Boss Lust Ch. 03


A continuation of my Boss Lust story

I was shocked to learn Kris was fucking Kallie. I wondered what all the toys were for. Made sense now.

“I like fucking her just fine. She is incredible.” I replied still half stunned.

Kris lifted herself up on an elbow and looked me in the eye. “Kallie is my whore. Don’t forget that.”

I laughed and asked when Kallie was joining us? Hoping it would be today. Because I wasn’t done fucking this redheaded beast.

“Soon enough. But not today.” Kris said.

“You ready for more, Kris?”

“Always. How do you want me?” She cooed.

“Stand up and bend over. Hands on the ground.” I told her.

I was quickly behind her, my 8 inches throbbing. Her pussy covered in our past indiscretions. I slid my meat into her in one stroke. I grabbed her tiny waist and fucked her mercilessly. I grabbed a 10-inch dildo off the table and replaced my cock with it. I pushed it in completely. Her pussy swallowed it. I spread her open and fished it out.

“Damn that felt good, put it back!” She howled. I slid 3 fingers in her, then a fourth, and she gasped, know what nişantaşı escort was going to happen.


I pushed the rest of my hand into her. Her lips closing around my wrist. I pushed again a little harder and got about 3 more inches of forearm in her.

She was bucking and moaning. The orgasms were coming in waves.

I picked her up with my other arm and carried her to the bed, my hand still in her cunt. I twisted my hand in her cunt, so she was facing me. Her eyes were in the back of her head. She was still cumming. I pulled my arm from her cunt. Her pussy was gaping. I pushed back in fucking her with my arm. Over and over I plunged into her. She just kept cumming. I pulled my hand out and replaced it with my other hand. I fisted her pussy hard. Each time my hand went in my knuckles found her G spot. Her clit was very swollen. I adjusted my wrist so I could rub her clit each time I plunged in. She was a mess, quivering and shaking. She couldn’t control her body. She was out of control and I loved it. She finally had a release of fluids. I am not sure if it was urine or what, but I got covered şişli escort with the ejecting fluid.

She finally grabbed my arm and simply said, “stop.”

I did and watched her come down from her orgasm high.

“Don’t ever that do that to me again! What makes you think I would allow you to do that?” She hissed at me.

“Well, you told me to fist your pussy. So, I did. And you fucking liked it.” I hissed back.

“It is my weakness. I love being filled. Kallie has even double fisted me, but she has small hands. Your one hand is bigger than her 2. I didn’t think I would ever stop cumming. How long did you fist me?”

“Almost 30 minutes, I think. Until you asked me to stop.”

Kris smiled weakly. “I am not sure if I had one giant orgasm or a hundred little ones. But it was the best. I apologize for covering you with my juices, but I could not control myself. I am not sure you would enjoy my golden release. I hope it was ok?”

“I really did. A bladder release then?” I asked

“Yes. My bladder was very full. I like all sorts of kinky stuff. Maybe one day you can pee on me and Kallie. But for mecidiyeköy escort now, let me take care of you.” Kris said, taking matters into her own hands.

I dropped onto the bed and she took my steel hard cock in her hand and started pumping me. Her mouth all over my swollen head. She took me in her mouth. It was a nasty wet blowjob. Her skinny fingers found my ass and started massaging me. Without warning she had 2 long skinny fingers in my ass massaging my prostate. God it felt good.

She popped her mouth off me and asked how I liked her massage.

I could only smile and drool.

She continued and sucked and massaged me until I came with the force of a volcano. I was deep in her throat and cum started flowing from her nose, but she wasn’t pulling off. I held there until I was done. She pulled off and out of me, wiping my cum from her mouth and face. I had never seen that before.

“Jesus fucking Christ Kris! What was that?”

“It is what is called The White Dragon. Did you enjoy that blowjob?”

“Fuck yes I did. I am not an idiot!”

“Good. Now I must get cleaned up. I have a meeting tonight. Can’t show up looking like I just blew and fucked an elephant.”

“Show yourself out. Shower if needed, but no more today. I am sore and well satisfied. I hope you are also.”

“I am. Thank you. Until next time.”

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