Harry, Sallie and Kim Come Together


This is the third part of the story. It might be enjoyable on its own, but it’s probably better if you read the other two first. The first part is “Harry meets Salllie and her boyfriend”, the second is “Sallie blows Harry and her boyfriend”. A huge thanks to my editor Cheer_Smartie526 for her invaluable insight and suggestions.

The moment the hotel room door closed Kim looked at Sallie and smiled, then stripped off his shorts, “Everyone into the shower.”

Harry and Sallie quickly followed his instructions. The shower was large enough for all three of them with room to spare. Compared to the hot tub the water seemed tepid, but no one complained. The water washed away the smell of chlorine and sex that lingered from their time in the hot tub.

Even though their dicks were no longer erect Sallie found standing between two naked men arousing. She watched Kim pick up the bottle of body wash and squirt the creamy fluid into his hand. She waited for him to spread it on to her body, but instead he reached out and wiped it on to Harry’s chest. Not to be outdone, Harry grabbed the bottle and poured it on to Kim’s shoulder, then set the container back on the shelf. Trapped between Kim and Harry’s outstretched arms she could only watch as they worked up lather on each other’s bodies. Without warning they embraced, Harry’s chest pressed into her back while her tits flattened against Kim’s body. Both men were taller than she was. She looked up and saw that they were kissing again.

The decision to kiss Harry again was hardly spontaneous. Kim had paid close attention to the way Sallie reacted in the hot tub, and it was clear that seeing him caress and kiss another man turned her on. The act itself wasn’t very arousing, but the effect it had on her was a unique thrill. Kim wondered if Harry was just playing along or actually enjoying what they were doing. It didn’t matter, only Sallie’s reaction counted. If nothing else, Kim figured making out with Harry gave them both time to recover from fucking her in the hot tub.

Trapped in a tangle of muscular arms she was content to watch, but only for a short time. Her own arms dropped and her wandering hands quickly found the men’s swelling cocks. They were not hard enough to fuck her yet, but they were plenty thick. The deluge from the shower was quickly washing away the soapy lather and Sallie dropped to her knees to more closely inspect her two lovers. The two men stopped making out and looked down at her, Sallie put her hands in her lap and stared back up at them.

“I was enjoying the little show you two were putting on,” she said, hoping that they would take the hint and resume. She flexed her hand to emphasize the fact that she was no longer holding on to their dicks. She could almost feel the reluctance as Harry and Kim turned their attention away from her and towards each other.

It was ironic that Sallie’s submissive doe eyed look, with her wet hair stuck to her face, put her in charge. Kim looked into Harry’s eyes and saw the same lust that filled his own. Sallie’s earlier comment about how this adventure was about her echoed through his mind. Kim decided he would play her game a little bit longer, but he knew that what he did to Harry would come back to him. He put his hands on Harry’s shoulders, then leaned forward and kissed him.

“That’s more like it,” she said, slowly walking her fingers up their legs. She cupped their balls in her hand and then wrapped her fingers around their rapidly hardening shafts. Sallie enjoyed watching them make out, but eventually she was overwhelmed by the desire to be watched. She turned her head towards Kim, pulling his cock to her mouth and wrapping her lips around it. She could feel them staring at her. After bobbing up and down on Kim’s throbbing erection she turned her attention to Harry’s rigid shaft. Sallie alternated between them, stroking one while fellating the other. She delighted in her sluttyness. She had just started to deep throat Harry when she felt her body being pulled upward. Suddenly Kim flung her over his shoulder and carried her out of the shower and towards the bed.

Still dripping wet, she was flung onto the mattress. Sallie wondered what would happen next. Both men set upon her, pinning her arms down. They began kissing her. She felt their lips on her cheeks and neck. Every time she tried to speak, one of them would press his lips against hers and thrust his tongue into her mouth. The room was dark and she struggled to distinguish between Kim and Harry. They both began kissing and licking her breasts; a soft moan escaped her lips. She was tired, but the thought of being ravished by two naked men gave her a second wind.

