Brooke Ch. 04


Brooke and I made our way downstairs and through the crowd to the food table. There was some food left, but most of it had been eaten already. Brooke stopped to fix each of us a sandwich as I walked over to the kegs to get us each a beer. After pouring two beers, I joined Brooke over by the food table. She had managed to scrape together enough to make each of us a sandwich and found some chips. We finished our food as people came up to us, especially Brooke, and complemented her on the dance routine earlier. It seemed like everyone enjoyed it. Some even commented on my dancing, which I know wasn’t nearly as good, or appealing, as hers.

After we finished our beers and food, I went back over to the kegs to get one final beer for each of us before we left the party. While drawing our beers, a drunk frat boy came up and started talking with me like we were old friends.

“Hey man, how’s it hanging?”

“Fine,” I replied, while trying to get away from him. He already had an arm draped around my shoulder.

“We’ve got some good action going on upstairs if you want a piece of it,” he said, slurring every other word.

“Not interested,” I replied.

“C’mon man, this is too good to pass up. We have a new field hockey player, and she’s DTF! You need to get some of this, I did. Hell, we all have!” he said laughing.

I immediately thought about Amanda, and was sure she was who he was talking about.

“You got her on something?” I asked, trying to get more information out of him.

“Nah . . . didn’t have to. She was making out with a friend of mine at the beginning of the party and then they went to his room. He said I could tag along. After he did’er, she asked me to fuck’er too, so I did. My friend went to get some others, and she did all of them and more. She’s wasted, but its only the beer. She hasn’t had anything else that I know of.”

I thanked him for the information and went to get Brooke, while he was yelling at me, “Better get you a piece of that ass!”

I gave Brooke her beer and told her what the guy told me. We both knew it had to be Amanda, and decided that we better go rescue her, for her own good, whether she was aware of it or not.

We made our way through the crowd and back up the stairs to the room where we saw Amanda earlier. I opened the door, walked in, and found a guy zipping up his pants.

“She’s all yours now,” he said, “but I think she’s worn out. There’s not much action from her. She just kinda lays there and takes it.”

I walked over to the bed as he left the room, Brooke behind me. Amanda was on the bed on her back, arms over her head, legs apart and hanging over the corner of the bed, just as the guy left her.

“Are you gonna fuck me now?” she asked me as I walked over to her.

“No, Amanda, I’m not going to fuck you.”

“How’d you know my name?” She asked.

“I’m Steven. You came with me, Brooke and Liz to the party. Do you remember that?” I asked.

“Yeah, I remember that, and I remember wanting to fuck you, too. You sure you don’t wanna?”

“Amanda, I’m with Brooke, remember?”

“That’s ok, I won’t say anything to Brooke about it if you do.”

“You just did, she’s right here behind me. We’re gonna get you cleaned up and take you home.”

Amanda giggled, looked over at Brooke and said, “Sorry about that Brooke. He’s so fucking cute, though.”

Amanda was a mess. It was quite obvious that she’d several partners tonight.

“Amanda, I need to ask you something. Did anyone force you to do this? Did they give you anything? A pill or anything?”

Amanda started crying. She was talking, but much of it was incoherent due to her crying and her state of inebriation.

“Nobody forced me to do anything, and I don’t think they gave me anything. I was making out with some guy downstairs. He said I was pretty, and he wanted to take me to his room where it would be more private. Once we got here we started making out and he took off my clothes and said he wanted to do it with me. I’d never done it before, and wanted to see what it was like. We fucked, and then he asked his friend if he wanted to fuck me too. I was willing, at first, and then after the first couple of guys, I thought it really didn’t matter, and just went with everything.”

“Are you sure nobody forced themselves on you?”

She was answering, but not making much sense. She would come and go, sometimes speaking clearly, for someone who was inebriated, other times, barely coherent. As far as I could ascertain, nobody forced themselves on her or gave her anything other than beer, but they certainly took advantage of her innocence and state of drunkenness. I felt bad that I let it go on for so long, as I was fairly certain at the time this is what was happening. She closed her eyes as if she was falling asleep again.

“Amanda, wake up, we need to get you cleaned up and out of here,” I said to her several times, getting little or no response.

