Lick It Clean — The Black Version


I had noticed them since they started coming to the YMCA gym together on Thursdays, two sexy black eighteen year olds, real ghetto types. They worked out together, and from the way they cavorted down in the locker room, I had a feeling they might like to get down and dirty with each other. I had talked to them and learned they lived down in the projects on the South Side and liked to come down to the “Y” gym to work out. They were two of the hottest, nastiest black teens you could ever hope to lay your eyes on. And I just happen to have this thing for nasty black girls. I couldn’t keep my eyes off them when they had scampered down to the locker room and stripped off their clothes, revealing naked brown bodies, sleek and sinuous and muscled, glistening from the sweat of hard athletic activity. The sight of those young naked brown bodies made my clit twitch every time! Sleek though they were, they both had nice round breasts topped by big brown nipples.

Brenda was very dark, her skin the hue of bittersweet chocolate, her hair in dreadlocks. She’d come from Jamaica when she was a little girl. Cherise was lighter, a young mocha beauty who moved with a raunchy ‘street’ grace and had some striking tattoos punctuating the expanse of her smooth brown skin. And what both of them had in common were two really vivid, really thick pubic bushes down below. I loved that! These days when so many women, especially young ones, teens, shave down there, these two had decided to stay ‘natural,’ and those shags of theirs were so thick too. Not only that, when they lifted their arms I could see they didn’t shave their pits either; those pits of theirs were nice and furry.

Now after our workouts, all three of us were down in the locker room, stripping off our soaked gym clothes, naked and ready to shower.

“You in shape, girl,” Cherise said to me, eyeballing my naked body with frank interest, as did Brenda.

“Thanks,” I said, “you two have a pair of cute tight bods yourselves.”

Then, suddenly, the woman who managed the gym walked in and announced that there was a plumbing problem and we couldn’t use the showers.

“Aw shit! And we both really need to take a fuckin’ shower,” Brenda said to Cherise, then turned to address me, “see, they’re fixin’ some shit down in the projects and we ain’ had no fuckin’ water there for a couple of days. So we ain’ been takin’ showers and we was hopin’ to take one here.”

“Yeah,” Cherise said, “we both pretty funky; we must reek like two fuckin’ crack ho’s! We ain’ even been botherin’ to change panties and shit ’til they fix them pipes and stuff.”

I smiled. Sitting naked on the bench, just a few feet from me, they did smell pungent. But for me, a devotee of strong-smelling female bodies, pleasantly so. Though somehow knowing that these two brown-skinned 18 year old ghetto tramps hadn’t washed themselves or changed their panties in many days was now strangely, and deeply, arousing to me.

“Why don’t you two come back to my place with me and shower there,” I said to them, scheming, loving the idea of getting these two lithe black beauties behind closed doors

They liked that idea a lot and soon the three of us were heading back to my place, Brenda in the passenger seat, Cherise in the back.

“God, we must really be stinkin’ up your car,” Brenda said, giggling, and I had to admit that in the close confines of my car these two unwashed cuties, after days of not showering, not changing clothes, and then working out vigorously, sure gave off quite an aroma! Sharp, funky and, at the same time, very feminine, and somehow very alluring.

When we got to my place we immediately stripped down. We’d seen each other naked many times, but always in a gym locker room. Now here we were at my place, the two sleek black teens shedding their clothes right in front of me as I stripped down too. Lust was definitely in the air as we eyed each other provocatively.

“Damn! These panties are soaked!” Brenda said, pulling hers down and off as Cherise did the same. Mine, too, were soaked from the heavy workout. Plus, it was a hot, humid day. The scent of three funky, sweaty women was in the air, the two unwashed jocks adding more than their share.

“Let me feel those soaked panties,” I said, reaching out a hand to Brenda, “yours too, Cherise.”

With a lewd giggle they handed me their two pairs of cotton bikini panties. They weren’t kidding. Those panties of theirs weren’t merely damp, they were soaked, drenched! I brought the two pairs up to my face, smelling them, rubbing them against my cheeks, sniffing the wet crotches.

“Mmmmmmh, pretty funky!” I purred, taking in the rich, sharp aroma of the damp fabric, fabric which reeked of sweat and cunt. “Now lift your arms.”

They both lifted their arms to reveal tufts of curls in their brown pits. I stepped right up and started lapping away at those pungent, wet, salty and hairy pits of theirs.

“Shee-it, this bitch is freaky!” Brenda nişantaşı escort said to Cherise as I lapped away at all four damp pits.

