Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 34


Mark had worked hard for years. He had always aspired to hit the heights of being a partner in the firm with all the money and status that came with it but it had never happened. He had been a rising star who would trample over anyone without thinking to get to the top but since his marriage, his career had fizzled and he hadn’t progressed. After ‘enjoying’ his years of being single, he had settled down and married Joanna. She was a kind-hearted woman and the two of them had set up a solid home. She enjoyed nothing more than a Chinese takeaway in front of the telly with her husband and hated the thought of being out dancing or clubbing. Whilst some of their friends may have enjoyed flashier, more exciting lives, she believed that they were perfectly satisfied.

Mark was popular and well respected at work but people were surprised that others had become more ambitious and cut throat and were overtaking him on the career ladder and he had begun to believe that he would be comfortable and well paid without ever reaching the top. The world of the flash very rich partners in the board room was always just out of reach but Joanna was not bothered as Mark earned decent money and she had no need for more money or status as she has inherited a huge sum from her grandmother who had left her fortune to her rather than her mother who she disapproved of.

Mark had been married now for 3 years but had no children. Life appeared good but Joanna did not enjoy the best of health and was in and out of hospital. What with all the medication she needed, she had gained quite a bit of weight.


One morning Mark was called into his boss’ room for a chat. It started innocuously enough but then the discussion moved on to changes in the business. Some of the key big hitters were being eased out as their time had passed said Tony, his boss, and the business was looking for a new partner. A key client had recommended him. Mark questioned who that could be but was not told. He was told the new partner would be one of 2 people. He was the first option and a hard-nosed experienced woman called Melanie Broad was the other.

They needed to up their percentage of women partners and so Mark immediately thought that she would be the natural choice. She wasn’t popular but had a tough uncompromising edge to her and Mark thought she probably was the partners’ choice. She was a stern rather unpleasant woman and Mark didn’t really like her. His boss told him the decision would be made in just a week or so, it was all going to happen incredibly quickly which seemed odd. The partners wanted a presentation tomorrow as to why he should get the position over her.

He spoke to Joanna that evening and they agreed that he should simply set out what he was good at and not attempt to make comments about Mel as Joanna confirmed that it was not appropriate or nice and it was unprofessional to attack others. He prepared his speech that night and even he had to admit that it was a bit bland.


The next morning he was nervously sitting in the coffee shop he always went to each day preparing his speech over and over in his mind when he became lost in thought. He was staring at something very intently and his mind drifted away from his speech. Eventually, he heard his name being called. He looked up to find his former work colleague and, uh his mind went blurry, well it was Sally smiling down at him. He had known her for a couple of years at the firm before she had moved on to work for some big shot across town and he knew that she had been married recently.

“I hear you are in the running for partnership, Mark.”

“Uh hi Sally. How do you know about it? It is supposed to be a secret.”

“I know a lot of the partners quite well and they, you know, like to talk to me.” She gave him a funny smile and he felt a bit uncomfortable at what was being implied. “You or Mel I hear.”

“Yes that’s right, I have not even been pushing for it so it is a surprise but Joanna and I have discussed it and we will see how it goes.”

“Sounds far too passive Mark, the partners respect someone who goes out and grabs their chance. Someone with big balls always has the key to success.” Mark gulped at her language. “Being Mr Nice Guy won’t get it done, the partners will be looking for another big swinger if you know what I mean,” she said glancing down.

“Well, wow, well I guess if they want someone nasty or political, Joanna doesn’t approve of any of that, Sally.”

“No, she doesn’t” she said laughing “but Mel will rubbish you in there. She will say you are soft and weak and a bit of a pussy but you’re not. I know you are not. You have big…”

“Ok, ok, I get it. If she wants it that badly though, she will probably get it.”

“Mark, you can roll out the speech you have planned in your head which Joanna approved and get nowhere or you follow my lead and use those … balls. Remember the key to a great life.” A strange thought flashed into esenyurt escort his mind. “Tell them that my boss Richard will use you and your firm on his next 3 big deals and that he has blacklisted Mel and wants her sacked from the firm.”

“I can’t say that.”

“Why not?”

“Well because none of it is true.”

“You think she won’t use lies against you to secure this position…”

“Sally please, I don’t know about that but your boss doesn’t even know me.”

