Chapter 03: Partying the NIght Away


Chapter 3 — Liz & John — Partying the Night Away

I couldn’t believe it. It was the three guys and the hot blonde from the photo shoot. The guys were completely naked. The blonde was nude too except for a black leather collar and black stilettos. I couldn’t believe what was happening. John and Liz were really raising the bar. I was naked and chained to leather covered table and wondered what was going to happen next. My mind was spinning.

Liz was standing next to the blonde. She looked at me and spread her hands at the group standing there, “I think that you recognize these folks. At least I know that you certainly enjoyed their pictures.”

Liz moved forward so that she could caress my face. Then she said, “John and I have really enjoyed our afternoons with you. You’ve given us lots of enjoyment, so we thought a special evening with our friends in the photos would be something that you’d really enjoy.”

Pointing to the three gentlemen she said “This is Tyrone, this is Daniel, and this is Eric.”

Liz then moved back to the blonde who was standing next to Ty and put her arms around her and gave her a deep kiss. “This is my very special friend, Amanda.”

Amanda was a bit shorter than Liz and the two seemed to fit perfectly in each others arms. Liz had her arm draped around Amanda’s waist and their tits mashed against each other. Amanda’s tits were a smaller cup size than Liz’s, but they stuck out more. Her nipples were prominent and looked very suckable. I hoped I’d get to try them out. Her pussy was just as bare and smooth as Liz’s.

Liz looked at everyone and then extended her hand like a game show host toward me and said, “This is our dear friend Nick. I hope everyone gets to know him very well before were done.”

Ever since the group had walked into the room Amanda had been playing with Ty’s gigantic cock. She could barely get her tiny hand around his semi hard penis. Amanda had a very naughty look on her as face as she leaned toward Liz and whispered something into Liz’s ear. Liz smiled and she nodded yes. Amanda gently pulled Ty toward me.

Amanda looked into my eyes and said, “It looked like Nick was doing a pretty good job on John, but let’s see how he does on this.

Tyrone was definitely up for it, literally. Amanda guided his stiff cock toward my opened my mouth. His manhood was so large that only the head would fit comfortably in my mouth. I worked my tongue around the crown of his cock and poked at his pee hole with the tip of my tongue. Amanda reached around Ty and jacked him off with one hand and played with his shaved balls with the other. Tyrone had my head in his hands so that he could control the action. I wished that my hands were free so I could play with his balls. Thankfully, Tyrone fucked my mouth with short stokes so that I didn’t gag.

Amanda sped up her tempo. I could tell by the speed of the squishy noise Tyrone’s cock was making. Suddenly Tyrone’s body got stiff and I knew he was cuming. The first shot was a total surprise. It seemed like fire hose spraying cum down my throat. I swallowed as fast as I could, but I couldn’t get it all. Some ended up on my cheek and chin. Finally he was finished. As he pulled his cock from my lips I sucked hard on his cock to get every bit that I could.

Amanda slowly milked Tyrone’s cock as it began to soften. Liz got down on her knees and licked the head of his chocolate cock clean and then licked the cum from my cheek and chin finished her work by giving me a quick tongue kiss. Her huge melons swung seductively side to side as she did her work.

John broke the silence “Looks like Nick did a pretty good job. Ty looks like he’s pretty happy”

Eric and Daniel both nodded in agreement. Liz stood up and Tyrone took her in his muscular arms. Amanda moved over to the bed and lay down in the middle and stretched out against the giant overstuffed pillows and beaconed to the boys. Eric and John walked over and joined her. In no time John had his head between Amanda’s legs and Eric knelt by her head and fed his cock into her mouth. The scene was sensual and erotic.

Tyrone and Liz were still standing in front of me in a steamy embrace. His mammoth cock had recovered and his rock hard meat was stuck between Liz’s thighs almost touching her pussy. Amanda humped her hips against John’s face as he tongued her juicy pussy. With Eric’s big dick stuffed in her mouth her moans came out muffled. Eric pulled on her gigantic nipples as her huge tits heaved up and down.