“I think the bitch likes the smell of funky brown ho’s like you and me, huh Cherise?” Cheryl cackled.

“Let’s see your panties, Molly,” Brenda said, bending down to pick up my panties off the floor, bringing them up to her nose to sniff, smiling lewdly, letting Cherise smell them now as she rubbed my panties against her girlfriend’s face. Then Brenda peeked inside my panties and turned them inside out. I was still lapping away at their wet, funky armpits.

“Look at this!” Brenda said, her eyes bright and lips curling up in a knowing smile. And there, for all three of us to see, was the seat of my panties all exposed, with a nice, vivid brown streak running down its length.

“Guess you didn’t wipe yourself too good, girl,” Cherise purred teasingly.

“Didn’t wipe your shi’hole,” Brendra added provocatively.

I blushed, embarrassed that the signs of my toilet neglect were there for the two of them to see. I tried to explain, blushing a little, I knew.

“I had just taken a shit this morning and was wiping my ass when the phone rang in the other room,” I started to tell them. “I went to get it and it was my sister on the phone. She goes on and on and on, and by the time I got off with her and hung up I guess I had forgotten that I hadn’t finished wiping myself clean. Pretty embarrassing, huh?”

It should’ve been embarrassing, very embarrassing, but for some reason it kind of excited me, confessing all this, telling these two sexy black teen girls how I had taken a shit and neglected to wipe myself clean. They were being so brash about being funky and unwashed and sweaty and pungent, so why not get nice and funky right along with them.

“You don’t soun’ all that fuckin’ embarrassed,” Cherise said, looking up at me, gazing into my eyes. And truthfully, I wasn’t. Somehow, under the circumstances, the three of us all sweaty, the two of them unwashed and smelling very ‘natural’ to say the least, all three pairs of panties damp and funky, the telltale signs of my carelessly wiped shithole exposed like this to the two of them on my brown-streaked panties, aroused rather than embarrassed me.

Now Brenda brought up the seat of my panties and pressed her nose right up against the brown streak.

“Mmmmmh, pretty funky!” Cherise said, curling up her pretty nose, then letting Brenda have a look and a whiff.

“C’mon Molly, we want to see that unwiped shi’hole of yours,” Cherise said.

I looked them in the eye, the two of them smiling mischievously, not quite believing that all this was happening. But my clit was twitching and my head was spinning with arousal. So without any further ado, I scampered up on the bed on elbows and knees, like a dirty alley cat in heat, and stuck out my sexy bottom for the two of them.

They got behind me on the bed, coming close, and looking over my shoulder, I could see Brenda reaching down to hold my smooth buttocks wide open, her hands now finally on me, those hands feeling sublime.

“Aw fuck, look at that, it sho’ do look a little filthy back here,” Brenda said. “I think we need to wipe this dirty shi’hole, clean. Don’t you, Cherise?”

“Fuck yeah!” Cherise groaned excitedly, licking her lips.

The next thing I felt was Brenda’s wet, warm tongue digging between my cheeks, into my crack, pressing into my carelessly wiped bottom. The seat of my panties was streaked a vivid brown, which meant there was probably still some residue of shit clinging to my asshole, and here was Brenda hungrily lapping away at that unclean hole! I could hardly believe this was happening, but it was, and I loved it, craved it, craved how it felt, craved the sheer, raw nastiness of it.

Now Brenda pulled away, and Cherise took her place, Cherise’s slippery tongue as eager as her girlfriend’s. There I was, up on all fours, with the two gorgeous, sleek black eighteen year olds behind me taking turns digging their their wet, slippery tongues into my dirty, unwiped shithole.

“Taste good” I called out boldly.

“Tastes fuckin’ delicious!” Brenda purred like a hungry kitten, keen to feed.

“Throw your panties up here,” I asked, “I want something nasty to sniff while you two keep licking my dirty ass.” So one of them tossed their two soggy pairs of panties up to me. I took hold of damp, pungent undies and pressed them against my face, savoring the rich stew, the sharp mixed aroma of the two beautiful, sweaty and very unclean black teens.

They were licking my ass very enthusiastically, not only lapping away at my dirty hole, cleaning it, but worming those tongues into my anal passage, getting their tongues inside. I loved the feel of their young, wet tongues pressing against my sticky, unclean shithole. And I knew that just below my asshole my pussy was staring them in the face, wet and gleaming. And now I felt şişli escort one tongue press against that pussy and seek out my clit as the other tongue continued to work on my ass. They were like two sexy brown kittens hungrily and greedily pressing in on a single, small bowl of milk, a bowl of dirty ass and wet, aroused, sweaty cunt. And they sure were having their fill of both.

