From Roommates to Loving Buddies


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(All characters are older than 18 years.)



It was all weird, the order in which the stuff between us – me and my roomie – happened. It hadn’t been the inexplicable attraction, or staring at each other’s cock, or stuff like that. First came the cuddling.

Since we started college, two years now, Fabricio and I had lived together, and have been close friends. We went to the same places, with the same circle of people, shared a lot of tastes, and had the same political views.

When we met, Fabricio had short hair. Two years later, his hair was all curly and wavy, and I joked around with him, of course, and never let an opportunity pass, during that time, of messing up his hair; I was really annoying.

That’s how it started.

At one time, the day before an important exam, when Fabricio was intently reading his textbooks, his left hand taking notes skillfully with a pen, and because I was bored to death and decided to annoy him in return; I slowly approached him and started to rub my fingers on his head, through his wavy hair, a careful movement so as to prevent any mistakes in his note-taking.

I expected the usual remarks telling me to go screw myself and to leave him alone, but he ignored me, and kept ignoring me; my hand gently scratching his temple, behind his ears; his head would softly turn this way and that way but he wouldn’t complain. I didn’t want to give up, but it lasted so long that I kind of had to. I slapped his shoulder, trying to put the weirdness aside, but it didn’t work. Fabricio kept studying, and I started to move away, when I heard him say: “Thanks, man.”

“Yeah, sure.” That was my response.

After a few hours, I already had convinced myself that nothing weird had happened, and Fabricio had been too focused on his studies to notice me.

But it kept coming back to me that I had spent an awful lot of time caressing him.

I was scared to do it again for a while, and, even though we never mentioned the sudden lack of that annoying habit, I didn’t come close to Fabricio when he was studying, until that day on the couch.

I had been laying down on the couch first, watching television, and Fabricio joined me later, sitting on the ground, by the couch; his head was very close to my hand, I noticed. He opened a textbook and started reading silently. It was such an opportunity that it would been even weirder if I didn’t try to annoy him, even if a gut feeling told me that Fabricio had just made a trap for me.

First, I brushed a finger on his head, and he gave me a – what? – look. I smiled, he smiled back, and turned back to his book. I touched his hair, rubbed my fingers against the back of his ear, circling the small area, for a few minutes. I stopped then, because it was too weird, but quickly returned, softly scratching his head, it moved, but he didn’t complain; by that point, I was creeped out but didn’t stop, carried away by the powerful intimacy of the moment. We were interrupted by a knock on our door, and Fabricio answered it; I had to put a pillow on top of my crotch to hide the beginning of an obsession.

And obsession it was. Fabricio didn’t need to be studying anymore. All that was needed was both of us together and alone, and it happened on the couch many times, I was usually watching television when Fabricio came, sat down on the ground, and we started touching each other. Once he massaged my foot that was hanging off, carefully putting pressure on each toe, going to the ankle and back, and in return, I massaged his neck.

We would be doing everything as usual in our social lives, going out with friends, to classes, gym, even dating – but in our place, we sought each other. Fabricio liked when I caressed his head, and I quite liked the soft hair between my silivri escort fingers, so he would lay his head on my legs, and silently enjoy. The silence was imperative, we never talked about it. He began to put his head closer and closer to my crotch, until the point where he was laying on top of my bulge.

My bulge, my hard cock, clearly and undoubtedly, pressing against his cheek. I started flexing my cock, pushing his head a little rougher down my bulge, and he never complained. We would do this every day, it was horrible, torturing, but we wanted it, every single day, for weeks.

Fabricio started dating a girl, and she visited our place often, she was nice and funny, very pretty; when she left, her boyfriend would come seeking the nice comfort of a cock against his cheek, first with the illusion that clothes could do anything to lessen the gay aspect of it, but then I started using my underwear, my cock would grow so hard as to almost burst out of it, and Fabricio loved to brush his cheek against it, while I caressed him, his head, his neck, his other cheek. I noticed that he began to smell me out, take some sniffs, and deep breaths. And I tried not to look, but it was getting harder to ignore how Fabricio was touching himself, his hardness appearing through his underwear.

Once, his girlfriend almost caught us in that position, the door had been left unlocked and we heard her voice a few moments before Fabricio could run to his bed and cover himself, pretending to be asleep. It was pretty funny.

