House of Brick Pt. 04


The first rays of morning light began to illuminate the bed where Brick and Michael lay entangled. Brick was having a glorious dream about getting a blow job when he started to wake up, only to realize that Michael was actually sucking him awake! A broad smile filled his face as he pulled Michael into a tender yet passionate morning kiss.

“Good morning,” Brick said, in between kisses. “A guy could get used to waking up like that.”

Michael nodded seductively. Or at least, he tried to. The truth was, Michael was sweet and kind of geeky—which only turned Brick on more.

“I’m not done yet,” Michael replied as he kissed his way down Brick’s hairy chest and returned to his morning feast. He loved sucking Brick’s cock—and Brick loved how Michael made him feel. He looked at Brick like he was the greatest thing in the world. And it filled Brick with equal measures of joy and confidence.

Michael was relatively new to sucking cock, but he was an eager student and it didn’t take long for Brick to cry out, “I’m gonna cum!”

That was Michael’s cue to insert two fingers into Brick’s hungry ass and probe his prostate as he sucked harder. Brick moaned in ecstasy as cum erupted from his dick into Michael’s mouth and he gripped the sheets of the bed as he bucked his ass up and down.

Michael wiped a drop of Brick’s cum from his lips as he made his way back into the strong man’s bulky arms. Michael had a nice build himself, built like a runner, and had a small amount of dark hair on his chest and legs. But years of hard labor had built up Brick’s arms and chest, which was just under 50 inches. Michael got lost in stroking the hair on Brick’s chest as his breathing returned to normal.

“Thank you,” Brick said as he kissed Michael’s forehead. “Now it’s your turn,” he whispered.

Michael looked up at him, blushing and looking… embarrassed?

“Don’t you want me to get you off?” Brick asked, concerned.

Michael shook his head. “I was so turned on sucking you that I came when you did,” he said as he buried his head into the crook of Brick’s massive arm.

“Fuck,” Brick said. “That’s the sexiest fucking thing I’ve ever heard!”

Michael looked up, somewhat surprised at the response. “You’re not mad?” he asked meekly.

“Why on earth would I be mad?” Brick asked incredulously. “I turn you on that much?”

Michael groaned and nodded. “Yeah. More than anyone ever has.”

Brick yelled out a “whoop!” that started Michael and started to laugh. “He likes me, he really likes me!” he said in his best mock Sally Field impression.

Michael playfully slugged his harm and kissed him. “Thank you. I felt embarrassed and you made me feel good instead. Thank you.”

They kissed for a few more minutes and then Brick got out of bed to go to the bathroom. Michael peaked in to watch him piss. Fuck—watching him izmir escort pee was a huge turn on! Michael started to get hard again. As Brick started to shake the last drops from his cock, Michael came up behind him and took his cock and started to stroke.

“That feels great,” Brick moaned. “But I don’t think I can cum again so quickly.”

“I bet I can make you cum again.” Michael was serious—and had a slightly demanding if not dominant quality to his voice. He took Brick’s left nipple into his mouth and started to chew, lightly at first and then harder. Brick gasped and moaned loudly.

“Fuck!” he hissed as Michael started gnawing harder on his nips. “Back to the bed,” he demanded.

They made their way to the bed and Brick had Michael lay on his back. They had discussed the night before that both had been tested recently and neither had been with anyone in months.

Brick stroked Michael’s cock and placed a healthy amount of lube on it.

“Are you sure?” Michael asked, wanting to be inside Brick, but not wanting to pressure him.

“Shut up and fuck me!” he demanded as he slowly lowered himself onto Michael’s cock.

Getting past the outer rim was painful, but Brick breathed his way through—and Michael’s twisting of his nipples helped. Within a couple of minutes, Brick’s ass had swallowed the length of Michael’s cock. The head was pressing against Brick’s prostate, causing spasms to shoot through his body.

Michael couldn’t believe the pleasure he felt! Physically, it was great—and emotionally, it was all he dreamed of, being this close to another man.

It didn’t take long before Brick was moaning and babbling incoherently. Michael moved him on his back and Brick wrapped his legs around Michael’s back as the two moved in sync. Michael made sure his thrusts were gentle enough not to hurt Brick’s virgin ass, but hard enough that he would feel them. This being both their first time fucking a man and getting fucked by a man, it wasn’t going to take them long to cum.

“Feels… so… good,” Brick gasped each time Michael’s cock slid past his prostate. Michael was delirious with pleasure and alternately sucked on Brick’s nipples and his neck. They both were close.

“Brick!” Michael cried out as his body took over and he thrust harder and harder into his muscle bear’s eager ass. “I’m cumming!” he cried as waves of pleasure rocked his body.

Brick gasped and tears fell from his eyes as he orgasmed from both his cock and his ass, cum spraying his chest and sticking to Michael’s who was breathing heavily on top of him

The two lay like that, sweaty, sticky, euphoric.

Michael was the first to break the post-sex silence. “That was amazing,” he said, his voice catching in his throat. “You’re amazing.”

