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Ben pushed the cabin door open, shifting to the side to allow me to enter first before following behind me. I had tried my best to kick the snow off my boots on the front steps, but I knew remnants of snow were still going to puddle on the wooden floor. After pulling them off, I hurried to the bathroom to find a spare towel to lay out beneath them. Ben grinned down at me, “I am sure the floor would have done just fine without that, Kalena.” He purposely laid down his boots beside the towel, then chuckled when I moved them again for him.”I would rather try to keep this place as clean as possible; I wouldn’t want to deal with this in my own home! You’re just being a brat,” I responded, “Now I’m curious about the state you left your last hotel room in since I couldn’t be there to babysit you.”Ben ran a hand through his sand-colored hair, more distracted now that he was focusing on the rest of the cabin. I decided to do the same and moved my bag to the bed. “It sucks they didn’t have more availability, now we have to share a room this time,” I called to Ben. He walked up to me and shrugged, “I don’t mind sleeping on the couch for one night. We didn’t really plan to be stranded because of a storm. I also would prefer paying for one room instead of having to spend more on two.” The cabin was nice. It wasn’t overly large, but there was enough separation to be comfortable — a nice bathroom with a jetted tub, a sitting area with a large enough couch for Ben to not be too squished, and then the bedroom. There was also a tiny kitchenette, but I didn’t imagine we’d get too much use out of that. I was a lot more keen on trying the bathtub.”I was considering running to one of the shops to grab some food and stuff to drink for the night. I don’t always trust these weather forecasts, but I want to be sure we’ll be okay if the storm is as bad as they say it’ll be,” Ben told me as he was pulling out a change of clothes from his small suitcase. I nodded, “Yeah, that’d be a good ankara escort idea. I have some money in my purse if you need it. I think I’m going to just take a quick bath while you’re out.”I started pulling out my own change of clothes from my bag, trying to find a comfortable pair of pajamas. Since we didn’t have to share a room previously, I was opting to wear a silk nightgown, but I wanted to be a bit more modest now that I was sharing space with Ben. I already knew I likely wouldn’t have packed modest pajamas, so I had to settle for leggings and an oversized sweater.Ben waved to me after he pulled his boots back on, and I made my way to the bathroom with my fresh clothes in hand. It didn’t take long for the water to start coming out hot from the spout. As the tub filled, I began to pull off my clothes that were damp from the snow. I shivered as I started to imagine settling into the hot water. The other hotel didn’t have the nice jetted tub, so I was very much looking forward to being able to relax.I took one step into the tub and shivered again as the water swirled around my leg. I sunk the rest of my body into it. My skin tingled as it adjusted to the heat, and I closed my eyes. Soaking in the warmth, soaking in the massage of the whirling water, and soaking in the thought of being able to stay in such a gorgeous cabin, even if it was just for one night.Ben and I had been friends for a few years. We were ‘long distance’ friends, and had met online. The initial thought process was not romance, we just became fond of each other and confided in each other quite a bit. I had finally successfully made plans to meet him for the first time while I was supposed to attend a work conference. I had extended the trip by a couple of days to enjoy myself and meet Ben in person. We had two days of being able to explore the city together, and we stayed in the same hotel, though in separate rooms. We were in the process of traveling back to the airport ankara escort bayan when the weather alert informed us that there was a no travel advisory and to expect a fairly large snowstorm to hit the path we were taking which resulted in us finding this cabin to spend the night in to play it safe.Ben was just as I had expected him to be. We kept it pretty transparent while we got to know each other online — my peppy, excited personality versus his sarcastic, more serious personality. We were definitely an ‘opposites attract’ scenario, and spending time with him in person was something I felt I genuinely needed. It had been an extremely enjoyable trip.I began washing off my body. As I ran the soap between my breasts, I began to imagine how Ben would clean himself. Would he use the tub or decide to be fast and just use the shower? My mind kept wandering, and I imagined his nude body sitting in the tub with me. I shook the thought from my mind immediately, feeling flushed at the idea. I did have an attraction toward Ben and always had, but he was extremely gentlemanly and had shown no signs of wanting to advance in that kind of intimate way. I was terrified of ruining our friendship if I decided to be brave about it and test to see if he’d be willing to have a little more fun than what was originally suggested.After I finished washing myself, I let myself sit for about ten more minutes, trying to get my body to absorb the warmth as much as it could. I finally pulled the plug for the water to drain and grabbed a towel to pat myself dry.  I followed all the normal steps after, lotioning my skin, running a comb through my hair, and then looking at my body in the mirror before pulling clothes over it. I knew I didn’t have the most amazing body in the world, but I did work hard to make it what it was. I tried my best to live a healthier lifestyle and workout more, so I could be more confident.I finally exited the bathroom and spotted Ben on the escort ankara couch. He looked up at me and gave a small smile, “You took quite a while in there, did you save any hot water for me?” He stood from the couch and made his way to the kitchenette. “I brought back some stuff to make sandwiches with and a couple of water bottles and energy drinks for tomorrow. I also got this,” he picked up a bottle of red wine, “I figured it’d be nice to open this up a little later and enjoy it with the nice fireplace they have here.”I walked over and took the bottle from him. “I would enjoy that, but you may want to consider enjoying a bath too. You’re still wearing wet clothes.” I poked his chest and knew he must be cold. I felt like hugging him. Before I could dwell over the thought of hugging him for too long, he moved away from me to pick up the clothes he had pulled out before leaving to the store. “No need to tell me twice, I’ll be right out.”I listened to find out what option he’d choose to clean himself up. I smiled when I heard a shower start running. I didn’t imagine he’d feel like taking the time to have to wait on a bathtub to fill. He didn’t come off as someone who could sit there and relax for very long either.As he showered, I moved to the kitchenette and was able to find a bottle opener. I wasn’t the best person to depend on to open up a bottle of wine, but I decided to try anyway and impressed myself with being able to remove the cork with ease. I set out two plates and made a sandwich for each of us before pouring the wine into glasses. Ben emerged from the bathroom shortly after, towel drying his hair. He was wearing gym shorts and a black, baggy t-shirt. “I also got a bag of chips to have with the sandwiches,” he announced, picking up a bag of Doritos from the counter. He pulled it open and scooped some onto each of our plates.We settled onto the couch with our plates and glasses of wine. The fireplace was wonderful. I loved the flickering shadows it caused; it was such a cozy setting. We ate in silence most of the time, enjoying the ambiance. After I took the last bite of my sandwich, Ben stood and took my plate from me. “Would you like more wine, Kalena?” he asked, also reaching for my glass. 

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