Giving In


Kaylin felt the knot in her stomach grow when her boss called her into his office. Sam had been pushing her hard for the past several weeks and pushing her to the limits of her patience on a daily basis, almost as if he were waiting for her to snap and tell him off so he could fire her for insubordination. It didn’t help that they had once acquaintances in a swinger’s club, before her divorce and decision to leave all that completely behind. When he had been hired into the company he’d tried to convince her several times to sleep with him again, but she had promised herself to not have sex just for the sake of sex anymore. Needless to say, he wasn’t taking it well.

She walked in and stopped short at seeing another colleague there. Eric was only twenty-four and incredibly attractive, tall with dark brown hair and gray eyes, but very shy, making Kaylin think that he must have been awkward as a teenager. He gave her one of his small smiles as she leaned against the door frame, arms crossed, green eyes taking in the sight of her boss sitting at his desk, going over some paperwork

“Come in, shut the door and sit,” Sam said, brusquely. At forty-five he was fifteen years older than she, but still handsome, with silver hair, and deep blue eyes.

“I’m fine where I am.” She had barely finished the sentence when Eric grabbed her and pulled her inside, managing to shut the door quietly as he did so. Shock stilled her for a moment, and when it occurred to her to struggle, his arms were wrapped tightly around her, pinning her own arms against her body as Sam stood and walked over to them. He traced the curve of her cheek with his hand and leaned in to kiss her softly, pulling back sharply when she bit his lip.

“Let me go, now.” Kaylin was trying to sound pissed, but it came a little too soft and breathy for that, and a lump rose in her throat when she realized her panties were damp, her nipples tight and her heart racing.

“Is that what you really want, baby? I don’t think so. I think you want for the two of us to strip you down and torbalı escort pass you back and forth, taking turns using this sweet little body.” He grinned devilishly. “Hell, I bet you’d love to have us both at the same time. As I recall that was a specialty of yours.” Sam’s hot mouth caressed the side of her neck while Eric leaned down to nip at her shoulder and she moaned. Eric’s arms loosened and she felt him take hold of her long auburn hair.

Kaylin’s breath became more shallow as Eric pulled on her braid, forcing her head back, and Sam began nibbling on her exposed neck, his mouth and tongue hot, even against her quickly overheating skin. Male hands were roaming over her body, slipping under her shirt, unfastening her jeans before slipping into her panties. She sagged against Eric as one of them, her mind was so clouded with disbelief and lust she couldn’t tell who it was, began playing with her clit. The logical, rational part of her wanted, needed, to stop before things got out of control and someone walked in on them, but the bigger part of her, the slut, relished being fondled by these two men. It had been so long since she let herself give in to her deep, secret desires. Eric nipped at her neck, his fingers twisting her nipples. “What are you?” Sam said low and hoarse. She whimpered and Eric pinched harder. “What are you?”

“A slut,” she half sobbed, her knees going weak. She wanted to scream in frustration at her own lack of self control, but could only moan as they continued to fondle her.

“Good. Very good.” The two men bent her over the desk and Eric tied her hands together while Sam tugged her pants down and squeezed the pale, fleshy globes of her ass, before smacking one side, then the other, and squeezing again.

“Spread your legs, Kaylin,” he told her, his knee wedging between her thighs. She did, as tears began to stream down her face. Kaylin had sworn to herself she wouldn’t wind up in a situation like this again, but here she was, relishing the feel of two strong men using her. Sam’s urla escort blunt, wide fingers probed her pussy, spreading the wetness that had already begun to collect.

She watched as Eric unzipped his pants and guided his long, thin dick to her mouth. He rubbed a drop of precum against her lips with the tip and she opened her mouth obediently to take him. His groan as her tongue teased the underside of him sent curls of pleasure through her. There was nothing more erotic to her than giving pleasure. She was so focused on giving him the best blow job he’d ever had that she had pretty much forgotten about Sam, until he slipped his thick cock into her pussy at the exact moment two of his fingers plunged into her ass. Kaylin managed to keep her lips tight around the rod in her mouth, as her body convulsed around the intruders of her other orifices. Kaylin’s mind swam. How could she have forgotten what bliss it was to be completely filled this way, to know she was fulfilling her true nature? She moaned softly, sweetly against Eric’s dick and tried to press her hips back into Sam, to take him deeper, but his free hand pushed into the middle of her back, keeping her immobile against the desk.

“Keep working on him,” Sam said. “You’re so pretty with those lips wrapped around a cock.” She resumed sucking, with even more enthusiasm as he continued. “Your cheeks are flushed, and those gorgeous green eyes are sparkling like I haven’t seen in a long time. You don’t like admitting it, but you’ve missed this.”

Kaylin gave a soft moan of assent, and this time the vibration sent Eric over the edge, his hands tightly gripping the sides of her head as he came hard into her mouth and she swallowed eagerly. When he began to soften, he pulled from her, replacing his sweet cock with a balled up bandanna, before sitting nearby to watch her get fucked by their boss, pants still around his knees. She had a feeling her mouth wasn’t the only part of her that would get a taste of him today. She watched him closely as he fondled his dick and balls, buca escort working himself into another hard on. Apparently he enjoyed watching others having sex because it wasn’t too long before he was hard again. He walked over and sat on the edge of the desk, then asked Sam to lift her onto his lap. She felt empty as he pulled out of her pussy and ass to move her, but then he was settling her onto Eric’s lap, her back to his chest. One, two quick dips into her sopping cunt, then he pressed into her ass with a moan of pleasure. Kaylin sighed in gratitude as he forced his entire length into her, then again as Sam reentered her pussy and the two of them began to rock her back and forth between them, one pulling out as the other pushed in, over and over again. Sam ripped the gag from her mouth as kissed her deeply as both men roughly grabbed and pinched her tits.

“I can tell you two put a lot of thought into this,” she panted. “And I’m guessing it was your idea, Sam.”

“I’ve missed you at the swinger’s parties. You always were the sexiest one there, the one having the most fun going from person to person. Bonnie wants to have you over for dinner soon, too. Her cunt needs some special attention.” His eyes twinkled as he nodded to Eric. Eric pressed his hand firmly against Kaylin’s mouth before both men pulled almost completely out then slammed into her hard. She screamed against his palm as her body convulsed in the strongest orgasm she’d ever had. The two continued to pound her, forcing more smaller orgasms from her. Finally, just when Kaylin thought she would have to beg them to stop, first Sam and then Eric began to shoot their cum into her, both of them panting into her neck as she groaned her thanks. She was trembling and dizzy as Eric gently lowered her to the floor and covered her with a jacket. He kissed her cheek and turned around to straighten his clothing. Sam knelt beside her several minutes later as she began to come down from the pleasure high, and assisted her in redressing and untied her wrists.

“Eric will pick you up at 5:30 tomorrow evening, wear something sexy and easy to take off. Plan on staying the whole weekend, we have some catching up to do.” Kaylin only nodded, and slipped out of his office, concentrating on not weaving as she walked to the elevator. She had to go shopping tonight.

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