Boobs n Boners


“Morning slugger.” Linda said as she passed her son in the hallway.

She looked like a 39 year old Katy Perry, but with a shapelier figure and enormous breasts.

Linda had just come from the bathroom…a tiny white towel draped around her voluptuous body.

Bobby’s eyes followed the sway of her meaty buttocks…barley covered as she pranced into her bedroom.

Drawn like a magnet he moved to her doorway…just in time to see the towel fall to the floor.

Spotting her son in the doorway Linda put her hands on her hips…her big bobbling pear-shaped breasts ballooning outward. She fed him a look that was stern but not angry.

“Bobby!” She whispered in a cute little mommy-tone, glancing towards the master bath where her husband could be heard preparing for work.

Giving her son a silent scold, yet with a hint of a smile Linda closed the bedroom door.

Oh the poor baby…he must be crazy horny…sneaking up on me like that. Damn though, if his father had come out of the bathroom and caught him gazing at my nudity we would have both had some explaining to do. It’s not that I have a problem with Bobby seeing me naked…it’s just that…well, I don’t think my husband would quite understand. Linda thought.

Bobby retreated to his room. Like most 18 year olds, he was fascinated with the bodies of middle-aged women. It didn’t help that his mom was being so free with her figure around him lately. Since he had turned 18 it seemed like every time he turned around she was half-naked. He rubbed the newly formed bulge under his short.

Holy shit, Mom has the biggest tits I’ve ever seen. Just like the girls in those Juggs magazines. This is the second time now I’ve seen her like this and once again she didn’t really seem all that mad at me.

A little while later he heard his parents coming out of the master suite. His dad continued downstairs but Linda stepped into Bobby’s bedroom.

“This room is a disaster, mister. I certainly hope you plan on cleaning today.” She said.

Bobby took a second to answer as his eyes traveled up and down his mom’s body. Her long shapely legs were crowned by a short polyester mini-skirt and her big breasts were packed inside a thin cashmere sweater.

“Yeah, uh…I’ll clean it tonight.” Bobby muttered.

“Oh and I’m washing my delicates today. I’m gonna need all my panties back in my hamper before you leave okay, sweetie.” She said.

“Panties?” Bobby asked.

Linda stepped over to his bed and pulled a pair of her black sheer bikini panties out from under his pillow.

“Yes, panties.” She said with a little smile.

A stream of fresh cock-cream began to run from the panties down her forearm.

“Bobby.” She said, again not angrily and with a hint of amusement.

“Sorry mom.” Bobby giggled.

“No you’re not.” She said teasingly.

Bobby watched as she tried her best to wipe her arm.

Oh my God this semen is still warm…and there’s so much of it. Surely this can’t be from one orgasm, can it? She thought.

“Some girls would just lick it up and swallow it.” He joked.

“Yeah, well I’m not “some girl,” I’m your mother and I certainly don’t need the taste of your sperm on my tongue when I kiss your father goodbye this morning.” She said.

“You look really nice today by the way.” Bobby said.

Linda gazed down at the enormous erection forming a tent in her son’s shorts.

“Yeah, I can tell… Thank you.” She smiled, her gleaming white teeth peeking through her pouty pink lips.

“You’re welcome.” He said.

Holy wow, mom’s really staring at it. How cool is this? He thought.

“Does that thing ever go down?” She teased, like a flustered teen.

“Not when you’re around. Wanna see something cool?” He asked.

“Ooookaaay.” She said, giving him an odd look.

Bobby flexed his boner, making it rise even higher under his shorts. His brick hard erection strained against the fabric, pushing it way out.

Linda’s eyes widened. She felt the lips of her clam tighten and her large areola begin to harden. She tore her eyes from the bulge and found her son watching her reaction.

“Show off.” She teased.

So this is why all the moms I know are trying to get an eighteen year old between their legs. I can’t believe how my pussy just reacted to that. It’s like a jolt of electricity just shot through it. Linda thought.

“Will you sit on my lap…like you did the other morning?” Bobby asked.

“Oh sweetie, not this morning. I have to start on breakfast.” She said.

“Please…just a few minutes.” Bobby begged.

She glanced down at the throbbing protrusion, then down the hallway to make sure her husband was downstairs.

“One minute and that’s it for this morning…okay?” She said.

“Fine.” Bobby said as he sat down on his desk chair.

Linda came over and sat down sideways on his lap. She felt his raging hard-on slip to the side and the thick shaft sunk down in between her meaty cheeks.