“He knows me very well though as does Tony, (senior partner at Mark’s firm) and I can be … very persuasive,” she said giggling.

Mark looked at her oddly again, did she mean…? No, he knew her husband well.

She bent forward and looked into his eyes and Mark gulped at just how pretty and sexy she was, he had always thought that and something stirred in his memory whilst he tried not to look into her impressive tanned cleavage. “Mark you can either play it nice and lose as has been usual in the last few years or use those … big balls of yours… and change your life. Up to you. Good look hun.” She pressed herself against him and her long silky hair slid across his face. He groaned.

“My my, I know you have the balls and all the necessary equipment — you just need to use it, I can feel you know I am right, not your wife. Who inspires you? Try to remember the key.”

With that she was gone. He had been nervous before, now he was utterly confused. Twenty minutes later he walked into the waiting room and waited to be called in. The receptionist could tell he looked nervous and tried to speak kindly to him. Then she looked down and her eyes widened. For the first time Mark realised his cock was rock hard and straining and bulging against his trousers. He felt like he was about to cum. His phone buzzed and the receptionist, still distracted by his bulge, told him he should probably turn that thing off for the meeting and laughed. Thinking back Mark wasn’t sure if she meant his phone or his cock.

It was Joanna to wish him luck and he told the receptionist it was his wife and she smiled but with a level of disinterest which surprised him. His phone buzzed again:

“She really wants you to know she is thinking of you,” said the receptionist.

“Yeah I guess, she is gr…. “. He froze, looking at the screen.

The second message was from Sally and it simply said: “As I said, I asked Richard if he would support you as you are an old ‘friend’ of mine, a very close old ‘friend’. I convinced him, I always seem to have been able to be persuasive when I want something. He has the key. He is the key”. Mark shuddered. Below the text was a picture of the most amazing tanned crossed legs he had seen in his life. Sally’s. Below the picture was a statement which frightened him: “I saw you looking at them in the coffee shop. You seemed lost in a trance, starring at them. I get that every day from bad boys to be honest but what about your love for Joanna, are you a bad boy?! Better than Joanna’s are they? That is an unkind and naughty thought about your wife’s body Mark. Why did you even marry her if you think that about her body compared to mine. I know her mum well, she wishes she had a daughter like me to be honest. Joanna is such a disappointment to her, except for who she married. I know you try to be kind to your wife, or at least you pretend, she does her best to excite you I’m sure. I’m joking, I know what really excites you. Are you a good boy Mark, or are you finally about to use those… big balls… to go with that huge thing you were pushing against me just now? The first step is to betray Joanna’s wishes in the boardroom. Be yourself again. Someone else here wants to ask you a question.”

His phone beeped again. It was his mother in law, Doris’s phone contacting him. Her message shocked him to his core: “What did you think about to get hard when you were with my flat plain daughter for the last 3 years? If you want to impress me, and I know you do, be a man in the boardroom and follow Sally’s advice, not Joanna’s.”

The receptionist gave him a funny look as he groaned as his erection strained his groin and he grunted. She said he could go in now but he seemed lost in a fog.


A week passed and Mark had seemed ill at ease around Joanna. She knew he was nervous about the upcoming decision and was very supportive. His presentation was largely a blur but he had flashbacks to statements he had made in his presentation which made his blood run cold. He had laid into Mel as someone unlikeable, cold, without assets (whatever that meant), useless for the future of the business. He had become personal, making harsh comments about her looks and her body. Did he really do that? He wasn’t like that, was he? Compare that cold ugly bitch with him, he had said. He was popular but always underestimated. Not the safe choice people thought he had become but someone who would shake this place up, he had… the balls… istanbul escort to get the job done. Give him this opportunity and he would use the key to unlock the potential of this place, literally. What did that garbage even mean? He felt embarrassed. Had he really said that to the board? He cringed as he made out that Sally was a key contact and that Sally’s rich boss Richard was a close contact and someone who would only give his next 3 big deals to him and would insist on Mel getting fired. He remembered saying something odd: “he is the key to everything”. He remembered feeling a fool and he felt like he had not only blown the interview but probably his entire career.

