Tuition Time Ch. 06


Another chapter mostly written by my sister. She was inspired to write her first erotic short story after a real life experience. She has been single all her life and a teacher for nearly 20 years (you’ll actually learn more personal details as you read her story). I have continued to help her edit the chapters.

(As a footnote, my sister has gotten real familiar other Literotica fans in chat. She was taken in by the eroticism of the chat room feature and has admitted to an enjoyable late night or two, or three on-line. – With all that said, she has asked that I share this story with other Lit fans. Enjoy…as I’m sure her young lover continues to enjoy her!)

…and the story continues this time with Reese, David and Mac frolicking through the remainder of Saturday morning! This hour it’s all for Reese…

All three were in Reese’s bedroom…the older woman…with her girlfriend of eight months and her new young male lover.


“So, having been blown away with two very pleasing orgasms myself now, and big stud here getting to spew his love juice all over my body, what do you think we can do for you now Ree-girl?” Mackenzie asked, looking at her girlfriend and my former teacher with a mischievous grin.

“I don’t know. What do you have in mind?” Reese said, as she displayed a sexy grin of her own, one I’ve come to love in the last few hours of being with her.

Mackenzie reached out to Reese’s nightstand, opened the drawer and pulled out a long and thick pink object. I registered what it was when Mac twisted the bottom end and it started buzzing in her small hand.

“Mmmm, that is a wonderful idea.” Reese commented as her hazel eyes widened at the sight of the almost life-like vibrator in Mackenzie’s hands.

“Thought you might like this.” Mackenzie said.

“You know David, Mac here had never even seen a vibrator until she found mine lying out on my bed one night.” “You mean you didn’t have one before?” I asked.

“Yes, ok no I hadn’t. I’d seen pictures, like, in a catalog. But I didn’t have the nerve to even look for one in a store or order one on-line.” Mac answered as she held it up in front of her “I’ve never actually seen one before either.” I commented. The vibrator was about eight inches long I’d guess, perhaps over an inch or so in diameter. It was almost the color of my own manhood. Maybe it was a bit lighter and pinker. But even more interesting was its detailed design. The sides were textured with veins like a real hardened penis, not unlike mine, and the top was shaped like a flared out head. I grinned at that last, as I was positive mine was much more flared and thicker.

“I had never really thought about needing to play with myself very much, until I was single again.” Mac added as she held the humming vibrator up to her cheek now. “Oh, but I soon found out how nice one of these can be for a single or married girl. It feels so good on your body. Just rubbing it up and down your skin is so exhilarating. Even better on more sensitive areas it’s like having a hundred fluttering tongues flicking at you. The first time I used Reese’s I came so hard one night, I had to bite down on my pillow so I didn’t scream loud enough to wake the kids!”

This toy wasn’t a real facsimile but it sure looked enough like a hard cock as Mac cradled it in her hands. When she suddenly put it to her lips, parted her mouth and I watched her tongue flick out and run up the length of the vibrator to its fat little mushroom head, I shivered.


I watched Mac lick my ‘vibey’. This was not a surprise, she did this each time she used the toy on me. It was almost a ritual with her. It was also always so sexy to watch her do it, but she knew it turned me on so and it also was practical to get ‘him’ all the wetter before she slid my fake man into me.

And that is just what she did next.

Mac lowered my toy and positioned the tip of the hard rubber blunt mushroom head against the flowering wet lips of my pussy. “Here, David watch.” Mac called to my young lover.

I fully anticipated the exquisite sensation to come as Mac pulled back the folds of my sex with her little fingers and let the humming toy slip through them and on into my pink wetness. I trembled.

“I love your pussy and it’s so extra wet this morning.” Mac whispered. “What has got you so hot girl? Here, touch yourself, Reese. Feel how wet you are.”

I didn’t hesitate and let my hand move down to my cunty, where the vibe purred away in her hand and between my lips. The wetness was there, but not just inside, it was all over the surface of my exposed lips. My wetness seemed to ooze and flow onto my fingers so very liberally. It strangely excited me even more to feel my own wetness right then.

Slowly the head of the vibrator parted my delicate folds more and more, opening them for the width of the shaft. Inch by inch Mac twisted the buzzing toy into my body.

“How does that feel?” Mac asked, her own voice whispery.

