When Meg learned that the whole family was headed off to Denny’s to take advantage of the Saturday Night “Two for One Dinner Special”, she knew that would be the perfect time to invite Glen Quagmire over for some super secret fun.
“You don’t want to go?” Chris asked when Meg said she wasn’t interested.
“Nah, I can…” Meg started to say before her father cut her off.
“Don’t worry about her, Chris!” Peter Griffin said as they started out the door. “If Meg wants to stay home… no problem!”
“C’ya, Meg!” Lois muttered as the door closed behind them. Meg watched as they backed out of the drive way and drove down the street.
“Go ahead… stuff yourselves silly, especially you, you fat bastard!” Meg mumbled. “The only thing I feel like eating right now is cock! Not food!”

When the knock came at the door, Meg jumped off the couch.
“Hi there, Mr. Quagmire!” Meg smiled after she opened the door. Glen stood there in his trademark red and black Aloha shirt, the top button of which was unsnapped, revealing a light patch of chest hair (Meg noticed this immediately as she always did…) and black slacks. His prominent chin sat below a suggestive smile and his eyes held a boatload of devious intentions. Meg inhaled his cologne and almost melted! Glen Quagmire always wore cologne that made her exited.

“Hey there Meg! So… how late will everybody be at the diner?” Glen asked, planning his evening around the return of the Griffin family. He was already calculating time he’d need to get at least a blowjob, anal as well as a standard Quagmire fucking before time ran out.

“It’s Denny’s two for one night… Dad and Chris are total pigs… they’ll be there at least two hours!” Meg replied.
“Giggity!” Glen exclaimed like a school boy. “Well, alright!”

Glen quickly formulated a most satisfactory game plan. He wanted a heaping helping of Meg’s newly practiced oral talents (and perhaps cap it off with a whopping facial to get things started…) followed by a savory tongue sampling of her sweet teen age pussy to get back his erection (if she came, great! If not… oh well!) followed up by some dedicated fucking in as many positions as he could imagine (“Giggity!”) ending the festivities with an asshole slammin’ session designed to bring tears to her eyes. And what better way to close that chapter then a pasty cumshot all over her buggered butthole! Or maybe come deep in her ass? He couldn’t decide! Just thinking it over made his dick hard! All he had to do now was to remember to position himself (and Meg) relative to the secret “spy cam” he installed in Meg’s room (and other places in the Griffin house) on the top of her bookcase.

“Let’s go up to my room!” Meg squealed.
“Right behind you of course!” Glen replied as they quickly moved up stairs.

It didn’t take Glen Quagmire more than a second or two to get naked. He then unceremoniously watched the Griffin teen age girl undress. Meg didn’t have much in the breast department but she had a curvy round ass with a tight, little brown eye that Glen had every intention of violating after he slammed her teen age clam with his high flying flesh fuselage.

Meg finally dropped her panties exposing her beaver, but she had no qualms about being naked in front of her horny neighbor. There was only a whisper of light pubic hair on her mound. She already had quite the experience with Glen Quagmire when he agreed to teach the young woman everything she needed to know “sexually” in order to please a man. What amazed Meg was just how patient and considerate he was that day. But what was even more amazing to Quagmire was the level of dedication she applied to the task of learning all of what he had to offer. What Glen would always remember about that day was the first time he ejaculated all over her face (the look of disbelief on Meg’s face was priceless!). He also never forgot the incredible sensation of screwing her tight, virgin asshole! Meg was tight! He remembered that it took some delicate coaxing and some extra “love lube” to achieve the task of submerging the entire length of his cock into her rectum. Once he got it all the way in (Meg cried like a stuck pig!) he hammered her asshole without mercy, firing off another huge load deep into her colon. Most of that load dripped out later. But even though Meg was no longer an “anal virgin”, Glen Quagmire knew he would revisit that wonderful experience once again… and that time was today!

“So how are your oral skills holdin’ up, Meg?” Glen asked as he sat down on the edge of Meg’s bed and leaned back on his hands.

“Let me show you!” Meg chirped as she knelt between Quagmire’s spread legs. Meg stared at Glen’s huge cock, looking directly at the bulbous head, the vein covered shaft and his swollen avocado-sized balls. Without further delay, she stuffed her neighbor’s sausage all the way into her mouth, pushing it all the way down her throat. She used her right hand to steady the hard appendage and her left hand to cradle and squeeze his balls. Then she began bobbing her head up and down the length of his shaft, applying a generous coat of saliva which made for a perfect example of her improved oral skills. She paced her cock sucking exactly how he had taught her, starting slow and then gradually picking up speed. After a minute or so, Meg was really going at it… she was enthusiastic, energetic and even a bit aggressive. Glen noted she was well on her way to becoming an excellent cock sucker (or “fellatrice” as he was so fond of saying…). He briefly considered the possibility she had the potential to eventually perform as well as her mother! (“Damn! Both at the same time??” Glen thought to himself).

