Yet Another Enduring Thread


She walked to the dresser, her scantily clad body exuding the very essence of her sexuality. Her eyes twinkled with a newfound playfulness of a kitten and yet the knowledge of a woman who’d travelled this road before, a woman who knew exactly where it led. This was a woman totally in charge of not only herself but also the moment and the situation. In general, I suppose, she was in charge of everything that surrounded her! In moments like this, there was no past – nor future. There was only the here and now, and it was all consuming, totally overwhelming, and wholly satisfying.

Her eyes peered into the mirror and caught mine staring at her back side, admiring the beauty of her curves and the intriguing motions of her sways that simply captivated my thoughts with their not so subtle invitations. I was naked on the bed, spread eagle and on my back. My penis was rock hard and raging from the striptease she had just had me perform for her. I don’t suppose I was really very good at it – the striptease that was – and I certainly wasn’t about to quit my day time job for a career as a male exotic dancer. But my attempts at sensuously undressing before her eyes had at least seemed to please her. That was good enough for me as it was all I had wanted. And then when she told me to lay down on the bed, well, who was I to argue??? It was her night and she was the producer, director, screenwriter, as well as the leading lady. Whether I was the corresponding leading man or simply a prop on her stage, I didn’t really care.

“Touch yourself” she said in a quiet tone of voice. Yet the mere sound of it interrupting the quiet which had preceded caused my eyes to lurch over to the reflection of hers in the mirror. I gave her a puzzled look just for a moment, trying to bring my mind back from the fantasy land it had floated off into. “Touch your penis for me” she said, still quiet, but a bit more forceful in nature. I saw her smile at me through the mirror and I smiled back before slowly allowing my hand to slide down my belly and come to rest beside my tremendously engorged shaft. My fingers gradually stretched out to touch my cock per her desire. Or was it a command? I suppose to be a command it must satisfy the criteria that to ignore it would have consequences. Then again, it wasn’t overly important at that point. What I knew for a fact was that to follow her request would certainly have its own set of consequences and that was more than good enough for me.

I was so aroused by that point that even the touch of my own fingers on my male parts caused my entire body to shudder. It was unusual to say the least, in that normally one grows so used to their own touch that it hardly ever seems to cause that sort of initial quivering response. But doing this in front of her, doing it to her beck and call had a way of taking things out of the norm in and of itself. My fingers traced the length of my rigidity, lightly teasing over the soft hairs on my upper scrotum before traversing back up and finding the swollen head with its precum oozing pee-hole slit. Goosebumps formed on my legs and arms as my body reacted to what seemed like strange new sensations and yet they were brought about by actions which were well known and recurring throughout my adult life. It was almost as if someone else was touching my penis and yet it was somebody who knew oh so well all of its little nuances and sensitivities!

My fingers dabbed into the warm gooey liquids, and then spread them over and around the mushroom puffy shape, before sliding back down onto the ever so sensitive underside of my cock. I watched her eyes as they in-turn observed my fingers and the internal satisfaction of the moment grew as I saw the smile expand upon her lips. I felt a groan form in my throat and yet I choked it back, not wanting to disturb the silence that laid between us; or perhaps not feeling as if I had permission to do so. My fingers lurched back upward to find more of my self-made lubrication; a growing trickle (perhaps even a stream) of manly passion and arousal. They paused for just a moment, enjoying the feel and consistency of the love juices, before spreading them once again, this time even a bit further down my massively inflated pole.

My eyes became mesmerized once more by her body, her velvety soft bronzed skin covered only by her red silk bra with matching bikini panties. She turned only slightly but enough to where I could see the reflection of her hardened nipples pressing firmly at the thin material and a large wet spot becoming clearly visible on the front of her panties. My mouth watered in response; my penis throbbed even harder still (if that was even possible). My fingers pressed a tad more firmly onto it as they continued traveling up and down the seemingly ever growing silky hardness of my shaft.

Slipping the straps off her shoulders, she unhooked the bra and tossed it aside, seemingly enjoying the reaction it elicited from my face. I’d seen her breasts thousands and thousands of times before and yet they still seemed to extract that first time vision nişantaşı escort response within my being every time she uncovered them. Her fingers played down over her small but pert breasts, pinching and pulling at her nipples and making them even more firm and erect.

