Fuckboy Billy Ch. 04


Note: This story contains BDSM themes. It was edited by Naughty_Penpal; thank you for your work! Comments are always appreciated!


Billy woke up alone the next morning. He slid over to the empty spot beside him and sniffed the duvet, catching a faint trace of his Master’s scent. He spent some time idly rolling around, then eventually got up. Master Xen had let him sleep in after yesterdays excitement but, surely, he would not appreciate laziness. And sure enough, there was a note on the nightstand:

“60 push ups, 60 crunches, shower. Dress for the gym. You know how I like my breakfast. Only fruit salad and water for you.”

Billy went about the demanded morning routine. He picked work out clothes from his new wardrobe: comfortable, light-grey sweats and a hoody over compression shorts and a tank top with a narrow back. He looked at himself in the mirror, preening and posing for a bit.

Xen still hadn’t shown up by the time breakfast was ready, so the boy ate his fruit salad. Just when he had finished brushing his teeth, he heard the apartment door.

Master Xen had been out for a run. He was wearing a tight cotton T-shirt, comfy short sweats, sport socks, and well-worn sneakers. And he was sweaty. Billy couldn’t help but stare at the dark stains underneath Xen’s armpits.

Billy offered Xen a glass of water, which he accepted; then Xen let himself drop in a leather chair, and put his feet up on a stool. He exhaled contentedly.

“Take off my shoes, boy.”

Billy knelt down at his Masters feet, and started unlacing the sneakers. When Billy pulled off the shoes and socks, the ripe odor of sweaty man-feet filled the air. Billy took a sniff, as discreetly as possible.

“You know I saw that, right?” said Xen, somewhat amused.

Billy looked up, shame-faced. There were words on his lips he couldn’t bring himself to say.

“I’m gonna say yes, you know. But you have to ask first.”

Billy gathered his nerve and stammered: “Sir… may I… sniff your feet? Sir. Please?”

“What was that, boy?”

“Sir! May I please sniff your feet, Sir!”

“Yes, you may. But first, the shoes.”

Billy didn’t need telling twice. He took one of Xen’s sneakers and stuck his nose in it. He closed his eyes, and took a deep sniff. The odor was nasty and intense. Billy wrinkled his nose, but at the same time kept the shoe pressed to his face, craving more. It was like a drug. And there it was again, that familiar pull between his legs.

“Keep your eyes closed, and find my feet,” said Xen.

Billy did as he was told. He moved his head in the general direction of his Master, and bumped into his feet with the side of his face. He then proceeded to sniff his Master’s toes. They were sweaty, but compared to the penetrating rankness of the sneaker, the odor was mild and almost pleasantly aromatic. The skin on the soles felt warm and tough against Billy’s face.

The scent brought up memories of locker rooms, of horsing around half naked with his buds, of teasing and hazing each other. Memories of secretly wanting to be the butt of those more-cruel-than-funny jokes he used to play on others. Even long suppressed memories of those few times he had stayed behind on purpose, looking for opportunities to secretly sniff a dirty, sweat and piss stained jock.

And here he was, his nose between the ataköy escort toes of this powerful man, something he never had allowed himself to even dream of.

He pursed his lips, and placed a shy kiss on his Master’s sole. Billy knew, he hadn’t asked permission… but he just couldn’t help himself. Xen let out a low, pleased moan. Emboldened, the boy dared to take a careful lick. Xen rumbled happily.

That was all the permission Billy needed. He started to caress and clean both his Master’s stinking feet with his tongue, like the eager pup he was. His eyes still closed, he explored the landscape of the man’s sole with his lips and tongue, the difference between the tough heel and the tender arch. He licked every single crevice in the gaps between the toes. The taste was manly and intoxicating; he felt his Master enter him, dominate him, through his nose and taste buds.

“Look at me, boy.”

Billy opened his eyes. In front of him, Xen was still laying on the leather chair, his posture relaxed. He had taken off his T-shirt. His arms were angled upwards, his hands behind his head, as if he were lazily stretching his back. Underneath bulging biceps’ sprouted the two dark, untamed bushes that were Xen’s armpits.

