Candy’s Cane Ch. 02


The day after her encounter Candy bounced back into her room after visiting friends that morning. She decided to take a dip in the family swimming pool. As she kicked off her shoes she noticed a package on her pillow with a note attached. A little nervous she read the note, “I bought this just for you. Throw out the candy cane and enjoy. I’ll show you what the strap is for later. Eat you soon, Love Mom.”

She opened the package and found a large strap-on dildo. It looked very realistic; including the balls, except it was bigger than the real thing. She immediately stripped nude and started to shove the plastic prick in her cunt when she felt her Mother’s hands reach around her and squeeze her breasts. Candy turned around letting the dildo slip from her cunt as she kissed her Mom passionately. As they hugged Candy felt a bulge between them.

She looked down and saw an identical dildo sticking out from her mother’s hips. “Candy, this is a strap-on dildo and I want to use it to fuck you. Then you can use yours on my pussy. Sound like a good idea?

“Well, sure Mom, it sounds like fun,” Candy responded just a little stunned at these developments. In a heartbeat Candy was sprawled out on the bed with her Mom Devouring her pussy. As the girl humped her face.

“Oh God, Candy you taste so sweet, but are you ready for me to fuck your sweet little cunt.” Taking a moan as a positive response Felicity moved up her Daughter’s body. She gave Candy a kiss and reached down and aimed her artificial member into her daughter’s hole. At first she gently pushed but within Seconds she was pumping her offspring like a bitch in heat. They both came to rousing orgasms as sweat fell from Felicity’s forehead.

Withdrawing from her blonde girl’s snatch she said, “Now you do it to me.” Felicity unfastened her equipment and helped Candy put the other dildo on. Felicity assumed The position and was not disappointed as Candy ate her out like a real pro.

She could tell her daughter was a bit anxious as she missed the hole the first time she tried to stick the rod in her, so she guided the rod into her shaft. Once in though, Candy had better rhythm than most men she had been with.

Candy had always wondered what the thrill of wearing a strap on was. But, now that she was fucking her mother she could not believe how fantastic it was. Her clit was stimulated beyond belief. Again, it did not take long for the ladies to have a dramatic sweaty orgasm. Candy loved what her and her Mom were doing but Wanted a guy’s cock, and soon.

For the next several days Candy spent a lot of time in various sexual experiments with her Mom. Until one day when she looked out her window at the pool and Saw her Mom with Virginia Berrybush, the next door neighbor.

She watched for awhile. At first Virginia put a little lotion on her Mom but then she handed the tube over to the other lady as she was sunburned. She started out applying lotion to Virginia’s burnt back But, Candy wondered why her Mom’s hands bursa escort had progressed to rubbing Virginia’s ass. Could it be that her Mom was trying to seduce Virginia Berrybush?

Candy saw her Mom rubbing Virginia’s ass crack and even between her legs. The caressing grew more frantic and Virginia’s feet were stroking her Mom’s thighs. Then the swim Suits came off. Her Mom had grabbed Virginia Berry bush’s large melons and was sucking them.

Candy was jealous but also turned on and began playing with herself. She let her pants fall to her knees reaching for her new toy and began fucking herself While the action unfolded below her. Felicity swung her hips around for Virginia so that they were in perfect sixty nine position as she stuck two fingers in the neighbor’s pussy. This was Virginia’s first lesbian experience.

So, she was timid about eating out her best friend. But, once Felicity got Virginia’s juices flowing Virginia responded with gusto. For the next ten minutes Candy watched as the older ladies made out below. Candy had no problem doing the same but decided that if her Mom could play the field she could too. She decided right then and there to lose her real virginity.

She thought for a minute and decided that her own Father would be the best way to go. She saw the way he gawked at her and the large bulge in his pants Whenever they were together. Her Father, John, was the son of Reverend Freestone Peacher and his wife Cherry. John stood about six feet tall and weighed 190 pounds. He was four years younger than his wife at age 40 and was still a hunk by anybody’s standards. Candy knew he had cheated on her Mother as he had seen him out on a date one night with his Secretary. She knew it was a date as they were kissing and her Dad was sneaking a feel of the Secretary’s lap.

She had to act fast as her Dad was out of town a lot. That night she dressed as foxy as she could with a top with lots of cleavage and tight fitting shorts. She had her hair in pigtails and pranced around in front of him. She could tell it had an effect on him as she could hear him gulp loudly. At bedtime she wore a short nightgown that barely covered her panties and if she bent over one could easily see her nipples. She threw her arms around her Dad tight and gave him a platonic kiss goodnight As she softly pushed her hips against his. John was turned on and let his hand sneak to the top of her ass but then the hug was over.

Nothing happened that night as her Mom was always around. The next morning Candy woke to her Mom pulling off her panties and they made love for the next Hour and a half. Candy kept thinking about her Dad the whole time. She made up her mind that tonight was it as her Mom had some committee meeting to go to and would be gone for three hours.

Felicity left after dinner saying, “Candy, take care of your father.” Candy thought that was exactly what she would do. She ran back to her room and got Dressed as she had yesterday but added pantyhose, high heels and bursa escort bayan a strong dose of perfume.

