When I Was A Boy Scout

When I Was A Boy Scout
Boy Scout
When I was in the Scouts

This happened to me back in the early eighties, I was a member of my local Boy Scouts group. Once a year we had to raise some money for charity by carrying out chores in the neighborhood.I knocked on all the doors up the street that I lived along. I had a few jobs, cutting grass, washing cars, running to the shops etc. I still needed to make a little bit more as we all had targets. I arrived at number 23, my parents have always said to keep away from this House. This made me more curious, I needed more money and thought “What the hell”
I walked up the front steps in anticipation and rang the bell. A middle aged man wearing shorts and a smart casual shirt answered. I asked him if he had any chores that needed doing, and explained that it was for charity. He said that he liked my scouts uniform and introduced himself as Paul Stevens. Paul shook my hand and asked me in. Paul asked if I wanted a coke and I accepted. The House was very tidy, the car was clean and the lawn was mowed, so I couldn’t think of anything that he would need doing.
Paul asked my name, “Joe I said” where I went to School and how old I was. He seemed really nice and very friendly. Paul asked if I had cleaned widows before, I hadn’t I told him, but it couldn’t be too hard! Paul went into the kitchen and came back with some rags and window cleaner. He then took me to a large bay window and squirted some cream onto a rag and smeared it over the window, he then gave me the items and asked me to take over. As I started wiping the windows Paul put his hand on the back of mine and said he was showing me what to do. He was standing very close behind me with his body groin up against my bottom. I was a bit uncomfortable with this and suggested he took a rest while I clean the windows.
He sat on the sofa, but I could feel him staring at me and when I looked around he was staring at my butt. I finished the windows and felt it was time I should go. Paul gave me £20 and said he would give me another if I washed the dishes. I agreed, not a bad days work I thought, £40 for an hours easy chores! He showed me where the sink and washing bowl was. I started soaping all the washing and Paul was standing close behind, He reached around me and said he was showing me how to wash up, again his groin was pressed against my bottom, but this time there was something hard pressing against me. I told Paul to sit down as I wanted to earn the money!
I finished the washing up and asked if anything else needed cleaning, as I turned around to see Paul.
, his shorts and pants were removed. Paul had a very stiff dick in his hand and said “Joe, do you think you could give this a clean?” Waving his huge erection at me.
I’d never seen a real erection before, just ones in girlie magazines. I wanted to run out of the house, but I couldn’t help just stare as his manhood. Paul still had it in hand ” What do you think” he said ” I’ll give you £50 to clean it. I couldn’t believe I was being offered £50 just to clean his dick. “OK, as long as that’s all it is” I said. Paul led me into the bathroom where he had already run a bath full of warm soapy water. He took off his shirt and jumped into the bath with his tent pole sticking out of the water. He told me to kneel at the side of the bath, he gave me a sponge and soap. He told me to lather up his cock with the soap, I touched it for the first time, his cock jerked when i rubbed the soap all over. He asked me to soap his balls too. I then cleaned washed his cock off with the sponge running it up and down the entire length. Paul was moaning in ecstasy and I was starting the enjoy myself. I’d never had an erection before, but I was feeling something happening in that area. I was soaping his cock more and rubbing it up and down again with the sponge. Paul was making a lot of moaning noises now and obviously enjoying it.
Paul asked me if I wanted to get in the bath so I could finish the job, why not, I thought, this will be over very soon! I took my clothes off and Paul was staring at my body, so I jumped in under the bubbles. Paul then asked me if I could suck his cock, I said no and that wasn’t the deal. He was disappointed and I wanted this over as it was getting weird! I then wrapped the sponge over Paul’s dick and moved it up and down quickly. Paul was now moaning louder telling me he was about to cum. Within seconds I felt a warm liquid hitting my face, some went into my eyes and as I gasped, most went into my mouth, it tasted warm and salty and I tried to spit it out by swallowed some of it. Paul just laid back in the bath and said that was the best thing that had happened to him.

I was glad this was all over and couldn’t wait to get paid. I reached over the side of the bath tub with both arms and was struggling to reach my clothes. As I stretched to reach them I felt my butt cheeks being parted and my boy hole was being licked by Paul’s tongue, it felt so wonderful, I’ve never felt sensations like this, I just laid over the side of the tub and let Paul carry on. He was now squeezing my buttocks and prodding my hole with his tongue. My cock started to stiffen for the first time in my life, it felt so good. I then felt a small soapy finger circling my hole, Paul said “relax Joe” as he slid a finger inside my bottom, Damn that hurts, Paul kept telling to relax and enjoy it. I could feel his finger entering me deeper and the pain had now almost gone. He started moving it slow in and out of my hole, I was now fully erect and really turned on! He removed his finger and it was replaced by a larger soapy finger, the pain wasn’t as bad this time and was really enjoying the new sensations, he finger fucked my with the larger soapy finger, I was now in heaven.

I heard Paul move behind me and I guessed was coming next, but I really started to want it.I could feel his cock head against my hole and he was rubbing against it. He was kissing the back of my neck then he reached around and put his hand over my mouth. Paul pushed his hips forward and he cock head had popped past the muscle ring, I yelled into his hand. Paul kept kissing my neck and encouraging me, I then felt four, five inches inside me, the pain was easing, then I could feel his balls against me, he was buried to the hilt. Paul just kept his cock inside me without moving. I felt totally full and it was a mind-blowing feeling. After a couple of minutes Paul started to pull out of me. When he slid all the way out I groaned in disappointment. Then Paul pushed the whole length back into me and I cried out in ecstasy, Paul started fucking me slowly, reaching around for my cock. I started to move back onto his cock and Paul was speeding up with our balls touching every time he gave me the whole length. My ass started to grip his cock and I then felt a warm spurt inside my butt. Paul slowly pulled out and grabbed my by the hips and turned me around to face him. He grabbed my erection and devoured my cock, he took the whole length in his mouth. The sensations were amazing and new and I quickly felt liquid erupting from my cock and it was the best feeling I’d ever felt.

Paul paid me very well before I left, but I never told scouts what I did for the money!

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