Adam and Ellie: Part II

Female Ejaculation

“Adam, can you come take the trash out?””Yes, give me a minute it’s almost halftime.”I rolled my eyes. We had the ability to pause our TV, but somehow he doesn’t remember it exists during the game. Actually, I don’t know if he thinks it works on anything else but the Bachelor or Bachelorette, you know, my shows. I knew I had a few options: do it myself without a word, tell him I’d just do it, or pause the game myself. I chose to tell him I’d do it.”That’s fine, I’ll take it out myself.”Suddenly the TV froze, and he was coming into the kitchen. I knew that’s all it would take, but I had to give him a little grief for it. “Halftime already?””No. I misspoke earlier, I meant to say I’m coming right now. You know there isn’t anything more important to me than doing my chores.””Uh-huh, whatever let’s you sleep at night.””You, that’s what makes me sleep at night. You know just how to put me to sleep.””I know, I’m so boring and lame I cause you to fall asleep.”Adam tied the trash bags and lifted it out of the can. He sat it down on the ground, grabbed another bag from the drawer, and said, “I would hardly call what we do almost every night boring or lame.”I laughed a little, and said, “I wouldn’t either. On that note, is it looking like ‘YAY, Atlanta won’ or ‘I need to release my frustration’ sex tonight?””Hard to tell, why?””Just curious.” I wait for him to get to the door before adding, “Oh, by the way, I need you to help me get the guest room ready. My parents are coming down for the gender reveal party. I told them that they could stay with us.”Adam let out a long exaggerated sigh before he said, “Okay, regardless of the outcome of the game, we are having ‘my in-laws are coming to stay for şişli escort a week, and I need to release all current stress first’ sex tonight.””You know you love my parents. You can’t deny it.””No I like your dad, could care less for your mom at times, and your mom loves me and your dad is still watching my moves like a hawk.””He’s my dad, and you stole his princess and made her move almost a thousand miles away from him. You would do the same if you were in his position, and he loves you too.”Adam just went outside. He knew I had won the argument fair and square. If I knew one thing, he was outside trying to find the right thing to say when he came back in. He would try to make it up to me, convinced he had hurt my feelings, but he didn’t. I resumed dishes, knowing he’d be a few minutes at least.I was washing the last couple plates when he came back inside. He walked up behind me, wrapped his arms around me, kissed my neck for a moment, and whispered, “You know I love you, and I didn’t mean to hurt you saying that about your parents, right?””You didn’t hurt me Adam.””I feel like I did, and I feel bad about it.””Make it up to me than.””Okay, anything.”I turned the water off, turned and faced him, kissed him on the lips softly, breaking away from the kiss I said, “Forget the game is on and take me upstairs. I want you to fuck me all night.””Deal. Let’s go.” He turned off the TV and walked up the stairs with me.We walked up quietly so we didn’t accidentally wake our son who was sleeping peacefully in his bed. Once in our room, we wasted no time. Adam walked in the room and took his shirt off. I shut the door, locking it behind me. Adam pressed me against the door, escort şişli kissing me deep and heavy. Our hands groped the other’s body. I pushed Adam backwards until he was on the bed. I straddled his body with my legs, and leaned in for kiss, forearms resting on either side of his head. A few minutes passed before I ended our kiss momentarily to pull his pants off. He positioned himself better on the bed, and I tossed his pants in the corner and joined him back on the bed.I stroked his cock a few times before I placed my mouth around his cock. I bobbed up and down his cock, my hand stroking his balls while I did. His hands gathered, and combed through my curly hair. He moaned, “Oh, Ellie that feels so good.”He was growing even harder in my mouth. His precum oozed from his tip. I licked up his shaft, and twirled my tongue around his head, swallowing all the precum that I could manage.His hands went to my side, he grabbed my shirt and pulled it off over my head. Before I could go back to licking and sucking his cock, he pulled me up next to him on the pillows. Each of us laid on our sides, holding the other in our arms, and kissing. He slid two fingers inside my pussy. I broke our kiss when he did, “Mhmm.””Yeah, you like that?””Yes.”His fingers pumped in and out of my body. He kissed my neck. His thumb rubbed my clit. He gradually leaned further into me until I was on my back, and he hovered over my body, careful not to put any pressure on my small baby bump that begining to show. My left hand was around his neck, my right rested on his back.”Mhmm. Adam.”He kept rubbing my clit, increasing his intensity as I approached climax. He bit my shoulder. He kissed down my mecidiyeköy body until he reached my left nipple, where he swirled his tongue a few times, and went on to do the same to the right.”Oh! Mhmm! Oh! Ahh!”Adam stopped fingering me and rubbing my clit. His hand went to my right breast, giving it a soft gentle squeezes every so often while he kissed me. His cock was hard against my thigh. Our kiss broke. His face once again went to my neck. He kissed my right side of my neck, and his right hand stroked my face. “Adam, I want you inside me, now.”I could feel his warm breath on my neck as he let out a slight chuckle. His mouth was only an inch or so from my neck when he responded, “You are very demanding tonight, you know that? First it’s take out the trash, than its get the guest room ready, than take you up to bed, now it’s shove myself inside you.””What, you don’t want to be inside me?”We both laughed a little. Adam shook his head, a big smile on his face. Adam took a second to stop laughing before saying, “Actually, no I don’t want to be in you right now. I’d much rather enjoy each other a bit longer before I go inside you.””Fine, but not too much longer, I can’t stand the wait!”Adam agreed. He kissed my neck once more. My hand ran through his hair. Adam ran his cock across my slit, teasing me. I moaned when he ran himself across me. Adam got to his knees. My knees where bent and spread, he pushed them even further apart. He placed his tip against me, not quite entering me yet. He placed his hands on my knees, and asked, “Are you ready?”I practically shouted , “YES!”I was beyond ready for him. Adam loved blaming my pregnancy hormones for my crazy high sex drive, but he never complained. He did tease me though when we were in bed. He loved prolonging our time making love, driving me wild.Adam shoved himself fully inside, releasing moans and groans from my lips. Adam started slow, but gradually picked up speed. He pounded me long and hard.

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