Being the carer for Grandma part 2

Being the carer for Grandma part 2
The next morning I was woken up by the sun peeking through the curtains. For a split second I thought it had all been a dream, until I realised I was wearing something unusual and turning my head I saw my Grandma smiling at me. “morning sleepy head” she said. I spluttered a response but must have looked like a deer caught in the headlights. She asked me to help her up to the toilet and have a wash. I agreed instantly then hesitated to get out of bed due to my attire. She just laughed and said “I thought we had got over that”. Smiling I got out of bed and went to her side and helped her across the hall to the bathroom. Watching her naked senior body once again got me hard as a rock. “not again already” she said laughing. For the thousand time I apologised for it. She said it was nice to think she had that effect on me.
Once she had got cleaned up and finished in the bathroom she wanted to go straight into the room. I asked her about getting dressed first but she said there was some new house rules. As nobody would be visiting, and she lived in a remote area where if a car was to approach we would hear it from a long way off, the new dress code was either naked or in panties. I was shocked to hear this but readily agreed. We made our way to the room and she sat in her chair. I went to make a coffee for her and put it on her side table, next to the chair. I turned away and was asked to turn back. “don’t you think we should get rid of that” she said pointing at my aching hard on. Next thing she grabbed my hand and brought me closer to her, pulling the top of my (her) panties down exposing my hard on she proceeded to play with my cock then in a flash it was in her mouth. She was bobbing on my cock all the time her eyes looking up at me. I have never seen such a wonderful site, nor have I since. It didn’t take long for me to cum again and again. I expected her to be disgusted and spit it out and tell me off for not warning her, instead she just smiled and swallowed everything I could pump out. Instead of apologising I now thanked her.
“I can see this is going to be a regular thing with your youth and energy” all I could do was smile and keep thanking her. After breakfast I managed to keep my erections at bay. The day went pretty uneventful until evening approached once again. I asked if I could take a bath, which apparently I didn’t need to ask for. Grandma asked if she could watch me, so we both headed to the bathroom, her perched on the toilet me running the bath. I got in and started to lather myself to get clean. Grandma pointed to the window ledge above the taps and informed me there was some new razors there. I told her it was ok as I hadn’t started shaving yet, that’s when she said that was obvious but I should start, pointing at my pubes. I told her I was scared as I have never done that before and it was so close to my cock. “put plenty of soap on and step over here” she instructed. With her good hand she held it out for the razor, as I stepped towards her. In a matter of minutes I was completely bald, and it felt great. “There much better” she said, “you can do mine later if you don’t mind” she informed me. God did she really just ask me to shave her cunt? I must be dreaming, I thought. I got back in the tub and rinsed off.
Obviously there was only one effect from having my grandma shave me completely bald, “well there’s a shock” she said laughing. Helping her back to her bedroom both naked was fun with my hard on poking and prodding her on the way. Not wanting to be presumptuous I turned away only to be asked where I was going. “I assumed..” and was stopped in my tracks. After last night “I think there is only one place you will be sleeping while staying here, don’t you” I smiled and jumped into bed. I asked her if there was anything I could do to please her, as she had given me 2 orgasms within the last day. She said she wanted to teach me how to lick her pussy and make her cum using my tongue, but that was going to have to wait as she really needed to feel my cock inside her. So slowly at first I tried to enter her but it was too dry, she passed me some baby oil to put on my cock and inside her pussy. I loved the feel of my finger inside her pussy then two then three with ease. She just kept moaning out loud saying yes yes over and over again. She said “Please fuck me” with that I pulled out my fingers and entered her with my cock. We had to be very careful not to inflict more pain on her hip. She found it most comfortable placing herself at the edge of the bed and me stand up to fuck her. We found I could do this fairly rigorously without hurting her. Typically it didn’t take too long for me to cum again, closely followed by thanking her again lol.
As we lay back on the bed I felt brave and asked her why she enjoyed my fingers so much. She informed me that all her life she had enjoyed her pussy being stretched, then threw me by saying she used to love being fisted when she had an active sex life. That started me thinking about what to do next……

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