A Hand-fasting


A hand-fasting was always a very special event. The pagan marriage ceremony, joining a couple in love before their friends, family, community and gods was usually held outside in woodland. This would be followed today, as was the custom, with an evening around the camp-fire singing, joking, drinking and eating into the early morning. Scarlet thought this one had a fine pagan feel to it, particularly given that she was, once again, on all fours, face in the dirt with her hands gripping the earth as her lover brought to orgasm, fucking her arse whilst she desperately tried stifle the cries of her passion. Yes, very pagan indeed. Scarlet had known Steve and Mel, or Woad and Birch as they were known in the heathen circles, for a few years now. They had been very welcoming of her as she started her journey into her new spirituality. There had always been something about the wild and the elements that had spoken to Scarlet on a deeper level. She was enjoying her spiritual journey with good company and had been delighted to hear of the couple’s decision to become a hand-fasted couple and thrilled to be invited to the event itself. It was whilst pitching her tent for the sleep that would probably come in the early hours of the morning after too much beer around a camp-fire of storytelling and fun, that she spotted Andy talking with Steve. Scarlet grinned to herself as she blushed. Andy had been her lover for the last three years. A married man with a lot to lose if the affair ever became known. They had explored all manner of sexual avenues with each other, becoming a tender couple sharing a very sincere lust. The secrecy and the irregular meetings allowed the passion between them to stay alive, not crushed by the everyday concerns of more regular couples. Andy briefly caught Scarlet’s eye as he engaged in conversation. He was a musician on the scene and had been asked to offer a performance for the couple. Making the arrangements had been quite easy, but as ever when he saw Scarlet, he immediately began to stutter a little, his gaze longing to settle on her a little longer than would be appropriate for the casual friendship they pretended in public. As he discussed timings and stage set up he felt how empty his arms were now that he knew she was near but he wasn’t holding her. And of course his cock started stirring. Scarlet şişli escort was so very capable of pleasuring it that in her company his manhood just swelled out of politeness and longing. Andy couldn’t help but keep snatching glances of Scarlet crawling around as she put up her tent. She was wearing a long flowing skirt, brightly coloured and resting nicely over her gorgeous arse. As she moved around he could see how her low cut sleeveless t-shirt allowed a clear view of her cleavage. How many times had he snuggled into those breasts? How often has he kissed them? Many times, but not enough times. “You know Scarlet?” Andy was snapped out of his day dreaming by Steve’s question. He’d probably seen Andy staring a little too long. “Yes, we know each other a bit. I’ll pop over and say hello when we’re done.” A simple smile and back to business. “Come on Andy,” he said to himself. “Keep it together, keep professional.” Scarlet was pleased with herself. She’d pulled her top down a little to be sure Andy would catch a glimpse of her tits. She loved his boyish attention to her body. She relished hearing him telling her how great her curves were, stroking them in the twilight of lust after frantic sex. She noticed her clit tingling as she thought of him getting distracted in his conversation. She’d set the tent up and decided she had one more job to do before she was ready to chat. Scarlet went inside her temporary home, zipped it up and lay down on her air bed. She took off her white panties, pulled her skirt off and lay back, playing gently with her clit. She felt inside the lips of her pussy for sweet lubrication. Briefly tasting it herself, she returned one hand to the job of wanking whilst another reached into a nearby hand bag. Andy had bought her some love eggs a few weeks earlier, part of the explorations they enjoyed with each other. She interrupted her self-pleasuring to remove them from their bag and then spread her legs wide. Scarlet loved that feeling, legs wide apart, her pussy with no barrier to whatever was to come. This time she pressed the love eggs against her pussy and slowly pushed them in. A gentle moan of pleasure rose from her throat which took her a little by surprise. There were clearly people milling around outside and she didn’t want to draw any attention. But she couldn’t really stop now. mecidiyeköy escort She gently pushed and pulled eggs in and out of herself, the sounds of her wet lips