Later Harry would wonder how he had found the energy to continue, but for now he was consumed with his desire for Sallie. He wanted to feel her, taste her and most of all he wanted to make her scream with pleasure. His tongue lapped at her breast like a man dying of thirst that had found an oasis. Her soft moans served only to encourage him and izmir escort he shifted on the bed so that he could put his hand between her legs. Her pussy was dripping wet. Harry knew what he wanted. His mouth quickly moved down Sallie’s body until his lips hovered above her vulva. There was just enough light from the bathroom for him to see the outline of her labia. He ran his finger along her soft wet flesh. He imagined what her pussy looked like when he and Kim were fucking her.

Part of Kim wanted to join Harry between Sallie’s legs, but he moved in the opposite direction instead, planting soft kisses on her neck and nibbling on her ear.

“Harry’s about to go down on you,” Kim said, knowing he was stating the obvious.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned in response. She could feel Harry’s breath against her tender flesh and longed to feel his lips against her sex. She gasped when she felt his finger against her nether lips. He was teasing her and it was almost unbearable. The fact that Kim was an accomplice to the sweet torture just made it more intense. She tried to move her hips so his finger would penetrate her, but he kept his digit just out of reach. She began to wonder if Kim and Harry were conspiring against her.

“Do you want me to leave, or do you want me to stay and watch him lick your pussy until you come?” Kim teased. He was certain he knew how she would answer, and had no intention of leaving.

“Stay,” Sallie whispered. She had never considered herself an exhibitionist, in fact when Kim had suggested they make a sex video she had refused, but now knowing that Kim was watching her made it more exciting. She felt Hurry’s fingers sink into her vagina and all thoughts of the video left her mind. She tried to squirm, but Harry was on top of her legs and Kim had her arms pinned above her head. She was at their mercy. Her hands balled into tight fists as Harry’s fingers reached her G spot. The sound of her beating heart pounded in her ears as the tingling sensations in between her legs began to spread outward.

“I wonder if Harry will like your pussy as much as I do,” Kim asked, mocking her earlier question about how much she would like Harry’s cock.

“Yes,” Sallie moaned, not sure if it was an answer to Kim’s question or a response to the way Harry was touching her.

Harry withdrew his fingers and wrapped his arms around Sallie’s thighs, then lowered his head between her legs. He pressed his tongue against her sex until it flattened out, covering her labia. Her skin was smooth and wet and hot. He could feel the pea sized nub of her clit against his tongue. He licked her again, this time curling the tip of his tongue so that it penetrated between her labia. The next stroke was much lighter and finished before he reached her clit.

“More,” she moaned.

Harry continued with the same technique, alternating between practically fucking her with his tongue and gentle teasing. She tried to press her sex against him, but he continued to restrain her. The soft flesh of her labia easily parted as he thrust his tongue into and lapped up her essence. He felt like he could kiss, lick and suck on her all night long. She tried to thrust her sex against his face, but she was no match for his strength. As her thighs became damp with sweat, she was almost able to wriggle free, but not quite. She was getting hotter and wetter and her breaths were rapid and shallow. Knowing that the lovely creature before him was about to come drove Harry into a frenzy. He sucked on her tender pink flesh and then wrapped his lips around her clit until his ears were filled with her screams of delight.

Kim glanced down at Sallie’s chest. It was either very cold in the room or she was extremely turned on. Even in the low light he could see her nipples were swollen and hard. He wanted to bend down and wrap his lips around them, but he stayed at his post. He watched her chest rise and fall as Harry buried his face between her legs. As she writhed with pleasure he could almost feel the arousal flowing through her body and into his. Just when she appeared to be on the edge of climax Harry would pull his head back just long enough for her excitement to ebb, then he would resume. He leaned down and kissed her on the lips, the whispered in her ear.

“When he’s done with you I want you to ride my cock,” Kim said. He could feel her skin getting hotter and hotter. She was clearly enjoying whatever Harry was doing to her.

“Oh, oh, oh, yes, yes,” Sallie whispered.

“Louder,” Kim insisted, “I want him to hear you come.”

“Oh, ahhh, ahh,” she replied, loudly complying with his demand.

“What’s he doing, how is he going to make you come?” Kim demanded.

Somehow Harry had managed to tune out Kim’s voice; all he heard was Sallie’s voice. Her quiet whimper slowly turned to loud moaning and finally words.

“Fuck, yes, yes yes, right there,” she said as Harry’s tongue swirled around her clit.

“Tell me what he’s doing,” Kim insisted, alsancak escort “if you don’t I will make him stop.”

