Good Guy all the Bad Girls Want Pt. 03


Part 3. Ruth and Ben.

The four of us sat around Sharon’s kitchen table working out our new routine for the coming week. A couple of days had passed since the first session and yesterday had me flat out on my sofa recovering from our little adventure.

Angie, as usual, was in charge and taking notes.

“Alright,” she said, calling us to order, “Here’s what I’m thinking. Six days. Monday till Saturday. That means a potential two appointments per week for the three of us to have sex with Ben on our own. That’s allowing for things like work, family visits, or whatever else that may pop up and we have to cancel. We can draw lots to see who gets to go first and you can make your own arrangements regarding what time you meet up. And remember, these sessions are to be in our own homes. Ben will come to us. We should be fine, but Ben doesn’t want anyone to visit him out of the blue and catch us all at it.”

I nodded ruefully. “Yeah, like my mom.”

My mom was a bit of a stickler and always played by the rules. God knows what would happen if she ever found out I had a little harem on the go.

Angie continued on with her thoughts. “Well, we’ll make sure she never finds out so that isn’t an issue. So we draw lots right now for the first three days and then just continue on into the foreseeable future. Say Sharon gets Monday, I get Tuesday, and Ruth gets Wednesday. Sharon would then do Thursday and yadda yadda yadda. You get the idea.”

“What happens if we want to mix it up?” asked Ruth as she sat peeling an orange, “What if I fancied doing it with you and Ben. At the same time. How would that work?”

Angie sat back in her chair. “That’s easy. Just call and arrange something between us instead. These aren’t hard and fast rules. Nothings changed as far as the three of us are concerned. We can just get it on during the day like we’ve always done. We can have our own fun when Ben is busy with work or his family. As for our group sessions, I think we also need to consider how much it would take out of him servicing all three of us on the go. We’re talking regular daily sex here.”

I raised my hand. “That shouldn’t be a problem. Me and the one eyed monster are ready for anything.”

They all laughed and Angie slapped me on the shoulder. “Shush, you,” she smiled, “The mind may be willing but it’s the body that has to do the work. You and that big cock of yours would be no good to us if you put your back out or pulled something. You’re going to need time to recover sensibly, Ben. I suggest we keep those sessions to once a fortnight or so. And to take place on a Friday. Saturday has too many distractions family wise for all of us. That would also make them a bit special when we do have one and it gives us all something to look forward to. I also think we need to spice them up a bit.”

Spice them up?

“How so?” I asked. That little kid in the sweet shop felt like he’d just opened the biggest jar of wine gums ever listening to all this.

“Well,” said Angie, licking her lips and fiddling with her pen, “I was thinking doing things like roleplaying or theme evenings where we only do one thing and one thing only. Like, um, anal,” Angie looked at me and blushed as she shifted nervously in her seat. Ruth and Sharon looked a bit sheepish when I glanced at them as they both avoided my eyes, “We haven’t let you do it up our bottoms yet, Ben. So that’s a thing we can do. And maybe some spanking. Spanking is fun. We quite like getting our bottoms smacked before having sex.”

It was still so strange listening to someone older than your mother talking like that. And as for her suggestions; anal? spanking? I mean, doing it up the ass was always there in the back of my mind. What man doesn’t want to do that? I know I was all for it. As for the spanking, I’d never really thought about it to be honest. But if it was something that turned them on – count me in.

Sharon put a clean mug on the table in front of us. “Write our names on a slip of paper and put them in there, Angie. We should use this coming week to do a dry run and see how it goes. If we wear him out, we can make some other timetable or whatever. We can use these arrangements to get to know each other a bit more,” She glanced at me with an impish look on her face. That was the one thing that was most definitely going to happen.

Angie ripped a page out of her pad, tore it into three strips and wrote down the three names. Once folded, she dropped them into the mug and give it a quick shake. “Seeing as you’re the newest member of our group,” she said to me, “You pick who you’re going to be fucking first,”

They all looked on in eager anticipation as I picked out one of the folded pieces of paper and pressed it against my chest.

I played the game like a pro. Like I was hiding a Royal flush. I sat back theatrically and peeked at the name on the paper.”Ohhhh!” I gasped as the three of them tried to grab it out of my hands, “Hey, stop that. That’s cheating!” I warned them teasingly.