Bobby let out a little sigh and Linda giggled as she brushed his hair back with Ankara bayan escort her long nails.

“You are so damn cute.” She smiled, liking the way the lengthy dong felt tucked down into her soft butt-cleavage.

I sit on my husbands lap all the time and yet it never feels anything like this. Why? Is my son really that well endowed? Jesus, it feels like I have a fat Italian sausage tucked inside the entire length of my butt-crack. She thought.

“Can you do that thing that you did the other day?” Bobby asked politely.

“That thing? Oh, you mean this?” She said, squeezing her cheeks of her buttocks together and smothering his rod.

“Oh-h-h yeah.” His voice quivered.

As Linda turned slightly towards him with her arm on his shoulder Bobby could stare straight into the swell of her enormous breasts. He could tell through the sweater where the edges of her bra were and could see the bulging breast meat oozing out the top. She quickly flexed her chest muscles, making her tits ripple beneath her sweater.

“You’re not the only show-off in this house.” She smiled.

She pulled him forward and lay his head on her soft breasts. With her arms now around him she gently rocked and once again squeezed her pillowy cheeks hard around his girthy erection. She felt it push back…flexing up against her warm crevice.

I can’t believe my husband is downstairs waiting for his breakfast and here I am giving our son’s big boner teasing little butt- hugs. To make matters worse I keep feeling these little rushes of wicked excitement surge though me….from the pit of my stomach all the way down to my cute little bare feet. What does it mean? She wondered.

“Oh and that reminds me…I don’t mind you coming in for a visit when I’m getting dressed. Just make sure your father’s downstairs first…okay.” Linda said.

“Okay.” Bobby smiled.

The big busted mom smiled lovingly as she felt Bobby’s body let out an excited quiver.

“There.” She said, jumping off him.

“Feel better?” She smiled.

“Yeah, I could do that all day.” He said.

“Somehow I don’t doubt that.” Linda said, glancing down at the teenaged cock-bulge.

“You might wanna change your shorts before you come downstairs.” She said, with a little smile.

Bobby looked down and noticed a big wet pre-cum stain which had soaked through his shorts.

“Guess I got a little excited.” He said.

“Ya think?” Linda giggled.

She turned for the door…finding another pair of her panties hanging from the inside door handle.

“Bobby.” She said, almost playfully, as she grabbed them.

“Sorry, mom…I’ll put the rest of them in your hamper.” He said.

“Thank you…and after you change make sure you get that monster under control before you come downstairs.” She said, giving his cock another half-smiling glance.

My son popped a boner for me. That’s so cute! My little panty thief…hehe. I could be upset, but why? He’s a teenage boy doing normal teenaged things. Don’t all boys use their mother’s panties? He must have some sort of ritual after he digs them out of my hamper. He probably smells them…savoring the strong pungent aroma of my clean shaven mommy-muffin. He may even turn them inside out and suck on the crotch. I can picture his cute little eyes rolling back as he tastes the bitter sweetness…a result of my daily trickle of pussy butter. How good that silk must feel against the glands of his penis. No wonder he fills them with such heavy loads. She thought.

Before dropping them in her hamper Linda held the pair of soaked panties with two fingers. Long strings of semen dropped towards the basket and she caught one with her fingers. Curiously, she brought the gob of cock-juice up to her nose and smelt. Then, without hesitation, she scraped it onto her tongue.

Thick and sweet…just what I’d expect from a boy his age. Wow Linda, you do realize you just tasted the milk from your own son’s balls…that squirted out the tip of his penis probably no more than an hour ago. There’s those wicked butterflies again. Well, he tasted me…fair’s fair. Shit, where’s the mouthwash? She thought.

At the breakfast table Bobby could hardly focus. His eyes couldn’t help but follow his mom around the kitchen.

First there were those long bronze legs, which looked so strong…yet baby soft. Her sexy bare feet had squatty little toes with nails that were painted a delicate pale-pink.

Every few minutes as Linda reached up into a cupboard she would rest her weight on the toes of one foot, arching her heel and flexing her legs. The blood rushed back into Bobby’s penis.

What must it be like to have legs like that wrapped around you? What must it be like to see them thrown back into a huge spread eagle…with those beautiful bare feet flexed as they point in opposite directions? He thought.

Then…there were her tits. Soft squishy mountainous delights that always seemed to be shifting or bobbling as she moved about. They were a feast for the young boys eyes.

With her husband sitting next to her Linda Escort bayan Ankara gave her son a cute little wink as if knowing exactly what was wandering through his dirty little mind.

My poor sweetie. All hot for his mommy. She grinned.