“He’s…he’s…his tongue, it’s all over my pussy,” she moaned, “he’s being a fucking tease… please, higher…oh, oh, oh… my clit…oh fuck! He’s going to make me come.”

“Good,” Kim replied, “I love watching you come.”

The third time her moans of pleasure reached a fevered pitch and she begged him to let her come he granted her wish. He watched as her body undulated until her orgasm faded away.

“Oh fuck!” she screamed,” his fingers… inside me… Fucking fuck!” she screamed, and then arched her back as the climax that had been building exploded, flooding her body with endorphins. She forced her eyes open to meet Kim’s lustful stare.

Harry plunged his fingers into her pussy while his mouth assaulted her clit. There was no doubt in Harry’s mind that she had come. Her pussy was hotter and wetter than he thought possible, then he felt her clench down on his fingers, and a satisfied grin spread across his face. Her cries of ecstasy echoed off the walls and made his dick even harder. She writhed in his grasp as the aftershocks of her orgasm slowly faded.

Sallie broke free of Harry’s grasp, then seized Kim and rolled him onto his back, pinning him down on the bed. Her knees pressed against him just below his ribs. She put her hands on his shoulders. Her fingertips glided across his skin, finally stopping on his nipples. She pinched them.

“You like?” she asked, moving back until she was straddling his cock. She looked down; the engorged head of his erection was visible. She brushed her sex against him, imagining what it would feel like when it was inside her again, but first she was going to have a little fun with her boyfriend.

Kim nodded eagerly; he loved it when she took charge.

Her hands resumed their journey down his body. She could see his mouth spread into a wide grin as her hands moved closer and closer to his rigid shaft. At the last minute her fingers detoured and she ran them up her thigh, across her abdomen and on to her breasts. She tugged on her nipples and let out a sigh.

“You like this too?” she asked.

“I like that more,” he replied. She cupped her tits in her hands and caressed them as she pressed her wet slit against his cock. She would never understand why he liked watching her so much. At times, it seemed like he would rather see her touch her own body than feel her touch his. She wondered if Harry was enjoying the show as much as Kim was. She squeezed her nipples between her thumb and forefinger. The dull ache between her legs turned to a burning desire to be penetrated. It was time to stop playing around and start fucking her boyfriend.

She raised her hips up and moved her hands down .Grasping his cock and pressing it between her legs, she looked down and watched her labia split apart. She had no doubt that both Kim and Harry were watching as well. The smooth tip slipped easily into her dripping wet pussy. She lifted her herself off his dick and wrapped her fingers around it again.

“Let’s see how you like being teased,” she said, lowering her body until his cock was barely touching her pussy. She moved this erection back and forth, enjoying the feeling of it spreading her lips apart. She turned to look at Harry, “Should I fuck him now or make him wait?”

Harry’s eyes were glassed over, staring intently at her pussy. He didn’t respond to her question.

“Harry,” she said a bit louder, snapping him out of his trace, “does he deserve to be inside me again? Maybe I should just give him a hand job instead?”

“Uhh,” he replied, as if his dick finally let his brain have some small amount of blood.

“Well, do you want to watch me fuck him?”

“Yea, yea I do,” he stuttered. His eyes had not moved, they were glued to her pussy.

Sallie stroked his cock a few more times, then relaxed her legs and sank down, indulging Harry’s voyeuristic request.

“Oh, fuck, yes,” Kim moaned as his erection disappeared from view.

As Kim’s throbbing erection impaled her she looked back at Harry. He was behind her on his hands and knees, clearly enjoying the show. She spread her thighs apart as far as she could, pressing her sex against Kim.

“Oh, oh, oh,” Kim moaned and the last bit of his cock slipped into her pussy. He watched her ride up and down on his rigid shaft. He knew watching would just make him come faster, but he was drawn to it like a moth to a flame.

She glared at Harry, “I’m not done with you yet, in fact I’m just getting started. Get over here.” She turned her attention back to Kim, “If you don’t mind I’m going to suck Harry’s cock while I fuck you, I mean fair’s fair, right?”

Kim knew exactly what she was talking about. He had insisted she sit on his face while he fucked one of her girlfriends reverse cowgirl style. She was actually one upping him by having him watch.

The moment Harry crawled buca escort across the bed she leaned over and put her hand on his neck, pulling him close. He was a bit surprised to feel her lips against his. She thrust her tongue into his mouth as she sank down onto Kim’s throbbing erection. Her hand grabbed his dick.

