Buddy’s Family Ch. 04


I woke up thinking about what had happened yesterday between Mr. Johnson, Dawn, Buddy and I. I felt kind of weird about fucking Mr. Johnson but not too weird, after all it did feel good. And he wanted me to do it, Sad thing was this was Saturday and mom wanted me to clean the garage. An all day job I thought to myself and I can’t get out of it. I was busy taking care of it when Buddy walked up.

“Dude, what didn’t you call? Your not mad or anything are you?”

“Naw, mom made me clean this shit up, I was hoping to be done by now but I’m only half way done!”

“Good, my dad was wondering how you felt about yesterday. He doesn’t want you to be upset at all we do ya know!”

I’m not Buddy, I did feel kind of weird this morning but it’s no big thing.”

“Cool, want me to help you some?”

“Sure, that would be great Buddy, Thanks!”

We got busy and with his help I was done just after lunch time. We went inside to get a drink and mom asked me if I was done, I assured her I was thanks to Buddy’s help.

“Can Eddie come over to my house? I got a new game want him to play!”

“Sure, but if I find out that garage isn’t done both you boys will be on my list!” Mom said with that look in her eyes that said she meant it.

“Mom, I told you it is!”

“Ok, have fun. If I’m not home when you get back there’s food in the fridge.”

We left and walked to Buddy’s house talking about everything we had done. I found out Buddy had been doing this all his life and that Dawn was his first piece of pussy. I can’t say anything, she was mine too.

“Damn Eddie your moms Hot! You ever think about fucking her?”

“Shit no Buddy, That’s my mom man!”

Buddy laughed, “Dude, you fucked my mom!”

“Yeah. But that’s different.”

We got to his house and Mrs. Johnson was home. “Hi Eddie, How are you today?”

“Fine Mrs. Johnson thanks.”

Buddy and I went to his room to play his game and a little later Mrs. Johnson came in asking if we were hungry. I had eaten before Buddy came over so I wasn’t. But it wasn’t food she was asking about.

“I’m always hungry mom.” Buddy told her.

She put the beautiful smile on her face and told us to come and get it then walked to her room. We followed her in, Mary as she had told me to call her was undressing as she went inside. Buddy and I followed suit, we all got in her bed and I kissed her, Buddy dove right in her pussy, face first. I wanted to but he beat me to it, so I played with her tits. I love how hard her nipples get when she gets excited, and the dark color of them sitting on her white breasts are hot as hell.

It didn’t take long to start bucking her hips on Buddy’s face as he licked her slit. And her hand was on my dick jacking me off while I sucked her tit.

“Come here Eddie, let me suck it.”

One thing she did not have to do was ask me twice. I slid up and put legs over her body, her hand took my hard dick and pulled it to her mouth. Her tongue licked all over the head of my dick while she jerked my cock. She moaned as Buddy licked her thick clit, I pushed my hips forward and she took my cock deeper on her hot wet mouth. I was only sorry she had not been here when all of us had our fun yesterday. I put my hands on the headboard and fucked her pretty face, her hands were pulling my ass to her face, and she made some slurping noises while she sucked it.

Her whole body was moving, from Buddy licking her pussy and her trying to get more of my thick cock in her mouth. I felt her tits hitting my butt now and then from her movements. If we kept this up I would come before long and I wanted to fuck her. I knew she had to be ready for it from Buddy eating her pussy, so I told him to move.

I got between her legs and she used her hand to guide me to her sweet hot pussy, I felt her rub my dick up and down her wet slit before pulling my dick to her. I felt her tight hole swallow my dick head, she is always so tight, and I still could not understand how after seeing Mr. Johnson’s cock! Her legs opened up and wrapped around my waist, her feet on my ass pulling me in her, I leaned over and kissed her again, smelling her sweet smelling perfume. I stuck my tongue in her hot ear and she put her arms around me holding me tight.

Buddy was kind of the odd man out right now, but that was his problem. He was not out long.

“You two roll over! Share some of that with me.”

I got off Mary and lay on my back, she then got on top of me and put my dick back inside her pussy. Buddy got up behind her and started to lick her ass to get her ready for him. I felt his chin on my balls when he licked her asshole, and Mrs. Johnson shoved her pussy on me harder when she felt his tongue slip inside her tight asshole. It seemed to me Buddy had some fascination about ass holes, because he always seemed to head there as soon as he could.

A few minutes later I felt him crawl up on her and she took a deep breath when he pushed his hard dick in her ass. Now that is one weird sensation, feeling his cock rubbing escort izmit on mine through the thin skin between her pussy and ass hole. It felt really good to me as our dicks moved in opposite directions in her.

