Lesbian Coeds


Hikari met her roommate, Joanne, during her first day in college and it was the start of a great friendship. Hikari, a 19 years old girl of Japanese origins, was coming from the country side and she felt a little bit overwhelmed in her first days at the university. The rush life in the big city was completely different of what she was used to. On the other hand, Joanne, three years older than Sandy, had all the pulse of the life in the big city. Joanne’s former roommate graduated last year, and Sandy was her replacement. Though she wondered how the life with a junior would be, all Joanne’s fears vanished after the first day she spent in the company of Hikari. The girls were simply made for each other.

“My name is Hikari Moritaka,” introduced herself Hikari when she entered their room in the late Saturday afternoon.

“Joanne McKenna,” replied the girl standing up from her bed where she was reading a magazine. “You must be my new roommate.”

“That’s right,” answered Hikari. “Glad to meet you.”

“I must say you have a pretty name,” said Sandy walking towards Hikari and shaking her hand.

Hikari was a beautiful small girl, just 157 height, brown eyes, brown hair. What Joanne noticed from the first moment was that Hikari, unlike most Asian girls had a quite large chest.

They spent some time talking, getting to know each other; where they came from, what they do, what they like, and other things. They seemed to get along with each other very well from the first moment. However, they were different characters. Hikari was rather shy, while Joanne was impulsive and temperamental and very confident about herself, which was something that Hikari lacked a bit. Later that day, during evening, the first they spent together, having pizza at a restaurant, Joanne asked Hikari whether she had a boyfriend. She said she didn’t have one, and then Joanne started to ask her about her past boyfriends; though not reluctant to answer, Joanne had rather to pull the answers from Hikari.

It was later that night that Joanne noticed how shy Hikari was. She was returning from the bathroom where she had a shower, covered in a big yellow towel. Hikari was already in her bed. Joanne walked to her bed and removed the towel, remaining naked. Hikari saw her and quickly moved her eyes down. Joanne who looked at her while grabbing her pajama under her pillow noticed Hikari blushing at the view of her naked body. Joanne didn’t say anything, just put her pajama on and shown a smile.

A couple of days later Joanna went shopping in the late afternoon, with a couple of friends, while Hiraki remained home to do some reading. When she returned, Joanna looked very happy and told Hiraki she just bought a great bath suit.

“Wanna show it to you?” asked Joanna.

“Sure,” said Hikari.

Joanna took it from the bag she dropped on her desk and shown in to Hikari. It was red with white margins, both pieces.

“Looks nice,” said Hikari moving her attention from her reading to Joana.

“Let me put it on,” said Joanna.

She dropped in on the bed, and removed her t-shirt and then her bra, standing naked from waist up and exposing her large, E cup breasts to Hikari’s eyes. The young girl blushed again and Joanna noticed that. She put the top on, arranging her breasts within the material that seemed too small for her large chest. Then she removed her skirt and panties, while Hikari tried to move her eyes to another point in the room, until Joanna put on the second piece of the suit.

“What to you think?” asked Joanna and Hikari looked at her again.

“Looks good on you,” answered the girl, and Joanna made a twist, showing her back to Hikari.

“I’m so glad I went shopping today, though I wasn’t looking for this,” said Joanna. She went to the door, which had a big mirror and admired herself.

“Do you think my tits are showing up too much?” asked Joanna the your girl, turning to her.

“A… I don’t know,” answered Hikari, surprised to hear the question.

“Well, I think a little bit more skin won’t beşiktaş escort hurt anybody, right?”

“A… no…” said Hikari.

Joanna noticed Hikari didn’t feel very comfortable with those questions. So she decided to bring the discussion on that direction.

“Hikari, tell me something, are you always that shy, or is it just with me?”

“A… I… a…” she wan’t sure what to answer, though she knew very well what the answer was.

“Because I see you blushing when I get naked, or when I’m asking you about boyfriends, and others,” continued Joanna.

“That’s how I am,” said Hikari eventually.

“Well, I think you could do more. Get some self confidence, and stop being shy. What do you think?”

She left the mirror and walked to Hakiri, laying down on her bed.

“I’m trying too, but doesn’t go too well,” answered Hikari.

“That means you’re not trying enough,” said Joanna and Hikari didn’t say anything. “I’d like to help you with that,” she continued.

“How?” asked Hikari.

“Well, for a start, I’d like you to stop blushing when you see my tits. Can you do that?”

“A… I guess,” said Hikari, but neither of them were too convinced she could do it.

“Let’s try it then,” said Joanna and she untied her bra and took it off, exposing her big, juicy breasts to Hikari.

The girl was surprised to see Joanna doing that, but this time she couldn’t move her eyes. Joana was just one meter way from her, and she was just sitting there, making Hikari to look at her breasts.

“Do you like my tits?” asked Joanna.

“A… yes, they are very beautiful,” answered Hikari.

