Given and Taken Ch. 02

Big Tits

This chapter didn’t turn out like I thought it would… and I frankly don’t know why. Maybe it was the fact that I recieved so much positive feedback for my last chapter… or because some of that feedback was from my two favorite authors (* because I was too STARSTRUCK to write *)

Either way, I hope you enjoy it


Alistair had ordered Elijah to follow, and having no other choice, he did. Eli moved slowly, eyes flickering from the torches that lined the cave walls, to the dark depths, to the strong figure walking only a few feet in front of him.

Eli tried to avoid staring at him, but his eyes always seemed to wander back to the beautiful creature. He looked upon the lines of his neck, the broadness of his shoulders, and the strength of his back. Eli had to stop himself from looking any lower.

“Why,” he thought to himself “am I looking upon this beast as I would look upon a boy from the village?” He did not know what feelings should well up from the thought, but not many did as his attention was brought abruptly to his surroundings. The long, cramped tunnel had turned into an open space and when Eli’s eyes adjusted to the dim lighting he gasped.

The cave was completely furnished and decorated. It had separate rooms with actual stone doors between them, some were open while others were closed. It was a cozy home.

Eli froze. No. Not a home… this is a lair, a place where evil dwells, the place he will keep me captive. It’s a lair. It’s hell. It’s… He repeated these thoughts over and over again in his head trying to cloud what clearly in front of him was a charming home with elegant décor.

In the middle of tearing apart the room with his eyes, a hand grasped his shoulder. Eli spun and was faced with Alistair’s stare. He lowered his eyes, not only out of fear but because he sense that was the right thing to do in this situation.

“Good boy” the creature whispered into his ear. “That’s it, relax now.” His hand that still grasped his shoulder lightened and his fingers moved in slow circles against him.

Eli shivered. He thought to himself “mmmm… that feels so… wait no! I’m scared… I’m cold… I’m not… No!” Shame overtook him as he felt himself start to harden. He cursed under his breath.

“What was that, my sweet?” Alistair inquired.

Eli felt the anger in him start to rise. “Don’t call me that. I’m not your anything. Not your ‘sweet’, not your ‘prey’ I’m just a sacrifice. I’m not even YOUR sacrifice.”

Alistair sighed. “I expect manners and respect from you, Elijah”

“Respect is reserved for those who deserve it. It’s not for beasts like you.”

Before Eli knew what was happening, he was pinned face down against the cold, hard wall of the cave. He heard a snarl behind him.

“I will not tolerate this language. You will refer to me as Master. I will refer to you as whatever I please. You are now mine, deal with that fact how you will, but know that it is true and always will be. Mine.” With that, Eli was released. He fell to the ground from the abruptness of the action and lay there shivering as a tear fell from his eyes. The last word had broken him and all his resolve and bravery fell to pieces. A few seconds later he felt a brush on his cheek.

“Stop. Just stop!” Eli cried out. “Leave me! I just want to go home!”

Alistair sighed at the sight before him. The poor boy was beyond confused, he could see that, but breaking the news to them was always a tricky aspect. He wanted to get to know the boy better before he tried to approach it. Unlike the others which he needed to hunt down, chain up and just wait out on until their struggles ceased, this one came in strong and proud now laid in a sobbing heap on the floor. Even he didn’t know how to react to this. He regretted being so rough with the boy… He stopped himself with that thought. What was he thinking? Regret. No. This was his property… wasn’t it?

He picked the boy up, and placed him on the couch. Eli resisted but the little fight he had left in him was quickly being washed away in tears. Alistair placed a blanket over him and stepped back, sat in the chair facing Eli and simply watched him. He wished he could hold Eli in his arms and comfort him, but şişli escort he knew any touches would just make it worse. Every movement seemed threatening to the young boy.

Alistair paused and thought inwardly why he was taking so much care with this one. Was it because he was the youngest he had ever received? Was it because he was the prettiest? Or was it simply because he had been waiting so long for him that he was prepared to take this one slow? Whatever the reason, he just sat there and waited.

Eli wondered briefly through the tears why Alistair had put a blanket over him, laid him down, and left him. It was a caring gesture. Eli’s throat caught at that. Oh god. What is he going to do to me?!? The tears finally stopped and he opened his eyes. He looked upon Alistair and closed his eyes again.

“When you are ready to talk, beautiful, call me and I will come”

Eli opened his eyes to look at him but Alistair was gone.

Eli sat there for hours, not knowing if he should cry, run, or scream. No option seemed at all productive so he took the easiest route, he cried. He thought of his parents, and friends in the village, of the animals on the farm. That was all gone now? Why?

His father’s last words ran through his head. “we all thank you… be strong”

His was saving the tribe by giving his life… or at least at the time that’s what everyone thought. He came up this mountain expecting a painful execution from an ugly beast and now is shown compassion from a gorgeous creature that denies that he will harm him? Why was he miserable and crying?