“You bahçeşehir escort do realize, David, I’ve had hundreds of orgasms with this vibey of mine,” I said as I looked up at him staring at me like he was my student again, intently trying to learn what was happening to me.

“Oh, Ree-girl, but you haven’t had one with both a boy and girl looking on have you?” I looked back into her face just as she leaned over and kissed me. “And to think, your boy here is actually bigger than your favorite vibe.”

I looked back down to see Mac’s palm almost up tight against my cunty now where she held the pink rod place. It stuck out only a little and looked just like the root of a swollen pink cock sticking out of me. “Oh…” came a soft moan from my throat as my woman lover maneuvered the toy very knowingly up and down the opening of my crest. Once again I looked up at David and wondered what was on his mind as he watched his once junior high school teacher with her splayed open legs and another woman shoving a vibey up her sex.


Reese and Mac shared a sweet kiss as Mac removed the vibrator from Reese’s pussy and brought it up between their lips. I watched as both girls twined their tongues around it, lapping up Reese’s juices. I was so stoked watching this scene, longing for the feel of both sets of their lips on my cock, but I was so fresh off my last cum that it lay against my leg as deflated and defeated as ever.

I watched on though as Mac laid the vibrator lengthwise in her older girlfriend’s valley once again and rubbed it slowly up and down. Mac reached down and pulled her lips apart with her fingers, causing Reese to moan softly. She prodded at the entrance to the dark tunnel with the bulbous head of the instrument, twisting and turning it slowly. The low-pitched hum reverberated across the room.

She prodded and twisted some more. I watched fascinated as the device began to slip into the warm pink opening, so bare down there under the thin dark strip of pubic hair above. Mac pushed the toy nearly all the way in, then pulled it almost out, only to push it back in again. She picked up a smooth rhythm. I caught myself trying to recall what it looked like as I had pushed myself in and out of that same wonderful place only an hour or so before.

Mac turned the control one more time. This must have been on the high setting now. The toy buzzed incessantly and it seemed as if it was being drawn into Reese’s body on its own.

“Oh…good grief!” Reese practically squealed.

Mac worked in earnest on her task now as she began to pump the toy in and out. For the next few minutes, I was captivated with how Mac used the toy on Reese. She was obviously not new to the toy or to Reese’s body.

“Are you enjoying the view?” She asked breaking my focus, but not her concentration on her task at hand.

“Very much”, I murmured. “I love the way you play with my, I mean your girlfriend.” At this point my hand firmly grasped my wilted rod, in a vain attempt to physically tease it back into shape.

“I’m enjoying it, too,” Reese grinned up at me where I stood at the foot of her bed, “I can feel every little ridge as it goes into me. And when it goes all the way in, it stretches me and feels so good!”

Mac rotated the end of the vibrator, twisting it in my auburn-haired teacher’s, her lover’s body.

“Ahhhh, but not as stretched and good as you feel in me, lover.” My new woman lover expressed.


I heard and felt Mac’s breath quicken with my own when she found and parted my lips, slipping my vibey back into my slit. I moaned a little when she wiggled it in me and she stopped the sound with her mouth against mine. The sensation was exquisite as her touch was so practiced having used my toy on me many times before. She applied just the right amount of pressure to the tiny bud of my clit when she knew I needed it, all the while twisting my toy easily in within my cunty. I let my head fall back, pushing my hips forward to meet her hand. She pressed vibey back into me, easing it gently upward. She pressed her mouth to my ear so I could feel her hot breath once again and I whimpered as I rocked my hips in time with her thrusts.

“David’s got a big, hard cock for you, Ree,” she whispered, stretching me open even further with the buzzing toy.

My eyes flew open at the joint sensation and the thought. I looked back up at David and saw him standing there, but he wasn’t big and hard for once.

Mac looked back at him too. “Well, I guess even for a young man, having to cum three times in little more than an hour is a bit much. I know you want to feel him in you again though, don’t you girl?” she asked, moving the vibey in and out of me deeply.

I rocked rhythmically with her, trying not to make too much noise but surely losing my control.

“Do you want that cock of his, Ree?”

My eyes were slits, my mouth open and my head back. I could imagine his cock istanbul escort sliding into me like this again and I flushed at the intensity of my own greed.

“Yes, Mac, yes, please,” I begged in a whisper.

