Chat: Learning to Be Nice


redapple: I hate my life right now 🙁

SxGrrl: Why??

redapple: Nothing is going like I thought it would. I graduated from high school and now all my friends are gone. I’m in a public college that has like a million people. I know no one. redapple: I’m lonely redapple: I got no money

SxGrrl: You have me!? **Hug**

redapple: Yeah. You’re my life saver right now. But its like, my whole social life is an online chat redapple: Your in Boston

SxGrrl: Come visit SxGrrl: I know its hard right now. You got your dad?

redapple: So? He doesn’t care. He’s too busy with his own life. Thinks I gotta pay my dues. Wants me to move out

SxGrrl: I live with my dad too

redapple: You do??

SxGrrl: Yeah. We get along great. He gives me a really great allowance and clothes too

redapple: No way! It would never be that way for me

SxGrrl: Don’t be so sure

redapple: What do you do?

SxGrrl: I’m extra nice to him

redapple: I’m nice

SxGrrl: Not what I mean exactly. SxGrrl: When I want some money I sit in his lap and whisper in his ear. Give him sweet little kisses on his cheek. ScGrrl: Shit like that

redapple: No way!

SxGrrl: It’s harmless. He’s lonely. You never talk about your mom. I bet your dad is single isn’t he?

redapple: Yeah

SxGrrl: I bet he never dates

redapple: Wow! Nope

SxGrrl: That’s why he’s mean. He’s lonely. You light up his life. He lights up yours. My dad even takes me shopping

redapple: My dad hates shopping

SxGrrl: Yeah, well I model my outfits for him. Then he buys the ones he likes, and then I wear them for him – special. He gets me anything I want. Oh, and a huge secret

redapple: What??

SxGrrl: Pout

SxGrrl: He’ll love it I promise, lets him comfort you

redapple: I don’t know

SxGrrl: Think about it. At least get your home life in order. Get yourself some money. At least you’ll have money

redapple: I gotta go. redapple: Lots to do. See ya

SxGrrl: See ya.

redapple: I feel better. Thanks.

I sat there blinking at the screen. Sxgrrl was my chat friend. Right now my only friend. My best friend. I shared everything with her for like a month now. But this was a total first, right out of the blue. I would never be able to. At least, I guess I could try being ‘nice.’ Dad was at work and our routine was pretty typical. We sat in the evening and watched tv. We would wander to the fridge and eat when we were hungry. I asked for money, he said ‘No, get a job.’ There was like no contact, no evening meal. I was just occupying this house the same as him. Lonely??

I decided to try a little something, just see. I couldn’t get it out of my head. I decided to fix a nice meal and went into the kitchen and began cooking. By the time he walked in the door, you could smell a cooked meal and he commented, “what’s going on?”

He stepped into the kitchen, I turned and smiled at him. I was facing the sink rinsing some vegetables. I turned, wiping my hands, and greeted him (something I never did).

“Hi daddy. I’m fixing us a nice sit down meal tonight.”

He just looked over his glasses at me as he set his briefcase down. “Whaa..?”

“I just thought it would be fun. You’re . . . not going anywhere tonight are you.”

I was frowning a little (pouting??)

“No no. Ok. Great.” He was looking around, almost a little confused. “Let me put my stuff away.”

“No hurry, dinner will be ready in about a half hour,” I chirrupped.

I felt better actually, just ‘acting’ nice.

Dinner turned out perfect and we sat down together, I set out some nice dishes, not the nicest, but we weren’t eating out of the pans like we usually did.

“How was work today daddy?”

He looked at me. Paused. “The usual really. I closed a deal that I had been working on for quite some time. So a good day. Yeah. You must have had a great day.”


“All of this.”

I looked around and smiling, staring at my hands, “Oh, no I just thought we never spend any time – together. We never talk. We end up watching tv or in our rooms. Even though we live in the same house.”