“We’re gonna have to clean her up and get her dressed,” I said silivri escort to Brooke, who looked like she was about to vomit. I was right. She rushed out the door and threw up in the hallway. I followed her outside. Brooke is a very audible vomiter; has been all her life, and this was no different. Just the sight of Amanda made her sick, and she was not quiet about it as she threw up in the hall.

“Steven, I don’t think I can go back in there, she looks so pitiful. I can’t believe she let them do that . . .”

“Ok, you stand by the door and don’t let anyone go in. I’ll try to find something to clean her up a little before I dress her. I can’t put her clothes back on her as she is, and I’m not going to parade her through the crowd looking like she does now,” I said as I rushed down the hall to the bathroom. Why I thought I’d find anything in there to clean Amanda up, I’ll never know. The place was a mess. I went back into the hall and found a linen closet, which, amazingly, had some clean towels and washcloths. I wet the wash cloths and I grabbed a bottle of body wash from the shower and took it with me back to the room, where I found Brooke waiting patiently for my return. There was no one else in the hall.

“I at least want you in the room with me when I clean her up, Brooke. I don’t want to be in there alone with her, the way she is and all.”

“Fine. I’ll go in, and I’ll try to help, but I’m not promising I won’t get sick again, but I’ll try not to.”

Brooke went in with me, and we walked over to the bed beside Amanda. I tried talking to her again, but she wasn’t making any sense at all. She would, however, follow commands. I took the washcloths and put some of the body wash on them and began washing Amanda off enough that we could get her dressed. We would have to give her a shower when we got her back to the hotel, but I wanted to get her clean enough that we could dress her.

After washing her up some, I dried her off. I asked Brooke to look for her clothes, which she soon found in a pile in a corner of the room. Brooke was able to help me get Amanda dressed, and by the time we finished, Amanda started coming around some, and was more talkative.

“Amanda, we’re gonna take you back to our hotel room and get you a shower and then try to get you sobered up some before we take you back to your hotel and your mother,” I shared with her.

Amanda thanked me, and then started crying. “I don’t know why you’re doing all this for me, I’m nothing but a . . .”

I cut her off before she could go any further.

“Don’t worry about anything now, we’ll talk later. We just want to get you out of here. Do you think you can walk?” I asked her.

“I can try,” she said, while trying to stand. While wobbly, she was able to stand and then walk, with assistance from me and Brooke. We made our way to the door, down the hall and down the stairs, where we met Liz.

“You guys leaving?” Liz asked.

“Yeah, we need to get Amanda sobered up before we take her back to the hotel room. Can you come along and give us some help?” I asked.

“No fucking way I’m taking care of that slut,” Liz responded. I thought momentarily about the irony of that statement, with the show Liz put on earlier in the evening, but I let it slide. “I’m staying here for a while, and then I’m going back to the hotel. I’m not messing around with her.”

“Fine,” I said, taking Amanda outside for some fresh air. I knew she’d never make it walking back to the hotel. Looking down the street I spotted a taxi. I waved at him, and he started his engine and pulled up in front of us.

I told him the name of our hotel, and he knew the place. I’m sure these frat parties give them much business, at least I hoped so. There was nobody in there tonight who was in any shape to drive home.

I asked the driver to take us to the side door so we wouldn’t have to go through the lobby holding Amanda up. The door at the side was next to the elevator, so we could take that to our floor. I paid the driver and we got out. With Brooke and me bracing her, Amanda was able to walk to the hotel and to the elevator. We finally made it to our room, and let Amanda lie down on the bed.

“Whew,” Brooke sighed, “I didn’t think we were ever going to get back here. This room looks good to me now.”

“Yeah, it does. Now we need to get her showered and sobered up some. You start the coffee and I’ll start the shower,” I told Brooke.

Leaving Amanda on the bed, I walked into the bathroom and started the shower. I left it on the cool side, hoping that it would sober her up faster. We needed to wash her good, and wash her hair, which was matted.

When I returned to the bedroom, Brooke was making the coffee, so I started undressing Amanda.

“Amanda, we’re going to get you in the shower to clean you up and sober you up some before taking you back to your hotel. Is that ok with you?”

“Yeah, that’s ok. Thank you for taking care of me. I’m such a fuck up,” Amanda said as she started bakırköy escort to cry again.

