Caught by Sister


This is my first story so make sure I get lots of comments. This is a fantasy of mine I love anal masturbation and interested in incest though wouldn’t actually do it myself, but I always wonder if I’d say the same if I had a hot sister.

I have not put ages in this. They are over 18, but apart from that I leave you to decide. I also have not given my main character a name or description so you can imagine it’s you.




I was home alone and bored. My parents or my sister wouldn’t be back for some time so I decide to watch some porn. I went to my room, popped in a DVD, got my lube and got undressed.

I started to stroke my cock while watching. As I watched the slut slid a finger up her ass and moaned. I slowly moved his hand to ass hole and rubbed it a little. I twitched in surprise, ‘This is actually nice. I reached over and grabbed my lube, as I smeared the lube over my hole and finger, the slut in the porno ataköy escort was fucking her ass with a dildo, I watched while I slipped my finger in to my ass. I stiffened with pain and pleasure, I moaned as the pain lessened and the pleasure grew, I slowly started to slip my finger out of my ass.

“Oh my God!” came from the door. My older sister Cassy had come home early. She stared at me with her mouth open and I sat there with my finger half way up my ass.

“Fuck! Cassy you can’t tell mum or dad!” She came to her senses and smirked.

“O, I can’t, we’ll see about that.”

“Cassy I’ll do anything just don’t tell mum or dad”

“Anything eh?” She pondered, “Ok, but I get to join in with you.”

I was shocked, I never thought about Cassy and sex at the same time, but as I looked at her wither her firm tits and tight ass I realised she was amazing. I bet she’s got fucked loads, I thought to myself.

“Ok, what you got in mind?”

An avcılar escort evil grin came upon her face.

“Stay there.” She left the room for a while and came back in naked and wearing a huge strap-on. Fuck she’s hot, I thought to myself.

“Bend over the bed.” She ordered. It was then I realised what was coming. But I bent over the bed knowing I had no choice. I could hear Cassy lubing up the strap-on and then felt her move towards me, then there was nothing until I felt the head of the strap-on touch my hole, then, shove, it was in me I grunted in pain and pleasure as my sister fucked my ass slow at first but getting faster.


“You like this, huh? Slut?” I just moaned in pleasure “Answer me slut!”

“YES!” I screamed “HARDER” She pushed harder and deeper, then she spanked my ass.

“You like my cock don’t you” She said


“You love my cock don’t you”


“You’re beylikdüzü escort my slut, aren’t you?” She asked

“Yes I’m your fucking anal slut!” I shouted back

She continued to fuck me and it felt better and better till there was nothing but pleasure. Then one huge push deep into my ass was too much and I came. Cassy pulled out of my ass and went down to lick up my come. Then she licked my ass soothing it from the hard fuck it just had.

I felt my self being turned over and then the strap-on was shoved in my mouth and, even though I knew where it had been, I sucked it hard.

“You like that don’t you, you anal whore!” My sister shouted at me. I just moaned in agreement.

Then she pulled out of my mouth and left the room. I stared after her for a while, then I looked at the clock, Fuck! My parents would be home soon. I cleared up the room and went downstairs.

When my parents got home Cassy was normal as ever even when we were alone. I wondered whether she would ever mention it.

That night I went into my room to find a pink dildo on my bed with a note from Cassy:

Have fun, you’re my slut now.

I smiled to myself and knew this was not the end.


Stay tuned for Chapter 2 where Cassy gets her boyfriend to join in.

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