Good Neighbors


I was relieved when my spinster-sister neighbors finally decided to move out. For the entire two years since I moved into my townhouse I’d heard nothing but complaining from Jessica and Agnes. They didn’t like the way the buildings were kept. They didn’t like the way the snow was plowed. They didn’t like the parking. They didn’t like the weather. They didn’t like – you name it. Fortunately, they were never upset with me – at least not to my face, but I was really getting tired of their constant complaining and badmouthing of our neighbors.

No matter who else moved in, they would be a big improvement as far as I was concerned. I was ecstatic when I learned that my new neighbors would be a married couple in their thirties. I knew I’d have a lot more in common with them. I couldn’t wait until the first of the month when they were to move in. On Saturday, the first, when I saw them drive up in their car and moving van, I eagerly went out to greet them. “Hi, I’m Jack Linwood, your new neighbor,” I said introducing myself to the man I assumed was the husband. “Welcome to Greenwood Village. I’d be delighted to give you a hand unloading.”

“Hi Jack,” he replied. “I’m Ron Clark and that’s my wife Karen over there,” he said as he nodded at the tall slender blonde who was getting things out of their car. “I sure appreciate your offer. We are expecting some friends over to help but we got in earlier than planned and they won’t be here until this afternoon.”

Karen walked up just then and Ron introduced us. “Karen, you’ll be pleased to know that this is our new neighbor Jack and he’s offered to help us.” Ron’s wife appeared to quickly look me up and down before offering her hand.

“Hi Jack. Yes, I am very pleased to meet you.” My cock twitched as I reached out to take her hand. Even though she was wearing little makeup, and her tube top and micro-short skirt were well-used lounging work clothes, Karen’s warm sensuality and charm was obvious as she smiled and squeezed my outstretched hand. She held it just a little longer than might be considered appropriate, and something began to click in my mind.

Her snug tube top made it clear that she had rather small breasts but it also revealed very prominent nipples that seemed to appear as we spoke. Something about this woman told me that she’d be great in bed and that she was “available.” As I felt my cock begin to grow, I knew I had to break the spell that Karen had cast on me. It wouldn’t be smart to let my new neighbors see me standing there with an erection.

I turned away and walked over to the van. “What can I carry in?” I asked. For the next couple of hours, the three of us unloaded a lot of the boxes and smaller items off the van and into their new home.

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary for the first little while, but then Karen began to brush against me or reach out and touch me my arm or shoulder whenever we passed each other. She seemed to go out of her way to rub her backside against my crotch in the back of the truck. It was particularly disconcerting because her husband was usually right there when she did it, and she was so obvious about it. I found it increasingly difficult to avoid getting hard.

Finally, I had to do something to get away for a few minutes so I could regain my composure. I came up with the brilliant idea that I would go into my house and get us all a cold beer. It was a warm spring day so we were all thirsty and this would give me a few minutes to “cool down.”

“Great idea!” Ron concurred. “I really would appreciate one.” “Same here,” Karen echoed, “and Jack do you suppose I could use your bathroom? I don’t know where the towels and TP and stuff are for ours just yet.”

I agreed to her request thinking that at least she wouldn’t be rubbing against me while she was taking a pee. As we entered my house I pointed her toward the entry-way powder room while I headed upstairs to the kitchen. I just finished getting some beers from the refrigerator and was looking in the cupboard for some snacks when I felt someone’s arms around my waist. Karen had sneaked up behind me.

“Jack, you’re such a neat, sexy guy. I know I’m really going to like having you for our new neighbor,” she said. I nearly fainted.

“Karen, stop that!” I said firmly. “Your husband is right outside. What would he think if he saw you doing this?”

“I’m sorry Jack,” Karen said as she pulled away. “I didn’t mean to upset you but don’t worry about Ron. I know he likes you too. He wouldn’t mind.”

“I don’t know what you’re up to,” I said in surprise. “The way you’ve been acting the last hour or so rubbing up against me and all – and now this – I just don’t understand. But I do know that you are making me very hard and I don’t think Ron would like that if he knew.”

“Gee, Jack, I’m glad that I’m having that effect on you,” she said. Then she reached around and placed her hand on my crotch. She found her hand full of hard cock. “Does this mean you like me? If so I’m delighted. silivri escort And like I said, I wouldn’t worry about Ron. He really doesn’t mind.”

