Friday Nights are for Play


A/N: This story contains adultery. Don’t like? Then don’t read!

* * * * * * *

It was Friday afternoon and Carly saw that Steve and Kevin were in Wayne’s office door. She couldn’t help but think “Mmmmm, yummy trio!” and smiled at the thought. She’d always liked all three of them but they were off limits, two were married and the other had a girlfriend. Kevin called out to her “Hey Carly, do you have skates?”

“Yes, I do, why?”

“Well, there may only be a handful of us on the ice tonight so you should join us.”

“Kevin, there’s no way I’m playing hockey with you guys. I can barely skate!”

“If there’s only a few of us, we won’t really play, we’ll just have fun on the ice. Come on, join us! It’ll be fun!”

The other two nodded so she asked “Why wouldn’t there be enough players? I thought that with that bunch from Stewart’s other hockey league, you had lots.”

Wayne answered “They’re all participating in a tournament this weekend so they won’t be there. We still have the ice so we’ll be there, even if it’s just for fun. Come on, join us. I’ll bring a stick for you. Which side do you shoot from?”


“Seriously, do you shoot from the left or the right?”

“Both! I was never really able to choose on so if you have a stick with a straight blade, that’s great!”

“Whatever. I’ll bring a couple. Bring your skates and some gloves.”

“I don’t have hockey gloves!”

“Just any gloves will do. Take these work gloves, that’s probably the best.”

Wayne handed her a pair of work leather gloves. Carly took them and said “All right, see you later.”

That evening, Carly made her way to the double rink. A junior team she liked to watch was playing from 7 to about 9:30 and her co-workers had the other sheet of ice from 9pm on. As usual, she was wearing a team jersey with a thermal t-shirt and a fleece underneath and had her jacket in her hands. She knew she would need it later when it was time to go home.

The junior game was a fast one. They were done with a win by 9:10 pm so she went to the other rink. There, she saw five of her co-workers on the ice. Wayne came to the door and said “Go get your skates, we’re not playing, we’re just having fun.”

Carly went to her vehicle and got her skates. Wayne got off the ice and let her into the change room where she changed from her boots to her skates and left her coat behind. He gave her a hockey stick and they went to nişantaşı escort the ice. She hesitantly skated for a while with the guys and then they took turns shooting pucks at Steve, the goalie. Of course, he stopped everything Carly shot at him until she passed the puck to the other side and flipped the stick over and shot with the opposite hand… and fooled him!

The guys all cheered and Carly raised her arms in celebration. Steve shook his head, knowing he’d get teased about this for ever.

But once he knew what Carly could do, he wasn’t fooled again. They nonetheless had a lot of fun and soon, the hour was over so they went back to the change room. Two of the guys quickly changed and left so only Steve, Wayne and Kevin were left.

Kevin reached into a small cooler and handed each of the guys a beer and then handed Carly a bottle of lemonade, knowing she didn’t drink. She took a few big sips and said “Thanks Kevin!” They chatted and joked around for a bit. Wayne went to the shower and came back wearing only his jeans. Carly tried not to look but she’d seen his chest and could only think of touching it. She couldn’t, of course, so she looked away. Then, Steve took his turn in the shower and also came back wearing only his jeans. Again, Carly had to avoid looking because he too was nicely built. Carly go up and said she had to go to the washroom so they showed her where it was. Meanwhile, Kevin took his turn in the shower.

Once in the small washroom, Carly chided herself “Dang girl, get a grip! It’s not like you haven’t seen shirtless guys before!”

Carly did her business and composed herself. Then, she came back and took another big sip of the lemonade.

“This tastes funny.”

The guys just kept talking and drinking their beer and Carly had another sip. She started feeling all warm and fuzzy so she asked “Did one of you spike my drink?”

Just then, Kevin came back, also shirtless. He was towelling his hair dry. Carly looked at him and said “Wow, nice hair!”

“Yeah, yeah, I know, I need a haircut.”

“Why is it that every time I tell you I like your hair, you go and get it cut?”

“Cause I get the sarcasm, that’s why.”

Carly walked up to him and reached up to his hair “But it’s not sarcasm! I love it when your hair gets longer! There’s so much to play in!”

He was stunned but let her play in his hair. Carly played in his hair for a moment then pulled him down for a kiss şişli escort on the lips. Then, she pulled away and said “It’s hot in here. Help me get this off.”

