Fun In The Park

Big Tits

Ian and Lou love to play sexy games. One of their favourites is to go out in public and for Lou to flash at strangers.

Lou has a gorgeous body. She is very fit and has stunning legs, a cute ass and magnificent boobs. Her face is pretty and girlish and belies the fact that she is in her mid thirties. She can easily pass for much younger and that too is sometimes the source of some of their sexual excitement as she teases older men.

Their favourite playground for these flashing sessions is the local park. It has a large wooded area surrounding a lake. The woods are crisscrossed with paths some of which are quite secluded. On one recent outing Lou was wearing a long coat with just underwear underneath. She wore a lacy black bra which made her tits look even more gorgeous. She had on a lacy black thong and matching suspender belt which held up her very sheer black stockings. He outfit was finished off with knee length black boots.

Ian hid nearby while Lou waited by the edge of the path with her back to a tree. Only two people passed by in the space of an hour. One a jogger and the other a woman walking her dog. Lou flashed her stocking tops at both but they didn’t respond. They just gave her reproving looks. Then she spotted her target. He was an older man whom Ian and Lou had seen on previous outings. Lou had flashed her underwear at him before and he had reacted by squeezing what appeared to be quite a large cock through his trousers. Tonight Lou intended to go much farther.

As he approached Lou called him over. ‘I was hoping I might see you here tonight,’ he said as he arrived.

‘Why is that then,’ Lou returned ‘You going to show me that nice cock of yours?

‘I might. If you make it worth my while,’ he retorted.

‘What do you mean by that?’

‘Open your coat and I’ll show you’

With that Lou let the bottom half of her coat fall apart to reveal her striking, stocking-clad leg, right up to the few inches of flesh at the tops of her thighs.

‘Very nice’ commented the man.

‘Tell me when you get hard,’ Lou said breathlessly. ‘The more you tell me the more I will show you.’

‘I’m getting hard alright.’

‘Come closer. Make sure you can see me. I’m going to show you everything. I want you to tell me what you think of me. If you get your cock out and play with it I’ll finger myself for you.’

Lou was quite breathless. The excitement was mounting and her pussy was getting very moist now.

‘How old are you anyway?’ The man asked.

‘How old do you think I am?’

‘Well you young girls these days; its hard to tell. You could be anything from 16 to 30.’

‘What if I told you I was 15. Would that get you hard?’

‘I’m hard already’

‘Well show it to me then. I want to see your fucking hard-on. Take it out and wank it for me. With that Lou opened her coat all the way up and shrugged it off her shoulders. It dropped to her elbows revealing her fantastic body. She thrust her hips forward and pushed her pussy towards her audience. ‘Here I am. Look at me and wank like you do when you look at those fucking tramps in your dirty magazines.

‘You’re a fucking tramp coming out here like this…’

‘It’s you who’s going to cum. Not me, she giggled.

‘Only if you fucking make me you little bitch. Show me those tits of yours. The man had now opened his trousers and fished out his very large and swollen dick. His fist was clasped around it and he was wanking hard. His breath was coming in short pants as he issued his instructions to Lou.

She responded by opening her bra and allowing her beautiful tits to fall free. She scooped them up in her hands and tweaked her nipples, which were already hard.

‘You want to fuck me, don’t you. You want to fuck this little 15 year old virgin, you dirty fucking pervert. Well I’m fucking wet enough for you to do it. My pussy is really wet.

With that Lou turned around and let her coat fall to the ground she bent over and held onto the tree. Her lovely ass pointing back at the man.

‘Do you like my bum?, she asked him. ‘I think its lovely. Somebody once told me they wanted to fuck my bum. I didn’t know you could do that. Can you imagine fucking my bum. Putting that lovely cock of yours up my tight bum hole and fucking me really hard? Would you spurt your stuff up my ass? That would feel really weird. Or you could fuck my little cunt and take my virginity. Would you like to do that? Would you like your big fucking cock to be the first to go up my hot little pussy?

The man could hardly speak. His eyes were fixed on Lou’s ass as she swayed from side to side. His hand was a blur on his dick.

Lou then pushed her and down inside her panties. He could plainly see her fingers moving inside the gusset. ‘Oh fuck, I’m so wet. I’m pushing my fingers into my cunt and they are just sliding in so easily. Your cock would slide in no trouble. Look!