I removed the clothing I had just put on her a few minutes ago, and got her ready for the shower. Amanda, with our help, was able to make it to the shower, but was not able to wash herself. Brooke and I got her into the shower, and Brooke held her as I washed her again. I started with her hair, and washed it for a long time. Amanda seemed to enjoy it as I lathered her hair and massaged her scalp, trying to get everything out of her hair. After finishing her hair, I thoroughly washed the rest of her body. Amanda helped some, and Brooke held her steady as I finished up. We got her out of the shower, and as Brooke held her, I dried her off and dried her hair. Amanda was able to brush through her hair, but that was about all she could do for herself.

Brooke got out some panties for me to put on Amanda. We threw Amanda’s old ones away. The rest of her clothes were in good enough shape for her to wear home. After we got her dressed, Brooke gave her some coffee, and she sipped at it for a few minutes.

The three of us sat down on the side of the bed, with Amanda between us. Brooke took the hairbrush from Amanda and began brushing her hair for her as we talked. Amanda had one cup of coffee and I got her a second cup. I didn’t really know if it would help that much, but it was the least we could do for her.

Amanda admitted that she wouldn’t have thought of doing what she did if she hadn’t been drinking so much, and was very much embarrassed by the events of the evening. I asked her if she was on the pill, and she said that she wasn’t. I suggested that she go to the pharmacy in the morning and get a morning after pill and take it. I also suggested that she go to the doctor when she got home to make sure she didn’t pick up a STD. I was sure that the chances were good since she had sex with six or more, probably more, guys. After about an hour, we were ready to take Amanda back to her hotel. I left to get the car, and told Brooke that I’d call when I got back to the hotel. Amanda thought she could walk down to the car, but Brooke insisted that she stay with her until I got back.

About twenty minutes later I had retrieved my car from the restaurant where Brooke and I had dinner, called Brooke, and the two of them came through the front door. I opened the door for Amanda and she got into the back seat. Brooke got in front with me. We drove over to Amanda’s hotel and I parked close to the lobby entrance. The three of us went into the hotel, got on the elevator and went to Amanda’s room. She said that she and her mother had a two bedroom suite, and she was sure that her mother was already in bed in her room, and didn’t think that she’d run into her. Amanda used her key card to open the door. She kissed both me and Brooke on the cheek and thanked us for taking care of her. Brooke said that she’d call her in the morning just to check on her. As Amanda went into her room and closed her door, both Brooke and I gave a sigh of relief.

Brooke didn’t say anything as we drove back to the hotel. When we got inside our room, she threw her arms around me and kissed me.

“God that was awful,” she said.

“Yeah, it really was. I hope she does ok. I feel bad that I didn’t do something earlier to stop her, but it sounded like she did it on her own free will, even though she was drunk and all.”

“I’m ready for bed, Steven. This evening has worn me out.”

I agreed, and the two of us stripped down and crawled into the bed together. I kissed Brooke a couple of times, but neither of us were in the mood for anything else after all we’d been through. Brooke rolled over on her side, facing away from me. I slid up to her and spooned her. This is my favorite way to sleep with her. I draped my arms around her and gently rubbed her tits, kissed her neck, and soon we both fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning to the sound of water running in the shower. Looking at the clock on the night stand, I noticed that we still had a couple of hours before we needed to be at the school to talk with the admissions director. I lay in the bed for a couple of minutes, waiting for Brooke to finish and return to the bedroom. Thinking of her in the shower, I started to get hard. I rubbed my cock for a few minutes, and then got out of the bed and made my way to the bathroom. As I entered the room, I could see Brooke through the glass walls of the shower stall. She looked so beautiful standing there, rinsing herself with the hand-held shower spray. Her hair was hanging down her back and around her right shoulder. Her luscious tits were pert, her nipples hard, as she sprayed the lather off her tight frame.

I walked over and opened the door, reached in and turning off the water, I pulled her close and kissed her. Brooke stepped out of the shower and kissed me as I wrapped one arm around her, and dropped the other to her firm ass. After kissing her for several minutes, I grabbed a towel and dried off şirinevler escort every inch of her luscious body, took her by the hand, and led her back into the bedroom. She fell backwards onto the bed, and I joined her. With her back propped up by the several pillows on the bed, I lay beside her and started kissing her again.