She went back to the living room where her Dad was sitting in a recliner. His eyes fixed on his sexy daughter the moment she walked in. She hurried over and sat on his lap purring, “Now, Daddy what should we do?”

John knew what he wanted to do as Candy wrapped her arms around his neck, but said, “Let’s watch TV”

“I bet we could find something better to do, Daddy,” she whispered as she stretched out her leg letting the high heel dangle seductively.

Afraid to ask he mumbled, “Like what?”

She gave him a peck on his lips, “Make love to me Daddy.”

No, that would be so wrong.”

Candy was not convinced that he meant it so continued, “Come on Daddy be the first man to have sex with your little girl.”

John was melting but still resisted, “That is incest, I can’t do it.”

“Daddy, if you don’t take my clothes off, kiss every part of my body and give me my first fuck I will tell Mom about you and your Secretary.” Candy didn’t think she really needed to use blackmail but wanted to speed things up as she wanted all of the sack time she could get. She looked in her Dad’s eyes and pressed her lips on his. He didn’t move so she stuck her tongue in his mouth for a second.

“Oh, shit honey this is wrong. Please no, “he said even as he placed his hand on her boob.

“Yes, Daddy fuck me, daddy, fuck your little girl or I will tell on you.” She kissed him again a little more passionately.

“Ok you little twit. But this will be the only time, understand?”

“No you understand, daddy, if I want to fuck you again we will fuck again. Now show me the wonders of sex now”

Again they kissed but this time she reached down and gave the bulge in his pants a tug which caused him to grunt softly. As their tongues merrily danced together the girl unbuttoned his shirt and lifted her feet for him to remove her shoes. She wanted her first fuck to be memorable so she slid off his lap standing in front of him taking his hand to pull him up. Leading the way she took him to her parent’s bedroom. Standing beside the bed they quickly removed each other’s pants and shirts. John was amazed at his daughter’s actions but was more amazed at the vision of her marvelous boobs. Candy pulled her father down on top of her. Any pretense of resistance was now gone from John as he attacked his daughter’s boobs. Candy used her hands to feed him tit flesh. It was not long before he kissed down her belly and slowly pulled off her pantyhose and then her panties.

Candy was soon experiencing the best pussy eating of her life. Her dad started agonizingly slow but built the tension with superb mastery. He was rewarded with one of the biggest spills of pussy juice he had ever seen.

“Daddy that was fucking good, but please fuck me now.” He climbed up his daughter’s slender frame until their crotches were together. His underwear was still in the way, but escort bursa it didn’t take her but a couple of seconds to remedy that as she started pushing them down with her hands and pulled them the rest of the way down with her feet. She spread her legs as wide as they would go.

He balanced himself on one elbow and used his free hand to tickle her clit with the head of his cock. Then, when he thought she was ready he stuck the head of his cock just inside her steamy opening and immediately backed out. He repeated this several times each time going in a few more millimeters until he was up on both elbows starting to rhythmically fuck the fruit of his loins. “Oh god, Candy, you are fucking tight.”

“Oh daddy, fuck your little girl. Oh daddy, this feels great!”

Candy had never heard anyone grunt so loud or breathe so heavy. She thought her dad might have a heart attack. But, he stayed inside her long enough for her to come three times. For the next two hours she told him he had to kiss every part of her body and then she would suck his cock.

What John didn’t know is that Candy had been getting lessons in cock sucking from Felicity during their love making sessions. Her technique was flawless as she licked all around his eight inch member before taking it all the way down her throat. He didn’t have much cum left in him but Candy caught every drop of what was left. With this task completed she laid her head on John’s shoulder saying, “Daddy that was so nice Can I come to bed with you and mom sometime?” John pretended not to hear this question and got up to get dressed as Felicity would be home soon.

Time was winding down on summer break but Candy was enjoying her parents love at separate times. She still had time to lay in her bikini at the side of the pool. It was a couple of days later that she was home alone laying by the pool that she looked over and saw Mr. Berrybush in his garden. He was supposedly pulling weeds but in reality all he was doing was staring at Candy.

She hollered, “What ‘ya looking at, Mr. Berrybush?”

“Just admiring the scenery.”

“You mean just staring at me. Would you like to see more?” He said nothing so she untied the top of her swimsuit exposing her tits to him.

“What do you think of the view now?”


“You can get a close up view if you want it.” Candy could not believe she said this. Mr. Berrybush practically ran over. She threw her arms around him and he kissed her violently. He yanked down her bikini bottoms as she did the same to his shorts and underwear. He pushed her to the ground and jabbed his six incher at her hole. She reached down and guided it in. He pumped her fast and furiously. He hammered away at her cunt. Candy’s hips came up to meet each thrust. Within five minutes Fred had blown his wad and Candy had cum three times. Just as quickly as they started they gathered up their clothes and went back to their respective homes.

Candy was glad she had fucked Fred Berrybush as now she knew she liked making love not this animal fucking without foreplay. She liked the kissing and rubbing and teasing. She thought her lessons would come in handy at college and probably would be useful in the time she had before she left.

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