A Sucker For Mother’s Milk


Alice lay back in the armchair.Having sole access to the one with the electric reclining seat-back and the automatic pop-up leg rests, she sighed with the utter relief of someone who has been on her feet for too long, particularly for someone in her condition. It was now the full forty weeks, and her stomach rose up from her torso like a whale breaking the surface, its stretch marks scoring lines into her perfect skin. The sweat ran down her face and body from her larger-than-ever exposed breasts to her swollen feet. Outside, the sun shone in the high summer afternoon, temperatures reaching into the melting-chocolate zone.Inside the house, it was even hotter. The air-con was rattling itself silly but it was barely making headway, at least according to the look on her face. The inability to bend over, stand up, walk around, lean on a doorpost, go outside, come in again, sit or lie down made life tedious and slow. For Alice to make any movement was difficult, and to stay still even harder. For a small person, having a baby inside you broke every rule in the book, at least as far as being able to do things around the house, go shopping or go to work was concerned.But it was that time of day again. It had started happening three or four weeks ago, always at this same time of day. Two o’clock. Always two o’clock. Something in her extremely potent hormone mix caused this particular effect. The midwife said the baby was fine, her pregnancy was as healthy and normal as she could expect – except for this one thing.She called to me.“It’s starting taksim escort again now, Beth.”She turned her head towards me with an effort, her sweaty hair leaving a damp blob on the black leather headrest.“OK, I’m coming now, hold on there.”I saved my file, pushed back from the table and walked across to where she lay like a car on a hydraulic lift in the maintenance bay. I pulled up a small chair next to her, sat down and put my hands on the nearest breast. Both her breasts were round and taut, bulging with readiness to nourish and feed her baby when she (we knew that it was a ‘she’ already) was born and suckling. But that wasn’t yet. We were all on tenterhooks, waiting for her waters to break. Cases were packed and waiting by the door. The car was all fuelled up and ready to go. The baby’s bedroom was painted and furnished, the as-yet unused toys hanging from still-stationary plastic music boxes hanging from the frame above her unoccupied cot and the drop side lowered into the down position.Alice’s breast, the one I was cradling gently with both hands around it, was enlarged, hot and tight. Her nipples had enlarged dramatically over the last few weeks – perfectly normally, we were assured – but there was one thing that had to be done every day at two o’clock. I watched the first drop of milk appear magically from nowhere at the very end of her nipples. Alice groaned, half with the effort of having called to me and half with the delightful anticipation of what I was about to do.For some reason best known to the beşiktaş escort stork that delivers babies, Alice’s breasts produced an abundance of milk just at this time of day for about half an hour. The midwife had just shrugged her shoulders and given her a complementary pack of tissues, but Alice had a better idea.It was my task to suckle her dry each day until the baby could do it herself. It had been a day or two before we realised the sudden milk flow was going to be a daily occurrence. Until then, I had run around with the free tissues, mopping up milky messes from wherever there were any and wondering out loud whether this was normal or not. It was far too hot in the afternoons for clothes, so Alice was completely naked, as was I, half out of the desire to be supportive of Alice and partly because neither of us like wearing clothes very much anyway.Alice moaned again with hot pleasure as she registered my touch on her breast. The milky drop balanced on her nipple turned into a milky blob and my mouth descended over it just as it began to run down her nipple. I suckled for a few seconds. The sweet liquid was just enough to wet my tongue with its sweetness. My tongue slipped around the nipple, licking up the stray milk and stimulating more milk which squirted onto my tongue then further back into my mouth.I then transferred my mouth to her other breast where the milky blob was just about to run down the other nipple like the previous one had just done. My tongue did its work there, too, and Alice pressed herself back in the armchair, the tingling feeling racing around her body producing more and more milk. Each lick and suck from me added to Alice’s boiling blend of hormones which would soon, very soon, overflow into the first of many full-blown orgasms.I suckled one of her breasts for a few seconds then changed to the other one just before the milk leaking out of it dribbled too far down her breast. This was a self-fulfilling prophecy. I had to suckle her to remove the excess milk from each of her breasts, but in doing so I caused Alice to enjoy herself immensely and to produce yet more milk for me to drink thereby enjoying herself even more. I was now quite busy, drinking her precious fluid from one side then the other. Milk was beginning to dribble down my chin, so every minute or so I wiped myself with a free tissue.It wasn’t the only thing that was beginning to dribble, either. First from between Alice’s naked pussy folds, then from between mine, the sticky feeling started gradually and became stickier and stickier, eventually starting to run down the insides of my thighs in the hot airless room. With Alice, it was worse. Hers was a positive flood of stickiness, flowing out from between her legs and oozing over the old towel that she had managed to put on the armchair before lying back on it. Every minute or two I found time to wipe around her pussy with another tissue. It had to be me; she hadn’t been able to bend forward and reach down that far for a long time. Some of her juice stuck to my hand, and she liked me to hold my hand to her face so she could breathe in the strong scent of her impending motherhood. I liked to sniff my hand, too, a fact not lost on Alice who smiled when she caught me doing it.

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