To Carmen G from Alan M


I wake up in the morning, and I check my phone. This ritual used to be exclusively work, then it included Facebook. Then you came back into my life and my heart beats slower when you haven’t sent me anything, skips a few when you have.

I get to my car, depressed about being up so early, annoyed at many things. I thumb through your images, focusing on the faces more than anything while I drive, grateful for the smiles and satisfied by the knowledge that they’re for me and nobody else.

I work. I look at my phone more than is good for me.

Finally I have the time to take the time and dream of you. I start in a chair, looking at the computer, paging through your photos, all neatly arranged on my computer. Now I start with the faces, because they make me smile, but when I get to the poses my pants are around my ankles and I’m gently tugging on my balls and flapping my cock against my thigh. My work helps as I go deeper into the pictures, lingering first on your legs and knees, then longer on your tits, sucking a stray bit of drool back into my mouth as they come out of hiding. You pinch a nipple, you suck a nipple (usually halkalı escort the right one for some reason), I’m rock hard. The drool is no longer coming from my mouth. As I get to my favorite picture (you know the one – it’s the one you don’t think is attractive) I’m rubbing that drool over the head of my cock, dreaming of your tongue. The last one in the set is you, looking up at the camera, eyes only for me.

I move to the bed now, laying out a towel. On the right-hand side of the towel I place the lube and my toy, which I have now named Carmina in your honor. It sits, waiting for me, as I imagine you do sometimes (alas, only sometimes). The computer is within reach on the left side.

As I lay on my back with my legs spread a bit, I reach over and squirt some lube onto my hand. I start on my balls, letting some drip down, but staying on them for the time being. I pull, I squeeze, I let them slip around in my hand. No substitute for your mouth, much better than some others’. With my other hand I pinch a nipple, imagining your teeth on a brief sojourn. I flick it and flip it in time şirinevler escort with how I work the lower end. I close my eyes and hold that last photo in my mind. A finger slips a little lower, tickling my taint, grazing my ass as I try to maintain my patience.

But that’s a losing battle and I start to sweep my left hand up to the base of my cock with my right hand still rubbing that bit of precum around. I can’t take it and I reach for the tube, pouring some more along the length of the shaft. I take my hand, middle finger pointing toward my sack, and spin it around my cock. Then I pull it around in a fist and circle more, slipping up a bit to polish the head. My left hand is still on my balls, rougher now, pulling more than stroking. Too much more of this stroking will make me explode sooner than I want but I can’t take any more. Knowing how well you could keep me at any moment you choose I breathe, “Carmen,” and sigh as I move on to the next phase.

Carmina is a “sleeve,” textured on the inside to feel like a pussy or a mouth. It’s a poor facsimile of you but it’s far better than escort istanbul nothing. I pour more lube onto my cock and flip her right side in. I wipe my hand on the towel so I can grip her without slipping and I begin to stroke, ever so slowly, my other hand now pushing into my balls with one finger stroking the taint. Minutes pass–far fewer than I’ll have from you–and my hands become more insistent. My middle finger is now pushing into my taint, flicking across the tube hidden just under the skin and my right hand is alternating squeezes like I imagine you can do with your oh, so gorgeous pussy. I can’t take much more of this. I can’t do what you can do, lingering endlessly just below the summit of passion. My right hand moves faster as I continue to stroke, now spending more time with the texture on the head, like the flat of your sweltering tongue. Two hands on my cock now, pulling Carmina down at one end and up and over my cock on the other. She makes a sucking sound and I think of your voice. My eyes are squeezed shut as I force the rest of my body to relax and let the cum flow from me. My breathing gets heavier, becomes ragged. I groan, “Carmen, please,” and I explode. Carmina takes most of my seed but one shot escapes, arcing over my head.

I lay back, relaxing, floating. I finally open my eyes and turn my head to look at your picture. I drift to sleep, dreaming of being entangled in your body, dreaming of all of you.

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