Their two skilled and agile tongues working on me like that, the scent of their wet and pungent panties against my nose, I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer. And moments later, suddenly, the delicious sensations quickly peaked and reached a spectacular crescendo as one of their two kittenish tongues — I don’t know which — put just the right pressure on my clit as the other one pushed into my ass, and I came so strongly, one of those orgasms you remember for a long time. Not only the unusual circumstances, but the sheer, explosive power of the deep, deep pleasure I felt.

When they realized I had cum, they finally pulled away and both came up to look me in the face, smiling happily, their faces, lips and cheeks and chin, all damp.

“Feelin’ good, Molly?” Brenda asked, knowing the answer, as I nodded blissfully.

Of them laughed. Then Brenda brought her lips to mine, opened them as her tongue reached out for mine and the two tongues met, Brenda now feeding me the tongue that had just swirled in my unwiped shithole. Then Cherise kissed me. I could taste myself, cunt, sweat, ass — dirty unwiped, ass! — on their lips and tongues and all I can say is that it was all utterly intoxicating.

“Okay, you two, now I want you both to get up here on all fours and stick out those cute brown asses for me to examine and enjoy,” I told them as they happily scampered up on the bed, assuming the position, and wiggling their tight bottoms playfully, but lewdly in my face. Damn! They had the cutest, tightest, smoothest brown bottoms a pair of gorgeous teen black sluts could hope to have. And from behind like this, their fleshy, bushy pussies were nice and visible too. I approached,

God, they reeked of sweat and unwashed cunt. The odor was very, very strong but not the repellent body odor you often smell down in a gym locker room, an odor that unfortunately comes with some bodies, even when very clean, and is absent in others, like these two teens, even when they’ve gone unwashed and unshowered for days. This was the pure and powerful scent of young cunt, cunt unwashed, cunt aroused and made very wet and then made to cum. The fact that they had thick, shaggy, unshaved pubic bushes probably just enhanced the sweating down there and the deliciously pungent, cunty scent.

I leaned closer and kissed each of their smooth but somewhat sticky buttocks as they cooed and purred, wiggling their sexy and trim brown bottoms in my face. I closed my eyes and took in the rich, aromatic mix.

Sweat from their gym workouts, cunts that had gone unwashed for many days, cunt and assholes probably somewhat carelessly wiped. Cherise had even admitted she’d run out of toilet paper when she went to take a pee and a shit after coming down from the gym, and so never got to wipe herself off completely.

Now I held Brenda wide open and stared at her pretty little brown sphincter, like a little star hidden in her crack, and brought my tongue right to it, pressing it against the sticky anal surface.

“Fuck, do it, I fuckin’ love to have my shi’hole licked. Cherise eats it all the time, that cunt loves the taste of my dirty shi’hole, don’t you, bitch?” she said, reaching back with an arm to hold my head in place. She had proved how much she craved licking ass when she licked mine clean; now she was showing me she loved getting as good as she gave.

“Now me! Now me!” Cherise whined and, finally, I moved my face to her gorgeous bottom and began to lick her sweaty, pungent ass. The slits of their brown aroused teen cunts glistened provocatively an inch below, and I could feel those wet pussies against my chin as I licked their two asses. They groaned and sighed excitedly as I went back and forth, licking their sticky assholes, then moving my tongue lower to lap away at their pungent and soggy, but very aroused funky young cunts. As I licked one, I reached over to finger the other, sliding two fingers up each tight but slippery cunt, and my thumb up their saliva-slickened shitholes. They both reeked, but their tight little assholes and creamy cunts sure were appetizing!

“Uh huh! Lick our dirty muthafuckin’ cunts, Molly,” Brenda howled.

“And our sweaty, unwashed shi’holes too!” Cherise added, as though I needed any further urging! I really took my time, licking and fingering the two of them from behind as they writhed and moaned, like two horny kittens. And I didn’t stop until I got both of them off, like a pair of firecrackers, Brenda just about shrieking as a monster orgasm completely overwhelmed her, shook her from head to toe. Cherise’s was more subdued, mecidiyeköy escort but stretched out over many long, long seconds, her body trembling like a leaf in the wind as she shuddered in raw, orgasmic pleasure.

They turned around with these blissful looks on their two pretty brown faces, breathing hard in the afterglow of their pleasure, their legs spread, their gleaming pussies, pungent as ever, delightfully exposed.