I reached out my hand and touched the back of his. Damn. I’m good at this.

He smiled. “Yeah, we have lost track a little,” and I could see his face, his shoulders softening. Sadness??

He had a dark mane of hair and very thick hands. He was a big man, muscular, like twice as big as me. I looked down and realized my hand was still laying on the back of his. “We don’t have to change all of a sudden . . .I guess. We can still watch our shows, whatever. But . . . maybe we can have a nice meal together in the evenings.”

He rose from his chair, and stood behind me, looking down at me from behind and set his hands on my shoulders. “A nice idea honey. I like that. Yeah.”

I reached up and also put my hands on his.

The rest of the evening went really nice. He was definitely nicer than his usual surly self, and I made a point of sitting right next to him on the sofa, leaning against his shoulder, sort of resting while we watched our shows.


redapple: Hey SxGrrl!

SxGrrl: izmir escort Hey

redapple: What’s up?

SxGrrl: Nothing. I found this great boy in class and I took him home!

redapple: No way!! I wish

SxGrrl: Yes way. He’s here now!!

redapple: How come your chatting with me then

SxGrrl: I saw you on the screen and needed a break 🙂 SxGrrl: He’s great. What I needed

redapple: You doing what I think

SxGrrl: Pretty much. What do you think I’m doing?

redapple: You know

SxGrrl: Say it

redapple: Fucking

SxGrrl: Lots more than that

redapple: LOL. redapple: You lucky shit

SxGrrl: He’s asleep now

redapple: Must have been good

SxGrrl: Naw, boys fall asleep

redapple: I’m totally ~hot and bothered~ now redapple: Picturing you

SxGrrl: That’s cool

redapple: Yeah. Well I don’t have a boy in my room do I?

SxGrrl: No. But you got what every grrl really needs don’t ya 🙂 SxGrrl: >>>>>> O

redapple: Ha Ha Ha. Your making me squirm in my seat

SxGrrl: What ya wearing?

redapple: my shorts

SxGrrl: take them off!!

redapple: oh my god! Your perverted!! redapple wait

redapple: I did it!!!

SxGrrl: So what are you wearing now??

redapple: My top and my underwear

SxGrrl: Take them off 😉

redapple: Ha Ha Ha. I did it. How about you

SxGrrl: I’ve been naked the whole time SxGrrl: Lets do it

redapple: Do it??

SxGrrl: Both of us. Lets masturbate SxGrrl: You said your hot and bothered

redapple: Wait. I got to close my door

SxGrrl: Ok

redapple: we have to type wth one hnd.

SxGrrl: you doing it

redapple: yeah

SxGrrl: what do you do

redapple: touch myself

SxGrrl: no how what do you like

redapple: its hard to tpe redapple: long and slw jus up and dwn redapple: god im wet

SxGrrl: slppry

redapple: hmm redapple: god i wish i had a boy in my room

SxGrrl: what would you do

redapple: god i could fuck redapple: all day

SxGrrl: all night! SxGrrl: how long has it ben

redapple: a yr

SxGrrl: grrl you got to get out there

redapple: where are your legs

SxGrrl: ha ha up on desk

redapple: mine too i got the kybrd in my lap

SxGrrl: wish i had a picture

redapple: ha ha redapple: wait writ smthn drty

SxGrrl: im **fuckng** your pussy, big cock up your cunt SxGrrl: hold me inside you in out in out SxGrrl: mmmm your a great fuck

redapple: hmm

SxGrrl: your cunt hot SxGrrl: wet

redapple: i want to heat you

SxGrrl: ha ha SxGrrl: wish we were laying together SxGrrl: i could be the one toching you