“Oh… Meg… well, all right!” Quagmire said as he closed his eyes while enjoying her oral ministrations while taking a moment to concentrate so as not to come just yet.

But Meg was insistent, applying more vigorous strokes, pummeling his dick with a flurry of pleasure enhanced stimulation. She tugged and squeezed at his nads as she increased the tempo, putting her neck and shoulders into an aggressive posture, immediately putting Quagmire “on the ropes”.

“Damn, Meg!” Glen whispered. “That’s… fuckin’ … amazing! Wow!” Glen looked down; Meg’s head almost a blur of penis-pounding pleasure, and felt the beginning of a climax he knew he could not prevent.

“Oh, shit! Oh, Wow! Ugh!” Glen groaned.

“Mumph! Mrrlf!” Meg chortled with a mouth full of cock. She pressed on, determined to finish off her horn dog tutor. Glen had no idea Meg had planned this all along; she knew the first thing she would do was to suck his cock until he finally shot his first load. That way, he’d last longer the second time around. Meg knew that if she handled her business right, he would give up the fight. She had only been at it for a few minutes and already the results were forthcoming.

“Oh, boy Meg!” Glen rasped as he felt his orgasm quickly approach. “You… are… one… incredible… cock sucker!” Glen could no longer control his body and he was certain Meg was keenly aware of that or she was intent on giving him one hell of an oral orgasm. He came!

“Oh, fuck Meg! Here I come!” Glen cried out as he shot his load… and it was a big one. But of course Meg was ready, releasing her oral grip while getting a firm hold on his squirting tool. She then furiously jacked him off all over her face.

Glen watched through a haze of orgasmic pleasure the likes of which he hadn’t experienced in quite a while. Meg had the situation well in hand, stroking out a trademark Quagmire load. She looked up at Glen, not taking her eyes off of his for a second, and thoroughly worked his cock as gobs of warm semen splattered her glasses until they were completely covered. What didn’t land on her glasses, landed on her forehead and face. But Meg kept jerking as Quagmire kept squirting…

A few seconds later, Quagmire’s cock gave up the last few drops of jizz as Meg slowed her hand. However, she continued to milk Glen’s dick, squeezing forth a few stubborn hold outs.

“Phew! Wow, Meg! You rocked my cock!” Glen sighed as Meg peered through her cum-frosted lenses, still stroking his meat. “That was a total pasting! Giggity! The ‘Q-man’ always delivers… that was fucking awesome!”

“You came so much!” Meg chirped with a wide-eyed look on her face. “God that sure was a lot! But I’ll bet you can ‘come up’ with some more… right Mr. Quagmire?”

“Giggity!” Glen smiled with confidence. “For you Meg? I got plenty!”

Glen Quagmire loved the taste of teen age pussy. And Meg’s pussy, surprisingly, tasted as good as any pussy he had tried recently, although there was just a hint of cumber amid the delicate folds of her pussy lips. Glen lapped at Meg’s clit and listened to her squeal with each fluttering stroke of his magical tongue. She squirmed around continuously in response to his skilled techniques so Glen grasped her thighs and pushed on; bringing Meg to two intense orgasms back to back. Meg screamed with each climax, grabbing Quagmire’s head while clamping his prodigious jaw between her ample thighs.

“You like that Meg?” Glen asked while wiping away vaginal juices from his mouth with the back of his hand.

“Oh… Oh… Mr. Quagmire… that was so… good!” Meg purred like a well fed kitty. She looked down at his waxing organ and then back at Glen.

“Oh, hey Glen! It looks like you’re ready again!”

“Turn around Meg…” Glen instructed his partner. Meg did as she was told while Quagmire positioned himself behind the Griffin teen ager.

“I just LOVE doggie-style!” Glen rasped as he spread Meg’s ass cheeks. He then grabbed his cock and planted the glans right up against the moist lips of Meg’s waiting vagina. Then he pushed himself in, sticking his cock all the way into her buttery snatch.

“Oh my God, Glen!” Meg winced. “you’re so huge!”

“You bet your sweet little ass!” Quagmire chortled as he took Meg’s butt cheeks in either hand and proceeded to pound the living daylights out of her tight little pussy. Slamming her backside with aggressive thrusts, Glen Quagmire went into total copulation mode. He looked down as his cock slid in and out at a rapid pace. The resounding “fapping” sound filled the bedroom as his hips smacked against her pale round tush. Meg closed her eyes as her vagina was ravaged with a never ending assault of Quagmire cock. The pleasure blossomed like a welcome wave of warmth from a fresh campfire. Meg’s pussy was repeatedly stimulated with the intensity of Glen’s relentless penetration as her body succumbed to a series of intense climaxes. She came two times in as many minutes as Quagmire plowed ahead.