I was really confused. Here I was with a married woman’s hand massaging my hard cock while her husband waited for us almost right outside the door. I was very tempted to turn around and nail Karen right there on my kitchen table, but my brain prevailed over my aching prick. I did yield to temptation long enough to turn around and kiss Karen firmly on the mouth. Putting down the beer cans, I slipped my hand under her tube top. She jumped as my cold hands touched her breast.

“You’d better be careful of what you do or say around me,” I warned her. “Otherwise my dick may make me do things to you that you aren’t really intending. It doesn’t like being teased.”

“I’m not teasing Jack,” Karen replied. “I’m ready to finish anything I start.” Again she reached down and massaged my cock. “This thing can do anything to me it wants.”

“We’d better get these drinks out to Ron,” I said as I again fought valiantly to regain my composure. I picked up the beers and hurried out the door with Karen right behind me.

“Hey, you two back so soon?” Ron said with a laugh. I thought I detected a wink at Karen as he spoke.

“We were just beginning to get acquainted but Jack didn’t want you to get thirsty,” Karen replied. “Besides I think he’s a little bit shy – sexy but shy,” she continued.

I didn’t know what to think. It certainly sounded like Ron knew exactly what his wife was up to in my kitchen. It also didn’t appear that he minded at all. My attractive new neighbor was putting the make on me and her husband was in on it. I just didn’t know what to make of this. This was wild.

We found a shady spot on the front lawn and sat down on the grass to have our beers. I had just finished a long pull on my can when Karen turned to face me. She proceeded to lift one leg so that her tiny skirt was pulled wide open and the crotch of her hot pink panties was clearly on display.

Ron could see it as easily as I. I tried to avoid looking at her down there but found my gaze repeatedly being drawn down until I forced it back up again. When our eyes met Karen broke into a big smile. Then I noticed that Ron was grinning too.

“I hope that you don’t mind that my wife is a bit of a tease Jack,” Ron said. “Some men are put off by it,” he continued. “I guess her playful attitude scares them, but I assure you she won’t bite. She’s just having fun.”

“Ron, I told you before not to call me a tease. A tease is someone who’s all show and no go. That’s not my style, and you know it.”

“Sorry dear,” Ron apologized. “Yes, you are right.”

“I’m getting pretty warm,” Karen continued. “I think I need to cool off a little.” With that she pulled her tube top off over her head and sat there in our front yard topless. Then she reached under her skirt and in one motion slipped her panties down under her ass and off.

She flung the panties at me as she resumed her previous posture. I gasped as I got my first look at this sexy woman’s cunt. The thin light brown down of her beaver did nothing to hide her puffy pussy lips and I could plainly see her wet pink slit. Karen was ready to be fucked.

“Jack, this needs that hard cock of yours,” she said as she reached down and ran her fingers up and down her slit. I nearly came as I watched her long, thin middle finger disappear into her secret opening. “Will you fuck me?”

I sat dumbfounded. I looked at her steaming pussy and then up at her husband. “Should I?” I asked him. “I mean is this alright?”

“Please do,” Ron replied. “I’m sure Karen is very horny right now. She hasn’t been fucked for two days. She doesn’t usually go that long. She must need it pretty bad.”

I didn’t wait to be asked again. I reached for Karen’s hand and we got up and ran into my house. Withinn seconds we were on my bed and I had my face buried in her delicious wet cunt, wetter than any I have never known.

Her pussy was very sweet tasting as well. I haven’t eaten all that many but this was certainly the most exciting and delicious. As my tongue ran around the edges of her slit and then up and down from her asshole to her clit I sensed her body growing tense. When I pressed my finger firmly against her tight asshole and flicked my tongue on her clit she came.

“I want your cock in me now Jack,” she begged as she caught her breath. I wasn’t about to deny her wish so I slid forward and ran the tip of my cock up and down the length of her slit to lubricate it. As I slipped the head of my raging cock into Karen’s cunt I heard a gasp behind me.

I turned to see Ron standing in the door watching. For a moment I was afraid I’d lose my erection as I thought about the significance of being watched by Karen’s husband. She rescued me by pushing her pelvis back against my cock so that I slid all the way into her bakırköy escort vagina. Then she began to move her hips causing me to pump gently in and out. I quickly took up the motion and increased the pace.