redapple: oh god!!! cumming OOOO redapple: I needed that. Thanks 🙂

SxGrrl: Wait. im still =O< call me your little girl redapple: i want to eat your puss redapple: fuck my little girl SxGrrl: eat me redapple: my tongue is up inside you redapple: mmmm tonguing your clit. Its so hard SxGrrl: God!! :O SxGrrl: There Great:) redapple: You cum? SxGrrl: I came. Yeah!! redapple: We were bad SxGrrl: We needed that redapple: you didn’t, you got a boy in your room! SxGrrl: 🙂 SxGrrl: started everything didn’t it redapple: yeah SxGrrl: we don’t need a boy in the room to do what we did though do we? redapple: no redapple: Hey. I got to tell you something SxGrrl: What?? redapple: That stuff you said about your dad. It really works SxGrrl: I told you redapple: I started fixing dinners, and we sit and have actual conversations lately. It’s weird. I’m being REALLY nice to him 🙂 I hold his hand and lean up against him. It’s fun. redapple: He blushes. I can just see him relax. We sit on the couch together, it’s nice. SxGrrl: Have you asked him for any money? redapple: I didn’t want one thing to seem related to my being nice totally, so I waited , but yeah. On Friday I told him I was short of cash and he gave me a fifty for the weekend! redapple: He told me to have some fun with my friends Not great, but I didn’t even say an amount and he usually says no anyway. So wow. Yeah. redapple: My keyboard is sticky now SxGrrl: 🙂 SxGrrl: See. Keep it up. Just be as friendly as you can. The friendlier you are the better for you. Believe me SxGrrl: Hey. Is your pussy bare or hairy?? redapple: ha ha redapple: its pretty bare, light and bare. Red now SxGrrl: Mines all puffy SxGrrl: Oh. He’s up now. Gotta go!! redapple: You little shit SxGrrl: **Kiss** Bye!!! ********** After that little chat I was so horny. This was NOT fair. I sat in my room wearing nothing for quite awhile, just looking at my body, when I heard the front door. Shit! I didn’t prepare any dinner. I put on some clothes. Picked a pretty short little skirt and a half top. No time for panties, and quickly greeted my daddy! I lied that I thought that it would be a good night to have pizza and a movie. My dad said just the pizza tonight because he had lots of paperwork but thanks for thinking of him. So I was sitting alsancak escort at home now in my room looking at my old school year book, dad was in the study working with some papers. I really wanted to go shopping and as usual had nothing. I was still so horny that it hurt and checked online but SxGrrl was still away from her terminal.

She was fucking and sucking while I sat here alone in my room. So I sat looking at my yearbooks some more when I had a little idea.


“Yeah hon.”

“I have something to show you. Got a minute?” I pouted. I held my yearbook in my hand.

He set his papers aside and looked up at me. “Sure. Just . . .”

And he began clearing a space for me beside him.

“That’s ok. Here.” and I moved in toward him – his eyes widening – and sat down right between his legs and backed myself into him. “Here. Just you move back on the sofa.” I sunk into him, “There, yea.”

And he slid to the back of the couch with me sidling up into his lap, leaning back against his chest. He wrapped his arms around me as I held my yearbook open. “I was going through my old yearbook, and just wanted to show you some of my old pictures. I thought it would be fun.”

“It’s only been a year!” He laughed. That was the first time I’d seen him laugh in such a long time.

And I began to turn pages pointing to various images, as I pressed myself against his chest and relaxed against his warmth. I loved the feel of his arms around me, holding them under my arms, resting my arms along his. I let him hold the book with me, and he inclined his head so that our cheeks were basically touching as we went through the book together. Just us!

At one time I felt his hand rest right on my belly. I was wearing a half top so his hand was right on my skin. It was simply electric. Hard to describe. I could feel his finger tips press into me, stroking me lightly, and after the events of this afternoon I really tried to just ignored it, glancing sidelong at him and smiling. I just pressed tightly against him with his hand right over my belly button and I could even feel the presence of an erection. His erection! The afternoon swirled into me, and I felt myself flush and go immediately wet. This cock pressing at my back, this hand on my belly. It felt so good!

