My First Boyfriend


I couldn’t stop smiling, my hands were shaking and I started to sweat. I ran from my bedroom into the bathroom to brush my teeth for what must have been the third time. I ran my tongue over my smooth teeth. I sighed a little at my reflection, pushing my short hair out of my face and grinning. Practising my smile. I took a deep breath to steady myself, and as I washed my hands, the doorbell rang. I legged it down the stairs and put my hand on the latch. “Ok,” I muttered to myself, “one… two… three.” I pulled open the door, and smiled at the person standing there. Looking very handsome, as usual. Alex was my first serious boyfriend. We had been together for around 6 months, and things were amazing between us. It was the middle of summer, our exams had finished so we decided to meet up. Slightly sweaty and out of breath, he gave me his cheeky grin which always made me feel like I was the only person in the world that mattered to him. Every time he smiled it seemed to light up his perfect face and everything around him, and make the day seem so much sunnier. His short blond hair was spiked up, and his eyes lit up when he saw my face. Cue the deep blush from me. “Hey beautiful, sorry about being so sweaty. I brought the bike so I wouldn’t be late.” I looked behind him and saw his bicycle leaning against the wall outside my house. He was a cycling fanatic, and had gone as fast as he possibly could to get to my house so he wouldn’t keep me waiting. He cycled the 20 minute journey in 5 minutes, so I was over the moon to hear he cared for me that much. I put my arms round him and gave him a quick peck on the lips before leading him inside. After a couple of glasses of water and casual chatter with my mum, we were walking out of the ankara escort house the the local chip shop. Not very romantic, I know, but we didn’t care about that. It was just spending time together that mattered. Alex put one arm around me and one on the handlebars of his bike as we walked and talked. One of the many wonderful things about my boyfriend was that he always made me laugh. We were both a couple of jokers, and whenever he laughed at one of my silly one-liners, he would laugh long and loud. His laugh was so infectious and it would always make me grin from ear to ear. Every second with him I cherished. We reached the chip shop and bought a portion of chips each, both soaked in vinegar. We sat on a wall as we ate, away from a group of menacing chavs in a corner. We ignored them. There was always an air of confidence around Alex, and it seemed to grow inside me, making me feel like I could do anything in the world. As I began to tell him about a funny moment in my day, Alex sighed quietly and lay his head on my shoulder, a happy smile on his face. He loved to hear me talk about anything and everything, and the way he rested his head on my shoulder told me that. A balloon seemed to swell inside me, and I hugged him tightly. We sat in comfortable silence, watching the cars drive past with their windows down and summer music drifting through the air. Alex’s hand slyly crept towards my portion of chips, and he stole one and quickly popped it in his mouth. “Oi you cheeky bugger! Those are mine.” I laughed, yanking the chips out of reach. “But yours taste so much better!” He reasoned, his eyes widening with innocence. Giggling, I took a couple of chips from his portion as a pay back. We finished eating, and ankara escort bayan walked over to the nearby park. The same park we went to on our first date. Alex removed his hand from around my shoulders and jumped onto his bike, speeding off into the distance, showing off. He came to a sliding halt, yanking his bike sideways so he blocked my path. I ran up to him laughing, and he wouldn’t move out the way until I kissed him. I willingly obliged and I walked on, Alex peddling slowly at my side. The weather was getting hot, so we raced over to a nearby tree. I pushed him over onto the soft grass, laughing at him sprawled on his back. His look of fake hurt and horror at what I had done disappeared and was replaced by a grin and a naughty glint in his eye. He grabbed my hand and pulled me down next to him and we rolled around laughing under the tree as he tried to grab my bum and tickle me. After much hysterical laughter, he somehow managed to sit on top of me, spreading my legs open. I gasped at what he was doing, because we were in such a public place. “Get off!” I hissed, “people are staring!” He chuckled lightly. “Let them look.” With that, he pushed the hair tenderly out of my face and leaned in to kiss me. Our lips met and my heart began to beat faster. I rolled over so I was lying facing him. He wrapped his arms around me and lightly kissed my neck as we watched the sun getting lower in the sky. The minutes passed, and I looked up at his face, his eyes closed as if he was sleeping. He opened them slowly and gave me a lazy smile, holding me closer. I gently stroked his lips with the tip of my finger, and he kissed it as I ran it from either sides of his mouth. I placed my other hand behind his head and escort ankara ran my fingers through his hair. His eyes closed again with a relaxed smile as he let his hand wander up and down my back. With his other, he held my hand that was stroking his lips and moved it gently away, kissing me once more. We broke apart, and he rubbed his nose against mine in our eskimo kiss. “I suppose we better get a move on” he sighed quietly, though making no effort at all to get up. Lazy sod, I thought fondly as I pushed him off me and stood up. Alex yawned, stretched, then took the hand I offered and pulled himself up. I kept hold of his hand as we walked out of the park towards his house. We walked up his road, Alex giving me the guided tour with little comments such as: “On your right, you will see the the Russian neighbour’s house. I try to keep the curtains closed, because they tend to watch me when I get out of the shower.” We reached his house, a big building with a beautiful garden. We walked round to the back door to put his bike in the garage. He gave me a quick tour of the house, showing me the different rooms. Thundering back down the stairs, he grabbed some cold pizza from the side then sat in the garden. When he had polished off three slices, he turned to me and licked his lips. Taking that as an invitation, I put a hand onto his chest and pushed him backwards onto the soft grass. It was the first time that evening we had been alone, and I had grown impatient. I kissed him fiercely and passionately, which he returned eagerly. Our bodies seemed to melt into one as his hands ran through my hair, twirling it between his fingers. A bird cawed suddenly, causing me to look up up startled, arms either side of Alex’s head. I looked back down at his gorgeous face to see him smiling at me, and I leaned in again only to pull away at the last second, teasing him. I giggled playfully as his eyes narrowed in mock anger. Looking down at him, I could see his heart beating through his shirt.

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