And, joining action to words, she started pulling the jersey off. She got a little tangled so Kevin had to help. She then started taking off the fleece and the guys protested but she said “Don’t worry, there’s another layer under!”

But the thermal t-shirt was somewhat see-through and they could see her lacy bra through it. Her large breasts really stood out from her frame and the guys whistled their appreciation, making Carly giggle a bit.

Kevin broke the silence “May I ask you something?”

“You may ask me anything you way.”

“Are they real?”

“Absolutely! Wanna feel them?”

Kevin swallowed and nodded. Carly got close to him and turned her back to him and grabbed his hands and brought them up in front of her and onto her breasts. He cuddled her and gently squeezed her breasts and she moaned.

She caressed his arms and hands and said “Dang, whatever you boys put in my drink sure is making me feel frisky!”

Kevin protested “It wasn’t me.”

The other two also protested that it wasn’t them. Carly said “I don’t care, this feels too good for me to be angry.”

She paused. She still had her hands over Kevin’s hands and then she asked “Can we declare this room to be Las Vegas tonight?”

“What do you mean?”

“You know…” She put her hands behind her on his sides and pulled him closer and continued “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?”

Kevin looked at the other two guys and said “I’m willing, are you?”

Wayne and Steve got up and approached. Wayne pulled Carly’s hands away from Kevin and took them in his and said “Carly, I think you’re a bit drunk. Not sure what was in that drink but you’re not in any state to …”

Before he could finish, Carly freed her hands, grabbed his face and kissed him. Then she pulled away and said “You’re my best work friend and I’ve told you several times lately that I’ve been lonely. Well, what I really meant was that I’m horny. Shut up and give me some loving!”

She kissed him again and then let him go so she could kiss Steve. Then, she turned and kissed Kevin. Then, she stood in the middle of them and took that t-shirt off. The guys just watched. She then took off her boots and pants and tights and stood there in matching lace bra and panties. Then she said “Off with the jeans!”

While mecidiyeköy escort they took they jeans off, Carly took off her bra and panties. Then, she pushed Kevin to sit on a bench and sat between his legs. She pulled his hands onto her breasts and said “Play with them.”

While Kevin started playing with Carly’s breasts, Steve didn’t hesitate. He dove to her pussy and started licking it. Carly moaned loudly and arched her back, clearly enjoying Steve’s tongue. She looked at Wayne and motioned for him to give her his cock. She stroked his cock while Kevin teased her nipples and Steve continued to lick her pussy.

She pulled Wayne to her mouth and started sucking on his hard cock. Then, she pulled Steve’s head harder into her pussy and came with a loud moan. She gently pushed him away and then shakily stood up and said ‘Wayne, on the bench.”

Once Wayne was on the bench, she lowered herself onto his hard cock and put her legs over his so she was wide open. Then, she motioned for Kevin to take Steve’s place, licking her pussy and for Steve to give her his cock to suck on. Wayne gently rocked his hips to move up and down inside her while Kevin licked her with the clear intent to show that he was just as good a pussy licker as Steve. When he succeeded in giving her another orgasm, she pushed him away, let go of Steve and put her legs back to the middle and stood a bit but not enough to get off Wayne’s cock. She rode his cock until he came into her pussy.

She then got down on the floor and told Steve “Fuck me from behind.” Then, she told Kevin “Give me that beautiful cock, let me taste it.” They both obliged.

Wayne also got down on the floor and reached under her to play with her nipples, something that got her moaning in appreciation. It didn’t take long and Steve was shooting his load into her pussy. As soon as he was done, she pushed Kevin down and got on top of him. She rode him furiously. The other two came to her side and sucked and played with her nipples. Steve reached down with one hand and rubbed her clit and she exploded into another orgasm, taking Kevin along in his own orgasm.

When the intensity ebbed away, Wayne said “We should get washed up and out of here before the rink rats come in here and find us.”

They cleaned up and got dressed and just as they were about to leave, the rink workers came in to check if they were done, saying they wanted to close up for the night.

The four of them walked out to the parking lot. Carly said “Guys, this was a one time thing. I know you’re not free and I don’t want to break up anyone. So… Las Vegas?”

The four of them agreed to never say anything, ever.

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