Buddy had his face on the same side of her as I did, and he was ginning at me while we both fucked his hot sexy mom. All I could do was grin back and try my best to hump my hips against the weight of both of them. Mrs. Johnson must have loved the way it filled her up because she was breathing hard on my neck and started to talk dirty to us.

“Yes, Oh Fuck yes! You boys feel so good in me, fuck me good boys. Make momma cum for you boys. Fuck my ass Buddy, fuck it hard like you know I love! Oh, Oh, Yes use that hard cock in me Eddie, Do you feel how wet you boys have made me? Do you like the way my hot cunt feels on your cock Eddie? You boys are going to make me cum soon, Oh fuck yes, I’m going to cum soon!”

I never answered her but Buddy let her know how great her ass felt.

“Fuck yeah mom, squeeze your ass on me, Mother Fucker that feels great, yes do that for me mom, make it tight on my cock!”

I felt his balls hitting mine when we both slammed against her, Mrs. Johnson definitely made the best sandwich in the world. Her very own recipe of one hot momma and two cum filled boys! Mrs. Johnson was making a “Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” as we both fucked her as hard as we could, her insides filling and emptying with hard cock at the same time.

“Oh. I’m cumming momma. Oh yes use your ass on me momma. Oh Fuck, Now momma NOW!”

And I felt his cock as it shot his load into his moms tight ass, Mrs. Johnson’s ass worked against his cock and mine and she came as soon as she felt his hot cum spurting into her tight ass hole.

“Oh yes baby, fuck mommas ass Buddy. It’s making me cum baby, I feel it hitting inside me baby. Fuck, its so hot baby. Cum for me Eddie, cum with us now Eddie!”

I was already there when she told me that, and I felt her wet pussy clamp down on my cock flexing her inner muscles to draw my cum out of me. It worked, she clinched and unclinched her pussy while I was spurting into her, I had not jacked off last night not really needing to, and letting my sore cock heal some frm the abuse I had put it through yesterday.

Buddy crawled off his moms nice soft ass and I heard it make a plopping noise when his cock came out. Mrs. Johnson lay on me a few minutes, kind of purring, her pussy still working my dick as it slowly started to shrink. Mrs. Johnson lay on the bed, her breast lay to the sides a bit while she caught her breath. I heard Dawn moving around in the living room, so I dressed and kissed Mary, thanking her for the fun then went to say Hi to Dawn.

“Hey girl, whatcha doing today?”

“Oh, nothing much. I slept late today. My friends are going to the mall later and I might go but I’m not sure yet.”

“Ahhh, Would you mind telling me something Dawn?”

“Sure what is it?”

“Well, I was wondering just how in the world you can take your dads huge cock in your ass? I would think it would rip you apart!”

She laughed and told me, “Well, the first few times he did it, It Did hurt, but he showed me some things I could do to relax and mom bought me a large Dildo, so I used it a lot, and Buddy helped me with it, now it’s no problem. And I really like it in my ass, I think it’s sexy that way! You want to fuck me in the ass? You can if you want too.”

I smiled at her with a evil grin, “Maybe later, I just got off your mom. But if you give me a few minutes, sure!”

“Cool, just let me know when you want to, I’ll be in my room!”

“OK Dawn, see you in a few then.”

Buddy came in when Dawn was leaving and got us a soft drink.

“What did she want Eddie?”

“She wants me to fuck her in her ass! Hehehe!”

“Ahh, she does like that a lot, and spank her when you do. That always makes her cum.”

“Thanks, I will!”

We played his game again for a few minutes and when it was his turn I told him I was gonna go see Dawn.

“Have fun!” He grinned.

“Always Buddy!”

I went to Dawn’s room and she was laying on her stomach reading, I jumped on the bed behind her and grabbed her on her fat ass.

“You shit head, you scared the shit out of me Eddie!”

“Good, that’s one less thing I have to worry about when I fuck you in the ass then!” I laughed.

Dawn rolled over and kissed me, her tongue dug in my mouth wildly. One thing about Dawn, she liked to fuck and suck I had found out, and it didn’t seem to matter who it was. Not that she was a slut around town, but here in their house it was a different story. Anything goes in here.

I kissed her thick lips and stuck my tongue deep in her hot mouth while running my hand down her large ass cheeks and squeezing them hard.

“Suck it Dawn, get down there and suck my cock!”

Dawn never hesitated, she moved down my body and undid my pants, I helped her take them off and her face pounced on my cock. I hadn’t even washed off from fucking her izmit escort mom, so I know she tasted her moms pussy on my dick. But then I know she loved to eat her moms hot pussy too, so what did it matter.