Bobby could hardly concentrate at school that day. He kept reliving the mornings events in his mind…his mom turning towards him, placing her hands on her soft hips…her dangling breasts, still glistening from the shower, doing a gentle teeter back and forth.

“Bobby.” Her cute little voice whispered.

Again, the scene unfolded…mom turning…breasts rocking…placing her hands on her wide birthing hips.

“Bobby.” Came the whisper.

Bobby froze the image in his mind…taking it all in. Her pretty face…hair still wet and slicked back from the shower. Dangling boobs with cute little stretch marks from their weight being pulled towards her tummy. Huge thick rubbery areola…dotted with milk glands and nipples that were made for sucking. Then there was her mons pubis… the crowned jewel of all motherhood… covered only by a tiny well groomed patch of thin pubic fuzz. The little nub underneath…marking the entrance to her inner sanctum.

Bobby’s cock felt like it was going to slice through his shorts. He could feel his mom’s butt cheeks closing in around it…smothering it’s girth.

“Show off.” He heard her say.

Mom looked so sexy standing near my door…staring down at my big dick. Her eyes widening…her mouth peeking open. It was a look I had never seen before. I was impressing her. My own sexy mom! Bobby thought.

“Show off.” She said teasingly….like a nervous young girl who wanted so badly to get her hands on it.

Often times Bobby’s mind would drift up into a cloud where his young naked body was laying on top of his beautiful big busted mother. Her arms encircled him…her long painted nails clawing at his back. Slowly, her strong silky smooth legs slithered up around him until her heels rested against his ass…holding him against her. Then they would began to rise…like a female spider carrying it’s clutched prey towards her web in the clouds….ready to fucking devour him. Linda would grasp his rod and feed the engorged knob into the mouth of her gaping twat.

And as they disappearing into the cloud Bobby’s shaft would sink down inside his mother’s soft secret hole…all the way to the balls. Just before they disappeared completely his clutching mom would begin to gentle swing them. Back and forth they rocked…a suspended heap of writhing flesh.

Suddenly Bobby was jarred back to reality by the sound of the bell. The teacher, Mrs. Jacobs, was at the front of the class, feeding him a dirty stare as the other kids scattered.

“Having difficulties concentrating today are we?” She asked.

“Sorry.” Bobby answered, walking awkwardly out of the classroom.

“Hello.” Linda said into her cell as she stood in the laundry room folding clothes.

“Hi mom.” Bobby said.

“Hey slugger, what are you up to?” She asked.

“Oh…not much. Just on break between classes.” He said.

“Everything ok?” She asked.

“Yeah, um…I Just…wanted to call and say hi.” He said.

“How sweet…I miss you.” She smiled, folding one of her sexy lacy bras.

“I miss you too. Um, could I ask a favor mom? Could you send me a picture?” He asked.

“A picture of me?” She smiled..

“Yeah…um, I just thought it would be cool to have a picture of you on my phone to look at…and to show my friends” He explained.

“Aww, what a sweetheart.” She said.

“So you will?” He asked.

Send him something sexy Linda. The poor boy is suffering with horniness. But how? I can’t have him showing his friends a picture like that. Wait, I know what I’ll do…

“Tell you what…how bout I send you two pictures. One for you to show your friends…and one just for you.” She said.

“Okay.” Bobby smiled.

“Give me a few minutes.” She said.

“Thanks mom.” He said.

“Bye sweetie.” She said.

Okay, where should I take these? My bedroom would probably be the best place. But no wait…what about his bedroom? Perfect! She thought.

Linda walked upstairs to her son’s bedroom. It was still messy and unorganized.

That boy! Okay, one for his friends first. Something a little sexy, but not too sexy. Don’t need any nasty phone calls from any of the neighborhood moms.

Bobby waited anxiously in the bathroom stall. The bell went off and he realized he was late for class, but he didn’t care.

Seconds later he got a picture text on his phone and opened it. It was a full body shot of his mom, standing in his bedroom. Still in her skirt and sweater Linda was leaning slightly against his dresser in a cute little pose, with one long tan leg forward, slightly bent at the knee…her toes squatting against the floor and her heel arched up. There was a cute innocent little mommy-smile on her face.

Below the picture was written: “FOR YOUR FRIENDS”

WOW! Those legs…and the way she has her foot kicked Bayan escort Ankara up like that. Holy shit! Her tits…oh my God look at the way she’s pushing them out. Oh shit my cock is throbbing! Bobby thought.

Linda looked around the room as she thought about her next picture.