Slipping one hand under her right breast, she raised the nipple while her tongue lightly licked the fingers from her other hand. Her eyes shot an expression of lustful teasing to me through the mirror before her fingers dropped down and lightly brushed over the hardened button on her pillow soft mound. The nipple now glistening with the wetness of her own saliva, her eyes closed slightly as she seductively moaned and caused another flow of clear liquids to seep from my penis. It was clearly more than alright for her body to interrupt the silence within the room, even as I laid perfectly quiet in my restless and ever growing fervor. Indeed, everything was as it should be.

“I want to FUCK you” she said, this time in a bit of a coarse tone; a whispered insistence that clearly wasn’t a request! The words seemingly awakened me from my enthralled world of self-indulgence, and I literally shook my head for a moment before stammering back a weakened “…??? what??? …” She turned towards me now, her eyes having a bit of a fire in them as she walked towards the bed. “I want to FUCK that tight little ASS of yours!!!” She was well aware of my affinity for anal stimulation as she had fingered me and even licked me on occasion on my most private of entrances. But this was altogether different. The way she said the word FUCK was not a simple indication of finger probing.

“With what?” I said, my desires and curiosities meeting within my mind and sending gushes of sexual adrenaline and hormones flowing throughout my entire body.

She simply smiled at me for the moment, her body standing next to the bed now adjacent to my waist. Her fingers moved down lower, slipping inside the elastic waistband of her panties. Pushing the scarlet material outward she explored the warm dampness between her legs. Her clit was extraordinarily hard, her lips swollen and tender, and copious quantities of honey pouring forth from her pussy. The aroma of her aroused state filled the air and only served to further heighten my own excitement. Her fingers rubbed back and forth around the edges of her most sensitive of womanly spots as my eyes were glued on the swaying motions her fingers caused underneath the panties.

And then, her fingers stopping for a moment – her eyes burning a hole into mine as I looked back up to her face, she finally answered my question. “With my COCK, you silly SLUT!!!” I think my heart literally stopped for a moment (or at least long enough to where the rest of my body took notice) before pounding once more with added vigor and rage. Perhaps it was the possessive nature of her reference to a COCK or just the way I somehow enjoyed being referred to as her SLUT. But if my penis wasn’t ready to bust a nut before that statement, it was rapidly nearing a condition I could only liken to instantaneous self combustion!

I gave her a questioning look again, even as my heart went through its abnormal palpitations and my fingers stopped moving on my penis lest it burst forth in uncontrollable premature ejaculation. With a shit eating grin on her face, she withdrew her now totally drenched fingers from her panties and quickly brought them to my nose. The smell of her womanly elements was intoxicating to say the least, and, in an act of pure instinct, my tongue reached out in an attempt to savor the taste. She simply teased me more, leaving a load of her feminine nectar near my nostrils, clearly outside of the reach of my longing tongue, as she withdrew her hand from my face.

She leaned over to the nightstand, opening the drawer within and withdrawing from it a perfectly shaped, incredibly realistic looking strap-on penis. My mind wandered momentarily as to where she had come into possession of this new sexual toy; but it was a fleeting question, quickly replaced with an onrushing myriad of desires and wishes. Playfully, she held it up for a moment, admiring its anatomically correct nature. Inspecting it carefully, as if to make sure it was worthy of the task at hand, she finally held it down towards my own groin. “Seems about the same shape and size as yours, so with any luck, it ought to be a perfectly good fit!!!”

My heart beat madly as she extended her sense of control into this novel sexual dominion! It was unusual enough for her to take this sort of initiative, let alone try to turn the tables of the fucked versus the fuckee! It caused a pause within me for a moment and what was surely a societal induced rejecting thought of machismo fluttered briefly through my brain. But it was immediately tossed aside from raging hunger of the most basic and simple human sexuality. When all is said and done at the end of the day, there are simply times it is far better to follow our most basic of animal instincts, and cast aside the burdens which a judgmental world, şişli escort with its countless sets of rights and wrongs and morals and ethics, may try to place upon us. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, morality and principles have their place (or at least certain interpretations of them surely do). And yet, so do the raw sexual impulses of the human species!

