Guess Who


The simultaneous moan of an orgasm and buzz of my phone vibrating always meant a text from my husband. There was a curious variety of looks from the other bus users. The irony of getting a judgemental look from the handsome thirty-something guy but a great big grin from the little old lady made me smirk. I picked my phone from between my breasts.

“Home @ 8. Dress slutty. Bare tits. NP.”

NP was our code for ‘no panties’. I don’t know why he always insisted on putting that when he was sending me instructions, I hardly ever wore them anyway. A warmth began to build between my legs and without realising I had parted my knees a little. These texts always meant he had something specific in mind and I was no doubt going to have an incredible night. God I was horny already. I didn’t know if I was going to make it until eight pm, it was only five o’clock. Looking around I couldn’t really see any viable targets; I certainly wasn’t going to get it on with the little old lady (although maybe she’d like to watch), the judgemental thirty-something was probably some kind of weird Christian or something and the two horny teenagers who’d been staring at my tits the whole journey would’ve probably represented a prison. Nobody else had even looked at me. Oh well, home then.

As I opened the door, the excitement was building and the warmth between my legs was damp and spreading. Within seconds of the door closing behind me my blouse was open and was being slipped from my shoulders. I casually threw it to the floor without breaking my stride as I headed for my husband’s study. My bra was close to follow after and as I entered I switched on the computer. While it initialised I unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor. Wearing nothing but stocking and heels I opened the third drawer of the filing cabinet, went to the last file and pulled out the twelve inch vibrator. Sitting in the chair, reclining slightly with my legs open I opened the browser and went into the history. I didn’t want to spend ages trying to find something so the porno we’d watched together last night would be perfect.

We were both fans of Rebecca Linares and I knew that seeing her drenched in oil being gangbanged by five men would definitely do what I needed; which was to have a phenomenal orgasm but still be horny for whatever Daniel had in mind for later. As it started, with her in the garden in a bikini, I set the vibe to a medium setting (no point in rushing and having to wait a couple of hours) and slid it in. Sitting there fucking myself while good ole Rebecca had a cock in each hole and two more guys standing over her was more than enough to get me to the brink. When they flipped her over and started to paste her with cum I lost control. Jerking my hips hard into the vibrator I started to cum hard, squirting all over the computer keyboard.

I grabbed some wet wipes and cleaned it up before I headed for the shower. The warm water cascading down my body was wonderful and I confess to always enjoying the feeling of my soapy tits slipping in my grip. Resisting the temptation to play with myself again, figuring I better save myself for later, I move to my dressing table to dry my hair apply my make-up. As I ran the drier over my long blonde hair I watched the way my tits moved in sync with the brushing. Not being ‘as God intended’ it wasn’t an entirely natural movement but it was pleasing. I loved them big, when we’d talked about the last augmentation I’d been worried they’d be too big.

“I want them porn star big.”

“But they’ll be too big for my body, people will stare at me in the street. What will it be like when I go to the supermarket?”

“Don’t know. Don’t care.”

“What about clothes? I’ll never find anything to fit.”

“I don’t want you wearing so many clothes anyway.”

And that was it, we went and got it done. 32E. They looked like footballs on my small frame. Truth be told though I’d got used to them and I was enjoying the stares, especially since we’d agreed that I should stop wearing bras. That was a popular decision at work at least, one of the advantages of being the only woman in the office.

I decided hair up would be best so wrapped it into a French Curl before putting on my foundation and blusher. A metallic blue eyeshadow with plenty, rather too much, mascara gave a nice slutty look and then candy red lipstick with a gloss to finish. Then a pair of pearl droplet earrings and matching choker finished the look. I walked naked to my wardrobe and looked down at my shoes, the choice was easy as I didn’t know if Daniel would be coming home alone. Meeting new people I always tried to compensate for my 5 foot height by wearing the highest heels I have. At the moment that was a pair of patent red leather six inch stilettos and an block under the toe. Opting for bare legs tonight I then picked out a tight white lycra microskirt. This was something of a favourite; originally bought by Daniel I tried it on and it didn’t cover my arse, didn’t even come close.

“Aw that’s a shame izmir escort it’s too small. I wanted to see you wear it out in public, clubbing or something.”

“Don’t you want me to wear it in public?”