“Fuck me Jack! Fuck me hard!” Karen said as I pumped into her.

“Ron, darling, I’m getting fucked. Do you like it? I love it.”

This hot woman was stating the obvious but it increased the erotic effect hearing her tell her husband that she was being fucked. It didn’t take me long to cum and soon I was pumping a load of hot cum deep in Karen’s belly. The sensation was enough to make her cum again. Then I collapsed on top of her. Ron must have stepped out of the room as we rested.

In a few minutes Karen was ready to go again and she rolled out from under me so that she could take my cock in her mouth. It didn’t take her long to prove that she was very accomplished in giving head.

Just as my cock was beginning to respond to her tongue Ron came back in the room.

“Don’t you think you and Jack should save yourselves for later,” was all he said.

Karen quickly ceased sucking, saying “That’s a good idea. Is that alright with you Jack?”

I was at a point where I really would have liked to continue and I guess she sensed my disappointment. “I promise that next time will be even better and I won’t quit until you can’t get it up anymore,” she assured me.

“If that’s an invitation to fuck you again I accept,” I replied delighted to know that this wasn’t going to be a one-time thing.

“That’s a promise. I have more of an appetite than you or any other man can satisfy,” Karen replied. “Before long you’ll be begging for mercy.”

Karen and I got dressed and the three of us spent the next three hours or so unloading more of their stuff from the van. We stopped a couple of times for a drink but there wasn’t anymore “funny stuff” between us except that once in a while she’d rub my crotch and ask “How you doing, Tiger?”

I’d return the greeting by reaching under her skirt and slipping my fingers inside the edge of her panties and into her juicy slit. “I’m doing fine,” I said, “as long as this hot cunt is here for me later.”

Ron saw us doing this and laughed heartily. “I’m glad to see that we have a ‘good neighbor’ policy going here.”

Late in the afternoon four of Ron and Karen’s friends arrived. Ron introduced me to Ken, Larry, Joe and Carl as their new neighbor and “Karen’s new toy.” I wondered what they might think of his comment but no one said anything. I guess they all knew Karen pretty well.

They pitched in to help get the larger items off the truck. I didn’t notice at first but every once in a while one of the four men disappeared for awhile. Karen was gone, too. I finally caught on to what was happening when I climbed up into the van.

There behind some boxes was Karen on her knees giving Larry a blowjob. Larry looked over and smiled. “You’re a lucky guy to have such a hot new neighbor,” he said as a look of rapture crossed his face. Then I noticed Karen swallowing vigorously. She had just sucked a load of seed out of Larry’s balls.

By eight o’clock that night we had everything off the van and into the townhouse. The furniture still had to be put in place and the bed had to be put together but Karen insisted that we quit for the night. Since she wasn’t the one who’d been doing most of the heavy work I didn’t understand why until later.

“Ron and I can spend the night in a motel,” she said. “In fact I’d like to get to one now and take a shower. Then we can all relax and have some fun.” Little did I realize what sort of fun she meant. I should have guessed given what she’d already done that day but I had no idea that she planned to fuck all six of us.

“You can take your showers at my place,” I offered. “Then you and Ron can stay in my spare bedroom if you like.”

“Jack, that’s a great idea,” Ron replied, “but are you sure your mattress is up to it? I mean things are likely to get pretty wild with the six of us guys taking care of Karen.”

“No shit!” I said. “Well, if you’re including me in on this I don’t care what happens to the mattress.”

For the next three hours my bedroom was a blur of cocks pumping in and out of Karen’s various openings. On two occasions she had three cocks in her at once with one in her mouth, one in her ass and one in her cunt. I was lucky enough to get my turn at each opening. Ron did manage to find their video camera in the boxes of stuff they’d moved and he captured it most of it on video. I took the camera a couple of times so Ron could take a turn fucking his wife. By shortly after midnight all of us were fucked out. The four friends were especially tired because of their long drive and they fell asleep wherever they’d fallen after they’d had their last turn.

