Carrie’s New Life Ch. 1


As he turned to look in the direction of the pounding at the door, he wondered who would be visiting at this hour. Quickly he hit the pause button on the VCR remote. It wouldn’t do for someone to see the video he was watching. Just because he was a real pervert, didn’t mean he should share it with the world.

Willing his erection to subside, he walked slowly to the door. The pounding started again as he undid the lock. When he opened the door he was totally shocked to see his sister-in-law, Carrie, standing there. Her blouse had been torn and all the buttons were missing. Her lower lip was bleeding as well.

“Oh, Tom!” she sobbed. “Please, can I come in?”

“Of course you can Carrie. What the hell happened to you?”

“It’s your brother, Steve. He did this to me.” she said.

This made him even more confused. Steve had always been a very gentle man. He had never known him to be violent with anyone let alone his own wife.

“I don’t understand Carrie. What would Steve want to hurt you for. I thought you two were getting along wonderfully. And I just can’t believe that Steve could do this to you!” Tom said.

“Well, he did, and I can hardly believe it myself.” Carrie replied.

“Here, ” Tom said. “Sit down here while I get us both a drink and then you can tell me what happened.”

As Tom poured the drinks he looked over at Carrie. She held her torn blouse tightly around herself and Tom noticed her taught nipples pushing against the fabric. Tom had always admired his sister-in-law’s firm round tits and he thought about her often in his masturbation fantasies. As he thought about some of his favorite fantasies, he felt his member begin to swell slightly.

“I just don’t know where to begin.” he heard her start as he brought the drinks over and sat down next to her on the couch.

“Try at the beginning Carrie.” Tom said, handing her a bursa escort drink.

“It’s just that I don’t how you will take what I have to tell you about this whole thing.” she replied.

“Hell, Carrie. I’ve known you how long? Six years now? You’ve always seemed comfortable telling me anything. What makes it so difficult now?” Tom said.

“Well…” she began, “There are some things about Steve and I that I’m sure you never knew and in order to tell you what is going on I’ll have to make a confession to you that I’m not sure you’ll be prepared to hear.”

Tom paused a moment before continuing.

“Well, whatever it is I’m sure it’s not as bad as you make it seem.” he said.

“Ok. Here goes” she said, looking into Tom’s eyes with a mixture of puzzlement as well as fear.” Steve and I are into group sex. We host and attend orgies almost every weekend.

Tom’s jaw dropped at these words. He knew his brother was always a very sexual person but to think that he would need multiple partners or that he would be willing to share his beautiful young wife with others sounded impossible.

“I can’t believe it.” he said, thinking of Carrie in the midst of a writhing mass of naked bodies. The thought brought his cock back to life once again.

” That’s the reason we never let on to anyone close. It is a little kinky to most people but we both love it. We’ve always loved each other, we just wanted to enjoy our sexuality to it’s fullest. But this time things have gotten very out of hand.” Carrie cried.

“Wow. This is a lot for me to comprehend all at once, Carrie. It’s just so much different than I thought about Steve and you.” Tom replied.

“I know.” said Carrie.”I was in your position too at one time.The time Steve suggested it I was so upset that I left him for almost a week.”

“I didn’t know.” said Tom.

“Well,” Carrie said,”after being bursa escort bayan alone, I started thinking about what Steve had said when he tried to explain himself and I realized that the thought of it all really turned me on. I couldn’t help myself.”

As Carrie started thinking back, Tom noticed her release her blouse a little.

“Ok. Ok. But I need to know why Steve would try to hurt you.” Tom urged. “Was he jealous of someone you were with?”

“No.” she replied. “It wasn’t that. It was the party we were at earlier just two blocks from here, in fact.”

“Go on.” Tom said.

“There were three other couples and us. The party started as they usually do. People socializing just like any normal get together. As the evening went on, people started pairing up with each other and before long the real party was under way.”

Carrie paused for a moment then went on.

“I had squeezed myself between two of the men on the couch and started kissing them while I rubbed both of their cocks through their pants. Steve had gone into the bedroom with one of the married couples and the hostess.”

Tom’s hard on was now coming to full attention as he listened to Carries words.

“Ok Carrie, can we just get to how this happened to you?” asked Tom uncomfortably.

“Well, ” she continued. “after I had finished off one of the men with my mouth, the two men I was with pulled me up by my arms and began forcefully pushing me toward the bedroom where Steve and the others were. As they pulled me through the doorway I saw Steve and the others were taking turns snorting something. I think they were doing PCP or something. They were all laughing except for the other female guest. I looked over at the bed and saw her on her stomach with her head at the foot of the bed. Her wrists and ankles had been tied to each post of the bed and a ball gag had been placed in her escort bursa mouth. I could see that she was crying and there were red welts all over her back.”

” I looked over at Steve and yelled, ‘What’s going on here?!’ The man and woman who were hosting the party turned to Steve and said ‘You haven’t explained how our game works Steve?'”

Steve laughed nervously and looked at me with a funny look on his face.

“Don’t worry, she’s always ready for a new game.” he replied to the host.

“I looked at Steve and told him I wasn’t going to participate in any ‘game’ that violent in any way and I was leaving now. I ran from the room, grabbed my clothes and went to the bathroom to get dressed. As soon as I dressed I went back to the living room where Steve and the host were apparently waiting for me. I told Steve I was leaving and I probably wouldn’t be home when he got there. As I started to walk past him for the door he grabbed my arm and struck me across the face with the back of his hand. He then proceeded to tell me that I was not going to leave until I had given myself to the host and hostess and done whatever it was they had in mind for me. I screamed no at him and ran for the door. Steve was right behind me and grabbed my shirt. As I pulled away from him, the buttons all popped from my blouse, but I got to the door and ran to the car. I sped away trying to understand what I had seen and how Steve could be a part of such a thing. I had no idea where I was going but then I thought of how close your place was and decided to come here. I hope I’m not causing a problem with you by coming here and telling you all this.” she finished.

“Not at all Carrie. I’m glad you were able to confide in me. I just can’t understand Steve.” Tom said.

“Thanks.” Carrie replied.

“Don’t worry about it. You’re welcome to spend the night here you know. I have a spare bedroom and I should have something here you can wear. Why don’t you go get cleaned up while I find you something to put on?” Tom answered.

“Ok. I think I will. Thanks again Tom.” she said with a little happier sounding voice.

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