“Well yeah, but…”

“Then I will.”

Choosing a top was less straight forward. At first I thought about the latex shirt that had a huge hole cut out to expose my tits, but it didn’t really go with the skirt. Then I thought about the tshirt that was cropped so short it didn’t cover my nipples and had the slogan “I heart cum” on it, but were my breasts strictly speaking bare? Then I saw my black cotton bolero top. Not really bought as an item of sex clothing it hadn’t occurred to me at first but I tried it on and it looked amazing. The thin black fabric covering my arms and shoulders accentuated how thin my arms were and it was a really feminine look while completely exposing my breasts.

The doorbell rang. Daniel never used his keys if I was home, he wanted me to answer the door in whatever state I was in. I grabbed the latch, took a deep breath and swung the door wide, exposing myself completely to whoever was on the other side. There was Daniel grinning wide, in front of him were Nathan and Thomas. Nathan was my boss; I worked at a large firm of accountants in the city and I’m his secretary. Thomas was his boss. Things at work were going to be interesting from now on. I resisted the instinct to act shocked or embarrassed and cover up and simply stood there allowing them to enjoy the view. They were both a little dumbstruck until Daniel broke the silence.

“The guys have come over to drink a few beers and watch some porn.”

“Of course, come on in.”

I stood aside and gestured them into the hallway. They stepped past me with their eyes fixed on my tits but still looking extremely awkward.

“Can I take your coats?”

As I carried their coats into the boot room I heard Nathan talking in hushed but slightly frantic tones.

“Fucking hell Danny, you weren’t kidding were you?”

“Nah my friend, and she’s just getting started.”

“Holy shit this is going to be good.”

“Daniel, why don’t you show our guests into the sitting room while I fix some drinks?”

“Sure, beers all round?”

The guys nodded and I headed to the kitchen. We always kept a plentiful supply of a variety of drinks because we entertained a great deal. Sweeping up three cold beers onto a tray I snapped the tops off and fetch three glasses from the freezer, remembering to replace them for the following rounds. I grabbed three ramekins and filled them with peanuts before carrying the tray through. Entering the room I headed for Thomas first, standing before him I leant forward from the waist lowering the tray to him. This I knew would dangle my tits a little but also expose another inch or so of ass to the other guys. Standing up I could feel that the tight fabric had not shifted down to recover the exposed inch and I stepped over to Nathan and did the same before repeating with Daniel. Stepping back to the door to return the tray I asked.

“Can I fetch anything else?”

“Go pick us out a porno.” Said Daniel.

“Does anyone have any preferences?”

“Whatever you like I guess.” Laughed Nathan, slightly incredulously.

“Well… I like to see a girl sucking loads of cocks.”

“Go get one of those bukkake films then.” Came Daniel.

So off I went. I couldn’t hear the conversation as I ascended the stairs but it was excited. I was definitely having the desired effect, but couldn’t help wondering exactly what Daniel had in mind. Clearly he wanted me to become the office slut but as for tonight I was still in the dark, which as it would turn out was a highly appropriate turn of phrase.

Returning to the room I knelt before the blu-ray player before dropping to all fours to insert the disc, deliberately keeping my knees several inches apart. This raised a cheer from the guys but I decided not to look back and show my appreciation, I wanted to encourage them to see me as nothing more than an object. I skipped through the menus and got the film started, it was the usual stuff of the girl coming out of the dressing room and parading in front of the men in her underwear to start with. Daniel suggested that I sit on Thomas’ knee while the action warmed up which of course I did. Sitting side on to him his right hand snaked around my naked waist while his left went straight for my tits massaging them roughly. I smiled at him and planted my lips on his, pushing my tongue into his mouth. At this his right hand slid down under my ass and squeezed tightly. After a few minutes of this and feeling the bulge under my thigh grow to solid concrete Daniel suggested it was Nathan’s turn. As I stood I let my hand fall into Tom’s lap caressing his cock as I stepped away. Smiling at Nathan I lowered myself onto his lap, wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him as I had Tom. His hands were all over me in an instant. One on alsancak escort my ass and the other on my tits as before but clearly feeling bolder his left hand dropped to my inner thigh and started sliding up. Instinctively I parted my knees to give him a free path and he began to part my lips, massaging slowly to find my clitoris. He removed his hand, I have to say I was a little disappointed, and fed it to me. Obediently I looked him in the eye as a ferociously fellated his fingers.