“C’mere. Have some of this.” Xen’s smirk was irresistible.

To get to the armpits, Billy had to crawl over his Master, and the two men lay on top of each other, chest to chest, like the lovers they were so quickly becoming. The position alone made Billy swoon. He stuck his nose in Xen’s armpit and took in the animalistic musk. He eagerly opened his mouth and licked the salty pit, unbothered by the hairy texture on his tongue. The fresh sweat was evidence of his Master’s strength and virility, and Bill just couldn’t get enough of it.

While he was gorging himself so, Billy felt Xen’s other arm creep down the hollow of his back, towards his ass. Xen’s fingers explored lower still, underneath the waist-band of Bill’s compression shorts and between his butt cheeks. A finger found Billy’s sweaty little butthole and started massaging it in gently circling motions.

Billy gasped, still face-first in his Master’s armpit. The sweet yet deeply invasive touch on such a private and vulnerable spot, combined with Xen’s full-flavored man-stink on his tongue and in his nose… Billy was in his own private heaven. He felt weightless, completely losing himself in this new sensation. His hard little prick kept pressing and rubbing against his spandex shorts, stretching the synthetic fabric taut between his legs. Even though he wasn’t touching himself, Billy felt an orgasm building, yearning for release.

“Hold it! You don’t get to cum. Not yet!” Master Xen said, sensing Billy’s agitation.

“Mmmmmpf!” Billy cried into Xen’s armpit. He was right on the brink, within a hair’s breadth of crossing the point of no return.

“Hold it!” Xen commanded, his voice a drill instructor’s bark.

“Mmmmmpf! MMMMPFFF!” Billy struggled. It took all his concentration not to cum. He desperately tried to think of something unsexy, which seemed impossible while Xen’s musk was dominating the boy’s senses. At least Xen had stopped the anal massage.

“Go, put your head underneath the tap!” ordered Xen. Billy basically jumped off his Master and stumbled to the kitchen, knocking a glass of water off the counter avcılar escort in the process. He heard it shatter as it hit the parquet, but he couldn’t worry about that now. Billy put his head in the sink and turned on the faucet. The cold water hit the back of his head; to his overheated mind, it felt like a resounding slap in the face.

“Gaahhhhh!” he panted, while water ran down the sides of his head.

Billy remained in that position, taking a moment to collect himself. His compression shorts were sticky with pre-cum, but he had managed not to blow his load. Slowly, Billy’s dick went back to a manageable half-erection, and his mind regained some measure of clarity. He turned off the faucet.

Billy looked up and waited for a few moments for further orders. Master Xen was still reclining on the leather chair. He remained silent, looking at his ward with an expectant expression on his face.

Bill’s next actions came naturally to him, almost without thinking. He hurried to the bathroom and dried his face and hair. He rushed back to the kitchen and started picking up the broken pieces of glass. He was about to throw them in the bin, but caught himself in the last moment, seeing that there was a separate container for waste glass. Then he took a rag and mopped up the spilt water. Finally, Billy took a new glass from the cupboard, filled it, and put it on the counter where the other glass had been.

He couldn’t think of anything else to do to make up for his blunder, so Bill returned to the leather chair and knelt on the floor by his Master’s feet. He kept his head low and humble, hoping for the best, not quite daring search his Master’s face for a sign of approval.

After a tense moment, Billy felt Xen’s strong hand on his head, lovingly ruffling his hair. That’s when Billy knew he had done well. He exhaled, relaxing his shoulders and allowing himself a smile.

“Who’s a good boy! Yes, yes, you are!”

Master Xen got out of his chair, wearing only his sweat-stained running shorts over a jockstrap, and stood in front of Billy, who was still on his knees, gaze lowered. Xen dropped the last remaining items of clothing, letting them pool around his feet. When Billy looked up, his Master was standing in front of him like an exquisite statue of a warrior-king, powerful, sweaty, and stark naked. Billy’s mouth watered at the sight of his Master’s massive, fully erect manhood. He opened his mouth, almost drooling.

