From Friends To Lovers


She was having a serious case of déjà vu. This was the third time she had been in this situation. “Just wait there and I’ll get you some coffee,” she told Andy as she pushed him to sit on the couch. “I don’ need any coffee, I’m fiiine,” he slurred. “Oh yes you do,” she called back from the kitchen, “you’re way too fucking drunk.” “You know me sooo well, Jenny,” he slurred again, “why can’t I find someone like you?” “Because you like skinny blondes,” she called back laughingly. “Noooo I like yooou.” He stumbled into the kitchen and tried to hug her. “No you don’t, that’s just the alcohol talking,” she retorted as she untangled herself from his arms. This happened every time another one of his skinny-assed girlfriends dumped or cheated on him. He would always come crying to his best friend, Jenny- the only reliable woman in his life. She was getting sick of it already, she had her own life and was really tired of having to pick up the pieces of his failed relationships all the time. He was a nice guy who was a complete mess when it came to relationships; he always chose the wrong kind of girl. He wasn’t bad looking but he was very insecure about his looks and so he was flattered by any good looking girl who so much as looked his way. Jenny and Andy had been friends since junior high and back then she had had a crush on him but he was not interested (he was crushing on the lead cheerleader). He told Jenny he only saw her as a friend and didn’t want to ruin their friendship. Jenny escort izmit was what you’d call an “ugly duckling” back then but she was a strong girl and so she took the rejection in her stride, staying only friends and nothing more. The years were kind to Jenny and during senior year in high school she started blossoming into a sexy, curvy head turner. When all the other boys started noticing her Andy did as well, but it was too late. He had closed the door and Jenny wasn’t opening it again. In college they were still close friends. Jenny was doing what most students do and having fun while getting her degree in literature. Andy was growing more and more interested in computers, working on some software she didn’t understand. She was thrilled for him when he sold his software and made a few millions. He had hoped that the money would make her look at him in a different light but it didn’t. And then his troubles started. The most popular girl in their year started flirting with him; she was thin, blond, tall- basically the model type. All thoughts of Jenny were immediately gone from his mind. He was completely wrapped up in his new model girlfriend, hanging on her every word and fulfilling her every whim, basically spoiling her rotten. That lasted until he walked in on her fucking some other guy. That was the first time he had ended up crying on Jenny’s couch. This time was the third time and she was starting to get fed up. She had to call off a date with a cute izmit escort new guy she had recently met, when Andy showed up on her doorstep. Jenny led Andy back into the living room and handed him his cup of coffee. She sat down next to him on the couch and he put his head on her shoulder and sighed. “What happened this time?” she asked and patted his head. “I don’t know, I thought everything was going great, I was giving her everything she asked for,” he answered quietly. “You should be choosing better girls Andy, and not just blond bimbos,” she said. “Well I did try to,” he mumbled under his breath. They sat together in silence as he sipped his coffee and watched some stupid TV shows, the silence feeling comforting and natural. He finished his coffee and put the cup down; he felt sad, a little lonely and very very sorry for himself. He lay down on the couch and put his head in Jenny’s lap. She absentmindedly started playing with his hair. It felt so right to him to be with her like this, so safe and warm and familiar. He suddenly thought of what would have happened if he had not rejected her all that time ago, what his life would look like, and a tear rolled down his cheek. “It’ll be fine,” she said as she wiped the tear away, “you will find the right girl.” “I think I’ve already found her but I fucked that up,” he answered looking up into her eyes. “Well maybe she wasn’t the right one or you would have fought harder,” she said soothingly. He izmit kendi evi olan escort looked up at her trying to figure out what she meant, trying to figure out whether she had some other meaning behind her innocent sounding remark. She seemed totally calm and unconcerned. He felt a pang inside. She looked down at him and patted his cheek like he was a little boy and he suddenly felt that he couldn’t continue this way anymore, he had to do something. He sat up suddenly and took her face in his hands, looking into her eyes for just a second before pressing his lips to hers. She was thrown completely off course and her body reacted way before her brain kicked in, her lips parting and letting his tongue into her mouth, kissing him back for a few moments before suddenly pushing him away. “What the hell?!” she screamed angrily at him. “You must know, you must realize by now what I feel for you,” he answered urgently. “Hey you were the one who said we were better as friends, that we shouldn’t complicate things,” she threw at him angrily. “Well I was wrong, I was a complete and utter fool and I’ve been kicking myself for it ever since,” he half yelled. She looked at him hard and long, trying to figure out whether it was the alcohol and heartbreak talking or whether he really meant it. It felt like forever to him as he waited for her to respond; this was the moment that would determine his future. When she leaned in towards him indicating he could kiss her he felt elated, he threw his arms around her and held her to him like she was a precious jewel. “I have wanted you for so long,” he murmured in her ear, “but I didn’t think you’d ever give me another chance.” She moved her head and bit playfully on his lower lip before covering his mouth with hers.

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