Sitting with his young family over dinner a week later in a slight sweat of panic and reliving this, he received a call from a number he didn’t recognise:

“Hi Mark, this is Sally’s… uhhhh………..uhhhhhhhhhhhh” a man groaned surprisingly loudly. Mark felt a strange tingle across his body.

“Hello, are you alright?”

“Yes Mark, uuhhhhhhhh, I am great” he again grunted hard. He heard a woman groan and then laugh near to the phone. “Sally’s boss Richard here. Just had one of your head partners Tony Ricelli, on the phone saying you promised the firm three big deals from me, ha, ha. Yes Sally. Fuck! Uhhh”.

“Oh God… I’m very sorry sir… I … I just.”

“Is everything alright Mark?” Joanna asked, very concerned.

Mark waved his hand dismissively at her which she found alarming and upsetting as it wasn’t like him at all as he left the table for more privacy.

“Uhh God yes … I mean Mark, I told him I would call him back as I am very busy right now with Sally but I wanted to…..uhhh… uhhh….. uhhh, uhhh……… uhhhhhhh.” There was power and rhythm to his grunts now. “… just check some details with you, whether you are capable of stepping up to the big league.”

“Yes sir anything, I have a lot of experience of complex….”

“Shut up son and listen. Sally’s husband, he’s your friend.”

“Yes I have known him for years,” Mark said, feeling more relaxed now he was on stronger ground and had a relevant contact.”

“Phone him and tell him you need him to go to Washington on business for you this week. Uhh, fuck Sal.”

“What, why, is she there, is he there” Mark mumbled, his mind scrambled by the unmistakeable noises he could hear down the phone.

“Hi hun, it’s Sally here. Well done for using your….. uhhhh Richard yes, there, deep…. your balls, Tony told me what you said”, she laughed. “You followed my script, not Joanna’s… Doris will be pleased… I had faith in you, I knew you had the… uhh God, fuck… uhh… the uhhhhh… Richard please… yes… the big balls to go with that thing you were pressing into me!” Mark groaned and Joanna looked questioningly at him. “Whatever could have inspired you?” she said giggling. “Can you …. Uhh God so big, soooooo deep… send my hubby somewhere, uhh, uhhh, uuuuuuuuuhhh, who gives a fuck mmmmm where? For ages.”

‘Um well, um. Why?”

“You know why. Uhhhhhhhh right there yesssss,.Rich …. ard Mel has lost her job. Richard will demand you …. uh yes, deep, deeper, get made a partner. Just two little things honey. Send my hubby away to show where your loyalty lies and… uhhhhhhh”

There was a slamming relentless noise which seemed to go on for the best part of a minute whilst Mark listened but otherwise silence. Mark sat there stunned and he saw the puzzled and concerned look on his wife’s face as she studied him.

“Uhhh fuck, the second thing, is Joanna. I had coffee with her this week. Did she mention it?”


“She told me she is so fat because of the medication, is that right?”

“Yes, I guess.”

“So you agree with me she is really fat these days?”

“Uhhh well.”

“I told her I knew a private doctor who can help, she can be booked into the clinic tomorrow for 3 days of treatment.”

“Will it help?” he asked mindlessly.

“No hun , she will remain fat and ugly I am afraid but you don’t care about that anymore do you. We can meet up whilst she is out of the way, and I can invite Doris, do you want that?”

“Yes” he said and he heard her groan: “I’m coming, Jesus Richard you were right, uhhhhhh” as the phone went dead.


Mark made the call. He had just convinced Sally’s husband of the need to rush to the States on business for him. He had no idea how what to say but he had texted Sally and she had responded to say: “Tell him to meet Lisa Wilson, she is a … uh… how to describe her, a smokingly hot ‘business partner’ of Richard’s in the US and she will fly up from Cali with her husband Keith and she will eat my hubby for breakfast. How about Joanna or fatty as we like to call her? Have you convinced her too?”. Below the text was a picture of Sally smiling confidently at him. She was so pretty.


Mark had beylikdüzü escort convinced Joanna that if there was some treatment available, she needed to seize the opportunity without delay. Joanna was shocked at how forceful and proactive he was, finalising the booking. She insisted she would just be a day patient but then the doctor called to talk it through with her:

“Hi I’m Linda Evans, I mean Dr Evans, Joanna. We really need 3 solid uninterrupted days and nights to make this intensive treatment work. I guarantee these 3 days will change your marriage forever.”

