Brotherly Love


When Alex lost his job and couldn’t pay his rent, Abby let him crash on her couch for a while. She thought he could be a dick at times, but he was her brother, and she felt sympathetic. That is, it was better than making him move back in with their mother. They were fraternal twins, so they had grown more tired of each other than even other siblings typically do. On the other hand, they were closer than most other siblings as well.

Abby came home early from work on a Friday afternoon. Her apartment was fairly small, being designed for only one person. She wasn’t surprised, per se, to walk in on Alex jerking off. Her first thought was, “Well, people do masturbate, after all.” He was on the couch, watching some really grainy porn on his laptop.

For a second, she considered just walking back out before he noticed her, but then Alex said, “Oh shit, Abby.” She thought he’d realized she’d come home, but something in the way he said it…. Then she realized the woman on screen was her. It was footage of her in the bathroom taking a piss.

“What the fuck are you DOING?!” Abby shouted.

“Oh shit! Abby!” Alex said again, this time frantically falling off the couch and trying to pull up his pants.

“You took video of me in fucking bathroom, you fucking perv?!” she yelled, moving toward him. She hit him with her purse and slammed the laptop lid. Then she grabbed the computer off the coffee table. “Get out!”

“M-my laptop…” he began.

“Get the fuck out of my house, Alex!”

He left, of course. Ran out, actually. He was too ashamed and embarrassed to do anything but leave.

Abby went outside and smoked a cigarette, which she almost never did anymore unless she was drinking. She was so pissed at him. But what freaked her out was that… she felt sort of… flattered. And turned on. She shuddered, and paced up and down the sidewalk, trying to shake the feeling out of her head. Yes, she was definitely a touch horny, she decided. It didn’t feel as slimy as it should.

She mulled this over as she walked back into the apartment. It was totally and undeniably skeevy that Alex videoed her in the bathroom. Maybe even skeevier that he was her brother. Still, she couldn’t shake the recurring thought that the temptation was just too great. Maybe she was simply too sexy to resist, but the taboo of incest prohibited Alex from sharing his true feelings with her. Shouldn’t she be more grossed out? If it were anyone else, she would have called the cops by now.

Back inside, she poured herself a glass of wine, then sat down on the couch, her mind no longer quite racing… but still turning over a great many thoughts. The laptop was in front of her on the coffee table. She opened the lid and it resumed, the frozen video image still on the screen. She set the video back to the beginning and, in what must have been the oddest feeling moment of her life, hit play. Pure narcissism? She wasn’t sure. Maybe she just wasn’t thinking clearly. The video wasn’t too long, and it was grainy. From the camera angle, it seemed like Alex must have installed the camera in the wall somewhere, low. Probably the outlet, she realized. “Sneaky fucker,” she muttered to herself. He had clearly edited the video. It started with Abby stripping out of her robe and then getting into the shower. Then there was a clear break, and she watched herself get out of the shower, dry off, and then pee. He had cut the video off after she put on her robe.

The more she thought about this, the more confused she was. She had just watched a peeper video of herself… taken by her twin brother, who used it as masturbation fodder. She should, she felt, be disgusted. But she found watching the video of herself was fascinating.

Abby downed the rest of the glass of wine. She closed the video player, which revealed an entire folder of video files. She clicked into another. It was much like the one she had just watched. Even though it was just like the other, she still couldn’t look away. “Something must be wrong with me,” she decided. “I’m so vain and fucked up that I can’t stop looking at myself naked.” Worse, she was still turned on.

“Fuck it,” bursa escort she said to herself. Abby figured if she was so damned horny, she may as well get herself off. Also, she had an idea. After poking through the programs menu, she found the application to start the webcam, and she appeared on the screen in front of herself. She winked at her reflection, then smiled. “Hello, you sexy bitch,” she said. She turned her head left, then right, examining her face in profile. She made duck lips, then scowled at herself and shook her head.

Abby unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall behind her on the couch. She pushed the cups of her pink polka-dotted bra inward, squeezing her breasts together, but then frowned. Releasing her tits, she wiggled side to side, then sighed. “Tiny tits,” she muttered. She reached behind herself and unclasped her bra, then slid it off, revealing her small (“But perky!” she told herself) boobs to the webcam. She examined them on the screen. Abby decided she really liked her nipples. They were small, just the right size for her breasts. And at the moment, they were hard. She wet the tip of her right middle finger on her tongue, then traced the areola of her right breast, pinching the nipple when she completed the loop. She squeaked slightly, then laughed at herself: she’d pinched too hard. She repeated this ritual on her left nipple (pinching less hard this time). Then, feeling decidedly silly, she squeezed her boobs together again, tilted her head down, and with a very serious face said, “It’s okay tiny tits. I love you anyway.”

