Lingerie Re-fitting



Sarah is getting married to the man of her dreams, but for the first time she experiences the delicate touch of a lady while having new lingerie fitted at Madame Elle’s exclusive boutique.


Thanks to Sharon B for inspiration.



Sarah could scarcely believe it, after years of persevering, of enduring the antics of courting boys, she had finally met the man of her dreams, and they were going to marry on her 21st birthday. Chuck had done all the right things, even getting down on one knee in public to propose, while others looked on and clapped.

Sarah’s stepmother had organised the wedding with military precision and had insisted that Sarah go to the exclusive ‘Madame Elle’ boutique to be fitted for her reception outfit. For moral and retail support Sarah invited Louise, her best friend and head bridesmaid, to come along.

Elle had owned and run the boutique for 10 years, building an exclusive clientele of women who appreciate fine clothing and lingerie, along with the personal service she offered. Elle’s friends couldn’t understand how she could possibly remain single. What was the matter with all the men in this town? They couldn’t be all gay? At 36, Elle glowed in the warmth of femininity at its peak, fit and lean from regular aerobics and yoga, tanned from the frequent holidays, and dressed as fashionably and elegantly as any woman.

Today’s outfit was no different; an ankle length dark blue skirt, split precisely far enough to allow only those she chose to see the top of her dark shear satin stockings and her tanned and smoother-than-silk thighs. Similarly, her dark blue blazer hid the real beauty underneath. She was clad in a white, silk blouse, buttoned high enough to be decent, but low enough that if she wanted to display her breasts, she could. She wore her hair up, wore classic Italian high-heels, light make up and a French perfume. The overall effect was stunning, classical but contemporary, elegant but efficient and above all feminine.

Elle was passionate about fine lingerie, and her enthusiasm rubbed off on others. Her young assistant, Amy, had changed from a gangly Goth teenager into a beautifully dressed, refined young lady who positively glowed. Elle smiled at the memories of Amy’s transformation, the first time she allowed Amy to take some of the boutique’s lingerie to take home, the fitting of her first corset and sizing her first silk stockings. Amy had become such a convert, she now regularly helped fit Elle’s own lingerie.

Elle closed the shop for the entire afternoon, not only because she expected them to buy a lot of lingerie, but because she and Sarah’s stepmother were old and very close friends. She liked what she saw in Sarah, shoulder length blonde hair, angelic blue eyes, fair skin and a slim body. The young girl’s smile, youth and vitality (she evidently played a lot of sport and was clearly in love) soon attracted Elle, who found she was constantly staring into Sarah’s eyes, so innocent and so inviting.

Sarah was nervous at first, she had never been to such and exclusive boutique nor had such personal attention, but under the guidance of Elle and Amy, she soon relaxed and after an hour they had chosen a modern reception dress for Sarah and started to look for appropriate, matching lingerie.

“Sarah, please come behind the curtain, away from the shop window, so we can get you fitted,” instructed Elle. “Now, let me see what you are wearing now, because it doesn’t look very good through the skirt,” she continued, cringing a little at the visible panty line.

A little embarrassed, Sarah tentatively lifted her skirt at the back a little to reveal standard white cotton panties. Sensing Sarah’s unease, Elle took the imitative and knelt in front of her and lifted her skirt fully to better inspect the panties, moving so close that Sarah felt Elle’s breath on the front of her panties. In contrast with the coolness of the air-conditioned shop it caused the sensitive skin at the top of her thighs to tingle.

“I thought as much. Take them off and we’ll see what we can find.” Elle smiled.

Sarah hesitated. She had never exposed herself to another woman.

“Don’t be shy Sarah, I’ve done hundreds of women,” said Elle, to allay Sarah’s obvious hesitation while at the same time suppressing a smile.

Reluctantly, Sarah reached for her panties and pulled them down, self consciously looking around the cubicle for somewhere to put them. Elle reached şişli escort for them, “I’ll put them on the dresser outside.”