The tears slowly stopped. I must call for Alistair and make him explain, he concluded.

“Okay… I’ll t…talk”

No reply.





Then he remembered what Alistair had said, swallowed hard, took a deep breath, and yet managed to only whisper it out.


In a flash Alistair was there sitting before Eli.

“Yes?” he asked.

“I w…want to t…talk about it” Eli stuttered

“Talk about what?”

“W…what do you w…want from m….me?”

“I want all of you, but mostly your companionship.”

“T…then why did you c…call me your p…prey?”

Alistair sighed wishing he hadn’t used that word, “We can talk about that later. Right now, we need to take care of you. You look tired, and weak. When did you last eat?”

“A f..few d…days”

“Oh my! Why so long?”

“I was t…too nervous to”

Alistair couldn’t help himself as a little smile crossed his face.

“Are you still nervous?”


“No need to be, you are safe with me. As long as you are good.”

“W….what do y…you mean?”

“So much to learn…” Alistair sighed as he walked into the kitchen to prepare something to eat.

A few hours later, after Eli had dealt with his hunger, Alistair was losing his control on his. He needed to explain to this young being the real reason he was here. Sure, it was in part companionship, but in many ways it was more.

He needed him physically.

But how does one reveal to someone this fact? Yes he had done it many times, just said it and then dealt with the screams for help after… but this time he felt the need to almost… Ask.

Alistair shook his head at that thought.

What was this boy doing to him?

He looked at the being across from him, innocent, unknowing… pure. He looked into the boy’s eyes, and the deep sea blue in them burned his soul… I want to see love in those eyes, I want to see desire…

All he saw was confusion and fear.

“Um… Alis… I mean…. Master?” the boy whispered out.


“Are we going to ‘c…celebrate’ now?”

“What do you mean?”

“Earlier, you s…said w…we would c…celebrate”

“Ah yes, today is a day worth celebrating indeed”

“Because you had been w…waiting a long t….time, r…right? W…why?”

Alistair sighed inwardly, and lowered his head.

“My last love died at an early age… heart attack… that was ten years ago…”

“Your last l…love?”

“The one given to me before you”

“The last s..sacrifice?”

“I hate that dreaded word, but yes”

“You mecdiyeköy escort loved her?”

“In a way. She was my only company… my only way of survival, they all were”

“What do you m…mean, of s..survival?”

Alistair sighed again. ‘Why can’t I avoid mentioning that kind of stuff? The boy is going to demand an answer soon enough… and I dread the moment when I have to see his reaction to it.’ He thought to himself

“Without a companion, without a lover, I am nothing”

“A… A l…lover? You m….mean?” Eli stuttered eyes wide at the sudden realization.

“Yes Elijah, I ask only one thing of you, your submission. That includes sexual submission.”

“You w…want me to b…be your s…slave?”

“It’s more complicated than that, but yes.”

“I d…don’t know if I c…can do t…that”

“Yes you can, and you will”

“No… I… I…” Eli lowered his head into his hands. The tears threatened to fall again.

“Elijah. Come here” Alistair demanded in a calm voice.

Eli shook his head.

“Yes. Come here. Now. Don’t make me ask again.” His voice hardened.

Eli shivered at Alistair’s tone and slowly got up without looking in his direction and walked towards him.

“Good boy, come sit with me” he said.

Eli noticed that there was no room left on the chair, and paused. Alistair patted his knee.

“On my lap” he said.

Eli moved hesitantly, and sat himself gently on Alistair.

“Good boy, that’s it” he said as he stroked Eli’s hair gently. “Just relax for me. Elijah, you can trust me, I want you to know that.” Alistair gently ran his hand lower down Eli’s body, lower, and lower, until Eli started to tense. Alistair stopped and moved his hand up again. He was still confused as to why he was treating this boy with such compassion.

“M…Master…?” Eli stuttered in a whisper.

“Yes my sweet?”

“W…what are you g…going to to”

“I’m going to control you, show you feeling of pleasure and pain, and make you scream out for me. I will bind you, I will fill you, and I will make you beg. When you are good, I will reward you. When you disobey me, I will punish you. Above all, I will make love to you and treasure you. Always.”

“P…P…Pain?… P…P…Punishment?… I… I..”

“Shhhh… Relax my pet. It is the only way I can fully control you. Yes, there will be pain, but there will also be pleasure, much, much pleasure.” Alistair said as he ran his hand increasingly lower, finally running along Eli’s hip and down his thighs. “You will always be safe with me, I will not push you further than you can go. We will take things slow.” His hand now rubbed gently over Eli’s groin.

Eli couldn’t manage to hold back the moan that was forced from his lips as Alistair stroked his hardness. Yes. His hardness. Eli blushed at this. “Why?!?” he thought to himself. “Why is he making me feel like this?!?!”

All his doubts disappeared when Alistair undid his pants and reached inside. He grasped Eli’s thick seven inches and started to slowly but firmly stroke him.