becoming rhythmic. Then with two fingers she pushed them right in, the other hand franticly working her clit. After a short while she could feel the orgasm rising, her breathing becoming rapid, losing a little control of her legs as they began to instinctively try to clamp whatever was giving this pleasure in place, lest it escape before it had finished the job. She imagined people watching her. She imagined men tossing themselves off as she performed this act in front of them. Another small groan. Another wave of pleasure. Her body beginning to writhe and twist. The noise of the air bed as she gyrated her hips, her fingers fucking her pussy, the eggs dancing inside her, riding against her sensitive spots, fingers wanking at her clit, the squelching of her juices. She longed for a cock to play with, to fill her. She longed to be fucked so hard that she could only yell out in pleasure. Another soft cry from her throat hid the sound of the zip opening. Her eyes shut tight and her head thrown back as her body felt the full wave of orgasm about to hit, she did not see Mel crawling into the tent entrance. But the blast of cool air from the outside wafting to her spread naked thighs and the sound of Mel’s gasp, something between surprise and awe, brought Scarlet’s head up quickly, eyes open and looking straight into Mel’s. Scarlet could see Mel’s ample tits, unhampered by any bra and barely concealed by her top as she bent over to see inside the tent. She could see Mel staring at her on the brink of orgasm, unable to look away. And when Mel’s face broke into the most beautiful smile, with a fire in her eyes to match Scarlet’s own, when Mel reached out and placed a cool hand on Scarlet’s leg, well…. Scarlet’s body allowed her to cum. She grunted as her pussy clenched. The love eggs inside her forced to move against her G-spot, the pleasure rushing through her forcing her hips from the bed to the air. Her head filled with images of Mel licking her pussy, of Scarlet astride Mel’s face. Fingers working her clit fast as her other hand found digits trapped inside her. Mel stroked her leg softly as the wave continued. Scarlet threw herself onto her side, yelping, wanking, and gripping her pussy tight to force the balls inside her to play. Images of Mel’s lilly white tits in Scarlet’s mouth, of Mel wearing a strap on and fucking her hard… She came hard, and grunted loudly. Then whimpered. And as the force of her climax gently subsided, she realised Mel was beside her. The women looked into each other’s eyes, into each other’s lust filled soul. Mel kissed Scarlet deeply. Their tongues meeting, their embrace all encompassing. And then Mel quietly left the tent without a word. Andy had just finished the sound check on the make shift stage when he noticed a text on his phone. As he had hoped, it was from Scarlet. “You won’t believe what just happened! We need to fuck! See you at the café.” The soon to be happy couple had erected a small marque as a café area. There were a few tables and chairs along with tea making kit. It was right on the edge of the clearing the event was being held in. Andy left his guitar at the stage and went on over. Already he was excited at the prospect of time alone with Scarlet, but the number of people walking around made this a risky business. Sure enough Scarlet was at the café, as were a few other people. Andy nodded to her and walked casually into the woods, with Scarlet waiting a little while to follow. She met him resting against an old oak tree. Andy was about five foot seven inches tall. Dressed in combat trousers, sandals and a simple black t-shirt. He pulled her around to the back of the tree, shielded from the open space full of people. And he kissed her. He kissed her deeply and longingly. His arms held her tight whilst rubbing her back. He turned her around so that now she was resting against the tree. The long kiss continued, but now with an insistent pressing of bodies. “Not here,” he said. “Too many people nearby.” But Scarlet was too horny for trying to find the right spot. Her hand found Andy’s groin. Hard under the trousers, his cock felt warm even through the material. She kissed him again as she undid his trousers, pulling them down a little to allow the cool air onto his rampant skin. When she fell to her knees and started to kiss his cock Andy knew that this was where things were going to happen, that he had no control over her lust. Her warm mouth and lips played expertly on his bell end and his shaft. Scarlet used a hand to gently work up and down his cock as, every few strokes, she would plunge her head, allowing Andy deep into her throat. He loved that. He loved the gentle warmth of her tongue.

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