Liz and Tyrone had moved to an overstuffed loveseat. Tyrone sat down and Liz straddled his legs facing him. They kissed for a minute and then she slowly impaled herself on his huge cock. As soon as she had Ty completely nişantaşı escort buried in her pussy she began raising and lowering herself on his spike. Every so often she would slow the pace and raise enough so just the head of his shinny cock was still in her pussy. Then she would slide down on it and make the whole thing disappear. Watching her fucking herself made my cock pulse with excitement. Liz’s tits pounded into Ty’s face as she bounced up and down on him.

I heard Amanda moan like she was starting to orgasm and looked over at them. Just as John was beginning to slide his seven inches into her shiny bare pussy, Eric was shooting his load into Amanda’s waiting mouth. She drank down the first couple of spurts then he shot the rest onto her tits. John slid his foreskin back to expose his cock head and slid his dick into her. Once he had his thick cock worked inside her he grabbed her hips and started to furiously fuck her.

It didn’t look like John was going to last long because he was pumping Amanda hard and fast. He let out a growl and pulled his cock out of her and began shooting thick wads of cum all over her pussy and stomach. Eric’s watched John as he milked the last drops of cum out of his cock. He took his softening cock and used it to spread the cum on her tits. John followed suit and spread his cum on her bare skin and pussy with his semi hard cock.

My attention was brought back to Liz who was yelling at Tyrone to fuck her as hard as he could. Tyrone had his hands on her hips and was helping her torpedo his cock in and out of her pussy. On each stroke most of Ty’s cock was visible and it glistened with Liz’s pussy juice. All of a sudden Liz began to shudder and she bucked her hips hard against Tyrone. At the same time, Tyrone flexed his legs like he was starting to cum.

Liz slumped forward onto Tyrone with her arms around his neck. He kept hunching his cock into her pussy until he was done. He finally put his arms around Liz and hugged her tightly. With the exception of Liz and Tyrone’s breathing, the room was quiet. John and Eric were lying on the bed with Amanda between them. The guys were gently playing with her nipples. Liz and Tyrone were gently kissing as Tyrone ran his finger tips along the outside of Liz’s tits.

The first one to speak was Tyrone. “Liz, my dear, your pussy is exquisite. I would love an adult beverage to celebrate if you have one.”

Liz got off Tyrone’s now flaccid cock moving as slowly as she could. She loved the feeling of his cock inside her. His chocolate cock was shiny from the mixture of pussy juice and cum and fell heavily against his thigh. Liz’s pussy lips were still spread open from his gigantic cock and her pussy was leaking cum. I would have loved to been able to eat her pussy right then. As Liz walked across the room to the bar I could see cum running down her thighs. She opened the cabinet to get glasses out. Eric, Amanda and Tyrone all headed for the bar.

John moved across the room toward me. He looked back toward the bar where everyone was gathered and asked, “Should we let him out or leave him chained up?

Liz spoke first. “I think he deserves a reward for doing so well with Tyrone. Not just anybody can handle that.

The group gave John thumbs up. John leaned down and unlocked my wrists, but did not take the restraints off. Then he unlocked both ankles and helped me stand up. Before moving toward the bar, John attached the leash to the cum stopper cock ring that Liz had put on me earlier and he led me to the bar.

As we reached the group John smiled and handed the end of the leash to Amanda. She smiled back at John, then me and gave the leash a bit of a jerk. I turned so that I was directly in front of Amanda. My cock was still rock hard and it was easy to see the loop made by the keeper which disappeared into the end of my cock. Amanda took a sip of her martini.

“John, what kind of cock ring is Gary wearing? It look’s kinky and very naughty.”

John responded, “Let Liz explain it. She’s the one who found it.”

Liz continued mixing drinks as she made her explanation. Amanda now had my cock in her hand and was fingering the cock ring and the tiny rod that went into my pee hole. I felt like I could cum at any minute.

Liz began, “It’s called a sperm stopper. There is a tiny ball, about a quarter inch in diameter that is down in his pee hole about an inch. That little ball is attached to the loop that then attaches to the cock ring. The little ball is actually below the cock ring and the ring kinda keeps everything in place. It’s the first time that I’ve ever used it. I thought Nicky would be the perfect guinea pig.”

Amanda kept fingering my cock and said “It feels şişli escort really nice. I wonder if it’ll really stop sperm from coming out?”