I was so enraptured with erotic thoughts of what was happening that I didn’t even really notice how she put the damn thing on, although it’s not likely that I would have offered any suggestions along the way. The next thing I knew she had placed herself up on the bed, her groin with its new found 7 inch penis coming to straddle my face as her body pointed in the opposite direction of mine. With her knees on either side of my head, she used her fingers to point her play piece down at my mouth before saying “I suppose you ought to suck it good and hard before I plunge it into you.” She lowered her body down slightly, the tip of this incredibly realistic looking fake cock coming in touch with my lips, as she said “And make sure you leave it good and wet for me, sweetheart!”

Now, I’m not a cock virgin, having gone through the typical teenage boy to boy experimentation on several occasions and even having had some adult male to male experiences later on in life (albeit they were fairly far in the past by now). Furthermore, through 47 years of growing familiarity, I knew my own cock like the back of my hand, as some might say. Then again, in a literal sense, I probably know my own cock even better. Somehow I find the examination of my penis far more enamoring than that of the back of my hand. (I suspect that doesn’t make me overly unique within the male side of the species.) As such, I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that this nude colored, veined and hard, jelly material which was now touching my lips was created to match every detail of the shape and texture of an actual human penis and scrotum, lacking only the taste and aroma of the real McCoy. For that matter, the sexual aroma coming from more sweet sexual parts more than compensated for the lack of one from the strap-on.

My tongue reached out to lick at the head, encircling it with wet lustful lashings as if it were an actual living, feeling, and throbbing appendage. She kept her body raised up off of mine with her eyes staring down below her bosom to watch my mouth perform it’s duties on her new play toy. Through years of having conversed with her of my previous male to male sexual incidences, I knew the subject matter fascinated her, always leading to arousals beyond the typical. However, she could never bring herself to consider any sort of 3-some. I suppose this new situation gave her a way to experience her fantasy without having to open our sex life to what she surely would have considered an outside intruder. Although I was momentarily self consumed with starting to lick and kiss and suck on the end of my lovers strap-on device, the actions of her legs and hips combined with the sultry sexual words coming from her lips made it more than obvious that my actions were extraordinarily pleasing to her.

“Ohhhhh yeahhhhhh!!! Lick it, baby!!! Lick on that big hard COCK HEAD of mine!!!” Her hips lurched slightly, the plastic material embedding itself into my mouth up to the ridge beneath the fake swollen head. My lips wrapped around it and my oral cavity formed a sucking, swallowing vacuum within its confines. My tongue continued the exploration of its newfound friend, licking around and around, darting into and over the phony slit. My mouth was making oral love to a dildo as if I were somehow doing it to my own penis! With my eyes still open, I watched as her groin gyrated further, seeing the scrotum sack of the strap-on pressing snuggly against her clitoris and recognizing that it was surely stimulating her own sexual experience.

And then her body sunk down onto mine; her breasts came to rest on my belly as the plastic cock slid further into my mouth. “Suck it, baby!!! SUCK MY BIG HARD COCK, YOU LITTLE SLUT!!!” Her voice was a guttural rasp; her actions that of a sexual deity wholly in control of every aspect of anything and everything occurring between us. Her buttocks began moving up and down, bringing her penis to the brink of leaving my mouth before easily guiding it back into my hot drooly orifice. On a few occasions, her overly anxious motions nearly induced the gag reflex within me, but I compensated by swallowing deeply and gushing air into my lungs through raging wide opened nostrils!

Meanwhile, her arms had wrapped around the underside of my legs, pulling them up to her sides until her arm pits held them firmly in place. My cock nestled itself into her upper chest, more than content for the moment to be held securely in place, even if not in the spotlight of the main activity. Her fingers momentarily traced the soft, silky smooth, totally white skin of my tightened buns, before grasping at the crease and pulling my cheeks apart fully. The entrance to my anal cavity, fully exposed and opened now, quivered mecidiyeköy escort and shuddered. A pink wrinkly aperture not used to being open to the elements, it reacted and relished the coolness of the air rushing over it. One of her hands moved gently through my crack, her index finger touching my ass-hole. Teasing it just lightly, it ran through my sensitivity in a motion of curious examination.

