Getting My Nails Done


I walked into the nail place my wife suggested I go before our cruise to the Bahamas. This cruise, part business and part pleasure, would have lots of Yuppie guys who had professional manicures and got haircuts every two weeks. I was not enthralled with the idea of polishing up my appearance for a trip that was intended to be relaxing, but I acquiesced.

The nail place as situated in a shopping plaza much like countless others in suburbs across the U.S. I always walk into new places with the utmost confidence; it’s almost a philosophy of life by now. I’m 32 years old, 5’10 and 175 lbs. My build is medium; I have a head full of thick, black hair and no gut. Most women would rate me a 7 or so in looks, which doesn’t bother me at all.

As I walked into the store, I noticed all the women were Vietnamese, both those waiting and the employees. Not wanting to look like a fish out of water, I gave the girl at the front register a big smile. “Hello. My wife sent me for a manicure.” The woman replied “You must be Greg. It’s your first time?” I told her it was, and she immediately directed me toward a room in the back.

The two women in the back room were stunning. One was 5’5, gorgeous long, black hair and a killer body. The other was just a bit shorter, with inviting 32-B breasts and long, soft-looking legs. Maggie instructed me konak escort to sit on the chair. She told me to sit on the chair and relax. The beautiful woman touching my hands and speaking softly to me was a big turn on. I worried she might notice my budding erection.

The other girl, May, laughed when she saw my arousal. She said that it was easy to see I had never had a manicure. Before I could even be embarrassed, she adeptly unzipped my pants and released my engorged cock. It’s 7 ½ inches long and very wide across. About to protest, she engulfed my cock with the softest lips I’d ever felt. Her tongue, obviously experienced at giving head, wet all the right places. Just as I was leaning back in my chair Maggie began removing some of her clothes. She was now wearing nothing but a silky, black bra and matching panties. Maggie was one of the most beautiful women I’d ever seen. I attempted to remove her bra. She slapped my hand away and angrily said: “Sir, we barely know each other. Only my husband undoes my bra.” Despite this, she quickly removed her panties, giving me a close-up view of her soft, small pussy. There was just a tuft of hair above her clit, very straight and long.

May’s mouth was having its intended effect and I was now close to orgasm. Detecting this, May said something in Vietnamese to manisa escort Maggie. Not being able to understand the words, I instinctively knew she wanted me to cum inside Maggie. Maggie smiled and sat on top of my cock, facing me. At first, all I could feel was her outer labia touching my dick. She was wet and I was inside her within a few short seconds. Maggie felt heavenly good from inside. She was bouncing up and down my cock in a slow, deliberate rhythm. Everything was going well when, unexpectedly, Maggie had a violent orgasm evidenced by new wetness and a series high, short yelps. Murmuring something in Vietnamese, she left my cock, now we with juices and still requiring more pleasure.

May quickly replaced her on my lap. I entered May more easily than Maggie. She felt as though she had just been fucked by someone very large. May’s pussy was very wet and riding my cock like a pro. She made the room very hot somehow and within a few minutes she was panting. I knew May would cum soon as her pussy was contracting, I, however, was not yet ready to go as May left me in much the same way as Maggie, needing more.

May and Maggie looked at each other and then smiled at me. May said I was more long-lasting than most, and she knew just what I needed. Yelling something unintelligible at the other room, a new menderes escort woman entered the room.

The new woman was amazing. She was a 36-A with curves in all the right places. She had a deliciously rounded ass and attractive face with pointed features. She smiled at me, and in perfect English said: “I heard you needed someone to finish you off.” I eagerly nodded. She said although she hadn’t the overseas training of May and Maggie, she had never left a man wanting more. In my dizzied state, her clothes seemed to melt right off. Before I knew it, she was touching my body with her soft hands and while adjusting herself on my dick. Her pussy was covered in soft hair, but I could see it opening up in anticipation.

The third girl felt amazing inside. Whichever way she motioned was immensely pleasurable. I could not contain myself for very long with her. Whispering sweet-nothings to my ear, she began massaging my cock with the walls of her pussy. All I felt was the heat and wetness from our sex. The other two girls were rubbing their clits aggressively, but all I could sense was my impending orgasm. My body was covered in sweat as this beautiful stranger increased the tempo. I came violently deep inside her pussy. She continued riding me after my orgasm. It was so fast by now, the walls seemed to be shaking and her moaning became the passionate vocals of the highest quality sex. She collapsed on me, her clit still throbbing from orgasm. We were both spent.

After that I effusively thanked May and Maggie. I walked out thinking that I might be dreaming, and hoping for more of the same some day soon.

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