“Stand up so I can put this in my mouth,” she whispered.

Harry complied with her request, struggling to maintain his balanced on the soft mattress. She had one hand on Kim’s chest and the other on Harry’s cock. She could feel him watching her lips move closer and closer to his resurrected hard on. Sallie exhaled, letting her warm breath flowed over the head of his cock. She looked up at him and smiled.

“Don’t come in my mouth, I have plans for you,” she said, and then engulfed his cock with her mouth.

At first Harry thought her request was completely unnecessary. Fucking her in the hot tub had left him feeling a bit drained, but as he watched her squirm on Kim’s erection and swallow his cock he began to feel the first signs of another orgasm. There was something about the way she was satisfying both men at the same time that was incredibly arousing.

God, but it was wonderfully decadent being penetrated by two men at the same time. She rocked her hips back and forth, feeling the full length of Kim’s erection in her vagina. She leaned back so he could see the way her lips stretched around his erection, but in the process almost knocked Harry over as his cock followed her lips. She pulled her head back until Harry’s dick popped out of her mouth, but continued to stroke the entire length of his erection. She turned to look at her boyfriend.

“What am I doing?” she asked.

“You’re riding my cock like a good little slut,” he replied.

She decided she like hearing him talk dirty and wanted more, “What else am I doing?”

“You’re going down on him,” Kim answered.

She raised her body up until his erection slipped out of her body and slapped against his abdomen.

“Try again,” she insisted, “That was not what I wanted to hear.”

“You’re giving him a blowjob,” Kim said.

She grasped his cock and rubbed the tip against her labia, “That’s and improvement, but you can do better.”

“You’re sucking Harry’s dick,” he groaned. The teasing was too much.

“What do you think is going to happen when I am done with you?” she said, clearing enjoying the way she was taunting him.

“You’re going to fuck him while I watch,” Kim said, straining to lift his hips up enough to penetrate her, but only getting the head of his cock past her labia.

“Like a good little slut?’ she teased, twisting her hips and clinching down on his cock.

“Yea, yea,” Kim moaned.

“I’m not going to stop until I make you come. I’m going to ride your cock and suck his dick until you fill me up,” Sallie said, and lowered her mouth onto Harry’s rigid staff. Then she sank down onto Kim’s throbbing erection.

If someone had told him that watching his girlfriend give another guy head would get him off, Kim would have told them they were high. But watching her lips slide down Harry’s cock was pushing him towards climax. Normally he could last long enough to make Sallie come, but the combination of seeing her take two dicks and the dirty talk was overwhelming.

At first Harry was disappointed with his view of the events happening below him. Sallie’s body blocked not only his view of her breasts, but she had lowered her head to the point he could not watch her suck his dick. Kim clearly had a much better vantage point, but it was proving to be a double edged sword. It was pretty clear that Kim wasn’t going to last much longer.

“Oh,oh, oh, Sallie. I’m going to come. Fuck!” Kim groaned as he fought to keep control of the pressure building inside his body. It was a battle he could not win. He felt his cock jerk as an impossible amount of cum erupted into Sallie’s pussy. A sense of euphoria spread through his body, although it was most concentrated in his cock. His dick felt like it was being sucked dry as his climax continued.

Sallie turned her attention to Kim, she wondered if he knew she liked watching him come just as much as he liked watching her. Sometimes she like to actually see the pearly fluid shoot out of his cock and splash onto her skin, but this time she wanted him to come inside her. She could feel his erection pumping its load into her pussy. She continued to unconsciously slide her hand up and down Harry’s wet shaft as Kim writhed underneath. She waited until his erection faded and slipped out of her pussy, then she leaned down and kissed Kim on the mouth. Despite the fact that only a moment before her lips had been wrapped around Harry’s cock, Kim offered no resistance. She rubbed her tits against Kim’s sweat covered chest.

“I got to feel you come, now you get to feel me come,” she said just loud enough for Harry to overhear. She was confident he would know what she wanted as she raised her hips up. She could feel Kim’s cum spilling out of her pussy and running down her thighs. She wondered if Harry would be turned off at her offer of very sloppy seconds. As she nibbled on Kim’s ear she felt the bed shift. Harry was moving, but was he leaving or just getting into position to give her what she wanted.

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