up the box with the suit in it. “What if I get all sexed up while we are out?”

“I should be so lucky!” he laughed as I walked out of the living room.

I washed up and stood naked in front of my full-length mirror. I smiled as I looked at my self, hoping the thing would work and that Sam would pound the shit out of me after dinner!

I held up the suit and again felt the tingling and after just a little trying I figured out how to put it on. The back was bare while the top had a little snap at the back of my neck.

I slipped it up my legs feeling a kind of tingle in my skin as I slipped the soft crotch panel into place. I pulled up the top, covering my breasts and placed the two soft round disks that were made of the same stuff as the crotch panel over my nipples and snapped it behind my neck. I smiled as I looked at my self in the mirror as I finished adjusting it. Dam it was sexy! It was not hiding anything with its hundreds of thin strings and yet I was covered. The skin over my tummy grew warm as I fixed my makeup and Ankara escort bayan then as I slipped my skirt and blouse back on I noticed that the crotch panel felt like it had melted into my skin. I mean I couldn’t feel it and yet it was warm and moved right with me as I slipped on my shoes.

I stood up noticing my nipples felt hot as I did up the buttons of my blouse and I walked out into the living room. I stopped in front of Sam, looked at him and suddenly every place the body suit touched me tingled. My nipples flushed and grew hard and my pussy flooded!

Sam looked at me. “Are you ok?”

Suddenly it felt like my pussy lips were being pushed open, my clit grew hard with excitement. “I, I don’t know!” I put my hand over my belly feeling the heat coming through my cotton top. “I feel all tingly in side Sam.” My knees went together as I ripped my skirt off. “It’s opening me up! I mean it’s like something is going into me Sam!” I dropped my skirt to the floor as my nipples exploded with a burning tingle that took my breath away. “Oh my god. It’s going into my pussy Sam!” I groaned as I went down onto my knees. My hand flew to my breasts cupping as the tingling in them became almost unbearable! I ripped my blouse open. “Oh good god I’m on fire in side Sam! Ohhhhh!” My pussy felt like it had a ten-inch dick stuffed into it as I leaned forward groaning. I had to put my head on the floor leaving my ass high in the air as my senses became over loaded.

I sat strait up! “Oh no it caan’t!” I almost screamed as I felt my little back hole slowly being open and filled! “OH Sam it’s, it’s going into my bottom! I don’t think I can take it! Oh!” Now with both holes open and full I rolled onto my back pushing my hips up into the air. It was like I had lost control of them as I began pumping and Escort Ankara pushing at something. But what was doing it? “Oh Sammy god help me I can’t take it!” I cried as I rolled onto my side rocking back and fourth as the probe in my bottom began to pulsate.

I came!

“OHHHhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Oh my good fucking god aaaaaaaaaa ohh, oh, hoooooooooooo!” the throbbing in my ass slowed and then stopped. I began to relax letting my bottom rest on the floor as I tried to catch my breath when suddenly my pussy exploded!


My hips acted on there own pushing back and fourth as my pussy throbbed over and over! My breasts felt like the cups over my nipples were milking them adding even more to the sensation as I came again.


Through bleary eyes I looked over at Sam just in time to see his cock exploding cum out of it as he pulled on it.

I closed my eyes trembling as the muscles in my body tried to cope with all that was going on until as suddenly as it started it stopped. There was just a warm feeling flowing over me. When I next opened my eyes I was naked and laying in our big bed with Sam setting beside me, smiling.

“Welcome back. That was some ride you went on my love.”

I let my hand run over my swollen pussy lips feeling their fullness as I touched my swollen clit. “I don’t think I can do that thing very often but man oh man it was wonderful!”

“Well according to the book that came with it each time can be different as it senses your mood. You sure you liked it?”


I reached out to his hard cock taking it in my hand. “Well not as much as this but yes I did.” I pulled him by his dick over between my legs and as he slipped deep into my waiting hole I kissed him. “Do they have on for men?”


“Well after you finish up here we will see about getting one for you.”

I smiled at the ceiling as Sam began to pump into me. “Yes I liked it! I liked it a lot!”

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