Hard Time in Prison Pt. 01


The guard roughly released his arm and pushed him into the cell. The big metal door slid shut behind him and locked into place with a heavy thud. Brad had never been to prison before and this was the first moment that he wasn’t being prodded/grabbed/pushed around by the guards through the various processes new inmates go through. Now he was finally by himself, looking at the cold gray concrete walls that would be his home for the next few years. Brad did his best to keep up a brave face, but at 5’8 and 130lbs, he could feel the guards and other inmates look at him like a piece of meat. It made him shiver and he didn’t like it.

“Sup,” said a deep, rumbling voice. It startled Brad and he jumped. A mass of blankets on the bottom bunk rolled over and a huge black man faced Brad. “I’m Tyree. This is my cell.” Brad could see Tyree’s eyes going up and down his small frame in his loose orange prison garb. A slight smile came onto the face of the huge black prisoner as he examined his new cellie. “I’m Bbb…Brad.” He said, his nerve failing halfway through and his name coming out as a stutter. Tyree just smirked and rolled over. He was loudly snoring in a few seconds. Brad just sat down in a corner, not wanting to wake Tyree by climbing over him onto the top bunk. Minutes turned to hours and Brad fell asleep sitting, his head leaned against the cold cell wall.

Brad did not sleep well, and was happy when a loud buzzer sounded at 7am and the lights came on. Everyone began gathering by the door so Brad did too. He stood behind Tyree so he could go first. Brad swallowed hard ass he saw the other man’s broad, powerful back and shoulders for the first time. Tyree was huge.

The inmates were led to a small cafeteria where they were rushed through in 15 minutes. Brad barely ate anything and he kept his head down. To his surprise, Tyree told him to sit next to him. Brad was secretly thankful. Maybe Tyree would protect him.

The inmates were lined up and marched into the yard after breakfast. Tyree began walking over to the bench press, which some other black inmates were already on. Tyree walked right up and glared at them. They hung the bar up and walked away without a word. Tyree took his shirt off and lay on the bench.

Tyree was huge. He had a shaved head and a short black beard, his muscular chest was covered with dense, curly black hair and his arms were covered in tattoos. At 6’2 and almost 300lbs, he was mostly muscle but with a little fat too. He lifted the heavy bar and held it over his massive chest. “Spot me, white bitch.” The two other inmates, who were now waiting nearby to use the bench once Tyree left, snickered when they heard the word “bitch”. Brad stood behind konak escort the bench and watched Tyree grunt and sweat as he lowered and raised the heavy bar. He then hung it up with a clang. “Your turn, white boy.”

Not wanting to upset Tyree, Brad lay on the bench and grabbed the heavy bar. He couldn’t even lift it out of the rack. Tyree and the other 2 inmates laughed. “I’ll help you, pussy boy,” Tyree said and stepped closer, his muscular thighs on either side of Brad’s head. Tyree picked up and held the bar over Brad. then he slowly lowered it onto Brad’s body. As he did, Brad felt something brushing against his forehead. to his horror, he realized it was Tyree’s heavy but soft penis he felt through the fabric of his prison pants. Brad’s face turned red but he didn’t say anything. Tyree lifted the bar, and his groin, from Brad. The bar came back down for the second rep, and so did Tyree’s massive bulge. It was almost on Brad’s nose this time. Brad tried to turn his head to the side and could hear the other inmates burst out laughing. Tyree lifted and lowered the bar again for Brad, and this time he dropped his massive bulge right on top of Brad’s mouth. Even though it was in his pants, Brad could smell the sweat and musk coming from Tyree’s balls and he began coughing. He turned beet red.

“Buzzzzzzzz.” Everyone began moving back towards the prison door. Yard time was over. “Bye, white bitch,” the other two inmates jeered after him. Brad was still too shaken up by Tyree’s behavior at the bench press to respond. The men were led back to their cells. Once there, Tyree immediately went to sleep, leaving Brad to think about what just happened.

It was now the middle of the night and Brad was awoken by sounds of movement coming from Tyree’s bunk. Brad was already afraid of Tyree and pretended to still be asleep. Tyree’s massive hand suddenly stung him across the face. Smack!

“Wake up, bitch. It’s time for you to take care of your daddy.” Tyree was standing over Brad with his shirt off. He also was slowly rubbing a huge bulge through his prison pants. Brad gulped. This was it. He would have to fight or he wouldn’t get respect. That’s how it worked in the movies, anyway.

“I’m… I’m not gay.” was all Brad could say. Tyree laughed and continued to rub himself through his pants. Then his eyes narrowed and he bent down.

“Are you calling me a faggot, white boy?”

“nnn…nnno,” Brad stuttered.

“Then why you tell me you’re not gay?”

“I’m… I’m sorry”, was all Brad could say.

“Stand up, bitch,” Tyree ordered. “Take your clothes off.”

Brad was frozen statue-still. Was this really happening? Tyree suddenly manisa escort grabbed Brad by the throat in his massive hand. “I’m not going to ask again. Take your clothes off.”