They all sat laughing izmir escort enjoying the fun sense of expectation in the air. Which lucky lady gets to sleep with me first?

I slowly turned to Ruth who blushed cherry pink when she realized it was her.

“Hey, you,” I winked, “See you Monday at six for sex.”

The look on her face was priceless.


I stood naked in my bedroom in front of the long mirror my late Aunt had bought many years ago.

I didn’t know what to expect as I looked myself up and down with my sleeping cock hanging down to mid-thigh. I thought I’d look different somehow. More mature. Worldly wise. Now that I’d had proper sex with proper women. But I still looked the same. Endearingly goofy, my mother had once called me long ago and she was probably right. I did have the look of a twenty-first century Fred Flinstone about me. I glanced at the clock on the bedside table. It had just gone five and the world outside was bathed in a lovely orange glow as the sun set slowly in the west behind a layer of clouds.

Time for a quick shower and a shave. On the bed were clean underwear – check, a clean shirt – check, and a pair of freshly laundered socks – check. I was finally good to go.

I glanced over at the bungalow across the way and wondered what Ruth was up to as the time for our little rendezvous got ever closer.


Her door was slightly ajar as I arrived five minutes early.

I could hear her moving about inside her bungalow and just as I was about to knock she shouted for me to come in. “I’m in the kitchen!”

Okay. Here we go. This should be interesting. I stood in the doorway to see Ruth scrubbing her kitchen bench and polishing the sink. She opened a cupboard underneath the bench and pulled out the trash bag from her bin. “Here,” she grunted, lifting the over stuffed plastic bag onto the white work top and tying it shut, “Do me a favor, hon, dump this with the other trash bags outside.”

I did as I was told and came back into the kitchen to see her stripping off her rubber gloves and sipping a glass of orange. “Sorry,” she sighed, looking slightly frazzled as she blew a whisp of hair from her face, “Had family around for tea and they only left twenty minutes ago. They never ever visit on a Monday’s. Typical,” She leaned back against her kitchen sink and everything sort of got awkward real quick as we eyed each other up.

Her long black hair was piled on the top of her head like a slap dashed crows nest with stray strands curling around her face. She was wearing a deep red polo necked woolen sweater and a pair of weather worn jeans and sneakers. She also had an apron tied around her waist and when she saw me smiling at her she self-consciously tucked a stray whisp of hair behind her ear and untied her apron. She was probably more nervous than I was. “Um, yeah,” she mumbled, “Sorry, I was going to put on something nice for you.”

The woman didn’t need to put on anything nice. She looked pretty amazing already as far as I was concerned. Women in jeans were my thing. Seeing her standing there in tight fitting denim was just as sexy as if she was stood there in nothing but a bra, stockings, and suspenders.

I shook my head at her and smiled, “You look fantastic,” I said truthfully, “Sorry is the last thing you should be feeling, Ruth.”

She looked down at the floor then lifted her eyes to mine. “That’s very sweet of you, Ben,” She twisted around suddenly, “Oh, my manners. Can I get you anything?” she asked, “Tea, coffee, a beer?”

I took off my coat and put it on the back of the chair then took a seat. “Coffee will be just fine, thanks. Milk. No sugar.”

I wasn’t sure what I had expected to happen but this was nice. I felt myself relaxing and able to enjoy the simple pleasure of her company as she returned and put a mug of steaming coffee down in front of me.


We sat making small talk as the light faded outside and Ruth got up to close the blinds on her kitchen window and turned on the over head strip-light. She glanced at me for a second and went to her front door and I listened as she turned the key to lock it. She came back and sat down opposite me as I swirled the last of my coffee in the bottom of my mug. We could both feel the rising sexual tension and expectation between us growing.

So it was Ruth who was actually the oldest of the three at fifty-five. Sharon was fifty-one, and Angie had just turned forty-nine a month or so back. That the woman sitting in front of me was the oldest of the three surprised me quite a bit. Ruth was one fine looking woman and must have been spectacular in her youth.

“Don’t you dare tell them I told you!” she laughed.

I crossed my heart. Three times. “My lips are sealed. I promise.”