Okay, now one for my baby. Should I be naked? Oh Linda this is sooo wicked. Damn there’s those butterflies again. I know, I’ll lay on his bed naked, but not completely exposed. I have to leave something to his imagination. She thought.

A few minutes later a second picture arrived. Bobby’s heart was pounding in his chest with excitement as he pulled at his cock through his shorts with his free hand. The picture opened and Linda was laying on Bobby’s bed on her tummy…completely naked. Propped up on her elbow with her chin resting against her palm, she smiled lovingly at the camera, her big naked breasts bulging out as they lay squashed like soft dough between her and the mattress. In the background Bobby could see the swell of her meaty buttocks. Her legs were kicked up playfully and her sexy tan feet were flexed, toes pointing upward.

Below this picture was written: “FOR YOU ONLY.”

OH MY GOD-DAMN!!! He goaned.

Bobby groaned a second time…his hands shaking as he about blew his nuts.

Holy shit, mom’s totally naked and laying on my bed! I wanna stay and stoke off but I’m already gonna be in deep shit for being late to class. He thought.

Bobby could hardly stop gawking at the picture the entire day. Even at home in his room he had a difficult time focusing on his homework as he found himself rubbing his cock through his shorts as he gazed at the sexy picture on his phone. He didn’t hear his mom as she entered his doorway.

“Aren’t you suppose to be working on that math homework young man.” She asked almost playfully.

“Yeah, it’s just about done mom.” He said, blushing as he threw his phone aside.

“Wanna take a break for a bit?” She asked.

“Why?” He asked.

“Well…I wanna get my bath before your father gets home. Thought maybe you might wanna come in a keep me company.” She said.

“Really?” Bobby asked, his heart pounding.

“Unless you’d rather stay focused on your math.” She said teasingly.

“Hell no.” Bobby smiled.

“Come on.” Linda giggled.

This is a dream! This has to be a dream. There’s no way mom would let me watch her bathe. I’m gonna wake up any second…I just know it. He thought.

Like an excited puppy-dog Bobby followed his mom into her room. Linda strode over and closed the bedroom shades as Bobby stood there awkwardly waiting, the click of her high-heeled sandals and the hypnotic sway of his mother’s buttocks captured his attention.

Oh my God I can’t believe I’m about to let my son watch me take a bath. Are you sure Linda? Are you sure you wanna do this? Nudity is perfectly natural. This has nothing to do with his big penis…absolutely nothing. Just act normal…as if he’s watching you bake cookies. Yeah, that’s it…this is no big deal.

“You’re father and I are going out tonight. Want me to order you some pizza or something sweetie?” She asked.

“Sure, that sounds good.” He said.

As his mom went into the master bathroom Bobby followed her inside. After turning on the water in the tub Linda went back over, closed the bathroom door behind them and locked it.

“How’s Brian doing? I heard he’s been really sick.” Linda asked.

Bobby’s heart was racing so fast he could hardly answer.

“Uh…getting better I guess.” He muttered as he sat on the bathroom floor and leaned back against the wall.

“How long’s he been out of school now?” She asked as she slipped her little feet from the sandals and began to unbutton her sweater.

“Two weeks so far.” Bobby said, watching the bra-clad breasts emerge from the parting top.

I should be waking up by now. Jesus, her bra is barely holding them. Look at all that fucking breast-meat just oozing out the top. That bra is sooo sexy. All that delicate white lace…mom is sooo feminine.

“Poor thing.” Linda said, peeling the sweater off.

“Who?” Bobby asked.

“Your friend Brian.” She said.

“Oh yeah…it must suck being that sick.” He answered.

Bobby’s cock to begin to tent in his shorts.

Linda unzipped her skirt and it fell to the floor. She heard Bobby let out a soft gasp as he saw that she was wearing a skimpy pair of low-cut bikini-panties. She reached back and unclasped her bra.

“I don’t want you going over there until he’s completely better…in case whatever he has is contagious.” She said, slipping the bra-straps off her shoulders.

“Okay.” Bobby said, watching her slide the cups from her breasts.

As her pendulous tits sprung free they just sort of flopped down against her tummy and bobbled slightly back and forth. Bobby gazed at the large pink caps, which were dotted with milk glands.


After setting her bra down near the sink Linda slid her thumbs under the hem of her panties and began to slide them down her long tan legs.

For the second time that day Bobby stared straight at his own mother’s cute little mons pubis. It was covered only by a very thin triangle of dark pubic fuzz and below it he could clearly see her cleft of venus.

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