Abby stood and unclasped her slacks. She removed her pants and panties in one motion, showing the webcam, from this angle, just her thighs, hips, and what pubic hair she hadn’t trimmed away, a little sliver above her labia. She sat back down, but realized that she couldn’t see the good bits on screen. She reached over and pulled the laptop screen forward, tilting the camera down slightly, then propped her feet on the coffee table to either side of the computer. “Aha,” she said to herself. The feeling of uneasiness had largely subsided, and Abby had mostly forgotten about Alex. She was too engrossed by her little experiment.

With both hands, Abby peeled back her outer labia, exposing her pink inner pussy lips to the camera. She dipped her middle finger into her pussy, and used it to pull some of her wetness up to her clitoris. Maybe it was the excitement of seeing herself this way. She was surprised by how wet she was, and her body caught her off guard when she touched her clit. Abby, like many women, had never really looked at her pussy. Certainly she had never really looked at it while playing with herself. “Oh god, that’s hot,” she said unconsciously, almost in a whisper.

Abby massaged her clit slowly, letting her body tingle while watching the movement on screen. Then, she remembered that she’d witnessed a similar scene not long ago, when she’d walked in on Alex wanking. Without thinking she asked, ” Isn’t this what you really wanted to see, Alex?” She moved both hands down and spread her slit as wide as she could, slightly exposing her asshole to the camera as she slid down. ” Didn’t you really want to see my pussy, you dirty fucking perv?” Abby couldn’t believe how hot she was, but she figured it didn’t matter. Fantasy was just that, after all, so what was the harm?

An idea occurred to her. “No,” she said aloud. “This is what you wanted to see.” With one hand she kept her lips spread, and with the other grabbed her empty wine glass from the coffee table. She held the glass beneath her slit and began to pee into it. Once again, she was bewildered by how arousing it was to watch herself. To watch herself pee, of all things! “Mmm,” she moaned, filling the glass. Before she placed piss glass back on the table she said, “I should save this to throw in your fucking face, Alex.”

Abby went back the business at hand: getting herself off. She returned to rubbing her clit, but quickly escalated to fingering herself, using the heel of her hand to keep friction on the clit. All the while she watched herself on screen, and she came quickly. She dried her hands bursa escort bayan on her discarded panties.

When she clicked to close the video window, a prompt appeared. “Do you want to save this file before exiting?” She hadn’t realized that the camera had been recording. She moused over “No” but hesitated. She had been incredibly turned on and, despite having just masturbated, was still quite horny. She wondered how far she would go on this perverse little jaunt. She could save the file, then send it to herself, and get rid of it later if she thought better of it. This, however, is not what she did. Abby clicked “Yes” and saved the video in the same folder where Alex had saved his spycam movies. Then, she deleted all of the videos except the one she’d just made.

After tidying the living room, and emptying the wine glass and washing it, she sent Alex a text message: “Come back.”

It was late when Alex returned to the apartment. Not knowing his standing with Abby, he knocked. There was no answer, so he let himself in. He had anticipated finding all of his things in a pile by the door with a note that read, “Take your stuff and get out.” Instead, the apartment looked as it usually did. In fact, his laptop was exactly where he’d left it. “Abby?” he called into the apartment, but she didn’t respond. Her bedroom door was closed, so he assumed she had fallen asleep.

Alex sat down in front of the laptop. It was in sleep mode, so he touched the mousepad and the screen reactivated. His video folder was open on the desktop, but only one file remained. He thought it was odd that she would delete all but one. He had noticed the empty wine glass in the drying rack, so maybe she had just been tipsy and missed it. He stood and looked around the apartment, then sat back down and double-clicked the video file. He didn’t have time to wonder which file she hadn’t deleted before being pleasantly surprised by what was playing on his screen.

“Oh Jesus,” he said to himself, then without taking his eyes from the screen called again, “Abby?!” Still no answer. He watched slack jawed as the video progressed, his cock throbbing under his pants. It was, after all, his most perverse sexual fantasy come true. When the pre-recorded Abby asked, ” Didn’t you really want to see my pussy, you dirty fucking perv?” Alex said, “Yes, baby, yes.” And a few moments later, when the video showed Abby pissing in the glass, Alex nearly came in his pants. “Oh god, yes,” he whimpered.

When the video ended, Alex shouted, “ABBY!” No one replied, but a few moments later his phone dinged. He looked at it and saw a text from Abby. “Bedroom,” was all it said.

Abby was getting frustrated. She knew Alex had watched the video. She had planned it that way, and she knew from the sound coming from the living room (and Alex shouting) that he’d seen it. Now she was lying in bed, naked and spread eagle, and it had been nearly three minutes since she’d texted her brother, but he hadn’t come in. She was about to storm into the living room and demand to know what was going on when her phone received a text from Alex. It said: “Bathroom.”