We sat in silence for a moment as the realization of why we were together began to sink in. We were together for sex. To fuck each other. To enjoy each other. This woman who was thirty-five years older than me. Looking alsancak escort at Ruth, I didn’t give a damn about the age difference. She looked all woman and was more than enough for me.

I could feel myself beginning to crank up a gear. The old sex drive had gone from first to third in the blink of an eye. Both my hands were on the table and I clasped them together to stop them trembling as the testosterone began to flow within me. I glanced up at Ruth who held her mug to her lips and was staring at me over the rim.

“This is so strange,” she said quietly, “All of this. Even though it was something we’d discussed over the years together. I never thought having a man in our group would ever actually happen. It was just something to dream about between the three of us. And yet, here you are. Right here. In my kitchen. Knowing that you’re here to have sex with me.”

We just sat looking at each other. Suspended in the moment. Feeling a kind of bond and trust passing between us. It was then I realized it was about more than just the sex. It was about the delights of true friendship.


We had been talking for nearly an hour. Sharing our thoughts, fears, and passions between us. Increasing the understanding of our wants and needs and how to satisfy them. I was humming inside. The lust within me was running through my veins and the desire to have Ruth was everything to me.

I got to my feet and Ruth looked up at me. Her eyes were wide as I walked around the table to stand in front of her. I reached down and took her hands in mine as I helped her to her feet.

“Can I kiss you?” I asked her.

She nodded slightly and lifted her lips to mine as we shared our first embrace of the evening. Her arms slipped around my neck as our passions grew and I reached around her to free her coiled black hair and let if fall freely around her. She moaned happily against my mouth as I held her to me. I was about to pick her up and carry her to her bedroom when she placed a hand on my chest as she broke the kiss.

“No,” she breathed, “Here first. Do me here first.”

She backed away from me until she stood to lean back against her kitchen sink as her hands gripped the edge of the bench to steady her. Then she gave me a look I would never forget. Here I am. Do you want me or not?

I walked over to her and asked her. “You sure?”

She bit her lip and nodded.

I took hold of her sweater and slowly peeled it off over her head to reveal a plain cream blouse. One by one, I undid each button as we both stared at my fingers doing their thing. She shrugged her shoulders and let the blouse fall to the floor to leave her standing there rubbing her arms. My eyes dropped to her half mooned breasts heaving erotically in her fresh white brassiere. She was about to undo the clasp at the front but I stopped her.

“No, my treat,” I grinned.

Her mouth broke into a wide smile as I freed her luxurious bosom and watched as it bounced around defying gravity before settling into its natural shape. Both nipples were rock hard and she gasped as I lovingly teased them before pinching them between finger and thumb.

Her head was back and her eyes were closed as she sighed under my not so expert massage. I tasted those nipples and sucked them until they glistened under the yellow light.

She gasped out loud as I fondled her mature tits and dropped her head so that her forehead was pressed against my right shoulder. “Oh,” she exclaimed, “Oh my. That feels wonderful, Ben.”

I let her breasts go and stepped back. She took a moment to recover then began to fumble with the button on the front of her jeans. She seemed almost desperate to get out of them as she tugged the front open to reveal a pair of white panties hiding underneath.

Again I stopped her. We were going to do this my way. There were strict rules on how to remove a pair of tight jeans worn by the more mature members of the opposite sex. And we were going to follow them to the letter.

I took her elbow, spun her around, and knelt down behind her to find myself confronted with the delightful sight of her denim clad ass. Holy hell. No finer sight was gifted to man than a well-filled pair of jeans. Her backside was spectacular all packed and stuffed inside her pants. She gripped the kitchen sink and held on as I roughly tugged them down over her outstanding buttocks and helped her to step out of them.

She gave a little gasp of fright as I flung them across the room out of the way in my desire to see her naked again. Next was her underwear which hid nothing of her at all. I grabbed the seat of her panties and pulled the material sharply upwards making the strip of cloth disappear into the crack of her ass to leave me facing a slightly freckled pair of wobbling ass cheeks. Up close, I could see the way the years had made their mark on them. But that was nothing. Age comes to us all. Ruth had a bum to die for and I was determined to make the most of our time together.

I buca escort quickly began to remove my clothes as she stood before me waiting. I felt constricted and the relief as I stripped myself naked was immense.