“Ok hun, time to move things along.” Said Daniel. I looked at the screen and the porn star was now naked on her knees pleasuring two guys at a time. “Run upstairs and get your phone, some wrist restraints and a blindfold.” He spanked me hard on the ass as I passed him, then grabbed my wrist. At first I wondered if I’d done something wrong, but he hooked a finger under the hem of my skirt, and pulled it down sharply. As it fell to my ankles he said “I don’t think you need that, do you?”

“No, of course not.”

I stepped out of the skirt and left to go up to our bondage closet. We didn’t really go in for sadism or masochism, but I loved being tied up. I loved being completely at the mercy of the men in the room, real alpha males who just wanted to fuck me in every hole until they were exhausted or bored. Men who didn’t care about chatting or even about whether I was enjoying it, just raw male sexual appetite. I chose a restraint that was made from fabric and Velcro; it had a loop that went around my neck and then a strip down my back were there was another two loops for my wrists. Grabbing a blindfold and my phone I headed back down the stairs.

“Give the phone to Thomas.”

Of course I did without question.

“Ok Tom, you get to choose a pose for her, anything you like. Fingering herself, sucking someone’s cock, anything. Then you take a picture.”

Thomas thought for a moment, he looked slightly awkward a he said it but he didn’t hesitate too long. Looking at me he described what he wanted.

“I want you on your knees, legs spread wide with a cock in each hand.”

Daniel laughed a little but started to get undressed.

“Good call, she’ll look a real slut.”

Nathan paused but then followed Daniel’s lead and before long we were in position. I was impressed by Nathan’s size, it must have been at least eight inches and thick.

“Wait,” said Nathan “is my face going to be in this? Not sure I’m ok with that.”

“Nah,” replied Nathan “I’ll have her head as the top of the frame. Jenny lick the end of Nathan’s cock and smile at the camera.”


“Now is the really fun part.” Started Daniel, “text that pic to someone in her address book, anyone you like so long as it’s someone from the office.”

“Fucking hell!” Cried out Nathan as they all started laughing.

I couldn’t help myself any longer, kneeling there with Nathan’s cock resting on my tongue was too much to bear. I opened my mouth and slid my lips over his bulging head. It felt so good. Suddenly though I felt my hair being grabbed and my head pulled back roughly.

“Not yet you little slut, it’s Nathan’s turn to take a pic.” Came Daniel’s voice.

“I know exactly what I want.” Nathan said. “I want her deep throating someone. I don’t care who but I want my pic to be of her with a cock deep in her throat.”

Daniel gestured to Thomas. “You’re the guest, you decide.”

At this Tom started to pull his clothes off. He wasn’t big, fairly average I’d say but the notion of being used like a fucktoy by one of the directors was sexier than I can describe. He grabbed my roughly by the back of the head and pushed hard into my mouth, pausing only as my initial gag reflex kicked in. The pause gave me time to adjust and I was able to open my throat and let him in. He pulled my head forward until his nuts were on my chin and my nose was buried in grey pubes.


Daniel took the phone as Tom continued to face fuck me. He’d done this before.

“I’m just deleting your records. I don’t want you to know who got those pics. This is the first of three games this evening. You have until the end of the week to guess who the pictures went to, you get one guess, if you are wrong then the guys get to give you a forfeit.”

Tom pulled his cock out of my mouth as I felt the restraint being fastened around my neck. Daniel grabbed my wrists and roughly put them behind my back as Nathan strapped them in one at a time. The blindfold was slipped over my eyes.

“Now for the second game. You’re going to suck our cocks one at a time. You have to do all of the work, no help from us and you have to swallow the cum completely. Fail in this and there will be forfeit for each failure. When you’re done you will have to guess the order of the blowjobs. Get this wrong and each of the guys gets to give you a forfeit. Do you understand?”