“Thank you,” said Joanna. “Now, come a little bit closer,” she asked.

Hikari moved closer to her, not knowing what Joanna wanted. She took her hands, and without saying anything put them on her breasts. Hikari blushed instantly and tried to remove her hands but Joanna hold her firm.

“Relax,” she said pressing them on her breasts. “They are not biting,” she said and smiled.

Hikari felt strange in that position, with her palms on another woman breasts, feeling their softness and warmness. Joanna kept her like that for some time, moving her hands a little bit on her tits. Eventually, she let her free and Hikari leaned back.

“What it that hard?” Joanna asked, looking straight into Hikari’s eyes.

“I… I never touched somebody’s tits,” said Hikari.

“I can tell,” said Joanna. “Was it bad?” she asked.

“A.. I can’t say it was bad,” answered Hikari.

“Good, then that’s a step forward,” Joanna concluded. She paused for a moment, and then continued. “Now I want you to show me your tits.”

“My tits?” asked Hikari, blushing back.

“Yes, your tits. I’m sure they are beautiful, and I want to see them. Show them to me,” she said with a firm voice that sounded like a demand. Though Hikari was shy she felt under the spell of that commanding voice and could not fight it. She took off her t-shirt slowly, and then unhooked her bra, and removed it, exposing her large breaks with a milky color to Joanna.

“Gorgeous,” said the older girl. “You have amazing tits, girl,” she continued.

“Thank you,” said Hikari softly and shy.

“Quite big for an Asian girl, isn’t so?” asked Joanna.

“In general, yes,” confirmed Hikari.

“What size are you?” asked Joanna keeping her eyes on the beautiful tits.

“I’m 32GG,” answered Hikari.

“Double G; that’s just lovely,” said Joanna. “Can I touch them?”

“A… I…” babbled Hikari, not knowing what to say, but knowing that whatever she said Joanna would have touch them anyway. “I guess so,” she said in the end.

Joanna put her hands on Hikari’s big tits and felt their softness and warmness and she smiled to her while she started to caress them softly.

“Girl, your tits are a killer,” she said looking straight into Hikari’s eyes, intimidating and dominating her.

“I guess that’s a compliment,” replied the girl with the same soft şişli escort voice.

“You should be damn sure that’s a compliment,” said Joanna pinching her nipples, that became harder. “You should be proud to show these tits,” she said.

Hikari didn’t say anything, nor did she tried stopping Joanna to fondle her breasts. After a few moments, the older girl left Hikari’s tits and leaned back.

“You know, from now on, we’ll spend all evenings naked,” Joanna said.

“What?” asked Hikari surprised again.

“We’ll spend the evenings naked. I want you to became used to showing your body, even though you’re only showing to me.”

“But Joanne…” tried Hikari to argue.

“No buts,” Joanne cut her. “You want to get confidence, we must start with this. And I’ll do the same.”

Joanne untied her bra and removed it, exposing once again her 36E breasts in their full glory. Not that the bathing suit was covering too much anyway.

“See, nothing to be ashamed of,” she said to Hikari. “Just feel good in your skin.” She jiggled her breasts a little bit, smiling to Hikari.

“Are we set?” she asked after a moment of silence.

“If that’s what you want” answered Hikari.

“You’re damn right that’s what I want,” said Joanne. “Do you know what else I want now?”

“A, no,” said the Asian girl.

“I want to see your Asian pussy,” said Joanne with a dominant tone.

“Joanne!” exclaimed Hikari, blushing again.

“Are you blushing again, girl?” asked Joanne, but Hikari didn’t say anything, just lowered her eyes a little bit, as she didn’t dare looking at Joanne that moment.

“Come on, don’t be shy, I’m sure you have a beautiful pussy,” said Joanne.

Hikari didn’t say anything so Joanne continued.

“Do you?”

“What?” asked Hikari softly.

“Do you have a beautiful pussy?” rephrased Joanne.

“A… I don’t know,” answered Hikari, unsure.

“Then let me see it,” demanded Joanne.

Hikari was still reluctant so Joanne though she would need a small push. So, she got up from the bed and removed her panties revealing her completely hairless pussy.

“See? No big deal,” she said spreading a little bit so that Hikari can get a better glimpse of her beautiful pussy.

“Now it’s your turn,” she said while she sat down on the bed, with her legs spread and crossed under her, which allowed Hikari a perfect view of her opened pussy. Sitting like that made Hikari blush even more. On the other hand the exposure of her pussy that way subdued Hikari’s resistance. Seeing Joanne’s beautiful pink pussy changed something inside Hikari. It was imperceptible but the Asian girl left herself drowned into Joanne’s game.

“Are you hairy, Hikary?” asked Joanne. “I know Asian girls like it that way.”

“Yes,” answered Hikari softly.

“Yes, what?” asked Joanne confused.

“Yes, I am hairy,” said Hikari.

“Big bush or small bush?” asked Joanne.