“Well that is a big statement doctor but I’m not sure I want my marriage to change.”

“Oh Joanna, ask your husband. Does he want you to have this treatment, to change? Does he seem anxious, desperate even for you to go into hospital?”

“Yes, I guess he does, it surprises me.”

“He just wants what’s best. I guess he wants a woman who’s belly and thighs don’t jiggle with flabby fat when he fucks her.”

“I beg your pardon, that’s a bit … well…”

“Do you think he finds you attractive?”

“Doctor, really this isn’t helping, I…”

“Just 3 days. In just 3 days he will be having sex with a woman he finds hot all the time for the rest of his life. Do you want the treatment or not? I need an answer now, the bed needs to go to someone else if you don’t want it.”

“What does it involve doctor?”

“Please call me Linda, it requires you to be heavily sedated and then there is suggestive cognitive treatment and visual stimulation and we also assess whether it is worth removing fat from your body but there is some pain to be endured. You know what they say, no pain, no gain and you want Mark to gain from this don’t you.”

Joanna turned to Mark and asked quietly: “Mark do you really want me to have this treatment, it sounds tough. I thought we were happy as we were. I thought you were satisfied with me as I am without ….. uh … changes.”

Mark was staring at his phone intently, he didn’t even look up. There was another photo which had appeared on his screen of Sally’s smiling pretty face as she seemed to be lying on a bed. That wasn’t the arresting thing although she looked stunning. There was a monumental cock stretched in tight boxers across her face, looking dangerous, impressive, rock hard and just plain massive. He struggled to comprehend the size of what he was looking at in those boxers. He had always prided himself on well, not being small but this thing looked so virile, so dominant. It took Mark a while to register the text below the photo. “Richard holds the key to your future. Do you like the look of the key? Is it familiar? Do you want to grab hold of the key? Naughty boy. Are you a secret faggot for his big cock? Do you want to watch the key in action? The key fits me. I can unlock its secrets. Do you think your wife could unlock its secrets?”

“No” he mumbled.

“What, you are not satisfied with me? Mark?” Jo said, hurt.

“What, no. I mean I think you should have the treatment. It will help,” he babbled.

Dr Evans calmly asked to speak to Mark and the phone was passed to him.

‘Hi Mark. I am Dr Linda Evans. Do you know what is important in life, Mark. … She paused. “The key. Do you agree?”

“Yes” he said mindlessly.

“Do you think I can help change your marriage?

“I don’t know.”

“Look at her. I am brilliant but I can’t work miracles,” she laughed. “Can I Mark?”

“No doctor.”

“She’s fat and ugly isn’t she?”

“Uhh I guess.”

“No need to guess, just look to her. Tell your wife what the key to a great life is. I am here with Richard and Sally and my hand is on the key. Lay it on thick for your new master.”

Mark felt like he was on autopilot, just doing what he was told, driven on by the bulge in his trousers and the image in his mind.

“Joanna, things have not been easy for you in the last few years and I place no blame on you. But…”

“Blame for what?” She interrupted in sudden anger.

“”Your growing size. I think…”

“I have a medical condition, you know that. What is happening here. We have always been really happy.”

Evans whispered in her ear: “Tell her she uses that as an excuse, be ‘honest’ with her, tell her how fat and ugly you really think she is, compared to Sally. The key needs to know where your loyalties lie — now tell her!”

“Joanna you can’t hide your obesity behind your cond…”

“My fucking what — how dare you call me obese? I am your wife. Do you care for me at all?”

Mark sat with the phone to his ear: Linda whispering: “Tell her you are about to be a mighty partner now and she is nothing. You know what unlocked that door for you. Are you grateful? Grateful enough to crush her?”

“I just think you need the treatment, I am going places and you need to ….”. He struggled for the words as he could see the hurt in her eyes and his heart ached. What was he doing? The doctor said: “I need to speak to her, put the phone on speaker.”

“The doctor wants to speak with us.”

“Joanna can you hear me, yes good. It is clear your marriage needs this treatment badly and very quickly. Just think Joanna, in three days everything will have changed and your husband will never need to have sex with your pasty fat body again.”

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