Fantasy Fulfilled


The phone rang and I answered it; “Hi this is Kelly, okay if I come up?”

“Sure, knock twice.”

After two knocks I opened the door, to see a smiling woman, blond, with a healthy- looking tan. She wore a flowered party dress and sandals, carried a straw purse, and was about 5′ 6″. Neither heavy nor skinny, she was nicely curved, and a tasteful amount of cleavage showed. She could have been 35, or a fit and healthy 40.

“Hi, I’m Kelly. How are you?” she said, offering her hand.

“Fine, and even finer to see you. Thanks so much for coming,” I said. “You understand my plan for the evening?”

“”Sure, you want to have two guests, and be a director, nothing too strange. Sounds fine with me. Where’s the other guest?”

“She should be here soon. “

“About the money,” she began, and with a smile I pulled five one-hundred- dollar bills from my pocket and handed them to her. “If I’m pleased, I’ll double it,” I said.

We sat on the couch and made pleasant small talk, discussing the beauty of San Diego. I was deeply excited, enjoying the unrolling of my fantasy. Before long the phone from the front desk rang again, and I invited my second guest up.

In a few minutes Kelly and I welcomed a slim young woman, about 25 years old and looking part Asian. Her golden skin was highlighted by all white athletic gear– shorts, a designer t-shirt and running shoes. She carried a brown leather gym bag. Her smile was contagious.

“My name is Chrissy, how you both doing?”

After paying Chrissy, with the same promise of a tip, I poured three glasses of wine. I turned on some music, dimmed the lights, and we lolled on the king-sized bed. I took a minute to explain my wishes; we would remove each other’s clothing by turns, then follow my directions from there. Everyone was free to introduce new ideas, and to improvise, but I had the final say.

I made my first request, and Kelly complied by removing Chrissy’s shoes. Chrissy then turned to me, and laughing a little, removed my shoes and socks. I then turned to Kelly, and slipped off her sandals. Sipping some wine, Kelly continued the game by carefully pulling off Chrissy’s shirt, revealing a white jogging bra. The bright white material contrasted nicely with the girl’s golden-brown skin. Chrissy scooted over to me and drew my polo shirt over my head. My excitement was palpable. Trying to stay calm, I licked my lips and started to pull Kelly’s dress up.

“I’ll stand up for this,” she said, smiling. We both stood, and I undid a few buttons and silivri escort pulled her flowered dress up and off. Her body was nice, in light blue bra and panties. Her breasts, obviously natural, were full, and the thin bra did not hide the bumps of her nipples. Kelly then turned to me, undid my belt, and pulled down my Dockers. Here we were, a nice-looking 40-ish blonde, clad in bra and panties, a 20-something Asian girl in running shorts and a jog-bra, and me, a middle-aged guy with an obvious hard-on in his Fruit-Of-The-Looms.

“Okay,” I said, “I’m a little behind here, with only these jockeys on.”

“”Well,” said Kelly, “Let’s you and me get this girl’s pants off!” We slid Chrissy’s shorts down her legs as she lay back, lifting her hips in that oh-so-sexy move that women make when you’re getting their pants off. She had only the bare minimum of a thong on. I started kissing Kelly’s shoulders and she began massaging Chrissy’s breasts through her bra. Soon I was lifting the lovely heft of Kelly’s mature boobs, and the two women began kissing. My sexual temperature was red-lining, and I moved back a little and took some deep breaths to slow myself down. Bras and panties were still on, the girls were kissing and rubbing each other, and my heart was beating hard. This was good.

Suddenly they both turned to me and started caressing and pinching my nipples. I leaned over to kiss Chrissy and her tongue darted into my mouth. I sucked it gently, while Kelly started sucking my nipple.

Coming up for air I managed to say, “Whoa, let’s sit up now.” Both women obediently sat still, and breathing deeply, I removed each of their bras. Butterflies tickled my stomach as their beautiful boobs came into view. The younger woman’s breasts were small and taut, with smallish brown nipples. Kelly’s were much larger and white, with bigger nipples. I sat there with one hand on each of them, lightly pinching and pulling their nipples.

“”Touch each other,” I requested, and their hands joined mine. Someone was soon doing the same to my nipples, and it was a fondle fest.

“Help me, Chrissy,” I said and gently pushed Kelly onto her back. I sucked one tit while Chrissy sucked the other, and Kelly started to make little sighing noises. I watched Chrissy’s mouth closely and imitated her, alternately kissing, sucking gently and biting softly. Kelly began squirming and I put my hand on her mound, rubbing it with firm pressure over her clit, through her panties.

“Chrissy dear,” I breathed, bakırköy escort “Take off her panties.” Soon Kelly was completely naked and I moved down to touch and look at her pussy, while Chrissy kept busy moving between her boobs and mouth. The girls were kissing slowly and softly, tongues exploring.