That’s when Xen turned around. Billy was now facing a pair of stout glutes. Xen spread his cheeks, revealing a hairy crack leading down to a sweaty, puckered, dark-pink anus.

Bill swallowed hard. He had done a lot of dirty things since meeting Xen. He had licked his Master’s feet and sweaty armpits, he had sucked his cock and tasted his semen. And Billy had loved every last bit of it.

This, however. Billy had never even dreamt of doing anything this nasty.

Liar, whispered a sneering little voice in the back of his mind. You have absolutely dreamt of this… and woken up with soiled jammies!

Billy moved his face closer to his Master’s arse. He couldn’t believe what he was doing. He felt his blood rushing to his head.

Oh please, you little faggot. You have secretly jerked off to pictures of men doing exactly this. You know you have!

Billy was utterly paralyzed. beylikdüzü escort This was too much. He couldn’t do it. He couldn’t!

Just one sniff, little faggot. Just one sniff, you know you want to!

Billy held his face to Master Xen’s asscrack and inhaled through the nose. The smell was…

… the smell was…

… it didn’t smell like shit, to Billy’s surprise. It didn’t smell rancid like sweaty shoes, either. The odor was primal and masculine, but different than armpits, or semen. It was like nothing he had ever smelled before. He carefully held his tongue to his Master’s shithole, stealing a shy lick.

Billy’s body made a decision before his mind could raise any objections. His mouth went for a second lick, a third. Before he knew it, he was face-first in Master Xen’s arsecrack, licking, tasting, caressing his sphincter.

Billy felt the weight of Xen’s powerful body press against his face, and he eagerly pushed back. His tongue explored all the textures, the meaty pucker, the curly hair surrounding it. He savored the intense ass-musk, at once the most filthy and the most powerfully intoxicating flavor he had ever known. He wanted more… he needed more.

Billy knew, there was no going back. He could feel his will being bound and shackled as he kept slurping Master Xen’s asshole. Billy was having a first taste, and he would always come back for another. He would do anything, give everything.

He imagined how the scene would look to a bystander. He imagined his former girlfriends watching, his buds, his rivals. The once proud jock on his knees, a stiffy between his legs, greedily licking another man’s most filthy spot. The thought shamed him, he felt degraded and emasculated. And most confusingly, it was exactly those feelings that made his little dick press even harder against his shorts.

“Ohhhhhh, fuck!” Xen moaned. “Right there, boy, right there! Fuuuuuuuuck!”

Billy had never heard his Master like this before. The always strict and precise man seemed almost… out of control!

Billy felt Master Xen’s sphincter relax and open up against his tongue. He probed deeper, tasted more, eliciting even louder, wilder moans from his Master. They were sharing the deepest, most intimate kiss.

And Bill realized then and there, knees hard against the floor and tongue deep up Xen’s sweaty shitter, two things: Yes, Billy was Master Xen’s pup, slave, fuckboy. He was here to serve, to give pleasure, to be made use of. And yes, Xen was Billy’s teacher, owner, Master. But at the same time, they were both giving and taking. In some twisted way, they were equals. Lovers. And somehow, that was not a contradiction.

“Oh boy… oh fuck… Fuck! FUUUUUUUUCK!”

Bill felt Master Xen’s anus convulse against his tongue… Xen released, splattering an impressive load all over the floor, and the clothes strewn across it. Then he turned around and hauled Billy up to his feet. Xen grabbed Billy’s privates through his sweats, roughly, almost violently. That was all the extra stimulation Billy could take. He groaned and jizzed his pants, with his Master’s hand clamped firmly around his dick and nuts.

The late morning sun shone through the big windows, throwing warm light over a mess of sweat and sperm soaked training clothes scattered across the wooden floor. Xen and Billy stood in the middle of it all, resting in each other’s arms, needing a moment to catch their breath. Then the two men looked at each other, happiness in their eyes. They kissed deeply, lips on tender lips. No words were spoken; neither of them had any questions about who they were, or what they were to each other.

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