Brick looked Michael in the eye. For the alsancak escort first time since his mother died, someone looked at him and adored him. He could feel it. He shuddered. He had it bad for Michael. He couldn’t speak but nodded and took Michael’s hand and placed it upon his heart.

“I never knew,” Brick said quietly. “I never knew it could be this good with someone. Thank you.”

After a few more minutes of cuddling, they got up, showered, ate breakfast, and decided to go for a long walk. They talked about their childhoods, their friends, school, work, their dreams. Before either of them realized, hours had passed, it was dark, and both men were hungry. When they arrived back at Michael’s place, they stood awkwardly in the driveway—neither one wanted the day to end, but neither wanted to seem too needy of the other.

Michael saw the worry in Brick’s brow; he wouldn’t say anything, but he could sense that Brick didn’t want to go either. He realized that he needed to speak up.

“Brick, I’m gonna say something and I don’t want to freak you out, but I don’t have a lot of experience dating and I’m not smart enough to play games,” Michael said trying to sound more confident than he actually felt. Brick raised an eyebrow but did not interrupt.

“I like you. A lot. And I don’t know what the rules are supposed to be after a perfect date that’s lasted 24 hours. But today was one of the best days of my entire life. I like you. I know I said that. But it’s true. It freaks me out a little bit to like someone so much. But fuck it. I want to be with you and I don’t care what the rules are. So come in with me and I’ll cook dinner and we can watch a movie. Or we can go out to dinner. Or we can go to your place or order in. Or if you have something you need to do, it’s cool. Just know that I feel the best I’ve ever felt in my life when I’m around you.” Michael fought back tears, but was not expecting Brick’s response.

“Michael,” he smiled brightly. “I like you a whole lot, too. I’m a little freaked out by how much I like you. I like the sex,” he smiled. “Ok. I love the sex!” they both laughed. “But I love the way you listen, how you try to solve problems. You’re funny and sexy and smart. And you make me feel sexy and smart. And you’re kind. And we fit… and I feel like a better version of myself when I’m with you.”

Brick took a breath and his face got serious. “My momma told me that the word love is word that contains worlds inside of. She said that people use it too much and that it cheapened the word. My momma was a romantic, but she hated Valentines Day—she said it turned romance into a Hallmark holiday. She told me never to tell a girl I loved her if I didn’t really mean it. I mean-she didn’t know I was gay and neither did I, but I know she’d say the same thing for men.” Michael buca escort found himself examining each word Brick uttered as a doorway into his future. It was absolute joy and wonder, mixed with a healthy seasoning of terror.

“Michael,” Brick said, taking the smaller man’s hands into his and looking him in the eyes. “Other than my momma, I’ve never told another human being that I love them. Until now. You don’t have to say it back. And who knows what will happen tomorrow—you may get sick of my snoring or decide I fart or cuss too much. But I know what I feel. I turn 38 years old next month. And for the first time in my life, I’m looking at the man I love with all my heart.”

Tears flowed down Michael’s face as he smiled and kissed Brick tenderly on the lips. He pulled back and spoke.

“10 years ago, when I was a Sophomore in high school, there was this scrawny kid named Scott. The jocks all picked on him. They called him queer and faggot. I was so closeted, so scared, I didn’t stand up for him. He was so bullied that he tried killing himself, twice.” Michael choked on his words.

“He survived, but he looked haunted. And I think, somehow, I knew that if I was gay like him, I would be lonely and taunted and I would never be loved. Even though I have great friends and Nora believes in me and my family is ok with me being gay, I think a piece of me always believed I would never be worthy of being loved.”

“And then I met you, Brick. I know it’s new. I know we’re new. But I know how my heart has shifted in the last 24 hours. I probably could survive without you. But I sure as hell don’t want to. I love you. And if you’ll have me, I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to make you as happy as you make me.”

Under the moonlight on a crisp autumn night, as stars filled the sky, Brick and Michael hugged each other, fiercely. Neither of them had set out looking for love, but they found it. An unlikely pair, a modern day odd couple, who were more beautiful, strong, and loving, together.


On their 10th anniversary, Michael tended the fire as Brick opened the door to Nora, her husband Marc, and their twin five year olds, Jane and Eric.

“Uncle Bwick,” Jane lisped because both her two front teeth had fallen out that week, “we bwought a pwesent for baby Lilah.”

“Well thank you, Jane. Baby Lilah is with Uncle Michael. I think he’s giving her a bottle right now. Would you like to bring this to them?” Jane’s eye’s widened. “Oh yes!” She nodded.

“Me, too,” her twin Eric said, as they took Jane’s hand. They walked into the dining room where Michael was burping the infant.

Brick smiled at his husband, who convinced him that they would make great parents. And now that Lilah—named for Brick’s momma—was here, he couldn’t believe he’d ever doubted being a father.

This party was both a housewarming and a baby shower. Brick, at Michael’s urging, had gone back to school to finish his degree and became an architect. He’d designed and helped build the home they were now living in. Michael smiled at his husband as he fed their infant daughter. They were a gloriously happy family in the little house of Brick.

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