Eli arched his back, moaned and closed his eyes as pleasure spiked through him. He had never been touched this way before. Every sensation was knew to him, every stroke a revelation. Sure, he had cum many times by his own hand… but by another’s? Never.

Alistair had to hold back a laugh as he saw the desperation pour off this young being. His young being, he corrected himself. Yes, he is mine he thought to himself.

“That’s right. Feel it. Do you like that? Do you like the feeling of your Master’s hand wrapped around your long, thick cock? Stroking it, milking it… soon you will cum for me.”

Eli looked up into the eyes of his Master, full of desire and lust… it was almost more than that, it was need. Simple and primal need.

Eli’s eyes mirrored Alistair’s as he was worked into a frenzy. He thrust his hips with each stroke, but Alistair held him down firmly on his lap. Whenever Eli would get close, Alistair would slow down and lighten his grip, much to Eli’s frustration. He looked up at his Master questioning.

“Ask me” Alistair said plainly.

In any other circumstance, Eli wouldn’t have been able to summon the courage to. However, with hands holding him, stroking him, and pinning him down, with every nerve on the edge of ultimate release he was hardly able to contain the pleas that came forth from him.

“Please… please let m…me c…cum. P…please.”

Alistair sighed. “We went over this. Please what?”

“P…please M…. Master”

Alistair quickened his strokes, and lowered his head to Eli’s neck.

“Cum for me, my love. Now” he growled as he kissed and ran his tongue over Eli’s heated skin.

Eli couldn’t help but moan at both the kisses, which turned into grazes of teeth (surprisingly razor sharp grazes, that is) and the words that he Master said. He didn’t have time to ponder the cause of these sharp teeth, or the use of the title ‘my love’ as Alistair brought his other hand down under the trembling boy to press against Eli’s opening. This set him off, and he nearly screamed as pleasure over took him. He writhed on Alistair’s lap as he came down, strong arms holding him thought his climax. Eli laid there panting as Alistair ran a loving hand over him.

“That’s it, such a good boy. Master is proud of you.” He said as he brought his lips down on Eli’s sweat covered forehead.

Eli shivered, laying there nearly lifeless from exhaustion. Even so, he managed to surprise both of them by whispering, out of nothing but instinct. “Thank you, Master”

Alistair moaned as those words sent shocks of pleasure to his center. “What was that?” Alistair asked after clearly hearing him, but just wanting Eli to repeat himself.

“T…Thank you, Master” he said, a little louder.

Alistair couldn’t help himself as he brought his mouth to Eli’s, forced his lips apart, and captured his tongue with his.

Eli was slightly shocked at this, warning signals going off in his head, but he made himself relax into the kiss (his first kiss, actually) and returned it.

The dominant movement of Alistair’s mouth and body made Eli crumble.

“I’ve always wanted this, haven’t I? A strong, beautiful man dominating me, loving me..” he thoughts froze as he got another feel of those sharp teeth. Strong, nearly impossibly so… beautiful, not even one fault… but he was so… pale…

“He. Is. Not. A. Man.” Eli thought as he pulled back in horror.

“What are you?!?” he nearly screamed at Alistair, struggling to release himself from his strong arms. “Let me go!”

Alistair, still intoxicated from the heated kiss and Eli’s addictive smell, took a moment to register what he was saying. When he did understand, he shook his head. “Well there goes a perfect moment” he thought to himself. He knew Eli would ask this, he just hoped they could get a little more pleasure out of each other before he did.

“Shhh… stop struggling love, and I will tell you. Just relax”

Eli stopped struggling, but he definitely didn’t relax.

“Different cultures call us different things.. Wampior, Upir, Vrykolaka… but I believe you call us Vampires.”

“V…Vamp…pi…ire….” Eli stuttered out, all struggles now resuming as tears started to fall from his eyes.

“Hey now, my love, shhhh, no need to panic. I won’t hurt you, you know that.”

“V…V…V..” was all that Eli could manage as he shook, knowing that there was no way of escape. How could he have let this beast kiss him, hold him and make him… The tears fell.

“Elijah. I thought we took care of the tears and fears earlier.” He said, the words coming out far harsher than he meant them to be.



“S… S… St…”

“Elijah, speak to me”


For some reason, some unknown reason, Alistair complied. He released his tight grasp on the boy and sighed as Eli ran across the room. Alistair knew the boy couldn’t get far, the tunnels didn’t run very deep, and he could hear the boy’s crying easily as it echoed through them. The sound tore at his heart, a feeling that he hadn’t felt in years, decades… But now here was this young beauty… pure, innocent, unmarked… that was now running away from him in fear.

He had to calm Eli, he had to reassure him…

He needed Eli… For the first time in his life, he needed a human for something other than just blood.

Alistair crossed the room to the couch, grabbed the blanket, and heading down the tunnel.

He needed Eli’s love… and he wasn’t about to let it get away from him.

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