She pulled vibey quickly from me and rubbed it up over my contracted belly, up between my small breasts to my lips. The tip pressed wetly against my mouth. She placed her lips against my toy, too. And we both began to orally play with it. The smell and taste of my own juices excited me. She and I both began to take turns sucking and licking eagerly.

Then Mac sat back and had a delighted grin on her beautiful face as she watched me devour my toy, her own mouth making a mirror image of my perfect little “O” as I sucked my own juices off vibey.

“Good girl,” she encouraged me. I think she knew I was imagining sucking on David’s large cock, with my love juices already all over his even bigger and thicker manhood.


“Mmm, yes baby…”

“Everything ok?”

“Yes, but I want something else.”

“What dear, what do you want?”

“I want someone to lick…down there.” I said and brushed my hand down gently across my sex.

“We do what you ask.” Mac answered me and then with my eyes half closed in passion; I watched her look over her bare shoulder at to David. “This one is for you young man.”

“I do want to kiss you down there Ree.” David said to me and my eyes widened as I saw him edge on to the bed.

I smiled. “You’ve never called me Ree before. I like it, it’s cute and sexy coming from you.”

He smiled, never taking his eyes from mine as he kneeled at the end of the bed and stretched up until his face was inches from the apex of my thighs.

“Tell her what you want to do to her David.”

“I want to make you cum, Ree. I want you to cum. I want to lick you until you cum.” I heard his sexy words in my ears and his very sexy lips moving saying them.

“And I want to suck on your little titties Ree-girl.” Mac chimed in. “I want to kiss you and kiss you, and feel your man make you cum. I want to put this buzzing vibey of yours in you as far as I can and know it still won’t be as good for you as David’s real cock here.”

“No, Mac it won’t be.”

“Yes, baby, I want you to ride this vibe. I want you to hump this vibe like you did David in the kitchen. I want you to cum so hard…mmmm…just like that girl.”

I braced myself as my handsome young man slowly spread my thighs and dropped to his knees between them, his sparkling gray eyes seemed to feast on the sight of my exposed, trimmed pubic area laid out before him. I could only imagine what he was thinking at the moment.

As his head moved downward, a moan of lust escaped so naturally through my open mouth.

A spasm jerked my thighs and stomach muscles as I felt his lips press into the soft nakedness of my belly. The sudden wet contact sent an electric jolt racing to through the core of my body. Then, I felt David’s wet tongue trace downward to the “Y” of my crotch, down over the thin strip of soft pubes above and down upon the thrusting vibey of mine.

His thumbs pressed my lips open as his tongue laced under the tiny hood over my clitoris. I responded with a convulsively jerk, and a low throaty moan escaped from my lips. “Ugghhhh.”

I raised my head, with a combination of pride in knowing this man was my lover and also pure lust to see him down between my wide-spread thighs, grinning with his eyes up at me as though all his teenage fantasies had been fulfilled. David stared almost greedily up at me until suddenly, something finally in his mind clicked, his head dipped down with his lips parted and he proceeded to draw the tiny bud of my clitoris into his hot moist mouth.

I clenched my eyes tightly shut as steely shards of blissful sensation shot wildly through me. I knew I was in for the orgasm of my life, and I wanted to savor each and every second of it. I could feel the bolts of passionate pleasure sparking deep down in my belly and up around my small breasts as David bathed my sex with his talented tongue and the humming, shaking vibey drove in and out. David’s nose was rubbing against my clit as his tongue lapped at my lips where they mashed around the fake man sex. I started to rock against David’s mouth. I felt my pussy contract as it pushed inside me. It was not as thick and long as David had been when he was inside me earlier this morning, but that seemed like so long ago now. It was amazing how he was able to bring me such pleasure. Giving sexual pleasure just came naturally to him.

Then my attention was pulled away from David when I felt Mac’s mouth, then her tongue, lap at my left nipple. I didn’t protest, as I felt Mac’s mouth mold her sweet lips around my hard right nipple. I heard my moan as she sucked the rosy-pink nub into her mouth. It was already hard enough, but with her applying that wet heat to it, it stiffened more and sent a direct line of electricity escort bahçeşehir down to my cunty. Her hand cupped my left breast and pushed what little I have over toward where she sucked on me then proceeded to bury her face in my limited cleavage. Her tongue danced over my damp skin. It felt so good. I was heating up fast, getting so turned on, I was almost scared of cumming too soon. I wanted this to last. As her teeth and soft full lips worked at the tautly erectness, her other hand pinched at my free nipple, lightly at first, then as each suckle on my one nipple became harder so did the pinching. I bent my head low and moaned into Mac’s dark wavy hair.