Her fucking of my mouth had slowed to a steady rhythmic motion with perhaps only an inch or so of her counterfeit hardness sliding in and out of my lips. My actions in turn had been reduced to a stable, yet firm, sucking action, even as my ass-hole was quickly leading to sensory overload. The coolness of the air and the tickling of her finger were quickly overtaken by the moist warmth of her breath as she brought her face into proximity of my buttocks. Between the words that she spoke and the light dribbles of spittle which splashed onto my opening, my sexual being felt besieged and bewildered and totally blissful with each.

“I’M GONNA FUCK YOU AND FUCK YOU HARD!!!” Before my mind even had a chance to absorb the words and fully comprehend what she was saying, I felt her tongue lash onto my ass-hole, a hot, wet cottony softness that left my opening drenched with her saliva even on its first pass. Again and again and again she drug her soaked, pleasure giving tongue through my crack and over my tightened opening, each time causing my body to convulse with uncontrollable delight and gratification. Utterly beyond my conscious control, I groaned and moaned, my sounds quieted somewhat by the girth of the plastic shaft within my mouth.

It wasn’t like this was an absolute first for me; but, to be honest, it was such a rare occurrence as to make it seem nearly as such. Furthermore, the passion and zeal she applied to her actions went well beyond what I’d ever experienced from any previous rimming effort and left me savoring the senses which seemed to shoot as lightening bolts into every nerve ending of my body. I suppose the act isn’t for everybody and I can certainly think of circumstances and situations which would make it disgusting and repulsive. But this wasn’t that! This was wholly erotic – intimate beyond mere intimacy; an act given from one individual to another intended to provide incredible and awe-inspiring sexual stimulation and inspiration.

With her spit literally dripping through my crack and onto my lower back, her fingers started going to work in the pleasure assault of my rear entrance. Fingers probing – first one and then two – forcing my hole to part and spreading my tightness, only to have the opening filled by her ever so hot, wet tongue. Drenching it once more before her fingers continued onward – deeper and wider – farther and farther. Her actions left my hole gaping and ready for the deep hard fucking she had already guaranteed!!!

And then, I suppose she knew I was more than ready. Her motions were that of a cat, effortlessly pulling her sleek, muscled body from on top of mine and smoothly moving in one fluent motion until she was positioned below my bottom with her torso towering over me. Her groin nestled against my still exposed buttocks with her hands now locked securely onto the crease beneath my knee’s, holding me still and steady. She proceeded to bring her body up over mine, her gorgeous curves and ever so soft velvetiness seemingly hovering in the air a foot above me. “Put it in …” she said in a whispered hiss – a desirous petition – an eager pleading for mutual gratification. “Take my cock inside of you!!!” She smiled at me, her eyes ablaze as they penetrated into mine. Her every thought was exposed and her very sexual soul laid naked and bare, intertwined and entangled within that of mine!

Both of my hands slid down to the area between us, bypassing my own cock and balls on their way to hers. My own penis was not nearly as rigid as hers, seemingly content to play second fiddle for now. Indeed, it was one of those rare instances where that particular organ doesn’t seemingly demand the role of being front and center. I grasped a hold of the jelly skin of hers, wet with my own spit and seemingly throbbing if only due to the blood stream rushing to my fingers tips from my own heartbeat! I grasped it firmly in-between my hands, pressing it downward slightly as both her and my faces descended to watch the smooth end of the strap-on glide easily over my hole. Hands trembling in anticipation – ass-hole twinging and convulsing in keen expectation – her penis was now perfectly in line with my anal doorway.

My hands slowly pulled back to give her full and open access to my body, and then she lowered it into me. It was as simple as that, in reality I suppose, and yet it’s impossible to describe the deed in any sort of meaningful way. She had prepped my opening so thoroughly that there wasn’t any significant resistance, even from my normally oh so tight sphincter muscles. Regardless, my hole still offered an extraordinarily tight, yet thoroughly wet confine for her replica of a penis. A feeling I can only describe as absolute and utter fullness surged throughout my body as my head tilted back and mouth opened wide in a silent scream of sexual wonderment. I experienced a feeling like nothing I had ever felt before!

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