This is a true story. Well I guess “true story” is a kind of oxymoron, huh? But anyway, I have an addiction, well it’s a small addiction. Like being fed everyday, I need to be relieved everyday… (chuckle) . I lost a lot of weight a couple of years ago. I was 300lbs. While that was going on, I had no boyfriends, certainly no one was looking at me in that way, at least that I was interested in. Then I lost the weight, and two years ago, guys started… looking at me. Guys that I was getting interested in. My sex drive had come back on. While I looked at these guys eagerly, wondering if something would happen, I began to have… urges. I knew I wouldn’t be able to have them now, so I took it one step better. I lusted after them!

Late at night when I wasn’t doing anything, I would fantasize about them. Sometimes it would get so bad, I’d get incredibly wet. I needed to be relieved, some how… Oh yeah, I know you’ll say go get some guy, but being a geek, they’re still hard for me to come by. I tried to get a vibrator, but it went dead, I tried a second, that too went dead…. I asked about them and found, they all go dead after awhile. I guess they’re made to. So, instead of buying another one… embarrassingly, I found I needed something that was strong enough and fast enough to get me off, that wouldn’t be too expensive. It was then that I was in the store one day, and glanced at an electric toothbrush.

I examined the toothbrush and knew it was pretty fast to brush teeth, played with it in the store turning it on and off. I had no idea how delicate certain parts of a woman’s body could be, but if it didn’t work, I could always sanitize it and use it to remove skin from my feet. So, I took it home that night and tested it. All I can say ataköy escort is… Wow! I stripped down until all that covered my body was the cool sheets on my bed. It was late June, and I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I get really…. sexually frustrated in the summer. Guess it’s the dry heat… sigh. To go on, I spread my legs open and closed my eyes. I’d been playing with my nipples until I could no longer stand it and felt my pussy flowing freely. Then I turned on the toothbrush and slowly stuck it between my lower lips. I pressed softly and if felt interesting, like a buzz, but it wasn’t painful, so I moved it around and gyrated my hips.

Soon I could feel myself building up, I pressed a little harder, ohhhh! It felt so good; I came so quickly I screamed, with PLEASURE! I not only lubed heavily, but I ejaculated! Spraying hot liquids all over! I was completely wet and breathless as I got over the shock of how great it felt! I had two, three very long orgasms! I decided to finish the jobs with one of the vibrators turned dildos that I still had…. vivid pictures of all the guys I had racked up in my head lusting after them. I moaned almost uncontrollably, until finally, I was relieved. This started an almost daily (and nightly) ritual with me and the toothbrush. It was so good, I even named it after one of the guys I lusted after… Suede.

Suede was the first guy that I was interested in, to ever take notice of me so… I thought it only natural. He was always asking what turned me on. If he only knew! That evening, I sat back and thought about him for a while. That kinky persona of his, that fact that he was secretly a movie geek, too. Not to mention his broad shoulders, those sensual eyes that avcılar escort I could never bring myself to fully look at, and that… thick mound of cotton candy on his chest! I have a hair fetish, and when he found out, he showed me just how much he had on his chest! I almost drooled in front of him, and it made him laugh. Now I was totally aroused, imagining that tonight was the night he’d show me just how far that hair went down.

As I imagined that, I felt myself growing very moist again. When I first learned to masturbate, I would use my thumb and index finger to see if I was very ready. I’d reach down there, come up with the lube on my fingers, press them together, and then slowly pull them apart. The longer it went without breaking the more turned on I was. Oh, I know someone else does this, if not then I guess I’m a pervert…(giggle) . As my fingers massaged my clit, I saw the tall dark silhouette of Suede approaching me. I felt my fingers moving, as I lay back, massaging myself. I felt him nuzzle my ear… his hands embracing my shoulders, squeezing them, and then running down my sides. He continued embracing my thighs next… Ohhh! I began to shake. To me, it was like a brief body hug. I continued to shake as I caressed myself down there. Mmmmm… warm, moist. I stuck my fingers into my now wet hole. Pulling them out, and then slowly drawing them apart, I smiled and hurried to my bedroom and my toothbrush. It was time…

As usual, I finished with my dildos and I was completely satisfied for the night! Ahhhh! But… like all addictions, they have their… drawbacks. I had gone too hard tonite, I wanted Suede too much, whatever the reason, I was now too numb to go another day. It happens with the toothbrush beylikdüzü escort sometimes, it feels so good, the adrenaline rush, the pleasure, the guys in my head… I had to have more! Too late, I’m numb. When you’re numb, your “happy hole” has to rest for a day. Who wants rest? I wanted them, I will want one of them tomorrow night, but I can’t cause I’m numb. So, what do I do? The only thing I can do. There are nine orifices on your body. Nine holes… What’s the next best thing? Cornhole!

Most women don’t like going back there. I used to be one of them when I was younger. I’d said nothing should be back there. I was wrong. Again summers and hot weather got me a little more frustrated, and that’s when I found out how good it was… doing it myself. Ohhh… don’t look at me that way. I was horny…and it was an accidental entry while I was showering. Now, I knew I loved it! Later, I met a man that new juuuust what it took back there!

Tonite, my juices were flowing heavily, and I needed relief. It was then that I thought of Chris. He would relieve my asshole as he had many a night. As took my warmed stiff dildo, I imagined Chris bending to kiss my ass cheeks as he’d promised to the last time I saw him. My pussy began to drip as I felt Chris kiss my cheeks, stroke and spank them with his stiff cock, and begin to penetrate my now moist asshole. My come had run back into it… and now Chris was teasing me. He stroked his cock against my ass waiting until I begged him to fuck me, now! Then slowly he inserted himself. My eyes closed as I felt his arms embrace me, his body pressed against mine, his cock slowly thrusting into me. I could barely scream… it felt so good! Every few minutes I felt him kiss my neck and shoulders, nibble my ear. His pace quickened until I was in tears, it was so good! He rammed me until I came screaming! My eyes closed and my thighs shaking. As I felt him come inside, my eyes opened to find– a soaked dildo in my ass, toothbrush in hand… and a photo of Chris on my pillow… sigh. Relief.

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