The Decision


Author’s Note: This is my first story ever. Some of it is true. Think of it as a spiced-up journal entry, and go easy on me. It’s my first time.

(Participants were 18 or older at the time that the story took place.)


I was on the train from Philadelphia to Springfield. I had spent the weekend with my high school friend who was going to college in Philly. I was starting college in the fall.

Will and I had been “going out” for over a year. We weren’t saving ourselves for marriage, but we hadn’t made the final commitment to give in and go all the way. He was ready. More than ready, I guess. We weren’t exactly being good, and that was before President Clinton taught us that oral sex wasn’t sex, so we had done just about “all but…”.

Before boarding the train I bought a couple of magazines- Cosmo, Redbook, and another one that said “How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed” in big, pink letters on the cover. I’ve never really been much of a magazine reader because I’m truly a bookworm, but after experiencing a taste of life away from home for the weekend, I knew that my mind would be on Will, not a book.

Walking through the college dorm was a real eye-opener. As I walked by rooms I saw boys and girls together in rooms, couples kissing on the common, and I even heard some moaning coming through the wall during the night. In addition to making me uncomfortably horny, I started to imagine what life might be like the next year when I was away at college. I was going 4 hours from home, but Will had a dependable car, and he didn’t work on the weekends.

I think what kept me from going over the edge was the fact that my friend and her roommate were both very conservative Christians, so they didn’t even acknowledge most of the “hanky-panky” that was going on. When I mentioned the moaning coming through the wall, my friend said something like, “Oh, those two can’t keep their hands off each other!” in such a disapproving tone, that I kept my amusement and curiosity to myself.

The three of us, my friend, her roommate, and myself, went to a movie, The Little Mermaid, of all things. The couple in front of me looked like they hadn’t been alone in weeks. They were kissing, nuzzling, and whispering to each other all through the previews. By the time Ariel grew legs and landed on the beach, I could see that his hand was up her shirt, and she was moaning a little when he pinched her nipples. My prudish friends were so engrossed in “Kiss the Girl”, that they were blissfully unaware of where the girl in front of us was being kissed.

I, on the other hand, couldn’t take my Ankara escort eyes off the scene unfolding in front of me. He was nibbling on her ear, then putting light kisses down the side of her neck. I saw his head dip a little, as he unbuttoned her top buttons. A moment later, he gently lifted her right breast with his hand, slid her bra strap down her shoulder, and flicked his tongue out to lick her nipple!

As the amount of movement in front of me increased, I became aware of how hot I was getting. I was feeling like I was sitting on a hot water bottle, which made me squirm a bit. My friend whispered loudly, “They’re so rude. If they don’t want to watch the movie, they should just leave.” I think she thought that I was moving to get a better view of the movie! Of course, she also thought they were just “making out”. They were past the make-out stage by the time the opening credits started.

I really tried to ignore the show in then next row, but it was the first time I’d ever seen people groping each other in public without even trying to hide. I found myself shifting so that I could see between the seats. I saw a lot of movement in his lap, but I didn’t realize that she was actually giving him a hand job until he threw his head back and moaned loudly. That prompted a chorus of shushes from around the theater. That’s when I saw his hard cock spurting cum all over her hand. The real surprise came when a small drop flew over his shoulder and landed on my shoe (my favorite Bass boat shoes!). It was wild.

I didn’t even realize what was going on in the rest of the movie. All I could think of was getting home to Springfield and getting Will’s hands down my pants. Here I was with a stranger’s cum on my shoe, and I couldn’t even tell my friends about it.

By the time we got back to the dorm, my pussy was on fire. I tried to ignore it, but after we all went to bed, I slipped my hand into my pajama bottoms and started rubbing my pussy. I got a little bolder and crept my hand down through the waistband of my panties, and just rubbed my pubic hair for a minute. My friend started mumbling in her sleep and scared the crap out of me.