Abby crossed the apartment, stopped in the doorway of the bathroom, crossed her arms, and leaned on the door frame. She smiled at Alex, who was lying naked in the bathtub. Abby cocked an eyebrow, partly in amusement and partly in surprise. They had seen each other naked before, of course, but not for many years, since they had fooled around with each other as kids “playing doctor.” Abby could see that Alex had grown up in more ways than one: his fully erect penis had to be a full ten inches long and two inches in diameter. Funny she hadn’t noticed that when she caught him spanking it earlier. “What are you doing in here?” she asked.

“Waiting for you,” Alex replied. “Can’t you see that?” He nodded to his cock.

“Yes, I can, thank you,” she answered. “I mean, why didn’t you come to the bedroom?”

Alex shrugged. “I didn’t want to mess up your bed.”

Abby scoffed, “I have had sex in my bed before, Alex.”

“I…” Alex started, but paused and turned a bit red in the face.

“Spit it escort bursa out,” she told him. “We’re both here, naked and ready to fuck. Never mind how wrong that is.”

“I want you to pee on me,” Alex said.

“Oh, is that all?” Abby asked. She got into the tub, squatted over his chest with her ass to his face, and started to piss.

“Oh Christ, Abby. You don’t know how long I’ve wanted this.”

“Yes I do,” she cooed. “Ever since we were kids. Me too, I just hadn’t realized until today.” She stopped the flow, scooted back, and began to pee on his face.

“Oh shit yes,” Alex gurgled through urine.

He started to stroke his cock, but Abby reached forward and slapped his hand away. “That dick belongs to me now,” she informed him as she slowed to a trickle. She lowered her crotch on to his face and stretched herself forward into a 69. Abby felt Alex’s tongue going to work as she took his balls in her hand and gave them a squeeze. She ran her other hand over the length of his shaft, admiring it for a moment, before she teased his head with her tongue. Abby groaned as Alex flicked his tongue over her clit, then she took his head into her mouth, and worked slowly down his shaft as far as she could get. She heard Alex moan, and felt the sound in her crotch. She bobbed her mouth up and down over the top half of his cock, working the bottom half with one hand. Alex was losing concentration as she worked his dick, so she quickly grabbed his balls and squeezed hard, pushing down to take as much of his cock as she could get.

“Oh god!” Alex groaned, and his body shuddered.

Abby pulled off of his dick, then stood and got out of the tub. She bent herself over the sink and said, “Get over here and fuck me.” Alex quickly complied, jumping out of the tub and standing behind Abby. He spread her cheeks and slid his cock into her slowly. Abby groaned, “Oh fuck, Alex, I had no idea you were so big.” Alex said nothing, and kept pushing in slowly until he was fully inside his sister. Her pussy was tight, and soaking wet. Alex made a few slow pushes, watching Abby in the mirror. He pressed a thumb into her asshole. When she said, “Harder, baby,” he started humping in earnest. He gave her the full length of his dick on each thrust. “Harder!” she insisted, “Fuck me hard! Tell me when you’re going to cum!”

Alex was really banging on her now. Without thinking, he grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her head back, giving himself a better view of her tits in the mirror. “Oh shit, Abby!” he said in short order. “I’m gonna cum!”

Before he knew what was happening, Alex was back against the wall opposite the sink. Abby had pushed back from the sink, tossing him off of her. In one swift move, she pivoted and kneeled. She grabbed his cock with both hands and stroked furiously while sucking on his head. In a moment, Alex groaned, but Abby didn’t need any warning: she could feel it coming… and cumming. Alex exploded into her mouth. Abby had intended to swallow, but she couldn’t handle it all. She took her mouth off of his dick and swallowed what she had, but kept stroking. She felt cum splatter on her chest and shoulders, and she could feel it oozing down her chin. Abby kept stroking until Alex was fully spent, and watched his balls restrict and release with each turn. “Oh fuck me,” Alex gasped.

“I just did,” Abby answered. She stood and said, “Wash me off.”

They showered together. Neither said anything as they soaped and rinsed each other, letting their fingers explore all the parts of themselves they’d skipped in their erotic escapade.

Later, they were lying together in Abby’s bed. Alex was lying on his back, staring at the ceiling. Abby was lying on her side, with one arm under her head, and one playing with Alex’s chest hair. Alex sighed, then looked at Abby. She smiled. He asked, “Do you think it’s wrong?” Abby cocked an eyebrow. “Incest,” Alex said.

“Maybe we should call it… brotherly love. But I know what you meant. You’re a little late on regrets,” she told him.

“I don’t regret it. But do you think it’s wrong?”

“I think we’re not hurting anyone, and it’s nobody’s business but ours. So, no. But if it is, I don’t care.” Alex nodded.

Then Abby reached under the sheets and grabbed his cock. “I also think you never got me off. So we have to go again.” She felt his cock stiffen in her hand, and she grinned. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

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