Dawn can really suck dick, and I was hard in no time.

“Are you ready Dawn? You want my cock in your ass do you?”

“Hell yes, come on!”

She only had her nightgown on so I pulled it up over her flabby ass and saw how wet her pussy was, just from sucking my cock. Her thick lips were hanging out, and wet, her gash was pink and I wanted to fuck it too, but for now I had her hot ass on my mind. Dawn got on her hands and knees and was ready. I got behind her and slid my dick along her wet pussy with it. She moaned and moved her hips around to get the head of my dick wetter. I moved it up to her puckered ass hole and pushed it to her. I expected her to pull away some, but instead she pushed against me hard and my dick popped in her tight hot ass hole without any problem at all.

Say what you want about a fat girl, but they do love sex, and Dawn loved it a lot! My dick slid in her ass to the hilt and she bucked against it, not wanting to wait or take her time, she just wanted to get fucked, and I was happy to fuck her, I pumped her ass a few times then thought about what Buddy had told me, I slapped her on the ass. Dawn liked it and moaned her approval at it.

So I fucked her hot tight ass hole and spanked her fat ass, it made her ass red and she fucked me even harder. It seemed the harder I spanked her, the harder she fucked me with her big ass. She was groaning when she shoved her ass to me, and I felt her loosen up a lot as we went along.

“Fuck yes Eddie, fuck my ass, spank it hard Eddie. I like you to spank me for being such a nasty slut.”

“That’s right cunt, take my cock in your asshole! You nasty whore, you like a man’s hard cock in you ass, you like to suck it clean don’t you cunt!”

‘Oh Fuck yes, talk like that to me Eddie, tell me what I am. Call me nasty names, oh fuck I love that.”

One thing about Dawn, she could move her fat ass like no bodies business when she was taking a dick in it. I watched it jiggle when I slammed into her, my hand prints on the white cheeks moved about an inch in either direction when her ass bounced. She was moaning and grunting as the sweat started building on her back.

“That’s right Dawn, Pinch that ass on me. Move those hips bitch! Fuck me like the whore you are.”

She went wild when I called her those names, I reached under her and grabbed her flabby tits. Pulling her nipples and squeezing them hard she cried out.

“Oh fuck yes Eddie, fucking hurt me. Fuck my hot asshole Eddie, pinch my tits, Oh fuck, Fuck me you Mother Fucker!”

I felt her asshole tighten up on my dick when I clamped my fingers on her tits again. She was cumming from me fucking her in the ass. How wild was that I thought to myself. This girl could cum from her asshole.

I heard foot steps coming up the stairs but was to busy fucking her to look. I spanked her fat ass some more, and she rammed her ass back to me, cumming again.

“Oh, Oh, Uhhhhh, Oh God yes Eddie. Now Eddie, cum in me now! I want to feel your cum in my fucking ass!”

I pumped into her a couple of more minutes before I could cum, but when I did, I came hard. The sight of my red hand prints on her fat white ass while it was jiggling made me cum. I pulled her as cheeks with my hands, trying to jam every inch of my cock in her, and it worked. Dawn was grinding her ass on my crotch as I shot my spunk in her tight butt.

We both collapsed on the bed with me on her back after we came, her sweaty back was slick and I bit her on her neck lightly. She shivered when I did that, and gave a deep sigh. I lay on her until my dick went soft and fell out of her slick asshole.

Buddy stood at the doorway and started clapping with a grin on his face.

“Buddy, you’re an asshole!” Dawn told him. “You fucking pervert, watching us do this!” She had a smile on her face when she said that to him.

“Yeah, I learned all about being a pervert from you Dawn!”

Then he came over to the bed and took his dick out, it was hard and bouncing when he walked to Dawn. He took her face in his hands and stuck his cock in her face, she took it and began to lick it before sucking it down her hot mouth.

While she was sucking his cock, Buddy told her, “Grandma and Grandpa called, they are on the way over and should be here in about an hour or so!”

Dawn stopped sucking, “Really? They are?” She had an excited look on her face from hearing the news. I would find out later why.

I watched her go back to sucking Buddy’s cock for a bit then went downstairs to see Mrs. Johnson.

“I hear your mom and dad are coming over Mrs. Johnson.”

“Oh no, they are Mr. Johnson’s mom and dad, We should hear them pull up in just a bit. I think you’ll like them too Eddie. You want a drink or something?”

“Oh no thanks Mrs. Johnson.”

