The Married Man’s Reprieve


Rose pulled me from the bar, down the street, and into the train station. Never once did we stop touching. I stood behind her with my hands on her hips as she paid for our tickets. We remained physically linked as we boarded and even as we sat beside each other. The train was not crowded. The Friday evening rush was already through. “This is all too easy, Rose.” She tensed. “Yes, it is. Please, Charlie, trust me. We’ll dicuss it in the morning. You’re free now. Be my guest for the night and make the most of it. No commitments. Just a night.” “Of course, Rose. Madeleine has packed a bag for me. I’ll have a cab pick it up and bring it.” “You can call from the train station. Here’s my address.” We had to separate at the train station. I needed the Men’s room to give back that beer. I called a cab and scheduled a bag pickup. We picked up Chinese takeout on the way to her house. “I have a fine Pinot Noir that will complement this dinner nicely.” I wanted to take her right into the bedroom when we entered her house, but she held me off. “We have all night and I’ll need a shower and we don’t need to be interrupted when your bag arrives.” It was enough şişli escort that she knew I was eager. I knew as she rubbed my hardness that she meant to please me later. We dined. The wine was exquisite. Bursting with flavors I’ve never experienced from a wine before. Everything tasted wonderful. Everything seemed brighter and more colorful. Everything smelled new and fresh. I suppose I was drunk on novelty. As Rose showered, my bags arrived. Madeleine had packed two large suitcases very thoroughly. I tipped the cabbie and brought them in, opening them on the sofa and pulling what I would need for a shower. “I want to be clean and fresh for you, too, Rose. This is a new beginning for both of us.” She smiled and showed me the way to the bathroom. As I showered, I sensed movement in the room and heard the jingle of change in my pants pocket. When I got out of the shower, my bathrobe was hanging on a hook on the bathroom door. All of my other clothing was removed. I donned the robe and left the bathroom. A soft glow came from a room at the end of the hall and Rose stood in the doorway, naked and backlit by candlelight, the only light in the şişli escort bayan house. “I’m a little nervous, Charlie. It’s been almost 16 years since any other man has seen me like this. I’m not the looker I used to be.” I went to her, letting my robe fall open. We embraced, touching skin-to-skin in such quantities that my desire for her almost pushed her away. “I’m nervous, too. It’s been longer for me. More like 20. But for the past 10 years, I’ve had an old song running through my head. It even has your name in it. Tonight I can throw it out, because, finally, I can be with the one I love… and I am.” “Aw, that’s so romantic.” We kissed. I didn’t want to push her, but I did want to see her in the light. I had imagined what was under her clothing for all those years. I wasn’t expecting perfection. She had started losing weight and exercising in an attempt to save her marriage, to look better for her cheating husband. I thought she looked good before then, and that some of the weight loss was from stress, because she did look unhappy and haggard for a while. But she was down two dress sizes and feeling better. She had inspired me mecidiyeköy escort to lose a few inches off my waistline and it was good to see the spare tire almost gone. I maneuvered her in front of the mirror on her dresser and turned her to look at it. “I think we look good together, Rose. The beauty and the beast.” She looked into my face in the mirror and smiled. “Not a beast. A prince.” She looked into my face above hers and kissed me again. “should I hoist you up and carry you to bed?” “Don’t you dare, Charlie. I’m old enough and wise enough not to need that. The sheets are clean, that side is your side and this side is mine. How about we meet in the middle and take it kind of slow?” We did. Very slow. We explored each other, mutually. We were so new to each other in the physical sense and so familiar with each other in the emotional sense that we didn’t impose any boundaries. We touched, sniffed, kissed and tasted wherever we wanted to. We traced scars we were seeing for the first time. We squeezed vigorously or gently until finally, she took me in her mouth and I licked her most private folds. We continued passionately and experienced nearly simultaneous explosions of blissful release. Our marriages were over and perhaps that created a certain post-marital vigor. After sipping some dessert wine and cuddling for a while, it was clear that there was more exploring to do.

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