Liz winked at Amanda and said, “Well we’re definitely going to find out tonight won’t we?’

Liz continued mixing drinks for everybody and we stood at the bar enjoying our beverages and making small talk. Amanda stood next to me and played with the cock ring and my dick. She seemed fascinated by the cock ring. The guys asked questions about the sensations the ring caused and what I could feel. I told them that Amanda’s fingers felt wonderful, especially when she squeezed my cock enough to feel the little ball on the inside.

Eric had been listening and asking questions as he idly played with Amanda’s nipples. Then he got down on his knees and took the head of my semi hard cock into his mouth. Eric’s tongue was exquisite. He only had the head of my cock in his mouth and was running his tongue around it in circles. He was playing with my leather covered balls with one hand and was stroking his cock with the other. Liz walked up behind me and rubbed her bare tits into my back and reached around me with both arms rubbing my stomach and pulling on my nipples. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to last long with the treatment Liz and Eric were giving me.

I think Liz sensed that I was close and asked Eric to stop sucking me. He pulled his wet mouth off my organ and left it standing straight out. Liz slid around me and into Eric’s arms and kissed him with her tongue. She reached down and fondled his balls.

She broke their kiss and pulled her head back slightly from Eric. Then she cooed, “I loved watching you suck his cock, but I want to make sure his balls are really full before we give him any relief tonight.”

Eric smiled at Liz and she mashed her huge tits against him and he hugged her affectionately. Liz continued to stroke his long cock as it came to life again. Eric definitely enjoyed Liz’s attention.

Eric looked at Liz and said, “I’m glad I’m not your guinea pig tonight. You’re too good at being a tease.”

John had disappeared again and the big black chair from the pictures was now in the room somehow. John walked up to Liz and without any words, led her away from Eric and toward the chair. Liz sat down in the chair and raised her hands over her head and grabbed onto the supports. Daniel joined the two of them and helped Liz position her spread her legs onto the supports. Both her legs and arms formed a wide V. She was exposed and ready to be used.

The chair was reclined just like the pictures and Liz’s massive titties fell to the sides of her chest. Her pussy was completely exposed and I could see the dried cum on her legs. Both Daniel and John cock’s were hard again and sticking out at Liz. Both of the guys had their long hair pulled back in pony tails and their hair hung down their backs. Amanda pulled on the leash and we headed to get a closer look at what was going on.

We got to the side of the chair and Liz was sucking furiously on Daniel’s cock. John was on his knees cleaning out his wife’s cunt. It was clear that Liz was enjoying herself. She hunched her hips toward John’s mouth as he assaulted her pussy and clit. Daniel had pulled his cock from Liz’s mouth and was slapping her cheeks with his gigantic tool. Liz’s eyes were closed and she was rolling her head from side to side. I wondered how long it would be before she reached orgasm.

Tyrone appeared and stood next to me and Amanda. His enormous cock was only semi hard and was very impressive. Amanda slowly lowered herself to her knees and sucked his head into her mouth as she jacked my cock. Tyrone sighed as she applied her talents to his expanding meat. Amanda released his cock and easily deep throated my hardon. I could feel my cock against the back of her throat.

Liz was moaning loudly and writhing as John assaulted her leaking pussy. Tyrone slowly walked toward the chair as he stroked his hardening cock. When he got there, he said something I couldn’t hear. The group got out of the chair and walked over to the mattress. Eric lay down on his back and Liz lowered herself onto his long cock. She shuddered as she worked all of it deep into her pussy. Once Liz was comfortable she bent forward and Tyrone dribble lube down the crack of her ass.

Tyrone rubbed the lube into her crack and then slid one of his big meaty fingers into her cute puckered opening. Liz groaned and pushed against the insertion as she slowly humped against Eric’s cock. After thoroughly lubing the inside of Liz’s ass, Tyrone removed his finger and placed the tip of fat chocolate cock against the pink opening of Liz’s ass. Liz stopped moving as he started slowly pushing against mecidiyeköy escort her. Tyrone pushed his cock in about an inch and pulled it back out. He did it over and over until all of Tyrone’s gigantic cock disappeared into Liz’s ass. Liz’s head slumped forward while he worked his dick into her and now it lolled lazily from side to side as she moaned softly.