“A… probably big,” answered Hikari.

“Really? Oh, I’m so curios,” said Joanne. “Come on, show it to me.”

Again, Joanne was demanding and Hikari had softened. She waited a moment, looking at Joanne, then she unbuttoned her shorts and raising her bottom she pulled them off, together with her panties, remaining completely naked in from of her roommate. She tried closing her legs to expose as little as possible. Joanne looked at her dark, soft hair and exclaimed:

“Wow, what a bush there!”.

Hikari blushed and didn’t say anything. Joanne on the other hand leaned forward to Hikari, moving closer to her and placing her hand on Hikari’s closed knees she said:

“Come on, don’t hide it, let me see.”

Slowly, she spread Hikari’s legs apart, opening her and getting a good view of the haired covered pussy. She just looked at it for some moments, smiling, not because of the big bush she was admiring, but rather because Hikari was finally subdued to her will, and was resting now soft, naked, exposed, in front of her, almost in her arms. Her bahçeşehir escort bayan hands started caressing Hikari’s legs, first around her knees, then moving slowly upwards on her tights. Hikari’s heart beat faster and her breath slowed down/ She didn’t know what Joanne was having in her mind, but she guessed she was aiming towards her pussy. And she knew that if Joanne wanted to touch her there, she wouldn’t have the force to resit her.

“I’d like to touch your hairy pussy,” said Joanne, breaking the silence and her words boomed in Hikari’s mind.

“OK,” she said and she was even more surprised than Joanne to hear herself saying that. It was not just an acceptance, but also an invitation.

Understanding Hikari was complete under her will, Joanne moved even closer and touched Hikari just below her belly button, but above her pussy. Hikari’s body jerked at the warm touch. Joanne’s fingers moved downwards over the soft hair towards her pussy. When they run over Hikari’s clit, the girl stopped breathing. Joanne left a large swelling under her fingers and spreading Hikari’s pussy lips apart with her thumbs she saw a very large clit hidden by the dark hair.

“Oh, what have we here?” exclaimed Joanne, surprised to see the size of the clit.

Hikari turned even reddish but didn’t answer to Joanne’s question. Which was rather an exclamation in surprise than a direct question to Hikari.

“Are you excited or is that your normal size?” asked Joanne, and this time it was indeed a question.

“A… that’s my normal size,” said Hikari and she sounded like she was ashamed.

“Is this what you’re trying to hide with this big bush?” asked Joanne.

“Yes,” acknowledged the Asian girl.

“Looks like the head of a cock. Only smaller,” said Joanne and Hikari felt embarrassed. Joanne noticed that looking at Hikari.

“Oh, but I like it,” she rushed to say. “I think it’s gorgeous,” she completed.

Hikari didn’t say anything. She was just laying there with her legs opened, and her big clit between Joanne’s curious finders.

“I think this feels just great sucking,” said Joanne.

“I… I don’t know,” answered Hikari.

“Well, we’ll just have to see,” said Joanne smiling.

She lowered her head, kissing Hikari on her belly and then she cuddled herself between between the girl’s opened legs and kiss her pussy. Hikari stopped breathing for a moment. Joanne’s touch was soft and warm and passionate. Hikari new it was not the first time Joanne was doing that. Her mouth was caught into a passionate kiss with Hikari’s pussy and the Asian girl moaned when Joanne’s tongue probed her enlarged clit, moving up and down her pussy lips. Hikari was completely under Joanna’s spell, and Joanna knew she could do anything to her. She would just let herself go. Joanna grabbed the big clit with her lips and sucked it, caressing it with her tongue. Shivers crossed Hikari’s spine and her body trembled. Joanne raised her head, looking at the girl and asked:

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No…” murmured Hikari.

“So, you like it?” asked Joanne again.

“Yes…” answered Hikari.

“Then tell me what you want me to do,” demanded Joanne.

“A… lick me,” said Hikari softly.

“What did you say?” asked Joanne pretending she didn’t heard.

“Lick me,” she said louder this time.

“Lick what?” asked Joanne.

“Lick my big clit, please,” said Hikari.

“That’s what I wanted to hear,” said Joanne lowering her head again and unleashing her hungry mouth on Hikari’s pussy.

For the next several minutes she continued licking and sucking her. Hikari was moaning more and more and pleasure grew up in her. When she realized Hikari was about to explode, Joanne intensified her pressure on that big clit. Eventually a powerful orgasm shook the girls body and she literally screamed like she never done in her life during an orgasm. Her tights contracted catching Joannes head and she continued to tremble for seconds until finally she stopped but continued to breath heavily. Joanne crawled over her and kissed her on her mouth.

“You have a wonderful pussy,” she said to Hikari. “It tastes so good I want to eat it all the time.”

She grabbed Hikari in her arms and they stood like that in silence. After that day, eating each other their pussies was a daily routine and they loved it so much.

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