Another funny instance was when he actually fell asleep on top of me, and I remember feeling a great fear, when I noticed that he was sleeping, that I would wake him up. I couldn’t believe that he had slept with my couch on his face, and, fighting against all possibilities, I even tried to subside my erection, so he would be more comfortable. It had been painful and uncomfortable to me, my penis was particularly in a bad situation, but it was also crazily intimate and I couldn’t stop smiling when he started to snore.

When he woke up almost an hour later, he sat up on the couch next to me and gave me another specific look, his face full of confusion, that said – did I sleep? – and I grinned like a fool, trying not to laugh.

He sighed, and silence stretched on for a few minutes, until he told me he was going to bed. If he had asked me to join then, I would’ve accepted it. But he only rounded the couch, and placed a long kiss on top of my head.

When his lips separated from my head, I reclined it so I could see him, and that’s when it happened, our first kiss, long, a lot of tongue, very wet and wild, our first kiss.

He rubbed my cheeks with his thumbs, holding me while he was the one who filled my mouth with his tongue, he was a great kisser. “Damn,” I said, when it was over, and he said only, “Goodnight.”

After the first kiss, which took so long to take place, the others followed easily; before leaving to class the very next day, he hugged me and kissed me. Outside of our little safety zone, it became increasingly difficult to be around Fabricio, especially with his girlfriend around, and it could be very distressing to see her so in love while he tried his best to not make me jealous, avoiding contact. But as the door to our place closed behind us, we were in each other’s arms, getting in our undies, hard cocks showing through; laying down on the couch, his tough body usually on top of mine, so I could grab him by the ass, squeeze him good; and spending hours kissing and rubbing our bodies together.

We were watching a movie together, Fabricio in his usual position, laying on the couch, head resting on top of my crotch, cheek rubbing my cock; when he started kissing me there, and as hope filled me completely, I let go of his head, so as to not bakırköy escort scare him away, and let him do his thing. Fabricio kept kissing my underwear, until he turned on his belly and pushed his face against my crotch – looking down as I felt him sniffing my smell, appreciating it, was one of my favorite things in life – and so he took out my cock and finally suck me.

He wasn’t all over it, choking, bobbing it hungrily, no, he was slow and mostly only took in half the length. It was more than enough to please me. I put my hand back on his hair, caressed him, and moaned a little. My favorite word was: “Damn,” I said it over and over. The first time I cummed, I warned. He took it on his face, then sucked my cock more, even when it was flacid, kept at it, until I cummed again. And again, he made me cum on his face, two facials, and he didn’t stop! My cock took a while to grow hard again, but even so, it was the best thing that had ever happened to me. I took way longer to reach orgasm the third time, and I had barely any cum left in me, but the little I had, he swallowed.

I was supposed to write more, but I’m lazy.

You would think that after giving me an amazing blowjob which lasted as long as the movie we were watching, and which made me cum three times – twice on his face; and swallow the third load, Fabricio would say something more than this: “Goodnight.” I was left on the couch, out of breath, so tired; he went to sleep.

We didn’t talk about it, but for sure our relationship took the next step because on the next morning, Fabricio was ready to suck me again, and I, happy to oblige.

This time, he got me in the bathroom; next I knew, he entered and after looking at me, standing there, cock hanging out, ready to take a shower, he came closer, hugged me from behind; and after kissing my neck for a good time, he went down on his knees, and put me inside his mouth, while caressing my butt, fingers digging on my skin. When my cock was half hard like that, he was able to put it deep, take everything, and I watched as it grew inside of him. He looked up at me, and I couldn’t help but smile like a fool.

“Damn,” I said. I tried to think of something else. He licked all the way to my balls and sucked them inside, – “Damn,” I said, but at least this time I sounded different, more breathless.

Fabricio seemed to enjoy sucking my balls because he spent a great deal of time there. I even held up my cock, which almost covered the whole show, to watch him, my friend, putting my balls in his mouth, an action that he seemed to love, closed his eyes and everything.

I obviously couldn’t last long, I guessed he would like it on his face, so when it was time, I held it in place and shot streams of it, that seemed to have fully replenished in my sleep.