I hadn’t realized before, but I had been devoid of human contact for so long that simply feeling this wonderful warmth made me feel so very relaxed and happy. I lay in this pleasure as long as I could.

I let out the smallest, “Mmmm.”

What a great day. I got to masturbate with my best friend over the internet and be held by my own dad. Soft. Warm. Weird day. But I liked it. I felt happy.

We just sat and paged through my whole book, and I let the heat between us slowly build. Turning my face to his and breathing on him as I spoke. I could feel his breath warming my hair. His stubbly cheeks occasionally brushing my ear.

“You know what. Look at these!” And I turned to show him the half top I was wearing. The outfit in the photo what the same one I was wearing. And I paged through a number of the photos of myself. “Look! I wore that one yesterday. See, I’m still wearing most of the clothes that I wore in high school daddy, and I was wondering if I could borrow some money to get some newer clothes. I need to look older. For college.”

I was really squirming around on his lap just then, turning this way and that. My skirt was riding higher. He looked at me muddled, a slight smile on his face. An almost confused expression just then. I was having quite an effect on him wasn’t I? I was being nice!

“We could both go shopping. You could help me. Help me pick out outfits. What do you think? I think it would be fun.”

“Uh, yeah. I guess. We could do that.” He was pushing up his glasses.

This was working.

“Thanks daddy, that would be great. How about this weekend?” And I leaned in and kissed him on the lips still sitting in his lap. He kissed me back, it held a little longer than normal. It was me that pulled away. But he was going to take me clothes shopping.

“Oh, hon and here.” He handed me a twenty. “Just in case your short this week.”

I rose from his lap and straightened myself out. Could he see up my skirt? I looked back at myself.

Damn. This works. And I took it.


redapple: oh my god!!

SxGrrl: what

redapple: I get to go clothes shopping this weekend

SxGrrl: what happened?

redapple: Whole story?

SxGrrl: Sure

redapple: Well, remember that one day.

SxGrrl: Yeah 🙂

redapple: Well. I don’t think I got quite as much release as you did. I was pretty squirrelly and got the idea of sitting on my dads lap while looking at old photos

SxGrrl: LOL

redapple: yeah. It was totally innocent. He had his arms wrapped around me while we turned the pages. It was really nice. redapple: and I even let him put his hand on my belly.

SxGrrl:??What did he do?

redapple: nothing. I felt his erection though

SxGrrl: Oh My God!! What would you have done?

redapple: what do you mean?

SxGrrl: what buca escort if he had like REALLY touched you

redapple: well that wouldn’t happen. It was innocent

SxGrrl: Grrl your daddy had an erection and it wasn’t from the pictures you were looking at in your yearbook

redapple: well redapple: Anyway I asked if we could go clothes shopping. I said he could come along. He said yes.

SxGrrl: Your going to model for him??

redapple: Yes!!

SxGrrl: Cool SxGrrl: let him pick some of the outfits

redapple: yeah redapple: and he gave me twenty dollars

SxGrrl: cool. See. I told you

redapple: it works. It was fun

redapple: I was wondering???????

SxGrrl: yeah

redapple: I’ve been pretty horny still redapple: REALLY really horny

SxGrrl: you need to meet a boy. We need to work on that too. Money and boys!

redapple: I need release. Could we?

SxGrrl: What we did? 🙂

redapple: yeah

SxGrrl: what are you wearing

redapple: just a top

SxGrrl: Nothing Else!! what is the top?

redapple: it’s a light blue halter

SxGrrl: so your wearing one thing?

redapple: Well no redapple: my jewelry

SxGrrl: ha ha ha SxGrrl: Ok. Well now I’m wearing one thing too

redapple: what?