This meant that the floor of my bedroom was covered with bodies. At last Ron and I were the only ones still halkalı escort awake. Even Karen was half asleep. She was an incredible sight. This woman who I’d just met a few hours earlier lay on my bed covered with cum from one end of her body to the other. She had cum in her hair and on her face, breasts, thighs and soft brown beaver.

As she lay dozing Ron turned her on her back and spread her thighs. The aftermath of the multiple orgasms of six men was abundantly visible as cum streamed from her cunt.

“Now comes the best part of all,” Ron said as he knelt between his wife’s thighs. Then he bent down and began to eat and suck the cum from her pussy.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Of all the weird things I’d witnessed and been a party to today, this was the weirdest. He continued for several minutes before taking a break.

“Jack,” he said, “that’s the most erotic thing that I’ve ever experienced. Eating other men’s cum from my wife’s pussy is a turn on that is unequaled by anything else.”

“I can’t believe that you’d do that,” I admitted. “I was surprised to find that you actually would let other men fuck her, but this is too much.”

“Have you ever tried it?” he asked.

“No, obviously not. I mean I’ve never been a swinger and I don’t have a steady girlfriend, so I couldn’t,” I replied.

“Don’t knock it then. But, hey, just because you’ve not been a swinger is no reason why you can’t eat a cunt full of cum. Why today you were swinging. You ought to try it. It’s fantastic. Why don’t you eat her for a minute before I fuck her one more time?”

I don’t know what possessed me but I did as Ron suggested and soon found myself savoring the unique taste of a woman’s cunt when it’s full of cum. I never would have imagined that it could be so exciting. I was so turned on that in a few minutes I was hard again.

Ron noticed my condition and invited me to “go ahead and give her one more load.”

By this time, Karen was awake again and when she heard Ron’s invitation she whispered

“Fuck me again Jack – please. I need it one more time.”

Again, I couldn’t turn down a request from such a sexy woman and after a few minutes I added my last load to her pussy.

As soon as I was finished Ron took my place and added another load of his own. I guess it was appropriate that the last load in Karen’s cunt came from her husband.

“Look at how her cunt is dripping again,” Ron commented after he finished. “Why don’t you start cleaning her up.”

This time I didn’t need to be talked into it. I eagerly crawled between Karen’s thighs and put my tongue to work. I licked and sucked what seemed like an impossible amount of cum from her before Ron nudged me aside so he could finish. Karen came again one last time as he worked to clean her pussy.

Karen, Ron and I all slept in my bed that night. We all must have slept soundly because the next thing I remember was being awakened the next morning by the delightful sensation of Karen sucking my cock. I didn’t think I’d ever get hard again after the previous night but she worked her magic and as soon as I was hard she sat on my cock while she sucked Ron. After I came he took another turn fucking her while she sucked Ken. This round-robin continued until all six of us had fucked her one more time. The six of us guys all took quick showers and then went to get some breakfast.

We hadn’t thought about it last night but we hadn’t eaten any supper and we were famished. Karen opted not to join us saying that she was too tired and sore. She asked us to bring her something. When we returned with her breakfast Karen was up and dressed and looking even sexier than the day before. She had even been able to find some clean clothes in their boxes of stuff and was ready to finish the unpacking. By noon the furniture was all in place and the big boxes were all unpacked so the four friends left.

They had a long drive ahead of them. I found out later that they were neighbors of Ron and Karen back where they used to live and they agreed to help them move knowing that Karen would make their efforts worthwhile. How right they had been. I helped Ron and Karen finish unpacking and then Karen invited me to “test their mattress.” I was delighted to accept and the three of us spent the first of many hours together in their bed.

Since that unforgettable weekend nearly a year ago I have spent a lot of time with my sexy neighbor. Ron travels a lot in his work so he asked if I’d be willing to help Karen whenever she needs anything. I agreed to help her with anything – “absolutely anything.” This has meant fucking her at least once or twice a week. It also has come to include eating her when she’s been fucked by some of her other new male friends. She does this at least once a week. Last week she brought three guys home and fucked them in her and Ron’s bed. After they had left she called me over saying she had a really hot new video that she thought I’d like to see.

When I arrived she told me that Ron had installed a hidden video camera in their bedroom the weekend before and this was the first time she’d been able to use it. After I ate the cum from her pussy we watched the tape together. Needless to say after we watched the tape I dumped another big load in her cunt.

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