For a moment, I thought the fire was going out, but then I realized that it just made it more exciting. This time I took my middle finger and ran it right through my slit. I was drenched. I rubbed myself for a little while, then I took my slippery finger and placed it at the opening to my vagina. I couldn’t stifle a little moan as my middle finger slid inside. I kept this up, rubbing my clit and finger-fucking myself until I started to feel drowsy. I didn’t Ankara escort bayan want to be caught with my hand down my pants, so I eventually covered up properly and went to sleep.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t learned to cum yet, so the heat and tension in my pussy had not abated at all during the night. I woke up feeling as hot as ever, especially as I remembered watching that couple in front of me at the movie. I will never forget the sight of her tit poking out of her white cotton top for as long as I live- smaller than mine, but beautifully café au lait colored with a dark brown nipple that was as hard as a little pebble.

It was Sunday morning, so my friend escorted me to the train station on her way to church, and we said our goodbyes. I bought magazines for the ride, coffee with too much sugar, and a bagel and sat by the platform to wait.

When my train arrived (and I had double-checked three times that it was the right one), I watched passengers disembark. It was kind of a surreal experience watching business people rushing off the train, running out of the station, while families struggled with luggage and baby strollers. Then I noticed a man standing to the side, obviously waiting for someone to get off the train. He was good-looking, but what I really noticed was the huge bouquet of pink roses that he held. He looked a little nervous, like he wasn’t sure if his passenger would be there or not. Finally, as the last passengers straggled out of the train, he smiled. I looked up to see a well-dressed, pretty woman striding toward him. He held out the flowers, and she melted right into him. I was absolutely staring, but I couldn’t stop. He kissed her, sweetly at first, but so passionately, it was like a movie. As they called for boarding on the train, I snapped out of it, and gathered my things. As I walked away, the woman gave me a little wink, as if to tell me that my time would come.

I got settled into my seat for the 5 hour ride. After napping for a while, I thought about the couple on the platform. Will was to pick me up in Springfield, so I started to wonder if he’d have flowers for me. I knew I would get a nice long kiss, but those pink roses were such a romantic touch.

I opened the first magazine and started flipping through. I could smell the sexy scent of Red Door perfume as I read an article about how to find the perfect pair of jeans. I flipped the page, and there it was- How to Drive Your Man Wild in Bed. I don’t remember a single one of those tips. They were designed for people that didn’t live with their parents, obviously.

What I do remember is Escort Ankara the heat building between my legs as I imagined doing any of those things with Will. I remember thinking that I would never have the courage to do anything like what they were describing, but boy, was it fun to think about.

As I read through those articles, my clit started throbbing with my pulse. I could feel my pussy lips getting wet and slippery when I moved the slightest bit. I was pressing my legs together as hard as I could, and moving back and forth the best I could without making a scene. I looked through my bag for something that I could put between my legs to put more pressure on my pussy, but the best I could do was my camera case. It wasn’t very effective, so I gave up, and just endured the pulsating of my clit.

It was in this state that I started to think about having sex with Will. We had waited a long time, and I was beginning to forget what we were waiting for. He wasn’t pressuring me too much, but it was getting hard for both of us to stop short of penetration.

We both lived with our parents. It wasn’t like we could just do it whenever. We were 18, but we weren’t even graduating from high school for a couple of months. I knew that my parents’ biggest fear was that I would get pregnant, and ruin my college career, and blah, blah, blah.

I kept thinking of what we had done physically in that first year together. I remembered our first kiss- all lips, no tongue. I remembered the first time he touched my tits- just a gentle grope over my shirt. Having my hand on his hard-on in the backseat of our parents’ cars while they were driving when we went out with the family. The first time he put his hand down my pants. The first time I let him put his cock in my mouth. The first time we saw each other naked.

I was going crazy. I couldn’t wait to see him at the station. I was hoping that we’d sit in the car and make out for a while before driving home. My pussy throbbed and throbbed, and then I decided. It was time. There was no one in the world who I loved more than Will, and I wanted us to lose our virginity together. Once I made that decision, I never even wavered a little bit.

The train pulled into the station, and I looked for Will. I didn’t see him at first, and I started to panic a little bit. Then I saw him standing there with his hands behind his back. I ran to him, which was not easy with my suitcase-on-a-leash wobbling behind me. When he reached for me, he brought out a beautiful bouquet of pink flowers- not all roses, but all pink. I grabbed them and threw my arms around him. We kissed long and hard, and it was all I could take not to unbutton his pants right there on the platform.

He finally broke the kiss, rubbed my back and said, “Welcome home.” I kissed him gently on the nose and said, “I’m ready.”

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