Lover’s Surprise


Special thanks to my editor Aliana Roscoe for all her help.

My girlfriend, Jasmine and I, have been together for a year. Jasmine isn’t like other girls; she is wild and loves it when I dominate her. She is a bit of an exhibitionist. Why wouldn’t she be at five foot three inches? She has long jet black hair, blue eyes, a firm body with D-cup breasts and a perfect, tight, bubble butt. She was the object of many people’s fantasies and she is all mine.

I am hot myself, apparently. Being five foot two inches with long blonde hair, blue eyes, slim physique, C-cup breasts and a tight butt does that I guess. We are both tanned, me from regular surfing and her from her Italian heritage. Most women for their anniversary would love to be treated to a romantic dinner then taken home for some sweet love making. That is fine for most women but my Jazzy was getting a real treat tonight.

I told Jazzy I was taking her out for dinner to the new exclusive restaurant that had just opened and told her to dress up. She didn’t disappoint. She looked amazing in a pink spaghetti strap dress that caressed her body to below her breast, then the material flowed and swished around her body to just above her knees. Her long black hair glistened in the light and her eyes shined with excitement. I decided to go with a short black dress that finished about mid-thigh that hugged and caressed my body like a second skin; I wore no underwear. Jazzy looked me over approvingly though I was sure she couldn’t tell I wasn’t wearing underwear. She pulled me close and kissed me hard as her hands beginning to explore my body. I pulled away before she noticed I had no underwear on, “Baby we are going to be late,”

I smiled, took her hand, and led her outside our house to the black limousine that was waiting. I had hired it for the night. The driver held the door for us and was practically drooling as we walked to the car and got in. We arrive at the restaurant and I told the driver I would call when we needed to be picked up. We walked into the restaurant, attracting a fair deal of attention as we walked past. The hostess greeted us at the door and showed us to our table before she brought us some wine and took our order. We sipped our wine as we waited for our meal. I took her hand under the table, putting it on the inside of my stocking clad knee. She smiled and watched me as I slid her hand over my silk stockings, up the inside of my thigh. She bit her bottom lip a little as I slid her hand still higher over the top of my stocking across the last little bit of naked thigh to rest against my very smooth, very naked pussy. She moaned, barely audible to me let alone anyone else, sucked in some air and said,

“Mmmmmmm, kocaeli escort Jamie you are not wearing any panties. Are you trying to torture me?” I smiled and giggled knowing what a tease this was for her. I pushed one of her fingers between my pussy lips and let her feel how wet I was for her before taking her hand away and putting it on the table. She giggled and leaned forward, biting my ear lobe and breathing her hot, wet, warm breath into my ear,

“Mmmmmmmmmmm, my naughty Jamie is a tease. Someone is going to be punished later.” I just smiled and lifted the hand that was just on my pussy to my mouth and kissed her palm. My tongue darted out and licked the wet finger.

Just then our meal arrived. We barely taste the food, too engrossed in our teasing of each other. I had kicked off my black high heels and my silk stocking clad foot had slid up her thigh. My foot was then wiggling against her silk enclosed pussy. This continued all through dinner and dessert. I immediately asked for the cheque and handed my credit card over. When the bill was settled I was on my feet, leading Jazzy out the door.

We walked hand in hand down the street, stopping occasionally to make out and feel each other up a little. We came to a building all locked up and I led us around the back to a door leading to a basement. We went down into the basement which looked like a dungeon but was full of women. I took her hand, led her through the crowd to another door which led to a back room. We entered the room and I locked the door behind us. She looked around the room and I saw the surprise on her face when she noticed we were in a stage area and some of our toys were spread out on a table on the stage. I smiled at her and kissed her. She noticed the glass wall between us and the crowd and turned to me,

“Baby what have you got planned?” I smiled in reply and took her hand to lead her on stage. I kissed and bit her neck, mouth, and ears. While I was standing behind her I slid down the zipper of her dress and caressed it right off her body. I slowly removed her bra, cupping her breast with my hands in place of the bra. I squeezed her nipples before hooking my thumbs into her panties. My palms were against her thighs as I slid them down her legs in front of the suddenly silent crowd. I quickly removed my dress and we were then both standing naked on the stage in front of the crowd, all eyes on us. Jazzy got a little nervous as a spotlight was switched on and directed our way. So I kiss her neck, her mouth, and her ears and whispered,

“It’s ok baby, it’s just you and me.” She looked nervously from me to the crowd, “But Jamie, so many people,” I kissed her passionately and pushed her against the table. I positioned kocaeli escort bayan myself between her legs, grinding my pussy against hers as I leaned forward, sucking and biting her nipples. I slide a hand between us and pinched her clit with my thumb and index fingers as I ground with my other fingers.