With that she turned around and slid the panties down her thighs to reveal her hairy bush. bursa escort The man could see her juices glistening in the hair and as he watched Lou moved her fingers through the hair and down between her legs. She let out a soft moan as two fingers slipped inside her. She leaned back on the tree and bent her knees slightly to spread her thighs. Lou was now wanking in earnest in front of this stranger. She kept up her commentary of filthy talk while she stared at his massive erection.

‘Pump your fucking dick, you perverted bastard. I know what your thinking. You want to fuck me. You want to fucking take me right up against this tree. Well I might even fucking let you. Sometime that is, not tonight though. I want to see you shoot your stuff. I want to see how much you can produce. If I’m going to let you fuck me I have to know you can squirt lots of spunk. I want it to be running from my little cunt after you take my virginity.

The man moaned aloud now. Fearing that he might cum soon Lou sank down to squat back against the tree. ‘Come over here’ she ordered. I want you to cum on me. Spunk all over me. Spunk on my face and tits and everywhere.

The man now shuffled forward. It was obvious he couldn’t hold on much longer and he moved over to point his dick inches in front of Lou’s pretty face. Lou was now frigging herself frantically. Her tits were jiggling and Ian could hear the rasp and squish of her fingers pumping her cunt even from his hiding place some metres away.

Just then the man grunted and pointed his cock right at Lou’s mouth. The first squirt of cum hit her cheek. The next got her mouth and the remainder fell on her chin and tits. Lou came too and fell forward to place her mouth over the wilting cock. She sucked the remaining spunk from it then she stood and kissed the older man on the cheek. ‘See you next week then, Malc, and they both laughed.

Ian then emerged from his hiding place, cock in hand and wanking furiously. As he approached Lou knelt down to take his stiff cock between her lips. Ian was already very near to cumming and it was only a matter of a few bobs of Lou’s head before he was spunking into her mouth.

When Ian had finished cumming Lou stood up and they kissed to exchange his spunk. As they came apart Ian bent his head to Lou’s tits to lick up the remainder of Malc’s cum from there.

A few minutes later the three were on their way back across the park. Lou had put her panties back on but her bra was in her coat pocket. Malc had to leave them to go to a different exit and as Ian and Lou made their way back to their car Lou had a very naughty thought.

The local rugby team were have a practice night on the park field. Lou suggested that they go by and flash at the players to put them off.

* * * * *

Lou was quite turned on at the thought of exciting all of those lovely men. She had only ever been aware of being the cause of two hard-ons at one time, and so the thought of possibly causing ten, or a dozen or more sent a familiar tingle through her pussy.

Lou and Ian stood on the side lines for a few minutes watching the players run back and forth performing some kind of training task. There were a few other people on the sidelines, including a tall, striking looking brunette. She had a whistle and was shouting instructions, so was obviously some kind of coach.

As the team came towards their end, Lou allowed her coat to fall open. The sight of her tits and stockings drew shouts from the team and a blast of the whistle from the coach. This occurred again a few more times and then the coach made her way across to where Ian and Lou were standing ‘What the fuck are you playing at?

‘We’re just having some fun, Ian explained.

‘Well piss off and have it somewhere else, she retorts.

‘Piss off yourself, Lou responded ‘Are you afraid I’ll excite them more than you can.

‘You wouldn’t know what to do with a bunch of excited lads…

‘I’d know more than you, you fucking dyke, Lou snapped back. A second later the brunette had knocked Lou to the ground and was trying to sit on her. Lou pushed her off with some help from Ian. But now they were surrounded by the players.

The coach shouted something like ‘Get them’ and the players quickly grabbed Lou and Ian and began to carry them off towards the club house. Lou was carried by about four men and they all groped her tits and cunt and ass as they carried her. Both were dropped to the floor in the shower area.

They both scramble to their feet and look around frantically. There is no-where to run. The only exit is back through the changing room, and that is blocked by the large crowd of rugby players. Lou has lost her coat and now stands before the crowd in just her shoes, stockings, suspenders and panties. She is very flushed with a mix of excitement and rage. How far can they go with this? Surely they wouldn’t dare rape her, not with Ian as a witness.

Just then the coach pushes her way forward. She is clearly very angry.

‘You bursa escort bayan fucking little slag. You’ve ruined our training session.

Neither Lou nor Ian respond.