Tyrone started fucking Liz slowly and Eric picked up his pace and the two got in stride. She was filled to total capacity. It was amazing watching Liz’s ass clutch onto Tyrone’s cock as it stretched her to the max. Amanda tugged on the leash and we headed for a closer look. Liz was resting on Eric but still on her hands and knees holding herself up with one arm. John’s cock was hard again and he moved in front of Liz. She saw him and turned her head toward him and he fed his cock into her waiting mouth.

The scene was surreal. Tyrone held Liz’s hips firmly and set the tempo for Eric and John as he pumped his ten incher deep into Liz’s ass. All three quickly fell in into a rhythm. Liz was grinding against Eric and John held her head as he fucked her mouth like it was a pussy. Liz had over two feet of cock in her and was clearly enjoying every inch.

Daniel joined Amanda and I and pulled her onto the mattress. She put some pillows under her head and spread her legs wide inviting Daniel to fill her up. Daniel lowered his head and sucked on her bare pussy getting her ready to fuck. Amanda used the leash to pull me toward her. She unhooked the leash and pulled my cock directly into her mouth just as Daniel pushed his hardon between her slick pussy lips.

Liz’s body was being bounced around under the assault of the three cocks and Liz wasn’t able to keep John’s cock in her mouth. So, he stood over Liz and he pumped his cock furiously, moaning that he was going to cum. A few more strokes and he started shooting. The first stream hit Liz’s shoulder. She grabbed his cock before the next shot and managed to get her mouth over his cock and swallowed the rest. Tyrone groaned loudly and sped up his pace. Finally, he pushed deeply into Liz and growled as he closed his eyes and rolled his head backward. Liz moaned that she could feel his cum hitting her insides.

Liz’s tits were swinging wildly from the pounding Tyrone was giving her ass. As his cock started to soften he began to slow his strokes. Eric picked up his pace and started fucking Liz by pumping his hips as he rolled her pussy against his cock. After five or six pushes, Eric’s legs stiffened and he grabbed Liz tightly around the waist. Liz leaned down and kissed him passionately as he shot his sperm into her hot pussy.

Tyrone sat back on his heels and his thick deflating cock slowly slid out of Liz. Her ass gaped open from the pounding Tyrone had given her and cum oozed out. Eric and Liz softly hunched against each other as they continued kissing. Liz finally laid her head against Eric and just laid there. She was too exhausted to move. Tyrone moved up along side her and she slid off of Eric to lay between them. Tyrone’s arm snaked around her and he filled his hand with her deliciously soft breast. Liz lazily rubbed Eric’s chest and played with his slick cock. John was lying on the pillows watching.

Daniel was now fucking Amanda with total abandon. Her huge tits were bouncing in circles as he fucked her deep and hard. She sucked my cock with the same enthusiasm. Daniel raised her legs so he could drive deeper and Amanda moaned and then started to shake. She was breathing hard and stopped sucking my cock as her orgasm overtook her. Daniel continued to pound her and soon he reached orgasm. He pulled his long cock out of her and shot it all over her bare pussy and stomach.

Amanda’s breathing recovered and she started to pump my cock with her hand. Liz looked over to us and said, “I think it’s time to see if the sperm stopper works.” With that, Amanda covered my cock with her mouth and started sucking in earnest. She sucked my cock deep into her and massaged my dick with her throat muscles. I couldn’t take it any longer and my balls contracted in that tell tale sign. Amanda pumped my cock and said, “He’s going to cum.”

Amanda released my cock from her mouth and continued to jack me off so that everybody could see what was going on. My balls contracted as the orgasm hit. Amanda said, “I can feel his balls pumping, but nothing’s coming out.” After five or six contractions, a small drop of cum appeared at my pee hole and Amanda licked it off with the tip of her tongue.

I heard Liz say, “Well, it sure looks like it works.” Amanda took my cock out of her mouth and responded “Yeah, but I think I’d rather have his load of hot cum.”

Liz agreed, “So would I.”

John chuckled and said, “That’s what we like. Hot chics that love the taste of hot cum.” The guys started laughing as they agreed. It looked like everyone was just about done for the night. What a way party the night away.

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