Brad took his shirt off first. His chest was small, hairless, and pasty white. His small pink nipples were hard in the cold night air. Then he stepped out of his pants. His legs were thin, with a light coat of fine blond hair. He looked at Tyree, shivering in his prison-issue white boxers. “underwear too,” Tyree barked. Brad looked away and stepped out of his boxers.

His little white penis was nothing more than a pink button above his small, tight balls.

“Turn around,” Tyree said, his voice softer now. Brad could see that he was still rubbing himself through his pants and a huge tent had formed. Brad gulped at the size of it. Brad turned around as ordered, facing the cell wall. Tyree ran one of his thick fingers up and down Brad’s ass crack. Brad’s butt cheeks, which were covered in the same fine blond hair as his legs, quivered when he felt Tyree’s powerful hand on him.

Tyree then grabbed Brad by the arm and led him over to the bottom bunk. Tyree laid on his back on the bed and sat Brad, still naked, next to him. “Take my dick out, pussy boy.” Brad gulped. Tyree’s massive penis was clearly outlined in his pants. It was around 9″ long and unbelievably thick. The helmet looked as wide as Brad’s wrist.

“I’m nn…nnnot gay though,” Brad said, hesitating.

Tyree shot him a cold look and Brad just looked away. At the same time, his powerful hand took hold of Brad’s dick and balls and gave them a hard squeeze. “Now take my dick out, faggot,” said Tyree.

Brad swallowed hard and put his eyes back on the outline of Tyree’s penis. He hesitantly pulled back Tyree’s pants with one hand and reached the other inside. He gasped when he felt Tyree’s massive tool. It was hot and sweaty, but the skin was silky smooth. He pulled it free of the pants.

It looked like it was the size of Brad’s arm as it swayed in the faint light. The fat, dark helmet gleamed from a line of precum that had run down the side and was now slowly sliding down Tyree’s big penis. “Jerk me off, white boy,” Tyree ordered.

Brad began slowly sliding his hand up and down the thick black cock. His fingers could barely fit around it. “Do you like playing with daddy’s big cock? Bet you’ve never had one like this, faggot.” Tyree pulled his pants down lower, exposing a huge set of testicles. They were jet black and covered in a thick layer of dense black hair. It looked like a bull’s. “Take care of my nuts too,” Tyree said.

Brad was terrified. He slid his other hand under menderes escort Tyree’s big balls. He was surprised how heavy and warm they were. He rolled them around in his fingers, stroking them, while continuing to slide his hand up and down the thick black shaft. Tyree groaned.

“Ok Brad. You got a girlfriend?” Tyree asked. Brad nodded yes. He had hardly had time to think of her since he came into this awful prison. He thought of her cute smiling face, her reddish-blond hair. She would be so out of place here. “I want you to describe her, white boy.”

Brad’s head was swimming. “She’s blond. 5’7. probably around 140lbs.”

“What size tits?” said Tyree, closing his eyes while Brad continued stroking him.


“Does she shave her pussy?”

Brad couldn’t believe he was answering these questions. “yy..yyes.”

“Go get your underwear,” said Tyree. Brad obeyed, his little cock poking out in front of him.

Without even being asked, Brad went back to running his hand up and down Tyree’s hard cock and massaging his balls with the other. “Good boy. Now I want you to imagine something. Imagine your cute little white girlfriend saw us. Saw my big cock. What do you think she would do?”

Brad swallowed, his eyes involuntarily going to the tip of Tyree’s black cock. “She would fuck you.” Brad couldn’t believe what he was saying.

“Mmmmmm. That’s right, boy. Imagine her tight little shaved pussy taking this big cock.” A bead of precum ran down Tyree’s shaft and into Brad’s hand, making it slick. “Imagine your girlfriend’s face when my cock slides up her. Get your underwear. I’m gonna cum in your little girlfriend, white boy.”

Brad let the hairy black testicles go and held his boxers under Tyree’s massive cock head. Brad never stopped stroking the bigger man’s cock. “Nnnnmmmmmmm, I’m coming in your girl,” Tyree groaned. A jet of thick, white cum erupted from the tip. Brad did his best to catch it in his underwear while still jerking Tyree off, but the cum kept coming. The black cock jumped in Brad’s hand and pumped streams of warm, runny cum into Brad’s boxer-covered hand. Brad’s boxers were virtually soaked in cum, little white slimy pools still resting on top of them.

Tyree’s cock began to get soft, though it was still almost 7 inches long, resting on the bed between his massive thighs. “Now put them on,” said Tyree. Brad was going to protest but made eye contact with Tyree and though better. He slipped his legs into the cummy boxers and pulled them up. His little dick and balls were completely coated in black cum. He could feel it pooling around his asshole too. “Now go to bed,” Tyree said, then rolled over and went to sleep.

Brad climbed up to the top bunk in his wet, slimy underwear. After he heard Tyree start snoring, he reached his hand into the cummy boxers and numbly jerked himself off, using the cold, slick cum as lube, imagining Tyree’s big cock fucking his girlfriend like he was told.

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