‘I’m going to make sure you are well and truly punished for this. When we’ve finished with you won’t be in a hurry to flash those fucking tits of yours again.

‘You’re just jealous, you flat chested dyke,’ Lou argues bravely. This draws some laughter from the rugby players. Encouraged by this Lou continues ‘Look at you. No tits, no ass, the only thing you could turn-on is a dildo. And I bet you do, every night…

The coach lunges at Louise. She pushes her back against the wall. Lou fights back but the coach is much stronger and soon has her pressed hard against the cold tiles with her arms out and wrists held against the wall. The coach’s face is just an inch or so in front of Lou’s. Lou can feel her breath hot on her cheek ‘I’m going to watch you get fucked by every dick in this room and then I’m going to make you lick me out. What do you think of that?.

To the coach’s surprise, Lou responds by kissing the woman. Her tongue slides past her lips and explores her mouth. Its tip flicking along her teeth, searching out the woman’s hot tongue in return.

The coach responds and the two women snog each other for a minute or so while the stunned audience looks on. Eventually Lou breaks away. The whole thing has been bravado, hoping to call the woman’s bluff. She wouldn’t dare have her raped like this. Trying to push the point to conclusion Louise summons up her courage and plays her part to the full. She squirms her pelvis against the coach’s thigh and rubs her hot pussy into the other’s mound.

The coach squirms back, and the two women look like two teenagers pressing their bodies together for a quick thrill. The coach’s right hand releases Lou’s wrist and moves down to her waist. Her fingers glide along the waistband of her panties before dipping underneath.

Lou holds her breath as she feels the woman’s fingers move down and touch her pubic hair. Is this more bluff? How far will this go? The fingers are now sliding down through her hair and come into contact with her pussy lips.

The fingers feel cool on her hot vulva and Lou can’t help herself open her legs a bit more to let them in. She can’t be thinking of having sex here, with this woman, in front of, how many, fifteen or twenty men. But her senses are reeling. She is more aroused than she can remember. But she can’t. There are too many. ‘Fuck it’ she thinks, you only live once, why the hell not.

Two fingers slide into Lou’s hot wet cunt. She gasps and clasps her free hand around the woman in front of her. They are kissing again as the woman finger fucks Lou with a steady rhythm. Lou opens her eyes as they break apart again. She stares into the woman’s dark eyes. She finds herself thinking how beautiful she looks now. Flushed with sexual arousal. Then Lou hears her self say, ‘So where are all these dicks you promised me?’

Suddenly the coach lets go of Lou’s other wrist. She spins her round and is now holding her by the hair. Her head bent back. Her chest heaving as she breathes deeply. Lou feels her panties being yanked halfway down her thighs. Then she hears the coach’s voice saying ‘Who wants to fuck this little tramp? The little bitch is hot for it. She says she wants every dick here.

There is a loud roar from the crowd and Lou’s head is spinning as she feels herself being thrust forward in to the arms of the advancing men. She is man-handled and spun around and around. Her head is giddy. There are hands everywhere. On her tits. Grabbing her ass. Clutching her pussy. Hands and fingers are pressing on her face and she can’t see properly. She feels herself being lifted up and carried a short distance. She feels a cold surface on her ass as she is laid down again. She feels her panties tear and split as they are pulled from her legs. There are hands on her ankles and her legs are being spread wide. Then she feels something prodding between her wide open legs. A large man is leaning over her and she feels his cock sliding into her cunt. She is so wet it goes in effortlessly and he is soon fucking her in fast hard strokes.

Lou is suddenly aware of being surrounded by naked men. Big muscular men with rock hard dicks. A sudden burst of orgasmic pleasure surges through her cunt as she thinks ‘They are all fucking hard for me. They all want to fuck me’

The man in her cunt is pumping furiously now. Lou is grunting with every thrust. She is also calling abuse at them. Telling them they are all fucking bastards. That they are raping her. And that they’d better fucking do it right!

Her legs are stretched wide apart. She can feel the big cock sliding in and out of her. She can feel her own pleasure building. She knows she will cum soon. Ordinarily Lou would try to time her orgasm to happen with her partner, but not tonight. She thinks ‘Fuck it. They can all fuck me. I’ll cum loads of times. I am escort bursa just going to enjoy it.