Nodding I felt the first cock being pressed to my lips and I knew that this was all the help I could get. I opened my buca escort mouth and sucked it in hungrily. Lifting my bum off my heels a little to get a better angle I pushed down slowly but firmly letting my lips slide the full length of the shaft. Sucking gently as I pulled backwards I let it pop out and slap me on the face. Using my cheek I was able to figure out where it was and get it back into my mouth and set up a rhythm. Slowly back and forth at first, just a couple of inches of movement but getting faster and deeper with each thrust. It was a matter of moments before it began to twitch violently between my lips, then warm salty moisture as my mouth filled with cum. The cock was pulled out and I opened my mouth wide to show the cum on my tongue before swallowing it down.

“I didn’t say you could let the cock out of your mouth. The face slap was horny and amusing but it’s still a fail, and you have some cum on your chin. I said you have to swallow all of it so that’s two forfeits you’ve accrued so far.”

A hand pressed the back of my head and a second cock was pressed to my lips. I got straight down to business this time sucking hard and fast but I’d been too ambitious thinking that this one would be as quick as the first. This one had more stamina though and I started to tire. Slowing down I went for the deep throat again. As my lips reached the base of the shaft it exploded making me gag a little, I had no choice but to pull back as the second stream of cum splashed across my face. I could hear the guys laughing and joined in.

“Let me guess, that’s another forfeit?”

“That’s three so far.”

Click. Someone had taken another photo.

When the third cock entered my mouth I played it sensibly at first, slow steady movements but quite deep. I increased my speed as the warm cock filling my mouth got me hotter and hotter. When the twitching began it was forceful and I braced myself for what was going to cum. He came so hard I thought he might blow a hole in the back of my skull! I swallowed quickly but it was too much and I could feel it working out onto my lips and chin. Ah well that would be four then. I held my mouth open again to show the mouthful I had.

“Wait! Stay like that for a sec.”


“Ok slut, what was the order?” As I swallowed the load.

“I’m going to say Nathan, Daniel then Thomas.”

They all laughed. “You didn’t get any of that right you little slut. The guys get to ask for any forfeit they like!”

I heard Nathan speak first. “I know you don’t wear a bra to work…”

“You’d noticed that had you?” laughed Daniel.

“Shit yeah, everyone has noticed that. She ain’t exactly subtle about it, but from now on I don’t want you to wear panties either.”

Daniel laughed at this, “Dude, she doesn’t! Well maybe a couple of days out of the month but it’s stocking and no panties all the time!”


“Yeah, besides you should go for something more active.”

“Ok… I want to be able to grope you whenever and wherever I want…”

“Did you hear him?”

I nodded.

“I want blowjobs on demand.” I recognised Tom chiming in. “I fact… for everyone at the office… if anyone asks for a blowjob, you have to do it.”

“That sounds like a great idea!” Said Daniel.

The blindfold came off and then my wrists were released. Nathan and Daniel had been releasing me and as the stood, Nathan’s cock clipped my chin. I took it in my hand and started to wank it again. It was already hard and felt great in my hand. Daniel grabbed me by the hair and leant me over the coffee table Nathan positioned himself in front of me, grabbing my head he pushed his cock into my mouth and started to face fuck me hard and fast. I could feel a pair of hands on my hips, probably Daniel’s, then the head of a cock pressed against my anus. It pushed hard and broke past the knot. I had to focus hard not to clench my teeth onto the cock in my mouth but I managed it. Being fucked from both ends, ass and mouth at the same time was a wonderful sensation.


Nathan pulled my head back and started to unload all over my face. Daniel pulled out and pulled my hip so I was kneeling beneath him. He pushed it into my mouth a couple of times before putting my hand on it and I instinctively started to wank it hard and fast with my mouth open and tongue out looking up at him. Within a few seconds three thick ropes of cum splashed across my tongue, into my eye and down between my tits.


Tom sat on the couch and pulled me backwards onto his cock. Squatting on him I started to ride him fast, letting my tits bounce wildly.


I rode Tom for a few more minutes until he moaned loudly and pulled my hips down hard onto his pelvis, filling my cunt with his juice.

“Ok…” said Daniel “That’s the games done. Here are the rules of what happens next. There were seven photos sent to your colleagues tonight. The first two I’ve explained about; you have to guess who received them and tell either Tom or Nathan accordingly. With the other five you have to guess who the five recipients are and ask them. When you know all five you tell me. If you ask someone and it turns out they didn’t receive one you have to offer to show them all seven pictures. Clear?”

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