Chris Dunn Ch. 03


Chris Dunn needed a break from the exhausting work of being a therapist. She was good at handling the weight of the sexual problems her clients brought to her, but needed to get away from time to time in order to keep herself centered. This time, Chris called Eve, her sister, and invited herself up to the farm for a long weekend. Eve was a professional photographer and had turned part of an outbuilding into a studio. Chris was proud of her kid sister and liked to see her developing sense of the erotic. She also liked to see her nephew Paul, a healthy, handsome college boy.

The two-hour drive went by fast enough and Chris pulled into the driveway around 4:00 in the afternoon. Eve had a location shoot and told her they would eat in town around 7PM. That gave Chris time to unpack and to relax. She wandered out to the studio building and as she passed the barn heard what sounded like people talking. She thought Paul might be there with a friend, so she opened the door and walked in.

“Paul? Hello, anyone here?” No answer, but she thought she heard someone in the loft. She climbed the ladder and smelled the sweet smell of hay. It was her nephew’s voice; maybe he was just talking to himself.

When her head cleared the last step, she had a view of the entire loft. At the end, turned sideways was Paul, her nephew. He had his pants down around his ankles and was jerking himself off. His eyes were fixed on a magazine resting on a hale bay. The light from the window poured in on the scene. It was like one of those familiar farm scenes illuminated in golden hues. Except the farmer was in the act of a different kind of seed-planting.

“Paul?” she asked again, though admittedly much quieter. She did not want to surprise and embarrass him, but at the same time she did not want to intrude. Except, she could not take her eyes off the scene. She climbed the rest of the way into the loft and found a place to sit and watch. She was in full view if he turned, but he was too focused on the woman in the magazine to do notice Chris.

Chris leaned into the hay and relaxed. Her breathing izmir escort calmed and she felt peacefulness descend on her. Paul was enjoying himself taking long strokes of his cock and holding his balls with his other hand. Occasionally, he would take a finger and wipe the pre-cum from his cock and lift it to his mouth. Chris licked her lips imagining the sweetness he was tasting.

As she watched, her own desires stirred. She felt wet between her legs and pulled her cotton shorts to the side so she could massage her pussy. She smiled at Paul as he stroked his cock wondering if he knew what he was doing for her. His enjoyment became hers.

He had a beautiful cock. It was long and thick and its crown was blushing purple in the available light. He shaved himself so she could see every vein in his cock and texture of his balls. They hung very low when he released them. When he pumped harder, his balls slapped against his leg.

Chris worked the material of her panties against her clit until she felt the need for more direct action. Her lips were engorged and she was flowing with dew. Spreading her legs farther, she dipped a finger inside herself as far as she could. Pulling it out, she imitated Paul by tasting her own pre-cum fluids. She smelled strong from a day at work and a long car drive. The aroma of fresh hay mixed with her own aroma giving the air a fertile mellowness.

Mutual masturbation, she knew, often brought couples together. She liked the idea that she and her favorite nephew were masturbating together, but she knew as well, that she was close to a very dangerous line. Still the powerful scene held her and she could not break away. She was getting close to that inevitable build up to a nice, fun orgasm.

Perhaps it was a sigh that escaped her lips or a momentary sensation that someone was there: Paul looked over at his aunt and smiled. Then it flashed that someone was there and he was filled with horror at being caught. “Aunt Chris!”

Chris snapped out of her reverie and stared wide-eyed at her nephew. She alsancak escort struggled to her feet and lurched over to him. “It’s okay, Paul. It’s okay. I was just enjoying watching you. Don’t stop. Oh, please don’t stop. I am so sorry that I interrupted. I called, but you did not hear me. It’s my fault. Please go back to what you were doing.”

She was serious about her instruction, but it did not register with Paul. His erection was fading and he was trying to cover himself. Chris reached her hand out and took hold of his cock, encircling it in her soft fingers. She felt its warmth and weight. That his aunt now had his cock in her hand staggered Paul as much as the surprise of seeing her. She began to stroke him gently and spoke reassuring words to him. One hand was one his shoulder, the other on his cock.

“Paul, I know what you were doing and it was lovely. You are so beautiful and strong. Look at that photograph. The woman posing knows you are masturbating and wants you to find her attractive. She’s awfully pretty, don’t you think?” She looked down at the magazine and his eyes followed. She tugged his penis in emphasis.

He nodded.

“Then why don’t you show her how pretty she is. Let me watch you stroke your nice, big cock and cum on her. Show us both how pretty she is.” She took his hand and replaced hers. Then she scooted his hips into the place they were before. “There. Just imagine us both watching you.”

He was still dazed enough to do as instructed. Chris kept talking to him so that he would start masturbating again. Her encouragement worked and soon Paul was working his manhood like before. She was an expert at that sort of thing after all.

“That’s right, Paul, stroke that beautiful cock. Oh, look at how hard you are now. It’s so hot looking. That big drop of liquid at the end must be very sweet. Why don’t you lick it off for me?”

Paul dipped his finger in the pre-cum and raised it to his mouth. He watched Chris as he licked it. She smiled at him. He turned his head to look at the magazine buca escort picture and stole a glance at his aunt. she was watching him! He stroked his cock more slowly and let her take in the full view. He wanted to look at her instead of the magazine, but was not that confident in himself. Instead, he imagined what his aunt would look like naked. He superimposed her face on the model’s picture and continued to jerk off to that idea. Paul was getting close.

His balls were tightening.”Yes, Paul. You’re going to cum now. I can see your balls getting ready. Your cock is getting harder. Oh, look, honey…here it comes!”

He shot a hot white load of semen three feet in the air. It landed with an audible splat on the magazine. He bucked his hips and forced more cum out. Hot splashes landed in front of them both. Chris held her hand out inviting him to cum on it. He squeezed two ejaculations onto her hand. As the force of his orgasm waned, he leaned back against the hay bales. He was exhausted. He still held his cock in his hand and gasped for air.

His cock dripped with the remains of his ball-load. He stood looking at his aunt. “That was awesome.”??She replied, sweetly. “I think so too. I am so sorry I surprised you. I just thought it was sweet to see you having such a nice time I didn’t want to leave. And then it was too late to move. So, I just enjoyed it. I have to say it got me pretty worked up too watching you.”

“It did? Really? So, you were like going to come too?”

Chris needed to slow things down a bit. With the hand that held his semen, she reached out and grasped his cock again. The semen was no longer thick, but had become clear and running freely. It was cool against the heat of his less-firm penis.

“Paul, I am a woman and I have the same desires that all women have. You are a handsome and strong young man. Of course I was excited. I am your aunt, however, and perhaps we need to leave it at that.” She squeezed his cock firmly and looked deeply in his eyes. “I won’t tell, if you won’t.”

With that she turned and made her way to the ladder. As she climbed down, she saw that Paul was still standing there, cock in hand, looking at her. The last thing she saw was the smile on his face as she climbed below his view.

She was waiting at the café when Eve arrived. “Did you see Paul today? He was working in the barn.”

“Yes, he was,” was Chris’s simple reply.

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