Unknown Caller


Trish was awakened in the middle of the night by a text message on her cell phone. Reaching over to the nightstand, her mind in a sleepy fog, she pressed the message button.

Unknown caller…

The thought of your juicy pussy fills my nose with an aroma that drives me wild. I can taste your sensuous flavor and it makes me want more. The thought of you touching me makes me shiver in anticipation. I want to see your naked body and mine mesh in a sexual frenzy. I need to see your breast bounce to the rhythm of our mutual fulfillment. I desire you in every way. You are my fantasy come true!

Rubbing her eyes, trying to focus, she read the message again. She could not believe what she was reading. Trish was shocked by the message, but she felt a tingle between her legs just reading the words. Knowing it was a mistake, a wrong number, and disappointed by that thought, Trish set the phone on the nightstand and rolled back over to go back to sleep.

Trish’s mind filled with an array of thoughts. Who was this person? What did the sender look like? Was the “unknown caller” as sexy in person as they portrayed in the message? Trish imagined the sender to be a man; he had dark, thick hair and deep brown eyes, a man with strong arms and broad shoulders. He was a professional-looking guy with a mischievous smile and a moustache. She just knew he was sexy and passionate. He had to be to send a message like that. A damn good lover, she thought… well a damn good fantasy lover at least.

Trish’s face became flushed as a response to her thoughts. Flipping the pillow over, so the cool cotton was now against her face, Trish tried to think of something else. It had been over two years since she had felt the touch of a man’s hands on her body. She had pretty much ignored her sexual desires after her husband walked out, leaving her for his partner at work. Now in her early thirties, Trish had concentrated on her work and thought little of her own personal pleasure. Until now!

Trish now realized how much she desired to be touched, how she needed to be touched. Her body was tingling, her pussy becoming moist, just from reading a message. Crazy, she thought, unable get comfortable. Tossing and turning, her nipples rubbing against the lace trim of her soft satin beşiktaş escort camisole only made Trish all the more aware of those thoughts and desires.

“Damn, Unknown Caller,” she hissed.

Without thinking, Trish started rubbing her breast. She was lost in the moment. Her fingertips lightly moving across her nipples through the thin fabric sent chills through her body. As she massaged and played with her breast, her mind replayed the text message. She imagined his voice; it was a deep powerful voice.

“The thought of you touching me makes me shiver in anticipation.” In her mind it echoed over and over.

Trish moved the straps from her camisole from her shoulders and freed her breasts to the cool night air. Lying on her back, staring at the ceiling, her hands were now upon her bare flesh .Her soft, warm hands felt so nice on her cool breast. Trish massaged her full C-cup sized breast in her small hands. She delighted in the pleasure her skin was experiencing. She thought back to an ex lover and how he would pinch and roll her nipples to near torture. She tried to mimic his actions with her fingers, but her gentle fingers could not produce the same sensation as his rough calloused hands. Her mind was playing cruel tricks. Her nipples were now hard, and the longing ache was intensifying.

A chill ran up Trish’s back as she slowly inched her fingertips between her breasts, down to the top of her belly stopping at the waistband of her sheer panties.

“What am I doing?” Trish whispered into the darkness.

Trish could not stop herself; it was as if she had no control of her actions. Her hand slid inside the top of her panties, the soft mound of hair tickled her fingers as she moved her hand slowly through it. She closed her eyes and continued to proceed further. Her finger grazed across her clit, she let out a soft moan. Trish’s finger slid down into the slit between her folds and was covered in wet secretions. She rubbed the juices all over her smooth skin and up into the mound of hair covering her clit. She was behaving like a teenaged girl first discovering her sexuality. She felt naughty, and loved it!

Her unknown caller’s voice was once again in her head, “The thought of your juicy şişli escort pussy fills my nose with an aroma that drives me wild.”

Trish could now smell the aroma from her own wetness. Funny, she had never really paid attention to how she smelled during arousal before. Her natural juices mixed with her body lotion combined into a unique blend. The smell of coconut and vanilla blended well with her secretions. It was exotic, she thought, sexy… maybe even erotic.

“Erotic?” Trish laughed, never using that word to describe herself before.

Trish moved her hand back and forth enjoying the feel of her own body and the aroma of her own sexuality. Her fingers teased at her clit and her increasing wetness, between her folds of skin. She had ignored her feelings of self gratification far too long. Taking long, slow strokes Trish ran her middle finger back and forth through her slit. Her juices now made her pussy very slick. Her middle finger eased up inside her body. Trish stopped for a moment to savor the feeling of having something inside her again. Her warm flesh enveloped her finger tightly.

Needing more, Trish quickly removed her clothing and walked to the bathroom and flipped on the light. Sitting on the edge of the vanity chair in front of her mirror, she took a moment to look at herself. Trish was not sure what made her sit in front of the mirror, but she was turned on even more by the idea of watching herself. Her long black hair hanging just above her breast, her erect nipples, and her eyes filled with desire. She was now seeing her body in a new passionate way. She did feel erotic!

Trish glanced over and saw the baby oil that she used to remove her eye makeup sitting next to her hairbrush. She reached for the bottle and poured a few drops onto her fingers. Trish spread her knees apart exposing her glistening slit in full view in the mirror. She spread the oil all over between her legs. The slickness of the oil felt so good on her skin. Her fingers slid easily back and forth. She imagined her “unknown caller” standing behind her, watching her in the mirror. Trish felt her face flush, but it was quickly replaced by overwhelming arousal. Dripping a few more drops onto her fingers, she then raised bahçeşehir escort bayan her hips and eased herself down onto her fingers. She was now sitting on her hand with two fingers up inside her. Grinding her hips back and forth on her hand, she imagined the caller’s voice again…

“I want to see your naked body and mine mesh in a sexual frenzy. I need to see your breast bounce to the rhythm of our mutual fulfillment.”

Trish looked into the mirror, her breast were bouncing to the rhythm of her body grinding atop her hand. With her free hand she massaged each breast and pinched her erect nipples. She let out a soft moan, delighting in the sensation of touching herself. Trish slid her other hand down to massage her clit. She must have spent ten minutes trying different amounts of pressure and speed. Feeling so damn good, she did not want it to end.

Minutes later, her body started to shudder; her climax starting to build. She leaned back and rubbed her clit hard. Trish reached over and grabbed her hairbrush. The hard, smooth plastic end glided easily into her slick canal. The length of the handle could penetrate further than her fingers. The cool plastic felt divine against her heated walls, as she eased it in and out of her pussy. Her pace quickened, her hand now ramming the brush as hard and as deep as she could. Trish’s climax did not take long to reach; her body was ready to explode.

“Oh yes…oh yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” she cried out.

Trish’s body bucked as her climax was released. Her juices soaked her hand gripping the brush. She reduced her speed and then slowly removed the hairbrush, tossing it into the sink. Then she rubbed her juices over her heated pussy. Trish felt exhausted, her heart was pounding, and her clit was throbbing. She reached up and wiped the juices across her breast. The smell of sweet satisfaction filled her nostrils. She took one last look in the mirror and smiled, looking very satisfied.

After she cleaned herself up, she walked back to the bedroom. Trish took one look at her clothes on the floor and decided to leave them there. As she climbed into bed, her body felt hot and the cool cotton sheets were very soothing. She did not usually sleep naked, but tonight was not a usual night. Tonight was indeed special.

Trish made herself comfortable, sliding a pillow next to her body to snuggle with. As Trish drifted off to sleep, she hoped her “unknown caller” would accidently send her more messages. That was just the wake up call she needed to arouse her passion as well as her satisfaction.

“Thank you!” she whispered.

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