Elle stepped outside the curtain and dropped the panties, but not before feeling their warmth and softness, and smelling their fragrance. She felt a familiar yearning in her own panties; the first moisture began seeping through, chilling and teasing her shaved labia.

“Now, let’s see what we have here.” Elle picked up some of the lingerie Amy had selected and chilled next to the air conditioner. She held up a pair of white satin briefs with delicate lace edges, “Try these.”

They looked tiny, thought Sarah, who took them from Elle and awkwardly pulled them on under her skirt. She gasped a little when the cool satin touched her warm sensitive lips.

“How do those feel?” asked Elle.

“OK, but a bit small I fear,” replied Sarah, immediately regretting it because the older woman again dropped to her knees, grabbed the hem of her skirt and started lifting.

“Let’s take a look,” Elle said, raising the hem higher. The front of the panties barely covered Sarah’s labia. Elle grabbed the waistband to pull them up while at the same time allowing her hand to brush the front of the panties. Her nostrils flared, filling with the familiar fragrance and her heart quickened when she felt the warmth emanating from the satin. Elle admired the view; moisture from Sarah’s lips had already started making the material translucent, revealing the hidden treasure lying behind the sheer satin.

Sarah gasped again, feeling the cool satin dig in to her soft lips and Elle’s hand ever so lightly touching her mons. She fought the feelings her clitoris was sending to her mind. It had been only the gentlest and lightest of touches, probably unintentional, but the feelings going through her were unlike any she had experienced before. She felt her juices wetting the satin and it felt good. Suddenly frightened, she thought, ‘What if I spoil the panties? Will Madame Elle notice? I’ll have to buy them now, even if they are too small.’

“Good, now let me see how they blend with your skirt,” said Elle as she smoothed the hem of the skirt. She turned Sarah around and smoothed the fabric across Sarah’s bottom, and getting a feel of the firm flesh beneath.

Sarah thought Elle was finished, but she continued stroking her rear while explaining, “The skirt should be smooth and show no visible sign of the panties.” The feel of Elle’s hands running across her bottom sent anxious shivers through Sarah. Just as she thought Elle was finished and as she was getting used to it, Elle unexpectedly gave her bottom a firm slap, making her jump. The slap was not hard enough to cause pain, but it was hard enough to make her bottom tingle and send yet another unusual sensation streaming through her loins.

“Right, these won’t do. They’re showing too much through the skirt,” said Elle.

Before Sarah had time to respond either to the smack or Elle’s comments, Elle was once again kneeling in front of her, lifting the hem of her skirt to reveal the panties. Sarah dropped her hands in an effort to guard herself and to help remove the panties, but she was quickly rebuffed by Elle. “Let me take care of those. We don’t want to rip the fine silk do we?”

Elle moved her hand towards the waistband and again brushed the front of Sarah’s panties, sending shivers through Sarah’s clitoris. Elle breathed deeply and inhaled the sweet elixir, as she pulled the panties down. She made certain Sarah could not spread her legs and the front gusset of the panties became entrapped in the soft folds of the girl’s labia. Slowly Elle pulled them down, causing the material to pull her outer lips until they finally released the material.

Waves of guilt and pleasure rolled through Sarah. ‘Oh God, I hope I haven’t ruined them,’ she thought.

Elle pulled them all the way down and opened Sarah’s legs, allowing her to step out of them. The act of spreading her legs released a fresh dose of the sweet fragrance from her visibly moist vagina. Elle inhaled deeply and said, “I’ll just see if Amy has anything more suitable.”

Elle stepped outside the curtain and put the panties to her nose and inhaled the fragrance. She closed her eyes and let her mind wander for a moment, imagining what it would be like to fully taste the sweet nectar of Sarah’s juices, to shave the girl’s pubis, to push her tongue deep inside to feel the silky touch of the young girl’s lips.

Amy watched with mecidiyeköy escort interest and felt a fresh flush of her own juices flooding her panties as Elle pulled her own skirt up and pushed Sarah’s panties into her own. Elle rubbed her own shaved lips into the damp material causing their juices to mingle. Satin on satin, juices mixing together, creating a sweet, delicately flavoured cocktail of lust.