I brought my hand up to my nose and took a whiff. Mmmmmh, strong! Again, that deep scent of unwashed, just-cum pussy. The two fingers I had used to plow their two cunts were wet and then I noticed that my thumb, which I had dug up their two assholes was smudged a little brown at the tip. It seemed I had hit pay dirt fingering at least one of their young bottoms. I had a feeling it was Brenda, since when I stuck my thumb up her ass, I felt something up there. And we all know what that something is!

“Take a look at this,” I said, sticking my thumb in their faces, “I think at least one of you needs to take a shit”

“Yeah, it be me, I do, I’ll be right back,” Brenda confessed, scampering off the bed, asking where the bathroom was, and heading off there while I snuggled up to Cherise, kissing and cuddling her, idly feeling each other up.

A few minutes later Brenda returned, a content smile on her face.

“Did you have a good shit, bitch?” Cherise teased.

“Sho’ did, and a nice, long piss too. And I didn’ bother wipin’ off my cunt or dirty shi’hole neither, see,” Brenda said, turning around brashly and reaching back to hold her cheeks wide open.

“Get up here, I wanna have a look,” I said, tapping the bed as Brenda hopped up, about to get on her knees when I told her to reposition. “No, I want you on your back now. And Cherise? Pull her legs all the way back by the ankles so we can have a good look.”

Brenda got down flat on her back and Cherise pulled her girlfriend’s legs back, exposing her vividly, cunt and ass. Oh yes, she sure didn’t wipe herself. In fact her very thick and furry pubic bush glistened, droplets of urine sticking to the curls like morning dew. And below that, her shithole was smudged brown, with more little smudges of brown on the folds of her ass cheeks, nearest her crack. Brown on brown! Definitely, an unwiped and rather messy shithole! With her dark body and deep brown skin, her shit was a lighter brown hue than her skin. The overall aroma, of course, was more vivid and pungent than ever.

I brought my face down to her bush and lapped away at the wet curls, sucking up the pee adhering to her bush. It was as wet as a sponge down there and I sucked and licked up every unwiped drop of urine. Though these two unwashed ghetto teen bitches had been reeking since they first came down to the locker room,

Brenda’s pee smelled and tasted nice and pungent, and I savored it. As she savored having me lick that wet pussy of hers, oohing and ahhing against as my tongue once more stimulated her. Damn, she was a horny little teen black bitch!

Then I dragged my tongue lower. There it was, her crinkled little shithole, all messy and brown. Brown to begin with, it was now smudged brown with her own shit. Well, she had licked my unwiped hole clean and now I was about to return the favor, though mine, at least, had been partially wiped while Brenda’s was raw and downright filthy!

But by now I was feeling nasty and obscene, fueled by pure, depraved lust. I pressed my tongue against her sticky, shitty asshole and just started to lap away, slowly licking her clean.

“Muthafucker! I can’ fuckin’ believe it! Molly’s cleaning your shi’hole, Brenda!” Cherise nearly gasped, pulling back Brenda’s legs, watching closely as my tongue lapped away at the unclean, humid anal crevice. Brenda was getting aroused all over again, reaching down with an arm and pressing my face firmly down against her ass, bucking her dirty bottom up against my probing tongue. I could hardly believe what I was doing, but I was doing it! Doing it and loving it! I licked the rubbery sphincter, and then snaked my tongue left and right to lick the smudged cheeks alongside the pungent shithole.

“Uh uh!” Brenda hissed, “Lick my shitty young nigga’ ass, bitch, lick it clean.”

“Thas’ right, you lick that muthafuckin’ shi’hole nice and clean, you nigga lovin,’ shit lovin’ honky white ho’! ” Cheryl urged, pushing down on my head, forcing it in place as I lapped away at the funky teen shithole.

And lick it clean I did, finally bringing my face up to theirs as Brenda and Cherise and I came close, our hot and still sticky naked bodies pressing against each other, kissing passionately, sharing my shit-smudged lips and tongue with the two sexy brown-skinned bitches, the air thick with the scent of sweat, piss, shit and the overpowering aroma of three very stimulated and pungent cunts.

Finally I pulled away and stepped over to my dresser, opening a drawer. From it I took out a pillow case filled with dildos, including my favorite strap-ons, emptying them all out on the bed as the teens gazed at the sight, just about drooling.

“It’s play time!” I said with a sly, wicked smile, picking up a nice thick dildo and starting to strap it to myself…

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