While kissing her, I rubbed her thighs and her chest as she squirmed beside me, her legs wrapping around me. I grabbed her ass while we kissed, feeling the softness of one cheek and then the other. God, she felt so wonderful. I kissed her tits, and slowly moved down her chest, kissing her and licking her. I sat back and pulled her pussy to my crotch while kissing her and feeling her body. Brooke raised her legs so that they were over my shoulders as I started kissing her inner thighs and her pussy, with both hands on her tits. Brooke moaned wildly as I lapped away at her pussy. She sat up, bringing her crotch to mine, sitting on me and gyrating her hips against my cock, which was hard and flat against my abdomen. I reached around her and pulled her chest to mine, feeling the softness of her tits and the hardness of her nipples as they pressed against me. In one movement, Brooke rolled back and brought her legs back over her head, offering her pussy to my mouth. I started licking her pussy and her sweet ass with her legs bent back now to the point that her knees were almost touching the bed. I spread her knees apart and started licking her pussy and gently rubbing it. My tongue darted in and our of her wet hole as she brought her legs back down to the bed, spreading her knees wide apart as I licked her pussy and, reaching up, rubbed her hard nipples between my fingers. Brooke was moaning louder now as I continued sucking and fingering her. Her tits felt so soft, and her nipples grew harder to my touch. She looked so sexy with her legs spread, knees up, and pussy exposed to my every desire. I licked her pussy and her ass, getting her very wet. Brooke moved a hand to the back of my head, pressing my mouth tighter against her pussy. I moved my hands to her inner thighs as I rubbed them lightly while eating her out. Brooke continued to moan in pleasure.

I couldn’t get enough of her sweet sex. Placing my hand back on her tits, I continued licking and sucking at her slit, while Brooke continued to moan, bucking her hips up, driving my tongue deeper into her pussy. I could smell the aroma of her sex, which was driving me wild. Lapping away at her pussy lips, I wanted more of her. I used my fingers to spread her lips apart, and licked rapidly up and down the outer flesh of her slit, tasting the sweet juices that were emitting from within. I licked every inch of her pubic area, sucking the juices, taking in as much of her as possible, while massaging her ass with both hands. I wanted her. God, I wanted her. I moved up so that I was kneeling over her, knees on either side of her, and brought my hard cock to her mouth. My sister leaned forward, and started sucking my cock as I moved back and forth slowly. She continued to moan while sucking on my hardness. She licked the head of my cock. I grabbed it and rubbed it around her face and mouth, with her tongue lapping away at the head of my cock, tasting the pre cum as it oozed out of my slit. I leaned forward, allowing her head to rest back on the pillow as she sucked me, bring me intense pleasure with the softness of her lips and swiftness of her tongue. Brooke grabbed my cock and rubbed it slowly on her tits, with my pre cum leaving a trail on her flesh. While rubbing my hard cock all over her tits, she was looking at me with her sexy smile. She brought the head of my cock to her mouth, licked off my cum, and then took it back into her mouth. She continued sucking my hard cock while I reached around and began rubbing her slit. I wet my fingers to get her moist. She sucked away at my cock as I massaged her pussy with my fingers, driving them deep inside of her. We continued like this for a long time, giving each other the pleasure we each desired.

Brooke got up, turned around, pressed me back onto the bed so that I was facing her. She spread my legs and crawled up between them bringing her face to my face, her tongue to my tongue. She pressed her face hard against mine and kissed me passionately as I rubbed her back and ass. Brooke moved her face from mine, crawled down, and took my cock back into her mouth as I rubbed her back, neck, and tits. She started bobbing up and down on my cock rapidly, sucking it and pausing to lick it from my balls to the tip of my cock. She did this several times before she wrapped her lips around my cock and started sucking hard. God the feeling was awesome. My nude sister was between my legs, sucking my cock and rubbing my thighs. She continued licking me and jacking my cock, licking my shaft and sucking the head of my cock, moaning louder and louder as she did so. I watched her face as she sucked me off, god she was so fucking beautiful. Up and down she went on my hard cock, stopping to lick the head several times. She then licked up the shaft of my cock, through my pubes to my abdomen, and licked her way up to my face and began kissing me again. She moved up so that she was now sitting on my hard cock while kissing me passionately, and grinding here pussy against my abdomen, with my cock just beneath her pussy.

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