We sat on the izmit kendi evi olan escort couch beside each other and her hand was on my leg, her finger tracing lines on it. Fuck, this woman could make a dead man get a hard on I thought. I put my arm around her and gave her a small hug. She turned and kissed me, her hot tongue slid in my mouth and we french kissed. I put my hand on her breast, still in awe at how the had kept their shape after two kids. I heard the front door open and Mr. Johnson walked in, “Hi honey, hey there Eddie, how are you doing today son.”

“I’m fine Mr. Johnson, we are just waiting for your mom and dad to get here.”

“Yeah, dad called me at the office. So I decided to come on home early so I could see them longer.”

We sat there and he told me about his mom and dad, His dad had been a World Class Body Builder for years when he was younger. And even today at 65 he could bench press more weight than most people in their 20’s. And his mom was always supportive of his career, and did some body building of her own, but never professionally.

I couldn’t wait to meet them, they sounded like great people, and I wondered, but didn’t ask if they also knew about the secret the Johnson’s had here. It wasn’t long before the doorbell rang and everyone went to greet them. They all hugged and kissed, and when they saw me they greeted me like an old lost friend. Mrs. Johnson (the older one) came up and hugged me and gave me a big kiss, and her tongue slipped into my mouth. I guess they knew the secret!

“So Eddie I hear your learning a lot about sex lately!”

I blushed and told her “Yes Ma’am.”

“That’s good, every young man should know about good sex, before he leaves out on his own.”

“I guess so Mrs. Johnson.”

“Honey just call me Bette, since there is two Mrs. Johnson’s it could be confusing. And I’m sure Mary won’t care if you call her by her given name.”

“No Ma’am, she already told me to call her Mary.”

“Good! And call the old fart Jake.” She said with a gleam in her eyes.

I shook Jake’s hand and he almost crushed it with his strong grip. I cringed at the pain and he let go, then he held up his arm and flexed his muscle, it was huge for anyone, much less what you would expect from a 65 year old man. He had a big grin on his face when he saw me flinch, I grinned sheepishly back at him, shaking my hand when I pulled it away.

Bette got on him, “Jake, that’s not a nice thing to do to that sweet young man!”

Jake apologized to me and I let him know I was OK, then we all went into the living room and talked. Jake and Bette are funny as hell and nice as can be I found soon out, when they talked. Dawn went over and sat on Jake’s lap, and a grin came to his face. He put his hand on her large tit and gave it a squeeze.

“Damn Dumpling, you’ve grown a good bit since last time I felt these!”

“Oh Grampa, I have not. I’m the same size as before.”

“Well then your old Gramma is shrinking on me. because I don’t remember holding one this size in a long time.”

Bette laughed and Jake played with dawn’s huge tit, her big ass rubbing on his crotch teasing him. Buddy went over to Bette and kissed her, I saw her tongue slip in to his waiting mouth and I was scooted away from her in his attempt to sit by her. Mary watched as Jake Jr. “Jr.” they called him moved between his mom and dad His hand went to Bette’s pussy and her legs opened wide for his fingers.

I sat there watching this family orgy begin, and Mary called me over to her.

“Looks like we are on our own Eddie, come here!”

I went over to her and she pulled me to her lap kissing me as I sat down. Her hand went to my dick and mine to her breast, I love the way her nipples get hard when I play with them. I kissed her awhile then she got up and on her knees, pulling my pants down as she kissed me.

Jake Sr. wasn’t wasting any time with dawn, he already had his cock out and her face on it. Now I know where Mr. Johnson uh Jr. got his size from. The man had a 10″er on him and Dawn had half of it down her throat while he pushed her face further down on it. Jr. and Buddy were all over Bette, Jr had his face in his moms pussy and Buddy was nearly standing on the couch with his cock in her sucking mouth.

Mary was sucking me now and I watched this exciting show, holding her thick hair in my hands as her head bounced on my cock. God this woman could suck cock, and loved to do it. Bette had all of Buddy’s dick in her mouth and was pulling him closer to her face and her legs wrapped around her son’s head while he sucked on her hairy pussy. Jr. then got up and dropped his pants, his huge cock falling out and bounced in the air when he got back on his knees to stick it inside her dripping pussy.

I heard her gasp over Buddy’s cock when Jr stuck the head of his cock in her, and shoved it in all the way with one push of his hips. Jr kissed buddy’s ass cheek while he face fucked his Gramma. Then I watched as he held Buddy’s ass crack open and stuck his tongue in his butt hole. Buddy shoved his ass back to his dad’s face, then back to his gramma’s face while she held his hips. I saw Buddy start to shiver when he started to cum, and Bette held him tighter in her face, sucking his hot cum down her throat.

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