SxGrrl: my socks

redapple: LOL. That’s two things

SxGrrl: Wait. SxGrrl: No socks!! SxGrrl: are you wet?

redapple: I’ve been wet all day

SxGrrl: are you touching yourself

redapple: yeah

SxGrrl: so am i SxGrrl: i got my finger in my hole SxGrrl: do what i do

redapple: wait i got to close the door again redapple: dad might get home

SxGrrl: like that would stop you now

redapple: ok

SxGrrl: im sliding in and out now

redapple: mmmmm

SxGrrl: does your clit get hard

redapple: sort of

SxGrrl: stick out

redapple: sort of

SxGrrl: mine does totally

redapple: wish i could see it

SxGrrl: me too

redapple: I want it!! redapple: feels good

SxGrrl: yeah SxGrrl: what are you thinking

redapple: im thinking about your pussy, hard clit

SxGrrl: rub it now redapple: im doing it

SxGrrl: how do you like to rub your clit

redapple: right at the bottom circles

SxGrrl: yeah me too

redapple: mmmm

SxGrrl: mmmm

redapple: fuck me redapple: is your cock hard

SxGrrl: yeah SxGrrl: put it inside me

redapple: wrap your arms around me

SxGrrl: yeah your sitting in my lap showing me pictures SxGrrl: feel my erection?? SxGrrl: open my pants SxGrrl: let me cum inside you

redapple: sit on my cock and fuck me

SxGrrl: oh god daddy!

redapple: yeah im fucking you right now redapple: want me to eat you

SxGrrl: yeah SxGrrl: stretch your twat for me SxGrrl: open yourself up for me SxGrrl: my good little girl your pretty cunt

redapple: oh god redapple: yeah cunt

SxGrrl: let me press into you open your legs SxGrrl: so good SxGrrl: im putting my finger into your ass

redapple: oh god redapple: yea

SxGrrl: eat me and finger fuck me

redapple: i want your pussy rubbing against my pussy

SxGrrl: two little girls

redapple: two little cunts redapple: our clits are touching

SxGrrl: oh god, oh SxGrrl:!!!!!!!!!!!! SxGrrl: I came. Oh my god, that sure did it

redapple: keep fucking me!!! redapple: you’re my daddy

SxGrrl: im fucking you SxGrrl: show me some more pictures SxGrrl: i took my hand and slid them into your skirt

redapple: i wasn’t wearing any panties!

SxGrrl: what if he would have slid his hand down there???

redapple: he would have felt me 🙂 redapple: all of me

SxGrrl: were your legs open

redapple: mmmm

SxGrrl: open your legs

redapple: sit down on me

SxGrrl: im fucking you SxGrrl: rising falling on my cock

redapple: oh godd

SxGrrl: im squeeaing your breasts

redapple: pusling you on me

SxGrrl: yeah

redapple: oh oh mm redapple: Oh my :))))))))

SxGrrl: :O?

redapple: big OOOO

SxGrrl: i never

redapple: i cant believe it!!

SxGrrl: that was SO great

redapple: we have to meet

SxGrrl: get the tickets

redapple: your in boston right?? redapple: i can’t stand it

SxGrrl: what??

redapple: i want you right now

SxGrrl: me or your daddy??


It was the weekend. The weekend WE were going to go shopping. My dad and I. And I was blushing at the thought of shopping with him, he picking clothes out for me and me modeling for him. I picked some of my favorite shops and picked some items out. He was sitting in a chair sort of waiting like he always did.

But that was not right – not today!

“Daddy. I said you were going to help me! Pick some things out for me too.”

He looked around, “Ok.”

After a little while I looked over at him and he had some pretty ordinary looking things.

“No daddy.” I whispered, “I think your misunderstanding me. Clothes YOU would like to see me in, for Just you. It’s sort of like your reward for all this boring shopping. Stuff for just around the house.

I watched his face darken. He just sort of stammered, “I don’t . . .”

“Just look around. If anything interests you. Show me. Let me say yes or no.” And I turned away looking back at him, “Let me know.” I took his hand, he nodding back at me, let it slip from mine and went back to my shopping.

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