Just then the man fucking her groans and slams his dick in harder than ever. He holds it in place deep inside her and Lou feels it erupt. Spewing spunk deep into her womb. The cock has hardly stopped twitching when the man steps aside and is immediately replaced by another. His cock slips straight into her sopping wet, spunky cunt and he begins to fuck her frantically. This one isn’t going to last long. Lou can see it in his face. He is too hurried. She wriggles her leg free and put it behind his ass and presses him to her with her ankle. She tries to control his pace. To slow him down. But the men misunderstand.

‘Look at the little slut. She fucking loves it,’ one remarks.

‘Give it to her Chris,’ calls another.

All too soon the man cums. Again deep into Lou’s pussy. Two loads of cream are now on deposit and Lou is frustrated that she hasn’t been able to taste either. She feels the grip on her ankle and wrists loosen and she immediately shifts to sit up on her knees. There is a small commotion as the men think she is trying to escape but then they realise she is actually taking charge. Her hand dips between her legs and she scoops some of the spunk dripping from her fanny onto her fingers. As the men watch she raises her fingers to her mouth and pokes out her tongue to taste the combination of spunk. It tastes good and she wants more…

‘OK, you can do what you want to me on one condition. Nobody else cums in my cunt. OK?’

‘Afraid you’ll get pregnant,’ sneers one man.

‘No. Just afraid I’ll miss out on some tasty spunk,’ Lou answers staring into his face. She leans towards him and continues ‘I want to taste your spunk. I want it in my mouth and I want it hot. Straight from your dick into my mouth.’

While saying this she reaches for his cock and starts to wank it slowly at first. Staring into his face. Quickening her pace she moves up so that her lips are just brushing his ‘Tell me when you are going to spunk,’ she hisses ‘Tell me when and I will swallow it all.’ Her lips are touching his and she licks along their length as she whispers to him to spunk for her. In a few moments he moans and her head dives down to envelope his erection in her mouth. Lou feels the cock pulse as jet after jet of thick cream spurts into her throat. Not a drop is lost and she swallows it all and then sucks the cock dry before releasing it from her mouth.

‘Now fuck me properly and give me your spunk,’ Lou announces as she positions herself doggy fashion. In seconds she is being spit roasted with a cock in her cunt and another in her mouth. She lets them play with her for a while then turns around to take the cock that was in her cunt into her mouth.

Another man positions himself on his back and lifts Lou’s leg astride him. She immediately lowers herself onto his hard cock and rides it as she now wanks the two cocks that were inside her moments before. She alternates between sucking the two cocks in her hands and before long they cum all over her face and hands. She licks up as much of the spunk as she can but is interrupted by another cock being guided into her mouth. She can feel cocks prodding her from all sides and she soon has one more in each hand.

At that moment she cums. It is a hard cum that takes her by surprise, and she cries out in pleasure and bucks her hips making the cock in her cunt erupt its creamy load deep into her. She feels herself being pulled backwards and onto her side. Another cock is poking into her cunt and is soon fucking her viciously. Her orgasm had hardly subsided and now she is helpless with pleasure as climax after climax crashes through her body.

A cock cums on her face and she is aware of the spunk running down her cheek to drip from her chin. Someone grabs her hair and lifts her head up. Hands hold her face still while a cock is inserted into her mouth and she is being fucked orally. This is not a blow job. The man is in control and he is fucking her mouth. His cock is large and it fills her mouth and penetrates right to the back of her throat. Just when she feels she might gag she feels the thick member twitch and spew its juice into her gaping mouth.

The coach is standing over her now. She too is naked. Lou can see she is being fondled by some of the men. She is looking at her with a sneer across her face. ‘Enjoying yourself, are you?

‘Yes,’ Lou gasps in reply ‘Fucking lovely’

‘We’ll see about that’

Lou is lifted up and lowered onto the thick cock of a man beneath her. She is then pushed forward to receive a dick in her mouth. The coach is at her ear again. ‘Ever been ass fucked, bitch’


‘Not like this you haven’t’ Lou can feel another cock being guided along the crack of her bum. The cock prods the entrance to her ass and slowly begins to push in. The initial resistance is overcome easily and the new dick slides in and presses against the cock in her cunt. All that separates these two thick male members is the thin wall of her vagina. They begin to move in and out rhythmically and Lou is lost in a whirl of orgasmic sensations. Soon she is aware of her self screaming, calling to be fucked harder and harder.

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