Afterwards, the usual silence, which could still be awkward. Instead of leaving the bathroom, Fabricio watched me in the shower, and for a moment I thought he would join; when I realized he was just going to watch, I almost invited him. But we were both late for early classes.

The outside world was very uninteresting during those days, and the most anticipated time was our alone time, which consisted of a lot of oral sex. I couldn’t wait to come back to our place; it was worse when we were supposed to meet friends, or when the girlfriend was involved. Even with her and our friends around, after looking at me, Fabricio would bite his lips. I knew exactly what he was thinking about.

And every time he placed his lips lightly on top of hers, I remembered how he would spend hours kissing me roughly; he started searching for me in the middle of the night, waking me up with his mouth, treating my balls so well.

Yes, we started sleeping together. He usually enjoyed a great deal of cuddling, şirinevler escort right after he would swallow my load, his head on my chest; I loved to caress him, touch his hair, I always remember that it all started like that. Many times, I didn’t want to sleep, just so I could keep touching his naked skin, feeling his warmth, and smelling his hair.

It was usual now to be late for all our morning activities, no matter what they were. In one of these days – Fabricio had already received a load in his face – he was getting dressed when I stopped him. He insisted that he was late, but smiled at me, contradicting himself.

I brought him back to bed and removed his underwear. I looked at his cock, a half-hard, growing cock, and I, for the first time, admitted to myself how beautiful it looked, admired for a few minutes, and Fabricio let me, didn’t rush me, didn’t say he was late, he knew what was coming.

I hadn’t given back to him. Fabricio didn’t let a day go by without oral sex, but it was always he who sucked me. It was time to change that.

I didn’t know how to be as good as him, but I did what he had done, I was slow, appreciating everything at once: the smell, half the length inside my mouth, and the pleasant taste. I wanted to make him cum more than once too. But he was very late late, and I let him go. The smell had been overwhelmingly good, and I finally knew why he enjoyed so much to sniff me down there.

I had few things to do that day, so I had to wait Fabricio come back, his taste seemed to be still in my mouth, and he took so long to return that I had to call. He answered promptly, telling me he would be back soon. His girlfriend’s voice was there too, and I heard her ask why I needed him so much. Fabricio told her some lie, but I ended the call, put the phone aside, feeling very jealous, for the first time; a lot of jealousy.

Fabricio guessed this, because he came home with my favorite Italian food, and even though he didn’t apologize for anything, his voice seemed apologetic. He ate quickly and knelt on the ground to suck me while I finished. At one moment he held my hard cock in both hands, looked up at me, and said, “I missed you.” How could I be mad at this guy?

I would create some problems because of my jealousy eventually, but not right now.

Night after night, we moved to bed quickly, and we sucked each other to sleep; I started to show interest in the roundness of his ass; while I sucked his balls, I would stare at his hole, thinking about it, and it was driving me mad – but I started slowly, with a finger, and just touching it felt incredible, Fabricio was one gorgeous dude with a beautiful round ass, and touching him in there, inserting a finger, while he moaned on my cock, became quickly one of my favorite things in life.

He started to expect my finger, moving his ass up at me until I was giving it some attention; then my tongue, until finally, one day, he asked if I would, please, fuck him. I smiled and hugged him – told him no; but he laughed at me, obviously knowing that could never refuse that.

Our first time doing anal wasn’t much different from our usual process in this companionship, we were both tired from a long day of classes specially because it was close to the final exams, and we both needed to relax.

I fucked him slowly, dog style. Later we would try all sorts of positions, but then, it was like the first time he sucked me, I was careful and mindful, and with each thrust, Fabricio let out a little sigh, tiny sounds that could still drive me crazy.

I held his ass cheeks and pushed them apart, watching very closely my cock getting inside, getting out and back in. After a while I laid on top of him, moving just my thighs. I kissed his face softly – he was sweaty -, listening to his low murmurs, and kept thrusting, until, finally, I filled his ass for the first time, and still kept at it, the penetration making wet sounds; and Fabricio started to say something, I had again to get close to his face to hear him, he repeated my favorite word in soft whispers, like he was in a fever dream: “Damn”. I wanted to know if his girlfriend could make him do that.

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