“Oh yes, baby.” I mooned aloud as the electric vibrations pierced through my heated body like little jolts of lightning. I spread my legs farther apart letting Mac drive my vibey deep into my cunty and David assault my clitty faster and faster. “Oh, yes! Oh my yessss!” I groaned as my pussy muscles tightened around the vibrating pink hardness. I bit my lip as my body started to shake.

“Cum for me, Reese. Cum for us, baby.” Mac literally shouted over the animal sounds I was making.

My eyes shot open as a very my young lover’s tongue fluttered against my clit. I jumped and knocked a pillow off the bed.

The vibrations shot through my body, my legs shook and I squeezed my thighs tight around David’s head and tried to fight off the impending orgasm. I so was not ready for this explosion and at the same time wanted to last and last. The vibrations only grew and grew as Mac pounded it in my pussy, sending sensations to every nerve ending in my body.


I looked up over Reese’s pubes and saw her eyes were closed tight, Mac sucking hard on a rigid nipple. I furiously flicked my tongue over her clit and felt her writhing in her personal orgasm. The next second we Mac and I were both treated to the sight of her climax as her hips pumped and her legs quivered in spasms of pleasure.

“Ohhhhhh…” Reese whined in a long gasp as she came. Her body became rigid and trembled as the wet slapping sound of the vibrator hitting her pussy filled the room. With her eyes squeezed shut still her body began to shake uncontrollably.

She suddenly pushed us both away and her body flopped back to the bed and she rolled onto her side, the vibrator still deep inside her. She drew her knees up to her chest and shook in short trembling spasms. The sight of this woman and her pleasure was like nothing I had ever seen before.

Finally, the spasms began to ease. She rolled onto her back, her legs straightened.


“Damn Reese, you came hard that time!” Mac exclaimed as she slapped playfully at the pink toy that now lay loose and shiny wet in the middle of my bed.

“Mmm,” I acknowledged my female lover, but looked at my new male lover the whole time, “that was very special indeed. What do you think David?”

David just sat there and shook his head as if he had no idea what he had gotten himself into with two apparently sex-crazed older women. Mac and I looked at one another and then we just spontaneously both busted out with a mutual loud laugh. In seconds, all three of us were laughing. We all laughed until we were out of breath and I had tears in my eyes.

“I’m going to need a nice rest.” I was finally able to say. “Some young man, who shall remain nameless with a nice sized nine-inch manhood, used up all my energy this morning.”

“Damn, do you know what this means?” Mac asked me.

“Uh, I need to buy more batteries?” I said as I sat up and slid back to the headboard.

“No, it means we’ve had our hot orgasms, now its time to get up and get your young man here something to eat before he passes out from hunger.”

David got up off my bed. “As much fun as this is turning out to be, I’ve really got to go.” He reached for his jeans off my hope chest. “I have to get to the gym in an hour. We have a training and tryout session today. I really have to be there and I have to get home to get my stuff.”

Mac and I watched David pull his pants on. We both noticed he had not bothered putting his boxers back on. I looked around and didn’t even see them anywhere.

“Just one question before you go, stud. How do you feel about older women now, David? Say one in her early forties and one, oh I don’t know say in her mid-thirties?” Mac asked with a cheesy smile.

“I still can’t believe this. I just can’t believe what I did, what we did.” He looked at both of us, lingering on our naked bodies still laying there in my bed. “I could lay there with you two all day.”

I slowly climbed over Mac and eased off of the bed. Standing on suddenly shaky legs, I managed to walk up to David. “You can always come straight back here to take your shower if you’d like.” I smiled up at him and laid my hand on his muscled chest. “I think you’d like that, again. I know Mac and I would be more than welcome for you to join us. I do love shower sex.”

“I really have to go. But…,” he laid his large palm against my cheek, “If it is really all right I’ll be back for that shower around 4:00 or so.”

The room was silent for a moment as all three of us pondered those possibilities.

“It’s a date then.” Mac finally spoke aloud.

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