Elle nodded to Amy who knew exactly what to do, she dropped to her hands and knees and pressed her mouth to Elle’s groin. She held the panties in her mouth, tasting the juices, and sampling the intoxicating and powerful aroma. Amy’ own juices starting to flow around the bullet which was in her panties. Elle had placed it there earlier, to tease the young assistant, who never knew when it would come to life.

“What else have you selected for Sarah, Amy?” asked Elle, to fill the lustful silence. Amy didn’t try to answer, but pointed at another pair of white, silk panties which were chilling next to the air conditioner. Elle gave Amy a quick kiss on the lips and returned to the cubicle.

While Elle was out of the cubicle, Sarah had been able to regroup her thoughts, ‘They’re not bad. The feelings flooding my loins and bottom aren’t wrong. It’s only natural. Elle’s just doing her job and is probably just a bit bossy.’

She lifted the hem of her skirt to clean herself up a little. She found a tissue and rubbed the moisture from her pubic hair and outer lips. It felt so good, her lips had never been this sensitive. Chuck’s fingers were clumsy and his touch so rough. This was different; that one light touch by Elle was like nothing she had felt before. In her mind, she relived the delicate touch, the waves of pleasure flowing through her body and how they had concentrated at her clitoris. She mimicked Elle’s touch by gently rubbing her moist lips again.

“Right, let’s see if these are any better,” Elle said bursting into the cubicle. Embarrassed, Sarah spun and dropped the hem of her skirt in one quick motion.

Once again Elle lifted the hem of Sarah’s skirt, and was greeted by an even stronger scent. She smiled knowingly and opened the girl’s legs, allowing Sarah to step into the chilled panties. The moist droplets from Sarah’s pussy caught on her blond pubic hair and twinkled in the changing room’s light, inviting Elle’s tongue to taste them. She pulled the panties up the young girl’s legs, making certain that her hands brushed the insides of her thighs. Elle pulled the panties so tight that she could clearly see Sarah’s fine pubis through the sheer material.

Sarah flinched as the cool material of the panties caressed her inner thighs and pressed in to her hot lips. ‘Oh God, that feels so nice,’ she thought.

“These look better,” Elle said, with her mouth and nose just inches away from Sarah’s pubis. She blew against the cold material of Sarah’s panties and in no time, Sarah’s blood-engorged lips swelled around the white silk panties and her moisture soaked through, making them translucent. Elle bathed her eyes and nose in the heavenly picture before her, mere inches from her eyes, was the most beautiful pair of lips that she had seen in a long time. She fought the instinctive desire to plunge her tongue into the girl’s folds and taste the honey inside. Elle smoothed the front of the panties, deliberately pushing her thumb against Sarah’s now clearly visible clitoris.

Sarah’s head swirled and she thought she was going to faint. Her whole body started shaking. Elle’s’ touch was excruciatingly light and sensual. Without realising it, she shifted her hips forward to increase the contact and to feel the older woman’s hot breath on her lips. Her clitoris started taking control of her mind, but Sarah’s sensible head was frightened. She worried that anything she tried on now, was going to be ruined.

Elle stood and allowed the hem of the skirt to fall. With her hands on Sarah’s hips, she turned the girl around and rubbed her hands over the young girl’s bottom, presumably checking that the material was straight and that the panties could not be seen.

Sarah welcomed the touch while her mind played games with her, ‘Will she slap me again? Should I protest this time?’ She knew it was belittling for Elle to slap her like that, but remembered how good it felt; how the sharp pain on her bottom had contrasted with the slow burning desire between her legs. In the back of her mind she wanted to be slapped again; she wanted to feel the heat of the slap on her bottom. She wanted to feel the heat mingling with the heat and juices between her legs.

