Reflections of Love


She had wondered and wondered about contacting him, it had been three years. Three long years of self loathing, wondering how she could still want him so badly after the way he had treated her, that last night together. Why after their years together had he treated her so badly, demeaning their relationship? Her mind often, quite often lately, went back to the good times. When passion ignited at barely a remembrance of the previous encounter. Smelling him could and would set her off into a desire that could not,would not be satisfied. She had masturbated, stroking herself slowly working herself to a frenzy! No relief. A dildo for her was no replacement for the real şişli escort thing, she found it impossible to reach an orgasm with out a penis making her come and come again.She had been approached, especially since her husband had passed, but no she wanted the one man she couldn’t have! He was half way around the world which had been no problem when he was on active duty, that’s when they had an encounter on an adult site. It had clicked between them. It had been her first time trying this sort of thing, encouraged by her husband whose health had prohibited any sexual activity, he had wanted her to have an outlet. Thinking of that night the flames that had şişli escort bayan burst from the words typed into the chat window, as if every movement was choreographed. She had felt those words as if his actual physical being were there with her. His tongue plunging into her mouth his other hand caressing her neck pulling back her long hair to nibble at her neck then his hands finding the zipper on her dress. She had sucked long and hard as his tongue entered her mouth over and over and now she wanted his cock in her mouth to make him writhe under her control! Slowly they each typed as though in harmony of what the other needed as if they were together in mecidiyeköy escort a bed actually physically following their desires. She typed each move from fighting for his belt to be removed, grasping him in her hand, lowering her head and taking him into her mouth where she could take the precum salty and sliding her lips over the tip of his swollen hot throbbing dick. She almost came herself but this night was far from over. His phone card would soon be used up and a connection established on his laptop. Slowly she took him completely into her mouth swallowing his entire shaft, no gagging. He was huge but she handled him with no problem as he typed. They had switched to 69 position. She pushed him back as tonight was his night and she had to explore his wants and needs.Telling him only to hold her hair back she moved between his legs allowing him full access to the view of what she was doing.

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