Ruth glanced over her shoulder watching me undress and looked down at my growing erection as it popped into view when I removed my boxers. I heard her draw breath and turn to face away from the monster that was soon going to violate her sex. Even after the first time, the sight of my nine inches plus cock drew a shiver of trepidation from her.

My cock was the dominus to her domina. She was going to accept everything that I was going to give her. She had no choice for the wheels were already set in motion as I quickly removed her panties to leave us both standing there naked. In her kitchen.

She was already ready. I knelt behind her and could see and smell the wetness seeping out of her pussy. Ruth eased forward and pushed her bottom back towards me. I took both cheeks and pulled them apart so I could bury my face between them and feast on her sex as my tongue masturbated and teased her swollen clit.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, YES!” she yelped as I set to the task of sucking her out. The taste of her was magic. I pushed my tongue as far up her dripping slot as I could and her pungent oil slithered down from deep inside her into my waiting mouth. Her sex was a boiling pot of bubbling emotion. Her syrup was thick and visceral as I swallowed it with relish. Her upper body was slumped forward over the sink and she mumbled something as I forced her legs further apart.

Time to fuck. My cock was fit to burst and I wanted the first load of the day to be fired right up inside the depths of her pussy.

Taking hold of my organ, I pressed the engorged head of it against her hole and whispered in her ear to get ready because I was going to fuck her until she begged me to stop. The fact that she never would only added to the drama. I gripped her trembling hips and began to force my huge dick into her.


The pounding of her pussy was thorough.

My libido shifted through different gears as I fucked Ruth with increasing enthusiasm as she bent forward over the kitchen sink. I jack hammered away behind her as if my life depended on it. Every deep thrust was met with a squeal, a yelp, or a shriek of pure ecstasy as her pussy climaxed around my throbbing cock.

As our lust overwhelmed us we talked the dirty talk to spur each other on to greater emotional peaks. The language of sex flowed easily between us and each lewd word or phrase sent shivers down our spines.

“Like that, huh?” I teased her as I fed her my fat penis, “Like that big cock right up your cunt, Ruth?”

Her voice shook under the assault on her privates, “Ahhhh, oh,” she gasped as I reached under her and mauled her tender breasts, “Oh, my God, yes. Fuck me harder, Ben. Fuck my poor pussy as hard as you can!!” Her right hand had slipped down and was rubbing furiously over her sensitive button.

Her backside was nothing but a shock absorber now. My youth gave me the stamina to help push us both over the edge of the abyss. The sound of her pussy sucking desperately on my pole as it surged in and out of her filled the room as our intercourse went on and on. This fuck was the stress fuck. The fuck that was pure instinct with the need to unload what felt like a gallon’s worth of spunk from my balls. We had the rest of the evening to screw each other stupid in a more leisurely way. This fuck was to trip the switch.

Ruth did a little dance on the spot as she came again. She had lost count by now. Little tiny ripples leading to the big wave that would blow her away with its intensity. She knew it was coming. She could feel it at the end of each stroke when the head of my cock pushed through into the core of her.

She threw her head back and shook it furiously with her long hair a black cloud that covered her like a shroud. “Ben, please,” she groaned loudly, “Just a bit more. I’m so close, sweetheart. So close.”

I was close too. The balls were expanding in their sack and the ache to release the flood was growing more urgent with each thrust. Then we both lost control as the rapture captured us in its grip.

Ruth screamed and thrust herself backward and I had to grab her hips to keep us both upright and still be able to shaft her undulating pussy that had spasmed tightly around my still thrusting cock. Her orgasm erupted within her and she became one with the light. She was climaxing long, loud, and hard as I lifted her off her feet and spun us both around so that I could lay her face down on the kitchen table as I covered her.

I still fucked on as she lay there with her hands grasping the far end of the table. Another few strokes should do it. Fuck that fucking pussy. And they did.

The first blast of my ejaculation filled her cunt to the brim in seconds. Each successive eruption of spunk topped her up and the excess slithered down and around my firmly embedded prick with its head jammed up somewhere deep inside her. I could feel my thick white spend leaking out of her and coating my testicles and her well-used crotch before running down her bare legs. I held her tight as she lay there panting and keening to herself as her climax slowly ebbed and faded.

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