Elle stopped the circling motion her hand was playing on Sarah’s bottom and lifted her arm. Sarah caught the movement in the corner of her eye and braced herself. Her lust wanted the slap. She shifted her bottom backward so that when the slap came, Elle’s fingers might press against her mons, perhaps even touching her delicate lower lips. Perhaps this would finally give her clitoris the relief it needed.

“Right, that should do it,” Elle said, turning to the curtain and pulling it aside.

Amy, waiting outside, withdrew her hand from the front of her skirt and helped Elle pull back the curtain.

“Don’t you think Sarah looks great, Amy?” asked Elle.

“Absolutely, you look great Sarah,” gushed Amy, “how do they feel?”

“Nice,” sputtered Sarah, desperately trying to regroup her thoughts again.

“I always love the feel of silk against my skin,” Amy continued, “it makes you feel so sexy, so wanted, don’t you think?”

“I guess so,” Sarah said, trying to suppress her disappointment over the slap that hadn’t come.

“OK, Sarah if you’d like to change back to your old cloths, Amy can gift wrap your new ones for you,” Elle instructed.

Sarah was disappointed, Elle wasn’t going to help her this time, but at the same time relieved because she would not be embarrassed again by how wet her new panties became. It took all her self-discipline, to not touch her aching clit when she removed the new panties. She tried putting the panties in the gift box by herself, but Amy took them from her. Sarah could have sworn she saw the girl smiling while she handled the panties, but thought she was probably imagining things.

In no time at all, the new cloths were wrapped and Sarah and Louise (who been patiently waiting in the front of the shop and poring over catalogues of beautiful lingerie) were preparing to leave. Louise wondered why her friend seemed so hot and flushed although the air-conditioned shop was so cool.

Sarah thanked Madame Elle for her help and said goodbye.

“Please come see us again if you need anything else,” said Elle. She moved forward and gave the young girl a courteous kiss on each cheek, French style. Unused to such conventions, Sarah panicked and thought the older woman was going to kiss her on the lips. In her panic she managed to achieve by accident, exactly what she had set out to avoid. For a moment their lips touched and their breasts pushed against one another. It was all over in a fumbled flash, but long enough that Sarah wondered about the strange but pleasant flavour on Elle’s lips, and long enough for her to be amazed at how soft Elle’s breasts felt. “See you soon,” said Elle, smiling her sly smile.

As soon as the customers were gone, Elle reached into her lace bra, grabbed the small remote and switched on the bullet inside Amy’s panties. She pulled her skirt up and guided her assistant’s mouth to the front of her own soaked panties. “Lick my clit, Amy. Lick it now. Make me come”. Amy obediently buried her face in her boss’s crotch, savouring the aroma and lapping up the copious juices oozing from between the smooth lips.

Release came quickly for both women; Amy’s hand furiously rubbed her own clit, assisting the bullet to bring herself to orgasm, while at the same time her tongue snaked into Elle’s panties and wrapped itself around the throbbing clitoris, causing Elle to throw her head back and cry out in ecstasy. Elle for her part, dreamed of having Sarah between her legs, she dreamed of teaching her the delights of Sapphic sex and dreamed of controlling her with her toys as she did Amy.

Louise couldn’t get much information out of Sarah about what had happened at the shop that afternoon. Sarah was being unusually coy about telling her. That night, as Louise lay in the spare bed at Sarah’s house, she swore she heard the muffled moans of Sarah orgasming in the bed next to her, but she didn’t think a lot of it. ‘A girl’s got a do, what a girl’s got to do,’ Louise thought, ‘She probably misses Chuck.’

Sarah’s subconscious mind was already making up excuses to return to Madame Elle’s. She wasn’t sure why she wanted to go back, but she knew she would. How about the bridal dress? She planned to wear her mother’s, but it needed extensive alterations and she had seen some beautiful satin gowns at Madame Elle’s. She wasn’t sure why she wanted to feel the light touch of Elle’s fingers on her skin. She wasn’t sure why she wanted Elle to fit her with more silk panties. Probably so she could look her best for Chuck. Sarah sighed and fell to sleep.


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