“Your… pussy… is… so… damn… sweet!” Glen cried out each time he pounded her snatch. He closed his eyes and briefly pictured himself doing Lois Griffin instead of her daughter… and that stirred him in another direction.

“Time once again for ‘Hershey highway’!” Quagmire announced as he finally slowed long enough to withdraw the one-eyed monster and positioned the swollen had of his penis against Meg Griffin’s tight little ‘brown eye’.

“Glen? Oh not again… wait… be nice!” Meg glanced over her shoulder. “Please?”

“Don’t worry Meg…” Glen smiled. “I know what I’m doing… I’m a professional pilot! I know how to handle the cargo bay!” And with his glans poised at the outside of Meg’s anus, Quagmire again took Meg’s ass cheeks in hand and began pushing in gradually.

“Oh, Jesus!” Meg grimaced. As Glen pushed his dick into her asshole, Meg felt the pressure as her anal cavity filled up. Glen was gentle but firm, pushing slowly but pulling back slightly on her hips as he did so. Meg again looked back at her neighbor and saw him watching with satisfaction as his cock slid into her butthole. He looked up and winked.

“Your ass feels so… snug Meg!” Glen whispered.

“Ouch! You’re too big!” Meg groaned in desperation. Biting her lip she closed her eyes.

“Half way in… almost there…” Glen commentated as he went deeper into her rectum. He savored the view of his entry maneuver as he enjoyed the gritty sensation of her pipes on the sides of his cock.

“Bam!” He exclaimed as his dick was finally in as deep as it could possibly go. His pubic hair brushed against her butt crack while his balls bounced against her pussy.

“God it hurts!” Meg cried. “Glen!”

“One second Meg… here we go!” Glen said as he started pumping her asshole at a pace intended to allow Meg to get used to the internal pressure.

“Oh damn it! Ouch!” Meg cried as she reached underneath and feverishly rubbed her clit, hoping to divert her attention away from her growing discomfort.

“Hang in there Meg… here we go again!” Glen growled as he threw caution to the wind as he put the pedal to the metal and started plowing Meg’s ass. Meg screamed out loud as Glen Quagmire ravaged her asshole, continuously pumping extremely hard, aiming for a sweet anal orgasm of the Quagmire variety. Meg was doomed! The gritty feel of her inexperienced rectum combined with the snug grip of her sphincter was a pleasure Glen relished more than anything. ‘Dirt road’ was a path he always preferred and the Griffin teen ager was a tender morsel he couldn’t pass up. Meg had a tight butthole and that drove Quagmire crazy with lust! He had it once before and nothing would stop him from having it again. He went into overdrive, forgoing any care or consideration to her discomfort.

“I just love fucking your asshole Meg!” Glen gasped. “I just fucking LOVE IT!”

Meg whimpered as Glen plowed on, her asshole screaming with pain. Her rectum received no mercy as Quagmire jack-hammered her anal orifice. Sweat dripped from his forehead as he drove himself to a welcome orgasm, fully intending to fill her colon with cream… or pull out and paste her anus with a monster load of ‘giggity-goo’.

“Please… come… Mr. Quagmire!” Meg pleaded. “Pretty please?”

“Giggity!” Glen rasped as he came for the second time. And in true fashion, instead of pulling out, he jammed his squirting cock as far in as it would go, and unleashed another Quagmire semen explosion. Meg felt her insides fill up with warmth as Glen came deep in her ass. Pumping a few more times just for good measure, his anal orgasm finally ‘came’ to an end. He panted with exhaustion as he slowly pulled out; this resulted in Meg letting go with a huge, wet-sounding fart.

“Oops!” Meg blushed as a healthy dollop of jizz dripped out of her ass.

“Wow!” Glen sighed. “That was so fucking hot!” Glen fell back on the bed, breathing heavily. Slowly, his dick wilted between his legs. “Meg? Your ass is king!”

“That really hurt Mr. Quagmire…” Meg frowned. “You were so… rough!” Meg sat back and wiped her butt with a “wanky-hanky”. Glen’s second load was as copious as the first one. Meg tried to hold it back but it came running out all at once.

“Oh crap!” Meg said.

“Ha! Sorry Meg!” Glen laughed.

When the rest of the family returned from Denny’s, Peter Griffin walked in belching his ‘hello’ to his daughter.
“We’re back!” Peter said.
“Wonderful…” Meg replied absently.
“We brought you a “to go’ bag…” Chris said.
“Oh, really? What’d you get me?” Meg asked curious.
“Cold fries and a hot dog!” Chris smiled. “I bet you can find a use for the hot dog!” Chris laughed.
“No thanks… I already had one…” Meg said.

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