Lustful Longings


I sat on the scenic train, unsure why exactly I had agreed to come. This wasn’t my sort of thing amongst people I didn’t know, kids running unchecked down the aisle. And yet quietly I sat doing the thing I do best…people watching. And then I saw her. For anonymity sake, I will call her Evelyn. I’ve always been a straight female, although I’ve had bi-curious thoughts since I was propositioned when I was 18. I could have kicked myself then for not agreeing to sample the other way of life, because I’ve thought about it many, many times since.

Anyway, I saw Evelyn entered the car at the opposite end and my eyes met hers. I am not sure, but was hoping my instant lust wasn’t as apparent as I was feeling in my loins! She was the butch of butches. Dressed in jeans, a sweat shirt, and a man’s watch. She looked at me curiously, adding more moisture to my already wet thighs, and then away. My eyes didn’t stray from her. She was the image of what would make me swing to the other lifestyle if maybe only for a sample existence. I could feel my lust go up a notch. I sat motionless, simply watching, simply wondering what it was about this woman that made any sane thoughts leave my mind. And then she walked towards me. I dropped my eyes, so as not to be as obvious in my lust, as I knew my thoughts were there, wanting to explore the possibilities!

She moved to throw something away, blocked by friends of mine busy in conversation. I offered my trash services, as I could reach the canister much easier. Our eyes met, my lust grew, but I offered nothing more. Her gorgeous eyes seemed to probe mine, as if she saw lust, which would have surprised her. She knew who I was, but we had not met. As she walked away, I tried to rein in my lustful thoughts, tried not to watch her as she stood in the opposite end of the car. I listened to her talk to her kids, and wondered what excuse kocaeli escort I could devise to sit at the other end of the car. Just an excuse to be there with her, feel her sexual energy that surrounded her, and yet I quietly sat where I was. I continued to watch her, and she found several excuses to come back my way to throw things away. My heart thumped, my pussy wet with want. And yet never more, never many words spoken, only lust.

And now as I sit here thinking of again, what might have been, what could have been, my mind berates my ever increasing shyness. I could have spoken, I could have introduced myself, I could have sat just idle at that end and given in to at least satisfying my hunger by being close. Instead I indulge in a fantasy that I hope one day will occur.

I once again visit the seaboard town, staying with people I know. I’ve emailed Evelyn, telling her I’ve come back, hoping her words thru an earlier email that she would come by, we would talk, we will get to know each other better. As I sit on the patio porch with the friend I am staying with, I hear a vehicle pull into the driveway. Evelyn appears around the side of the house. She’s here at last my mind screams out, and she comes into the porch. Her eyes come to rest on mine, and yet she is saying hello to my friend, Martha. My lust is instantly apparent in my eyes, and yet I rise nonchalantly and say hello. She sits down next to me, and Martha offers beverages and disappears in the house. Evelyn’s body heat warm my already flushed body. We exchange niceties, as her eyes never leaving mine. I can see curiosity there, but I am unsure what to say. Should I blurt out that I find her hot, so hot that my blood surges thru my body, my palms sweat, my pussy is forever soaking whenever I am in the same vicinity? I wish. Martha returns and we talked and laugh about different things that have happened. Evelyn kocaeli escort bayan talks to Martha about local things, and I take in her words, and watch. Martha says she needs to go to the store quickly, and will we be ok to stay while she runs out? Absolutely we both say.

Making small talk, the minutes when she drives out the driveway seem long, and yet wanting to make sure she is gone. Evelyn goes into the house and gets more pop, and then comes back out. She puts her glass down on the table, but remains behind me. She puts her hands on my shoulders, and her face next to my neck, and says to me,

“Why is it that I think I see lust in your eyes when you look at me, and yet I know that you are straight?”

I answer her, and I am extremely honest, “I do look at you with lust, because that is exactly how I feel when I see you! I am bi-curious, but have never found someone that turns on the heat until I saw you. You make my senses go insane, my sane mind leave, and my body ache for your very touch!”

She straightens, but doesn’t move from behind me. Her hands leave my shoulders and slide down onto my breasts, feeling, touching, rubbing. My body becomes instantly aroused and I press into her hands. She pinches my nipples thru my shirt, and I involuntarily let out a moan. She walks around me, and pulls up a chair in front of me, and sits down and looks into my eyes. Unbridled lust fills my eyes, and her mouth moves to mine. We kiss deeply, her hands go back to my breasts, and my hand tentatively touches hers. Our hunger expressed in the kiss, we fervently touch each other’s breasts, and then put our hands under the other’s shirts and into the bra, and skin touches skin. My skin flushes with lustful thoughts, and desires. I want this woman so badly my hand shakes with desire! A vehicle pulls into the driveway, and we both back away quickly from the izmit escort other, although unable to mask our desire in our eyes. Martha comes back with her groceries and makes dinner as we sit and try to squelch our desire! Her husband comes home from work, and we eat and make small talk. Our eyes seek out the other frequently, but not enough that it is obvious to others. Evelyn asks if it would be ok to take me out to see the town at night, and that she’s sure I will enjoy it.

We both get up to go, and get into her mini-van quickly. We stop momentarily to look at each other, and then back out of the driveway and on into the night. She doesn’t have the kids during the week, so we drive quickly to her house. We enter the house and it’s all we can do not to rip each other’s clothes off before we get to the bedroom. Entering the bedroom, our mouths seek out the other, our hands anxiously unbuttoning, pulling and unsnapping anything in our way, until we stand before the other completely naked. Lust is all that is on our minds. I am more unsure because I am not sure how to make love to a woman, and yet I ache to do so. We lay on the bed, our hands touching, stroking, and squeezing. I pull away from her mouth and bring my mouth to her breast. It is almost ecstasy to me! I love the feel of her nipple in my mouth, a yearning now accomplished. My hand strays down to her pussy, and I stroke the inner beauty of her. Her hands are exploring me, and as she rubs my clit, my body responds with an orgasm. Never before have I wanted more than this lustful lovemaking. She touches, tastes and strokes, my body putty in her hands. I suckle, stroke and touch, and then wanting to complete my curiosity, I move my mouth down to her pussy and tentatively taste, then pushing my face in between her thighs, I draw her nectar into my mouth, sucking, tonguing and drawing out her nectar. We touch, taste and make love for hours. This completes me, this makes me want to stay here. Stay where my mind and lust have wondered about for years. We lay in each other’s arms, completely sated, and wonder….where will this go from here.

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