I took a quick glance into the crowd and noticed some of them had their hands down their pants, or up their skirts, watching us. I ground our bodies together faster and harder, our boobs rubbing and grinding together. Her body against mine felt amazing as it always does. I pinched her clit harder and started tugging on it. She moaned louder, harder, and faster as I tug on her clit. I looked into her eyes as I did. I could tell she was about to shatter for me and I was ready. So I tugged, squeezed, rubbed her clit until she squirted. At the same time I came all over my fingers, which were rubbing my clit, from the friction between our bodies.

I spread her legs on the table so the crowd get a good look at how delicious her perfect pink pussy was all glistening wet, her clit standing to attention. I started rubbing her clit hard and fast with one hand as the other hand twisted and pulled her nipples. It didn’t take long until she squirted, like I knew she would, all over the glass. This was too much for the crowd. I could see almost everyone in the place now clearly masturbated while they watched the show.

I knelt between her legs to kiss and lick her pussy lips, sucking them into my mouth. They were so smooth under my tongue. I flicked her clit teasingly with my tongue, then harder and faster. I slipped two fingers down either side of her clit, pulling the hood back so I can lick her super sensitive bud. I sucked, licked, nibbled at the exposed sensitive bud. She bucked, moaned, and panted until she was ready to explode. I pushed her over the edge and lowered my mouth to her slit so I could suck and lick all her juices from her pussy. My face was then covered in her delicious cum.

I grabbed the anal vibrator off the table and lubed it up. I also grabbed the strapless ‘strap on’ and lubed it up before sticking it in me. I turned both vibrators on and held the anal vibrator against her butt hole just vibrating there but not inside yet. I lubed up the head of the strapless and ground it against her clit as I slid the anal vibrator just inside a little. Jazzy was moaning and panting as she begged for it. She was desperately trying to get both vibrators in her but I was enjoying teasing her a little. Finally I thrust the strapless into her tight little pussy and the anal vibe into her tight butt as I bit and kissed her neck and rubbed our tits together. I kissed her, catching all her sexy izmit escort moans and gasps in my mouth. The crowd was all masturbating and cumming hard as they watched us, making the whole place smell of cum. Jazzy orgasmed almost straight away so I kept fucking her ass and cunt, bitting and sucking her tits the whole time. I whispered in her ear,

“Cum with me my dirty sexy little slut,” My end of the strapless vibrated against my clit making me cum with her the second time. I pulled out of her and led her to the glass wall. I pushed her to it full frontal, her tits pressed against the cold glass wall. I thrust into her sexy tight pussy from behind with the strap on and reached around with both my hands, one tugged, squeezed, and rubbed her clit while the other did the same to her nipples. I fucked her hard for the crowd’s entertainment.

The crowd of strangers were all fucking each other, and themselves; worked into a frenzy from watching us. The crowd was Cumming all over the place as I pounded my rubber dick into her from behind. She was moaning and screaming loudly as she climaxed again and again. I was whispering and panting in her ear,

“You’re my filthy little slut, aren’t you my sexy Jazzy? You love it when I fuck you hard don’t you my filthy little slut. You love it when I fuck you for their entertainment don’t you my sexy slut?” She orgasmed for me a couple of times and then squirted really hard, her cum spraying all over the glass wall. I pulled out of her and left her leaning against the wall as I grabbed a clit massager off of the table and turned it on. I walked up behind Jazzy and held her against me. I put the massager against her clit and set it to high. Jazzy started to spasm almost straight away as I thrust the strapless, soaked with her cum, into her ass. I pounded her ass hard using my spare hand to grab her hip and pull her back onto me. The massager worked her pussy into a frenzy until she had cum dripping down her legs and was standing in a pool of it. There was an orgy going on in the crowd and they were fucking each other everywhere. I was whispering in Jazzy’s ear,

“I Love my dirty little slut,” I pounded her ass and the massager milked her clit until she shattered so hard she collapsed against me.

I gently lowered her to the stage floor to lick, suck, and bite her pussy until she can cum no more. We lay in each other’s arms, enjoying the sight of the one big orgy we had created. After a few minutes I helped her get up and dress. She leaned against the table as I dressed and collected our toys. We walked hand in hand through the crowd which were all still fucking. We continued out the door and down the street, with me stopping to kiss my dazed Jazzy occasionally. Our limo was waiting to drive us home. In the limo she kissed me and whispered in my ear,

“Thank you baby. That was amazing,” The limo then took us home where we spent the rest of the night making sweet love.

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