There was a wet spot on the front of my jockeys, and Kelly took time to reach down and pull them off of my cock. I finished sliding them off, then nuzzled her pussy, spreading the folds open with my fingers and licking inside, moving up to push on her clit with my tongue in a slow, regular rhythm. Chrissy was still kissing her, and had started to work her tits a little harder, I looked up across the curve of Kelly’s belly to see the younger woman pulling on her nipples until they stretched a long way. Breathing hard, I sat up long enough to pull off Chrissy’s thong, and brushed my fingertips on her lips and clit. She was shaved, and wet.

I lay back down between Kelly’s legs and returned my attentions to her pussy. I slipped a finger into her, and moved it around, still chasing her clit with my tongue. My cock was throbbing against the bed. I put another finger inside her, and groped for Chrissy’s cunt with my other hand. When I found it, her little moan told me she liked it. Occupied as I was with Kelly, I couldn’t do much to her pussy, but still a feeling of richness overcame me. Here I was, sucking one woman and feeling another, as they kissed and caressed. Soon I felt Kelly’s hand join mine on Chrissy’s pussy, and we both fingered and fondled her. Time seemed to slow down, as we moved and murmured in pleasure.

“Let’s see if we can get her off,” I said to Chrissy.

“I know what she needs,” Chrissy replied. She got up, went to her bag and returned with a curved G-spot vibrator. “Turn over, girl, we’ve got something for you.” Kelly obliged by rolling over onto her stomach. She seemed to relish her role as helpless sex object. We spread her legs and I continued caressing her, kneading her thighs, lower back and shapely butt in appreciative wonder. Chrissy switched on the G-spot wand and gently probed her cunt with it, until she shuddered with pleasure. Kelly put her own hand underneath her, giving her clit what it liked best. When my caressing fingers dragged across her asshole, I could tell she liked the feeling. As Chrissy maneuvered the vibrator, I knelt to tongue Kelly’s tight ass, and her hand moved faster on her own clit. Chrissy must have found the right spot, because halkalı escort her moans and breathing speeded up. After a few delicious minutes, our combined efforts pushed her over the edge into a long, shivering orgasm. I didn’t stop licking her ass, and as her orgasm subsided we melted into soft caresses and suckings.

I was quivering, consciously keeping my cock from touching anything, drops of pre-come oozing out.

“Here’s what I want,” said Chrissy, and she pushed me onto my back and took my cock into her mouth. I concentrated hard on not coming, as she swirled her tongue around the head of my cock, every once in a while pushing me deeper into her throat for a moment.

“Kelly,” I managed to gasp, “please sit on my face.” Kelly obediently straddled my head, and I tongued her cunt and ass with mounting joy, feeling my own orgasm approaching. I began to thrust hard into Chrissy’s willing mouth, and vibrated like a bell with the pleasure of two women on me. Kelly moved off to get behind Chrissy as she knelt over my cock, and whatever she did pushed the younger woman into a new frenzy of sucking. Abandoning the gentle swirls, she gobbled my cock until I felt the back of her throat opening around me. I couldn’t hold back– bucking hard, I came in Chrissy’s throat, and she swallowed rhythmically, letting me hold her head tight and deep around my throbbing cock.

Kelly had stayed busy on Chrissy’s ass, and I heard the hum of a vibrator. Completely relaxed by my wonderful coming, I lay back, caressed her hair and hanging breasts, fondling and pulling on her nipples the way I’d seen her do to Kelly earlier. She fondled my now soft cock with one hand and caressed her own clit with the other. I raised my head to see Kelly sucking her ass and pussy lips as she rhythmically worked a large vibrating dildo in and out of Chrissy’s cunt, moving it up around her clit every few strokes.

“I’m very oral,” soon murmured Chrissy, “I want to suck pussy when I come.”

We switched places, Kelly giving me the dildo and lying back to spread her legs for Chrissy’s hungry mouth. I worked the device as I’d seen her do, moving it in steady rhythm, sometimes deep into her wet cunt and then moving it around her clitoral area as it buzzed her toward orgasm. Maneuvering to the side as I worked it, I lapped at her open pussy and tried to push my tongue into her ass.

Breathing her pleasure into Kelly’s pussy, her orgasm built steadily into hard spasms. By the time she came, my cock was hard once more. She rolled onto her side and I moved quickly onto Kelly, grabbing her breasts hard and sucking her tongue as I pounded her sopping cunt. She dug her nails into my back and ass, and at long last I shuddered in an earth-shaking orgasm. We three lay there silently, satisfied, and I became aware of the music still playing.

They got their tip.

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